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Thread: Martin's Skywriter, aliitle late but....
26/03/2017 12:16:51

Haven't posted lately, the garden and allotment are begging for and getting attention! However progress does continue. Yesterday saw the front of the fuselage complete, had to enlarge the opening in order to slot the motor in. I'm using a RipMax Quantum 40 which should prove adequate on 4S if not 5S! Still to do on the fuselage is the lower wing location and U/C mounting and the wing bolt support.

fuselage complete1.jpg

fuselage complete 2.jpg

Just noticed the dreadful clutter at the end of my shed! And before you ask the foamy is a Polaris a depron creation which has to be the most fun per £ ever. The next photo shows the Port side aileron servo in place also visible is the ASI pitot.

aileron servo port side.jpg

Finally for today the photo shows the hard points I've installed for the cabane attachment. underneath them is the as designed cabane support pieces with the M3 inserts in them. Hopefully the hard points which are glued to the underlying structure will stop the inserts from being pulled out in normal use.

top wing hard points.jpg

All for now


Edited By Martin Dance 1 on 26/03/2017 12:18:49

Thread: Odd problem
25/03/2017 18:05:12

Chris, I suspect the problem is a programming issue. Most, but not all ESCs are programmable so that you can select such things as brake on or off. Soft or hard start, and timing are the usual parameters you can change. If you have the instructions for the Turnigy ESC it should tell you how to change the program settings. There are two usual ways of doing this one is using your Tx and counting sequences of beeps, incredibly annoying and prone to errors or by obtaining a programming card for the ESC mush less frustrating and less error prone.

Had a thought the instructions should be on the HK website, find the motor and usually the instructions are under the FILE tab.

good luck

Thread: PIPER CUB 84 INCH D. B Sport and scale
25/03/2017 17:54:11

Hi Denis, mission accomplished. I guess that'll give EB something to read tonight. By the way just to support George at 4max, he is close to me and used to attend our indoor meetings. A thoroughly nice chap and you openly admit on a forum to using his knowledge and then buying from HK. Shame on yousmileylaugh.

25/03/2017 12:51:45

I'm pleased Richard was able to help you. I've just had a rummage through my plans box and turned up the instructions for the DB Cub. I bought my kit around 1989-91 when DB's address was Irchester Northants. If you would like a copy I'm happy to either scan them or copy them. PM me your email or postal address Be aware they were printed using either a Roneo or Gestetner machine and were printed on Foolscap paper! They will fit onto A4.

Mine is next in line for refurbishment. I powered mine with an OS61 four stroke, or rather I overpowered it! Short take offs and 45+ degree climbs are easily possible with this power. Unfortunately that era of OS four strokes were not happy running slowly mounted inverted so flying at scale like speed was to risk flame outs,still lots of landing practice.

What do you plan to power yours with? I've often thought about converting it to electric. Good luck with the build.

Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
20/03/2017 21:02:35

I extended the bottom edge of the dihedral brace out to the span length and found the dihedral was about 1/2" in total. I think more aesthetic than adding anything to the planes stability.

Thread: Tim's Skywriter Build
19/03/2017 12:25:39

Hi eventually found the details of the company I bought M3 inserts from. They're called Inserts Direct I Googled them, they still exist but prices on their site are for 1,000 off quantities. As I found their details on my phone! I guess I rang them and asked for some samples or a smaller quantity, which they supplied.

Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
15/03/2017 18:48:16

Hi John, mine is the same, a very slight curve upwards around F6F7, I cut my formers from the plan. Two explanations, 1. I'm lousy at cutting formers accurately, probably truesmiley or 2. Lindsay did it deliberately to avoid the possible 'starved horse' appearance if it was dead straight. However not enough to worry about.

Thread: Hi from a clueless noobie looking for help !
13/03/2017 08:46:48

Probably other than small ads in a magazine such as RCM&E ebay is probably the only avenue open to you. The BMFA has a sales section on its website but you have to be a member to use it. Difficult to suggest a value. Posting a photo on here may help. Unfortunately you say the box is in bad shape which will limit its appeal to kit collectors. Anyone buying it is likely to be a builder. A bit more information required like wingspan engine size required, finished weight would help. This info should be one the box or the plan.

good luck

Thread: Tim's Skywriter Build
13/03/2017 08:38:46

Hi Tim and Lucas, I thought the Jacinth colour would be nice. Just been to the HK website White film HK warehouse, Jacinth EU warehouse Need some pilots 1. UK warehouse, 2. HK warehouse. total value about £25, shipping just over £30! I guess i'll wait!

13/03/2017 07:49:01

My thoughts about a fan/ sunburst across the top wing was my first thought too Tim. I thought orange and white for two reasons , I have some orange and white chequerboard Toughlon left over from another model for underneath the lower wing, The second reason for orange is to put to bed a long held belief that orange is an unlucky colour for me. OK I'm not really superstitious.

As for HK film I went to their website the other evening and it wasn't playing nice. I'l try again today.


12/03/2017 21:49:37

That's looking very neat Tim. As for colour scheme I had pretty well settled on orange and white, slight snag other than Oracover and solarfilm white is not be had in Toughlon or Easycoat. so much for the thought that people aren't building! My progress has slowed, sanded the tail group and hinged elevators and rudder and sorted out the closed loop for the rudder and the tube for the elevator, all a bit tight at the rear!

Weather is improving so the allotment gets priority next week.

Thread: The BPC
11/03/2017 07:18:16

I'm sure all the points that have been made regarding mass, energy etc are perfectly valid and correct. However on a damp and overcast Saturday morning I, as an examiner, am not going to be calculating wing loadings, total energy etc before conducting a test. I might just weigh the model, although that is unlikely, before conducting a test. the weight limit is a practical and as Andy says a pragmatic way of differentiating between classes of models.

Thread: Farnborough pass
10/03/2017 11:23:32

Graeme, when you've mastered the Farnborough pass you can move onto the 'Derry turn'wink

Thread: Martin's Skywriter, aliitle late but....
09/03/2017 13:40:43

After a bit of 'bench flying' got a bit more done. The photo show the stringers in place. I decided having read of one builder having problems bringing the tail together to make a couple of changes. The first was to thin the top longeron to 1/4 X 1/8 from the original 1/4 sq from behind F5 and to leave the fuselage side stringers off until after gluing the stern post in place. This certainly helped but the downside is that it is more difficult to position the side stringers. Swings and roundabouts I guess. F2 is in place with 2 degrees right and down thrust added and the offset of the motor centre applied.

fuselage strngers port.jpg








Edited By Martin Dance 1 on 09/03/2017 13:41:55

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Chat Thread
07/03/2017 12:05:54

Hi all. with reference to the wing tips. If you go to Lindsay's original build thread, look on page 4 and there are photos of the underside of the wing tips. There is distinctly a semi symmetrical appearance to them. I found one of the issues with the wing tips is that the underside of the ailerons are flat bottomed extensions from the underside of the wing. I found that however you do the wing tips there are some challenges. Putting the wing tip flush with the lower surface of the wing would seem to cause some problems at the leading edge. I compromised and positioned the tip core about 3mm up from the lower wing surface and then added the triangular pieces top and bottom. A total of some 18 pieces to make up each wing tip. On reflection Lucas's laminated tips would probably have been a better option.

Thread: Martin's Skywriter, aliitle late but....
05/03/2017 20:48:19

A bit more done to the fuselage. Decided to leave the stringers off until I have brought the tail end together and thinned the top longerons from F5. Also decided to adopt the only the tops of the formers approach for F6-F8 but have used some 1/4 X1/8 to stiffen the fuselage sides.

fuselage sides.jpg

Also made the cabane struts so I could give myself a boost by assembling the wings and fuselage sides.

model assembled front three quarters.jpg

Thread: Anyone built a Laser CNC Machine?
04/03/2017 20:23:16

I'm guessing that this machine only has control on the X.Y axes? So cutting anything much thicker than 3mm is going to be problematic because of the change in focus without z axis control. Added to that the low power of the laser, 5.5watts is going to mean an inordinate number of passes will be needed. Finally can I suggest some form of enclosure and couple it to some form of extraction system, an old vacuum cleaner exhausting out of your workshop is important. Some of the by-products produced by laser cutting are pretty nasty. The glue used to make ply is one of them.

Thread: Martin's Skywriter, aliitle late but....
02/03/2017 13:35:10

Well, slower progress this week. Both wings are structurally complete but LE's to be shaped and sanded as do the tips. The tail group is also in the same state so I've just started the fuselage as they clearly need something to keep them apart/together and in formationindecision

Not wishing to start a weight race with you Lucas but here are the weights of my wings.

lower wing weight.jpg

upperwing weighjt.jpg

27/02/2017 08:55:03

No John, the ASI dates from when I bought my DX8 which has telemetry. I bought at the time a range of sensors as much out of curiosity as anything else. I have a 40g G force sensor which has never experienced anything above 3g! well it is in an Anzani Longster, free plan four years or so ago. Altimeter is useful in that it shows that 400' is not an unreasonable altitude limit for most types of models, not thermal gliders of course. All of these sensors you can read from the screen whilst flying or set up a warning, the Longster had a warning set at 2G! However you can't read the ASI whilst flying anything remotely quick, you need a friend to read out your airspeed. So the introduction of voice alerts makes telemetry much more practical. One guy I fly with has an ASI fitted because he has a habit of trying to fly the approach too slowly so its an aid to keeping the approach speed above the stall speed, no boy racing going on here, on the other hand!!!!

Thread: The 2018 Mass Build Ideas thread
27/02/2017 08:36:02

I tend to agree that limiting the choice to recently published designs is probably a good idea simply because participants are more likely to still have the magazine/plan than one that was published several years ago. I had to borrow my Skywriter plan from a mate.

The other consideration is what is the purpose of the Mass build? Is it a 'club' to get a group of probably reasonably experienced modellers together to build a common model and to share their experiences with the wider forum audience in the hope that the less experienced /novice builders will tag along and gain confidence and insights into modelling techniques? Or is it to encourage flyers who are not necessarily builders beyond ARTF assemblers to have a go knowing that there is support from the wider forum contributors. If the latter is the case the Skywriter is a poor choice because there are some potentially tricky bits, for example the cabane and interplane struts and it has two wings, I enjoy building wings but now I'm a bit bored with wing building. By comparison the Ballerina was a good choice because it lacks the possible pitfalls of the Skywriter whilst still providing a reasonable challenge.

Perhaps a two model MB is the way forward as was suggested while this ,2017 MB, was being discussed. One model which is straightforward and likely to appeal to the inexperienced builder and a second model which has more advanced techniques employed and likely to provide a fair challenge to the more experienced builder. The hope being that more people will follow both threads and gain from both.

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