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Thread: Recovering the F-86 Sabre
15/08/2017 02:10:28

Have you got onto thr couriers to chase it up. Get the driver to show where he left it.. He may have hidden it somdwhere

Thread: Inlet stub
14/08/2017 19:22:52

Yes Peter I know the difference between the two but there is none to test

14/08/2017 19:18:34

I cant do that as the stub has been removed and the cylinder cleaned back

Thread: what is? Isopropyl Alcohol
14/08/2017 17:45:50

Amyl Acetate is very like Acetone in it's action and makes good cellulose thinners .Actually used in the making of proper peardrops. That is what it smells like.Yes ether can be bought on line via E bay but is very dear / However engine starter can be bought very cheaply. e.g. 6 cans for a bout £6.45. Almost pure i'm told .just use a larger proportion in diesel fuel for models .this allows for the oil content in it .

Thread: Inlet stub
14/08/2017 17:10:10

Does anyone know if the inlet stub on an Amco .87 was Silver or soft soldered to the cylinder barrel?

Thread: Laser attazks
14/08/2017 01:36:37

Just been reading about laser attacks on pilots being on the increase . I have an idea that should help. Should I contact the CAA or the Air Ministry or who? Anyone know >?

Thread: Flying Aces Elf - First Build
13/08/2017 19:46:46

Cutting balsa should be with a slicing motion..From all 4 sides as has been suggested helps too.Blades can be re-honed with a fine stone like water of Ayr stone. Washing the stone from time to time with dish fluid and water keeps it open. My favourite knives are the flat brass ones by Swann Morton. They are easy to hold firmly and don't roll off the board..

Thread: Flair cub electric conversion
10/08/2017 23:50:35

Most model shops could supply studding but I've seen it in the orange shop .Tool suppliers, ironmongers, Diy stores are also sources .Not saying they all stock it but they are all possibles. If all else Google it .Good friend of mine is Uncle Google.If all else get it from Model Fixings found on this page along with any of the others here .

Thread: LiPO Fire extinguisher help needed
10/08/2017 22:43:05

Never the less Flight1 a mess is preferable to a fire. Any way in the sink with cold water running on it would reduce any mess.I would far rather replace a sink ( if it was a plastic sink for instance ) than replace a house. Or just the kitchen. If the sink was full of water the Lipo could have gone right in it, or a bucket of water nearby. I try to keep flammables like thinners ,Methanol,etc in a cabinet outside and away from sheds ,feces and flammable parts of the house. My handyman suggested I keep it in a cupboard affair outside built in .I told him to have a really good look at it and let me know what he thought .He came back 5 mins later and said no john can't do it's under the stairs. Yep ,I said ,I know that's why I haven't done it before. You see how easily I could have created a hazard..The point of this anecdote is do please check very very ,carefully where you store any of our hobby kit flammables. I even keep house paint nearby and the garden hose reel permanently connected to the tap and ready to pull out. ( except in frosty weather to avoid bursting the hose which I drain) It is the work of moments to reconnect with snap on joints. I'm very "Fire Aware " Having been on a works fire brigade at a chemical works. Self or easily combusted gear was all over the place and we were often called out. Sulphur and spirit were the hardest to control. Anyway please be careful out there .

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
06/08/2017 05:31:06

The problem I have with kits is I can't afford them .Wonderful as they are I couldn't convince my wife that they are not a waste of money.She already thinks a few sticks of balsa too expensive and likewise Depron. Also she considers I have enough planes already. However I do have to agree though regarding kit prices . I have 2 foamies ARTF.One I won in Dominic's draw and the other from Bang Good. Both are trainer types A Cessna 128 and a lakes.bush plane Not able to fly just now as I'm waiting for new hips and confined to a riser recliner chair. Hopefully done soon.

Thread: Going to the Shows: What does your pitch comprise of:
06/08/2017 04:01:50

You should find axles here No excuses You could have Googled this yourself. Just go down the list past the van sales .

Thread: MP Jet 040 - Gudgeon Pin removal
06/08/2017 02:47:02

You need to make a press tool from thin steel .A ring that will slip over the piston with the two ends joined with a nut and bolt through the overlap .A hole to clear the gudgeon pin diametrically opposed.Slip the ring over the piston with screw end against the pin than tighten the srew to push out the pin. You may have to juggle the whole thing so that you can line things up through the ports It may help to solder the nut and joint together with the nut on the inside this will enable the screw to be removed and inserted through a port .I'm sorry I can't send a pic but a bit of thought will show you what I mean John O/T

Thread: Gas conversion
06/08/2017 01:47:30

I'm a bit confused .When there is talk of gas conversion do we mean gas or the americanisation of petrol as gas ?

Thread: Stripping paint
04/08/2017 13:46:21

Brake fluid will strip paint very well but not sure about the effect on glass fibre resin/gel coats. Test on a couple of samples first

Thread: Passchendaele 100 years on
02/08/2017 17:32:25

Apols for Anglizising Passchendaele

02/08/2017 17:16:55

Hi! My dad survived both the first and second Somme offensives and the Ypre Paschendale battle . Blightyed home with wounds 3 times and sent out to fight again.He developed a hatred of "BUTCHER HAIG " and would not wear a poppy except when in uniform as a tram/bus conductor required by his employers Liverpool City Corporation.The poppy was the symbol of the Haigh Fund origin While he agreed the poppy was appropriate it was sullied by bearing the Haigh name. He described to me the horrors of trench warfare .Bodies falling from thawing trench walls in captured trenches, the marsh that no mans land had become.The rats and lice and all the other things we have so often heard of.He was no braver than the next man but brave all the same. To add insult to injury he was moving gas shells ( not alone ) at Bovington camp . They were leaking and they all had gas damage to some extent Some were worse than others.Combine that with shrapnel in his lungs he was lucky to be able to work.. From 1940 when he married my mum ( Battle of Britain Sunday 15th Sep ) he was well looked after and despite problems arising from his injuries lived till he was 84 .Mum till 90. They bred 'em tough back then. Although as a drummer I could play bugle I can play the Last Post I couldn't do it in a Remembrance Parade.I got too emotional and lost my lip as it's called.

Brave men , and women too, in all wars I salute them all

02/08/2017 15:56:04

The turned in edge of the cut tube can be removed with the triangular metal piece on the end of many of these cutters. Or use a chisel diagonally in the end of the tube with the cutting edge applied to the "Kerf" to be removed and twisted to cut /scrape away the unwanted ledge.This saves the problem of not fitting rightly. It also gives a relieved area that will leave a nice flush edge to the solder instead of a meniscus of solder This applies to both methods of removal.

Thread: Suggestions please
28/07/2017 13:02:22

A 40 sized 2 stroke will also work well in them too.

Thread: Pushycat Option
25/07/2017 22:34:38

You could launch by holding the booms . Just be quick getting your hands on the tranny and make sure the model is trimmed for straight and level with hands off. You could also use a dolly.Easier than fitting a u/c

Thread: Red Eagle
25/07/2017 21:56:58

Some motors just need a few taps to drive the shaft out of the other end ,so there may be no need to dismantle your motor

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