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Thread: BN2 Islander, Refurb blog
11/02/2018 13:03:29


That looks nice.. Pretty sure I'm going to go with the Fly My Sky scheme, despite Chris's protestations..


I'm afraid you will struggle with obtaining Solartex.. Solarfilm and all of it's products are apparently closing this month, There is a thread about it on the forum.. crying

My Grotte is at the back of the house, so.. no travelling to get there and close enough for a constant supply of hot coffee from SWMBO!!! .. LOL..

11/02/2018 09:38:33

Hi Chris.....

The tissue is considerably lighter than 40g/m2 ! I just went out to my version of le Grotte and weighed a sheet.. It weighs in at 12g/m2.... over 60% lighter, and that is the ''heavy'' grade of Modelspan. Sadly Modelspan tissue is no longer available, but when it was it came in 2 grades, Light and Heavy.. Obviously It isn't as strong as brown paper but does still add considerably to the strength and to the surface finish of the balsa, and of course it can be used on open structures, the Sharkface wing in an earlier picture is covered in the same material and finished with PU.. No more 'Dope' for me..

Thread: Co2 Motor head
11/02/2018 08:28:55

As far as I remember, it just unscrews. But I think you have to unscrew the red bit from the crankcase as I'm sure the metal hexagonal head with the C02 feed pipe is fixed to the red bit and doesn't come off. Be very wary of damaging that tiny and fragile pipe!!

Thread: BN2 Islander, Refurb blog
10/02/2018 16:19:33

Hi Chris.. Good to know there's some one out there watching..

The covering is ''Heavyweight'' modelspan tissue. I apply several coats of PU varnish to the wood surface first to seal it and enable better sanding, then coat again, lay the dry tissue in place on the wet surface and brush more PU through it, smoothing out any wrinkles ( well... most of them!) with a mixture of.... old credit card,... fingertip.. or the paint brush. Once dry another light rub over with very smooth sandpaper before following coats are applied.. I find tissue quite easy to work with, far more so then film coverings, but then I was brought up on it! The next finishing stage will be a high build primer then top coats, all from ''Rattle cans'' as I have no spray equipment..

10/02/2018 14:47:31

Hi All....

Been a couple of weeks or more since I posted on here, still making progress, albeit slowly. the two new ESC's arrived yesterday but I was busy, finally managed to catch up and do a little more today and to download and edit the last batch of photos.. The ESC's are going out in the nacelles, a bit of a tight squeeze, but they will fit, I'll just have to make some angled ply mount plates for them..

Also been thinking about the door hinges, not altogether pleased with the attempts so far and been rethinking it, may use 'flat' hinges and fair them in to look like the ones I have tried so far..

Fitted the servos into their mountings and centered them up before installing, they stand slightly proud of the wing in the lowest corner so I have started to make up some cover plates to conceal this and to protect the linkages.

Finally managed to order some servo extension leads which were the RIGHT length! Only 3 attempts to get this right, not bad huh? So I was finally able to get all the wiring run through the wing, tested and then refill the slots I had cut. This allowed me to complete the covering of the wing.. Next job I think will be to hinge and mount the moving surfaces onto the wing.

here comes the photos.. ..


Motor mount boxes going in to the nacelles.




Servo install.


Servo cover plates being made up.


Spaghetti junction at the wing centre section!


Starting to cover the underside of the wing.


Underside covering all on and being second coated with PU varnish.

Hope it's still interesting!

More updates soon.. cheeky

Thread: Mini Blitz
30/01/2018 07:53:40

As far as the fins go then it seems you pays your money and you takes your choice then..laugh

Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
28/01/2018 08:41:46

Iris... maybe you should show us some pictures of your chicken soup!

Thread: Mini Blitz
28/01/2018 08:28:40

Hi all.

One of these little beauties is on my build list! Looking at the pictures of the completed ones, and now having looked over the plan can I ask question? Have any of you bothered to cant the fins over the 15 degrees that plan shows or have you taken the simpler route and kept them vertical?? Thanks.

Thread: BN2 Islander, Refurb blog
21/01/2018 15:21:06

Well..... The weather has certainly stopped any flying ambitions, so no excuse to not crack on with the refurb..

First... I posted a wrong picture in the last posting, I said.. Here's the servo boxes built into the wing, when actually is was a pic I had already posted of the route out to the boxes.. so.. here's the boxes!


First job in this session was to fill and rub down the wing top surface and give it 3 coats of PU varnish, then to cover it in heavyweight tissue,


First half done.. since this pic was taken I have covered the other half and given the flaps and ailerons several coats of PU ready for covering. The cylinder and needle valves holes in the nacelles ( upper and lower halves) were filled in, using 1/32 ply inside the nacelle for strength and flex and with soft balsa outside for a better finish then they were rubbed down, filled where needed and PU coated.


Next job was to work out a hinging system for the door. Eventually decided on using pin type hinges set into small bore aluminium tube, which would then be faired over with balsa to provide sort of scale looking external hinges. Mounting the hinge pins into the tube went easily, creating the fairing pieces wasn't quite so easy. 3 attempts later I was fairly happy with the results. My big bananna hands don't take to kindly to such real fiddly small bits of balsa.. Whilst I had the door on the work bench I decided to reinforce the edge of it, and of the door opening, to add strength and minimise wear and tear. I did this by fitting a thin strip of 1/32 ply around the edge of the door and the door opening, after first sanding a similar amount off the door and the opening.


Hinges and fairings... Mk1 nearest the camera, running up to the Mk3 at the top.


Ply framing around the door. Top section awaiting trimming back flush.

I ordered some more servo extension leads, to replace the ones that i ordered that were too short. Stupidly...... I ordered more of the same length! so.. now I have LOTS of too short leads!

More to follow.... especially if this weather keeps up!.. frown

Thread: Mig 29 Colour schemes
18/01/2018 08:23:18

Great scheme, just don't fly two together.... That's the scheme the two that collided at Fairford were wearing!!

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
15/01/2018 08:25:41

Went flying Sunday, perfect conditions, flat calm, bone dry and reasonably warm too. Slight cheat here of course in that I went to an indoor meeting! Although my club holds an indoor meet monthly this was a totally different kind of meet as it was my first ever all free flight indoor event. What a totally fascinating day! Great people with incredible skills, and as a bonus the 3 planes I took along flew really well too. Add to that an awesome fish and chip lunch and you have the perfect day out!

Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
11/01/2018 19:06:08

Hi Chris...

Loving the quality of those parts! This looks like being an interesting build. I have to admit the aircraft is not really my 'cup of tea', but luckily I can appreciate a good build when I see one..

Thread: BN2 Islander, Refurb blog
11/01/2018 18:34:43

Happy new year to all!..

Thought it was about time I did a bit of an update on this. Progress was a little stalled due to being forced to wait for Christmas day in order to get my hands on some of the hardware for it.. servos and the replacement motors etc.

Well, the day has come and gone, all the turkey has been devoured, most of the booze consumed and finally back in the workshop. First issue was with the new motors, you'll remember hopefully that the one original electric motor I was going to use fitted nicely in a cage mount and was the perfect length to fit the nacelle. Well, the two replacement motors, although identical in power and Kv rating won't fit using cage mounts. They are too long. So, two plywood stand off mounts have had to be made and a little bit of fettling done around the leading edge of the wing inside the nacelles to get the thrust lines right.


The old motor had the shaft out of the other end, these motors are reversed and I have decided to use them with the bolt on prop adapters for additional security, a prop coming off in such close proximity to the fuselage could be interesting to say the least!

The arrival of the Hitec servos has allowed the cutting away and forming up of the 4 servo housings in the wing to be completed. Longer servo extension leads have today been ordered. Spent today rubbing down and filling hanger rash marks on the upper wing surface and forming and fixing1/32ply blanks inside the nacelles where the cylinders of the original Thunder Tigres poked out so that thes openings can be closed off..


Next job is to give the wing top surface several coats of P/U varnish then cover it with heavyweight tissue before finishing the work on the underside of the wing. This is mainly to try and prevent additional rash damage to it as at least some of the scratches and dings I have been filling today have come from working on the wing. It's a bit big for my work bench and consequently tends to catch on bits and bobs that are around the work surface.. I know I could be tidier, but.... I'm not and so I have to live with the consequences of my clutter..

More updates soon!..

Thread: Flummoxed?????
10/01/2018 08:41:14

It may be helpful to contact your local club and get some first hand guidance and advice.

Thread: Cambria Christmas Charity Draw
06/01/2018 13:19:29

My FW190 arrived yesterday lunchtime, (5th Jan), superbly well packaged. Opened up the large box to find it well stuffed with parts, hardware, engine mount and even a tank! Plus of course a multi page instruction leaflet and a plan.. I am very impressed with my prize and the great service provided by Daren.. Thanks !!!!!

Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
02/01/2018 08:12:43

I recognise that plan!!! Lol. Good to see you've started your Red Eagle build. I hope you have as much fun with it as I do with mine.

Thread: Cambria Christmas Charity Draw
01/01/2018 11:27:59

Many thanks Daren! Truly pleased to have won this A great start to to the new year!!!!! smileyyessmiley

Thread: NEW POLL - Does your club welcome multirotor flying?
23/12/2017 07:58:34

The landowner where our club flies has indicated that he only wants fixed wing models flown there so no multi rotor or helicopter flying . We do fly small m/r and copters at our indoor meetings though.

Thread: Filler for balsa/woods
22/12/2017 08:44:29
Posted by Robert Parker on 21/12/2017 10:35:21:

John, the name you are thinking of is "One Time".

I do use it as well as One strike as Dennis has put up in the above post.

Both work well and a tub lasts for ages. When it dries out just add a little water and mix it in and your good to go.



Rather than adding water I revitalize mine with Poly C or the equivalent polyurethane floor varnish. I find it works well and seems to make the filler a little more resilient.

Thread: Jan 18 publication date
21/12/2017 07:44:28

Due on the 22nd I believe.

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