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Thread: Wot 4 Squared
09/05/2018 22:10:09

Thank you.

Classic work comprised of cutting the mounting holes for the engine mount. I am using an adjustable engine mount should I want to change the engine in the future.


I couldn't glue the bolts in because I didn't have any suitable washers, which I will get tomorrow. I glued the firewall in on one side instead.


And with the pro, the dremel was used to let the engine sit in position:


And I hinged the tail controls.



I think I might put diagonal struts on the fin and tailplane to improve rigidity and strength.


08/05/2018 21:23:56

In the family we have had many Wot 4s over the year, all MK 2s. One of which was an original kit one which flew for 30 years across three generations. So I quite like it.

I have two Wot 4s on the go now:

  • The ARTF Wot 4 Pro, the super-light one, but I am modifying it to fit a Saito four stroke. Should be the ultimate flying Wot 4 I have done.
  • The Chris Foss Classic kit, a mark of Wot 4 I have never done and I have always wanted to build one after the success of the old MK 2 kit. Saito 62 for this one- small but this lightweight combination has worked brilliantly on the original Wot 4, and you can mount the 82 on the same mount. Modifications will be the wide aileron option Mr Foss offers in the instructions and MK 2 wingtips.

So anyway, to business:

This is the new engine bulkhead on the Pro to fit the four stroke. Servos are going in the tail because it is horrendously nose heavy due to the fuselage being incredibly light.


Only a 45S on this one but it is a very very light airframe and this is a pokey engine.


And over to the Classic. Almost forgotten with the ARTFs these days- this is a really nice high quality kit that should build into a very strong yet capable airframe. Steve Webb got me the decals for the scheme below:


Fuselage sides, more shapely than the MK 2 that I am used to


I am going to change the wing tips to MK 2 spec because the swept MK 3 style wingtips have never appealed to me. This is how the kit comes:


And this is the MK 2 tip on the pro:


So I chopped the end of the wings off square ready for MK 2 tips


Finally, these are the 1" spacers to set the bulkhead back for the four stroke (there are several spacer options, a clever design).


I hope you like wot you see... (sorry)


Thread: Swift 82
16/04/2018 19:31:35

Thank you. Paul, it is an own design so I have the only set of plans.


So it's flown, and it's not bin worthy! Wind conditions were less than ideal with a 90 degree cross wind. In the air, the ailerons felt very nice, no trim required and good responsiveness. Basic aerobatics were easy. It did feel like the centre of gravity is too far back- a couple of times it tip stalled in the tighter turns. Fortunately it always recovered very quickly and positively with removal of elevator. Landing was way too fast knowing that the c of g was on the less stable side and that caused the undercarriage bolts to shear when it hit the long grass, but it did as I intended and therefore it is a simple 20 minute fix.

Sorry no video I was alone, I will try to next time.

I wasn't expecting perfection being a bespoke design, but I think there is promise since the controls did feel nice. It does seem to like flying with power on, probably due to the large fuselage. Once the C of G has been moved, which will hopefully increase the stability and stop the tip stalling, then I can make a better assessment of the low speed handling. I don't think the wind conditions helped either, especially on landing.

All part of the development- the important thing is that I still have an airframe! Next flight should be better.

15/04/2018 13:39:25

Thank you very much both of you.









The canopy glue hasn't quite set (and I might put a black outline on it so it looks nicer) yet but it is strong enough. All systems are in and working, no weight required for the centre of gravity. I was worried about the all up weight when building it but it has turned out to feel quite lightweight which I am happy with. It's too blustery to fly today, but hopefully some time this week I will get a window.

It's very enjoyable building a model that I have designed and hopefully the flight performance will be good. Building wise, next I have a Wot 4 Pro ARTF which will be a quickie (Saito 62 power), a small aeroplane that my younger brother designed which won't take long and my Brian Taylor Mustang which will be a long one.

12/04/2018 20:26:50

Thank you very much

Controls have been hinged using my usual method of pin hinges roughed and then glued in with PVA. All connected up now:





I test ran the engine which was fine. I'll probably do the first few flights un-cowled for convenience.

04/04/2018 23:13:29

Indeed there has been! I have been quite busy but nonetheless the covering is almost done now. Might put some Saito stickers on it to liven it up a bit. Apologies for the awful lighting...





I'm going to mass balance the tail controls to reduce the servo load. Most of the weight is in the aeroplane now and pleasingly the centre of gravity is pretty much bang on and AUW is reasonable.

Thread: Stephen Hawking - RIP
15/03/2018 22:11:32

His work was incredible and ground breaking, as well as his will to live and learn. I'll keep on looking up at the stars like he did.

Thread: Swift 82
06/03/2018 23:10:36

Part way through the top of the wing. I know the offset diagonal red stripe should be different on either side for a Union Jack, but I favoured symmetry instead because I prefer it like that.


Just the leading edge white/red stripe to go and then I can move onto the fuselage.

Thread: New- 2018 CONCORDE for 4x50mm EDF
06/03/2018 07:19:26

Oh yes! I love the move-able nose on the CAD model too!

The grain of the wing sheeting is interesting, I guess that because the wing is much longer in chord than in span that the moment across the span is fairly manageable and spread across several spars as the CAD model shows? Not a hugely dissimilar internal design to the full size.

I do hope it is successful and a plan could become available because I am very interested in this.


Thread: Swift 82
03/03/2018 23:05:09

Sorry I had to travel with work this week, so little to report on. I did cover the underside of the wing, the top will be mostly blue so this scheme beneath should provide ample contrast.


25/02/2018 22:11:18

Cowl so far, not done yet, still very boxy. note exhaust slot.





Thread: Timís Grumpy Tigercub
21/02/2018 22:52:22

Superb, looks just like a Tigercat!

Thread: Swift 82
21/02/2018 22:50:02

Cymaz is wise...


The baffle isn't finished yet. I think I will take the cowl off before I put the underside pieces on and finish the baffle. I will also provide a generous outlet area for I do not want cooling issues.


The side piece on:


Engine looking snug:


And the other side


It all looks very agricultural currently, but that will change...

20/02/2018 22:34:50
Posted by cymaz on 20/02/2018 06:47:34:

Interesting well done. I you thought about how it might fly? Short moment arm ,large fin and elevator. Keep that in mind when setting up the throws and for the maiden. Good luck

High manoeuvrability! Thank you very much. I've thought a lot about it and with the Taranis I have a lot of flexibility with multiple control rates and exponential, so I can set it up with small throws initially and work from there. The aim was to have something which can do impressive tumbling manoeuvres etc. rather than a precision aerobat, hence the design choices.

Some cowl work, first the engine on:


Then the cowl mounting blocks with screw holes in. Not asymmetry of the blocks because the cooling air exit hole is to be directly behind the engine for effective cooling.

229.jpg This is to make the spinner gap, and my idea for holding it in place with pins:


Then I realised I had forgotten the cowl front! This will be shaped and the cooling holes similar to a full size aeroplane cut (although I might blank the non-engine side one).


First piece, note hole for mixture control needle:


And glued onto the front, screwed to the mounting block (it will have a thin ply plate for the screwhead to sit on).



So I need to work around to build up the rest of the cowl and then a huge amount of shaping.

19/02/2018 22:57:27

Thank you very much BEB. Yes, it inevitably seems to occur at some point and I have bled on all my aeroplanes so far, must help in some way!

Good evening all, just some shaping and an additional lip over the 'instrument panel'. Note the slots for the canopy.


The canopy sits well considering I found it in the corner of a model shop, but not perfectly. It will be fine to glue on though with a bit of bending (and tape to hold it), once I have covered the fuselage and painted the cockpit area.


Just the cowl to go and a final sand before covering!

18/02/2018 19:37:17

Thank you, simple built up cowl sanded to shape, but it will be removable.

Slow but consistent progress. Elevator joiner from piano wire and a small piece of balsa as a form of fairing.


Strengthening cocktail sticks that I found at a bar. These help hold the balance tabs on (inside would be better but they are sufficiently strong now).


I like to attach the tail wheel to the rudder with a rubber band, so any shock loads don't either break the rudder or overload the servo. This needs to be cut down, but here is the hook:


And a notch to allow the tail wheel to rotate independently of the rudder when the rubber band is stretched.


Finally, I glued and partially shaped the cockpit sides. These need some precise filing and sanding so the canopy fits well- once they are stuck.


I also did a lot of sanding. I will try to get the cockpit sides done tomorrow, then I will do the cowl, some other bits and pieces and covering can occur.

16/02/2018 17:51:44

Rudder done, decided to take some pictures





14/02/2018 22:48:05

Late night building session!

Elevator balance tabs and piano wire connector. The tabs look a bit thin on their own, but look fine on the tailplane and this is how the Giles has it. I'm also going to strengthen the join to the elevators.


Rudder build: Sheet 1




Horn material:


And sheet 2:


Balance tab to be added. Might mass balance these controls too as they are quite large.

Thread: Ferocious Frankie- Brian Taylor P-51
13/02/2018 21:29:05

Thank you very much Bob, that is brilliant! I'll give that a go when I get onto the doors.

Rig building time. Note that the workmanship is not to usual standards because I used whatever scrap I could and it doesn't need to be for the purpose it is being built for.


Tracing of the plan:


And the build





It is too far to the right in this picture. Already it can be seen that rib 4 will need to be cut for the motor and rib 5 changed to mount the bearers in a better position, but it looks reasonable. Next is to mount the rig at the correct dihedral and incidence angle, but it was getting cold!

Thread: Swift 82
13/02/2018 21:22:45

Elevator work:


And hinged- still awaiting balance tabs. Moved onto some Mustang work, but more on this tomorrow.


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