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Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
19/04/2018 03:02:20

Guden Morgen/Bonjour mon ami .Laminating creates a stronger material in general so therefore can be reduced in size and hence weight. You already know this I'm sure and are using it to good advantage it seems. Lovely work as usual young sir Keep it up..I'm sure the stiffness will be all that you desire in the model. My regards to Iris and yourself. Hakuna what'sit'snameAdieu John

P.S. You could of course use ply to begin with. I hesitate to say Lite Ply although I've seen it done. You would need to source the ply made of the lighter woods.Cypress is another possibility. Cheers J 

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Thread: Hobby King
19/04/2018 01:19:07

I've always had good service from HK and on chat. My beef is I bought some props an the giveaway almost sale price of one penny a pair. I bought 2 pairs and ended up paying HMRC and postage to the tune of £13.10. Trying to get it back is impossible. Customs just chase me about. Half of them crack on they don't understand what I'm asking and the rest don't seem to want to know.One guy even said we don't give refunds. I've run out of options I think so will have to give up. Unless any of you guys can advise. >A right rip off.    Time from Bang Good etc can be 6/7 weeks BTW. John

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Thread: Top Gun Hawk Missing Canopy
15/04/2018 14:34:11

Ask 'em

Thread: Hurricane colours, photos, video & scale references
11/04/2018 21:13:35

Wow I didn't think there were that many. Wood or metal I forget . How were they fixed.?

Thread: Help need charging a 12V PB battery
11/04/2018 20:21:53

14.5 or so is max for charging voltage for a 12g battery, no more than 5 amps max rate.18v means battery is overcharged and the charger may be correcting the error. Overcharging can do all sorts of damage.

Thread: Instruction Manuals How Useful?
11/04/2018 13:10:12

Amusing . Some joker eh!? Speaking of instruction manuals I have been presented with a Hi mobile phone with no instructions except a picture pointing out where the 2 Sim cards go and the battery. Beyond that you are on your own, There is one page that shows about 20 symbols but i only recognise 2 any help appreciated. Many features but I can't use most of them . An instance is the camera. I can take pics but when i come to up load them it says "Camera card locked " Would inserting the second Sim cure it?Anybody know?

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Thread: New MOT Test From May 20th.......
11/04/2018 11:53:33

One trick I have heard of was brought to mind reading about the Brooklands running on Methanol. I was told to put an equal amount of Methanol (or Meths ) in with my petrol to ensure cleaner emissions or just use Methanol only I know if you have water in your petrol adding Meths ( about a pint ) wil clear it .I suppose Methanol would do the same. Illegal technically to run on Alcohols as they are not taxed but how often are we likely to be stopped for a fuel check?

10/04/2018 07:18:41

I thought 25yrs was the cut off date for tax exemption

Thread: Your Transmitter History
10/04/2018 06:55:55

mA M Gregor set in the 50s then 5yrs ago got some Futaba Txs Rxs 35 Mhz but not used cause I'm no able at moment Been buying a couple os 2.4 Rxs for when i'm better .

Edited By onetenor on 10/04/2018 06:59:26

Thread: From where might I acquire a Pulse XT60?
06/04/2018 16:49:30

Advertise on the BMFA site

Thread: How to triple strength of Depron without adding weight.
06/04/2018 15:50:44

Lovely girl .I can see you are very proud of her but I would be careful she didn't get hurt if the sample does break. A very interesting experiment but how can we use it in a practical way?

Thread: Radio 35meg
06/04/2018 15:05:29

I personally love 35meg but will be venturing into 2.4 soon .I have a couple of rx's already 6 ch Dx2 s if I recall .Not seen 'em for a while.LOL but would like to know what the cheapest Tx would be ? I am only on low income so can't afford a super Tx. I've seen some on Bang /Good that look ok but need advice . All comments welcome.

Oldie Newby Dept. John

Thread: DH84 Dragon
05/04/2018 23:29:41

yessmile My mum and dad went on their honeymoon in Rapide (DRAGON) and mum said that as she was biggish lady she was asked to sit alongside the pilot to aid correct C/G. Is that actually possible? Are there two crew seats? BTW that was Sun 15th Sep '40 and we all know what that day was  don't we ?

Edited By onetenor on 05/04/2018 23:48:36

Thread: What battery
05/04/2018 04:02:17

Try one of these . Verry cheeeep

Thread: Useless tools
04/04/2018 23:06:17

I bought a set of drills shown on telly. Showed them cutting through brake discs etc I tried the thinnest on a piece of mild steel. Result? a flat ended drill. Couldn't get money back as can't find order no. Remainder just sit in box. I should have known because the tips are like masonry drill tips.

Thread: Clunk!
02/04/2018 21:55:29

Sounds like Spitfire ( and any Merlin powered plane) Achilles heel.They had a problem with the float bowl in the carb emptying under Neg "G".The float was pressed against the fuel cut-off either owing to the fact that gravity alone would shut off the valve or neg "G" forces would do it. Or a combination of the two. Now as we are not dealing with a carb/float system the only conclusion I can come to if that the g forces are pushing the fuel bodily away from the pick up somehow. Going by the tank shape and size I'm guessing that the fuel is being spread up the sides of the container. Something to do with the S.Gravity and fluidity of fluids under gravitational and similar forces. There was I believe a study done on it somewhere .(Aus rings a bell ).You can get some idea of the effect by swinging some coke or other coloured fluid around on a string tied to the bottle in various positions and observing what happens to the fluid under load. Not exactly scientific but! It would be fun for the kids to spin round while we observe ('til they get fed up of course). A conical shape might be good.thinking  I've done this as a kid just for fun but saw some funny effects. One was the fluid spread thinly against the sides on such a way that a clunk would not be immersed just simply wet.  In this position the clunk would pick up air. I suggest that something like this could be happening here Try different tank shape perhaps?????  P.S try different string lengths doing the tests.thumbs up

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Thread: Death Warmed Up
01/04/2018 00:06:36

Soft. STRAIGHT GRAINED balsa is best for that kind of moulding fuselages.

Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
31/03/2018 23:42:36

Chris ! What about a carbon strip on the tailskid ? Pretty job too.

Thread: R.A.F. At 100
28/03/2018 09:17:33 This vid was posted on Aeromodeller Forum if the mods don't mind me posting it here.

Thread: Hurricane Building Tips and Plan/Woodpack queries
28/03/2018 08:35:20

As far as I know the former should be the same dia as the spinner to avoid a stepped appearance . The spinner should match the nose diameter. i,e, the nose doesn't fit inside the spinner which is in front of the prop..The idea being to present an unbroken line . That is if I've not misunderstood your question. If I have then I might be giving you duff info for which I apologise. Can anyone confirm or refute what I've said?

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