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Thread: Ebay sellers...
26/07/2017 07:57:03

Now then the ad does say that you are only getting the front bit, that'll be the lump of corroded metal then. The rest is going in the bin.

Thread: Visiting the UK in September
23/07/2017 14:31:11

Just checked and the 'ghost squadron' is doing Middle Wallop on 9th 10th September.. I think your only problem whilst you are here is when to sleep!

23/07/2017 14:25:02

Whilst in the south a visit to the Museum of Army Aviation at Middle Wallop is worthwhile. Its on the site of the largest grass airfield in the country. When you have finished in the museum go to the restaurant, have a cup of tea and watch the current helicopters on the airfield. BTW a number of model events are held there during the year Sam35 and scale aero-tow hold events at MW.

Thread: Credit where credits due
19/07/2017 16:50:54

Talking of quick service. I recently acquired an OS 60 open rocker 4stroke,but the needle valve was bent. A fruitless search ensued looking for a genuine replacement. Then I searched through my OS engines and discovered that the OS 30 Surpass needle although not quite identical works perfectly. I found that Just Engines stocked spares for that engine. A quick phone call confirmed that they had one in stock. A quick exchange of details and a card number and they said it would be posted that day, Tuesday. The rest of the week passed pleasantly enough but no needle valve. I decided that on Monday if it didn't arrive in the mail I would ring. About 10:00 my phone rang, it was JE, 'we've just got your needle valve back with the package marked not 'known at this address'. Can we check your address?' It seemed JE had put the house number the wrong way round 75 instead of 57. 'We'll put in the post today' It arrived yesterday(Tuiesday) so just a week to do one round trip and back to me not bad I suppose. A pity the householder didn't look up my name and walk the 50 yards or so to my door, a pity too that the postman having already put mail through my door on his way to 75 didn't spot the name occurring twice in the same street and my surname isn't Smith or Jones.

Thread: Caption this...!
13/07/2017 16:10:31

Just checking to make sure there's enough sky above us, but it's OK the fuel is still in the Bowser.

Thread: Monkey's new clothes
18/06/2017 13:43:47

I'm told by a friend, a very good builder and even better decorator of models the best way is to apply a good quality and sticky masking tape firmly,iron lightly and then remove whilst warm.

Thread: Autogyro Get togethers
07/06/2017 13:03:10

Hi, Just to confirm what most will already know Graham's bash at Reading is postponed until later in the year. The proximity to the autogyro event at Old Warden and the Winterton event the following week have caused a bottleneck.

So watch this space.

Martin RDMAC

Thread: Insurance prices
02/06/2017 14:04:36

I always check alternative quotes once I've received the renewal invitation in order that I can get an accurate like for like quotation. Otherwise the quote you get from most companies is a very basic level of cover. For several years i could not improve upon my existing company ('Oh yes'. Last year however my bank proved to be the best price, this year don't know yet. My wife's insurance renewal was for some silly amount for an old Yaris, around about £600. Shopped around and found an insurance for £109 loaded with every conceivable extra from a small but well known company.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
14/05/2017 12:13:11

Peter, you misunderstand. The man is a specialist, in selling junk found in a very damp garage! Each item he is selling is unique. For example the bench rebate plane Stanley no 10 appears to be broken on the right side of the casting and the cutting iron is pretty much worn out. The first rebate plane without its cutters is effectively worthless unless you happen to have some cutters. In fact in my area with our new waste collection and recycling regime the bin men could well refuse to take the Pitts special and the Veco 61!!smiley

Thread: How to connect a solenoid to a receiver?
04/05/2017 08:03:55

If Frank's suggestion is a no go I guess you could use a suitable ESC. I'm guessing that the solenoid is only powered in one direction with a spring return.Choose an ESC with a suitable current rating.

Thread: Can you identify this model?
26/04/2017 18:24:13

I built one from the free plan. Fitted with Graupner 400 can motors and originally plastic Gunter props. Performance with 6 cell Nicad was dismal. Replaced them with 2400 7 cell nicads and carbon Gunter props, much stiffer. However the larger heavier batteries required some 200g of lead fixed to the tail! Model would now climb to around 50 feet on fresh batteries and at full throttle. any reduction in power either by the throttle stick or the batteries running down would initiate a glide which always ended in a landing -- somewhere--.

So I replaced the nicads with 3300 2S lipo. Only one snag at the initial test, the motors started to smoke at full throttle!.Curious when you consider the fully charged voltage of both 7 cell nicads and 2S lipo are fairly similar. My quick but dirty fix was to limit the throttle with an adjustment to the ATV, clearly the lipos were able to liberate a good deal more current. The bonus was the lead could be removed from the tail and because the lipos are lighter the model weighed a good deal less. The performance went right up! loops, rolls etc were now possible and a pleasure and landings were where I intended not the model. At about this time I went to 2.4ghz and had telemetry was an option so I fitted an ASI It was at this point I discovered that an audio output on the Tx is essential, you cannot look down at the tranny display when your model is doing around 90mph! A spotter is essential to read off the speed. BTW the top speed was 103mph in a shallow dive.

To deal with the thought of converting to brushless motors, which I considered three issues presented themselves. 1. prop size would need to use Gunter or slightly larger props due to insufficient clearance between the motor pod and the fuselage which would probably mean using in runner motors or very high Kv outrunners. 2. running the three wires replacing the original two wires is not a simple pull out and push in three new wires, there isn't space in the groove in the pylon core which is plywood. 3.To replace the motor pylons is major surgery as they are glued together inside the fuselage.

Any way the thought was rendered academic when loading the car one morning and shuffling by my car and the neighbours wall I stumbled and fell crushing the model!!

Thread: A + B Tests
07/04/2017 20:42:56

One reason tat two examiners are required to conduct a B test could be that it is quite a difficult test to examine far easier to fly the test than to examine it. For example rolls have to be flown from both left and right and rotating clockwise and anticlockwise. With two pairs of eyes watching errors are less likely to be missed. Similarly at times the fingers on the sticks need to be watched as well as the model. Tricky unless you are like Marty Feldman.

Thread: Caption competition!
31/03/2017 17:35:08

Joe had fitted one of these stabilised Rx's its wings level feature will have it the right way up in the blink of an eye!

Thread: Futaba M4
31/03/2017 12:04:04

When 35Mhz was first approved there were quite a lot of conversions available either as 'Factory' conversions or done by independent businesses. I didn't realise that Micron did one. If you pop the back off the Tx you will probably find a entirely new board has been fitted. Certainly Futaba M4 27Mhz AM sets did not have a centre loaded aerial. If it had been a later 27 Mhz FM set the upgrade to 35Mhz was simpler, a change to one of the coils and a change of capacitor and a new crystal was all that was needed.

Whether the set you have has any value beyond being a curiosity I have no idea but I expect Phil Green will be along with more info soon.

Thread: Tim's Skywriter Build
31/03/2017 11:52:22

Very nice build Tim, as Lucas says what weight have you reached now? I'm glad you're away gives me a chance to catch up between sessions on the allotment. So when you get back I should have a finished Skywriter and the start of the annual glut of courgettes!

Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
30/03/2017 22:02:26

Nice piece of work Lucas, on reflection I wish i Had made laminated tips a lot less fiddling than with the tips as drawn.

Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
30/03/2017 21:58:07

Lucas, that was my conclusion too. The ply reinforcement in that area will strengthen the TE/TE sub spar joint anyway and a small piece of ply on the upper surface of the wing will provide some extra support. I was going to use two wing bolts as well, either M4 or M5 nylon bolts. Although I did have one model where the wing bolts were 4BA simply threaded into a hardwood block and it never failed, much to my surprise.

30/03/2017 19:52:02

Nice building John, love the weights on the wing! Is the wooden bowl made from lignum vitae?smiley. My build is substantially complete just all those it'll only take a minute jobs. I've fitted the U/C mount so I thought I'll fit the lower wing bolt assembly. Ah ha the fuselage side view shows the bolt going through the wing slightly ahead of the wing bolt reinforcing block which is attached to the sub trailing edge spar. Turning to the lower wing drawing the bolt hole is quite clearly and firmly through the trailing edge. My thought is to go through the TE, it is reinforced with ply so should be adequately strong. The position shown on the fuselage will work equally but the reinforcing block in the wing isn't that big and clearly not a good idea to drill through the TE sub spar. Fellow MB ers thoughts?

Thread: Caption competition!
28/03/2017 16:01:36

'This would have been much easier if they had fitted hand holds on the underside of the full size. But the builder wouldn't deviate from scale accuracy'

Thread: Showing in stock and it is NOT!!!!!!
27/03/2017 20:53:30

However to every case of being out of stock when stock is showing on line is the opposite situation. Twice recently I've needed to order some covering film. On both occasions from two well known suppliers. In both cases they were showing no stock. I waited for three or four weeks on both occasions, finally I rang them and asked when they expected new stock. The first said 'its arrived I'll just update the website, now you can order.' The second 'yes we have that in stock', well it was white I wanted!. 'Just a moment I'll correct the website. OK you can order now!'

I guess website technology isn't perfect.

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