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Thread: **NEW POLL** - What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
24/02/2017 04:42:48

it will be very interesting to see how much hh moving site out of uk will effect the loyal psm

24/02/2017 04:39:58

the thing that dosent thrill me,,, say them 6 servos at the back are 7950 .777s ore 8931s which can pull 7 amps each .......42 amps through that from batt !!!!! ,, no thanks

Thread: Odd servo behavior
20/02/2017 17:52:14

digis buzz and move a little , but should not jump much they calm down once loaded up . cant think why tx proxi would make a difference. also i think with my problem i went to a 7c that i had and no probs after that

20/02/2017 17:17:58

i had something similar years ago with an ff8 super / spekky dm8 module using hs85 servos. the left aile twitched alot . if i remember i think it also twiched when the elev and rudd were moved to. i did solve it in the end , but for the life of me cannit remember how .....ill add that no mixing was in effect it was a glitch / problem, with the radio

Edited By ben goodfellow 1 on 20/02/2017 17:19:24

Thread: Time to change car
18/02/2017 10:27:58

having a few kids we wanted 7 seats . but without the bingo transport looks. we went for an smax titianium x sport . lovely car . loads of room and looks canny too.

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
16/02/2017 09:54:42

tc ,never . i will be the one who every one says was right.....when the end much is shipping return to germany for a multi hundred pound its not free........ha ha ha ha

Edited By ben goodfellow 1 on 16/02/2017 09:55:06

15/02/2017 19:18:02

imo loosing a spekky rx is a blessing . thank your lucky stars .....

Thread: Planning laws, clarification sought
10/02/2017 08:52:27

if you throw enough brown envelopes about you can do whatever you want . check this ouit that someone wants to build not far from me ,,,mind boggling

Thread: Are the BMFA Mandatory Questions Applicable?
08/02/2017 11:58:31

A test ??? and heres me thinking its an acheivement scheme . a test implies you have to have it , which of coarse yo dont

Thread: **NEW POLL** - What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
04/02/2017 21:42:50

there should of been 5 futaba problems for every 6 on "you know who

Thread: Cutting sheet balsa into strips
04/02/2017 09:43:56

i have the proxxon fet saw , i dont use it for stripping wood ,all you need the master airscrew stripper and a flat bench ,,,easy

Thread: Extreme Flight MXS-EXP 64"
03/02/2017 18:02:50

I'll have to move on now you've copied me!!! . It's either a laser 74 35cc or servo up my 91 extra

02/02/2017 22:11:52

Nigel finally got round to one then . Remember 70 degrees on everything atleast!!! Mine had Sebart shark packing inside the cowl when I got it .

Thread: precedent hi boy
28/01/2017 21:42:09

i learned on a hiboy mk2 .....and an mds 4o gold !!! thats another story...., those who say todays light weight foam trainers are better . imo couldnt be more wrong. i ;learned properly . to take off properly fly properly and land properly .not like this ass3x safe gyroed up foam thingy that dave johnson can can learn to fly in half an hour ......

Thread: Acquainting myself with a Walbro carby
27/01/2017 09:31:07

i put a new carb on my DA 60 a year or so ago and took the oppotunity to do the same , i learned a great deal about metering valves ,reed valves ,diaphrams ,impulse vents and lines .quite usefull really . only thing is da grind the last 3 numbers /marks off the carb so i only know its a hda xxx ...and yes that must be the smallest spring known to man under the metering valve so be careful

Thread: More changes at Horizon Hobbies ?
22/01/2017 08:35:40

this was/is being discussed on the bmfa (non official) face book page with some comments from hh employees .

Thread: Servo Shop, Toni Clark and Ashford Model Supply Centre
12/01/2017 08:45:04

i had the opposite with toni clark.practicle scale (gerhard) who were just nterested in finding a way to blame . so much so that i went direct to desert aircraft who were awesome ,a lesson in customer care , they should run coarses on it

Thread: Rolling Circles
11/01/2017 15:19:25

the sim will only get you so far . as for learning basic aeros ,,,maybe .but anything remotely advance they are no good . knife edge is a good example . my lass could do a knife edge loop on a sim ....get out in the real world of practice no substitute for it. .. i can drive a rally car or shoot a 1k kill shot with a rifle on the computer , fly low

10/01/2017 20:10:31

rolling circuits are easy really .start learning with the way the model wants to go ,roll right and do a left circuit or vice versa. one roll circles as said above are a bit more difficult , then theres the rolling harrier doing a circle/circuit, thats probaly for another day .now some use elevator only some use rudder/elevator i prefer the later . as also said above start with 4/8 pointers and lllllllloooonnnggg slow rolls till its instinctive on input , you will find circuits easy then...good luck....and remember low

Thread: EME 120 flat twin engines
10/01/2017 17:54:06

whats going on with prop guy? heard lots of bad ,, and my mate got charged nearly 16 quid to post a prop and tank which took days to come....

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