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Thread: Turnigy Trust 70a something weird
09/03/2018 15:52:37

I've reprogrammed it and tried in three different planes, same symptoms, it's now binned, thanks for all your ideas.

Incidentally I thought it was new but when I removed the insulation to desolder the connectors it was obviously not new, there being as much solder on the outside of the connectors as inside lol.

08/03/2018 20:54:10

Yes, wiggled all the cables and wires as well, as soon as the Trust esc went in the servos slowed and the low voltage reappears! Would there be any internal settings I could try and change in the esc?

08/03/2018 20:32:35
Posted by Denis Watkins on 08/03/2018 20:24:18:

Check for a stalled servo Cliff

Denis I pulled all the servos one at a time eventually leaving just one plugged in, didn't seem to make any difference.

But with all the servos reconnected and a different esc I could wiggle all the servos and no problems?

08/03/2018 20:08:20

I picked up a new Turnigy Trust 70a SBEC in a job lot and discovered something weird.


With it all connected up as soon as I move the controls my MZ24 tranny detects a low receiver voltage, it's showing 3v, as soon as I stop moving the sticks the voltage goes back up to 15.something.

The servos move slowly.

I tried a different esc and everything is normal, so I reckon the problem is in the esc?

Any ideas before I junk it?

Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
07/03/2018 20:41:37

Two flights first thing today, all on my own but worth the trip, wind was 8 mph gusting to 13 mph so the windchill was starting to bite, just had to get out in the fresh air though. (Quite the contrast to yesterday's warm indoor session) Note the artistic picture smiley

cub in snow.jpg

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 07/03/2018 20:42:45

Thread: Kavalier Kits Alpha 2
07/03/2018 20:11:24

My first model after my trainer, probably build another one day, any way here's a link to Kamco's Facebook page:


Sorry, got carried away with nostalgia, probably not the model you're looking for!!


Edited By Cliff 1959 on 07/03/2018 20:13:15

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
22/02/2018 20:21:38

The joys of flying indoors, here's a screenshot of my Microaces' Fokker DVII on its maiden last Tuesday, by the time Spring comes our skills will be well honed


Thread: DX6i not binding
17/02/2018 20:23:19

This is weird, I've just borrowed a DX6i with the same DSM-X logo on the front as mine, and it works!!!

When I went into the menus to see what the setting was for the modulation the option doesn't exist, so the software has changed?

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 17/02/2018 20:23:39

17/02/2018 20:23:19

This is weird, I've just borrowed a DX6i with the same DSM-X logo on the front as mine, and it works!!!

When I went into the menus to see what the setting was for the modulation the option doesn't exist, so the software has changed?

16/02/2018 21:48:06

Just got a DSM2 from fleabay, job done, thanks for the education though.

16/02/2018 21:02:10
Posted by Denis Watkins on 16/02/2018 20:57:13:

If you go further through that menu Cliff, there is a setting

DSM2 Only

That's right Denis but I've tried both options and neither work, perhaps the menu says DSM2 but the hardware won't actually do it.

I wonder if anyone else has a DX6i with DSM-X that can successfully change it to DSM-2 only?

16/02/2018 20:48:29

Just a point but on the modulation type one of the two choices is 'AUTO DSM-X AND DSM-2 STANDARD RECEIVER' this is the setting I fly with my other indoor models, why does it say DSM-2 if it's not capable of transmitting in the modulation type?

16/02/2018 20:02:23
Posted by Jonathan M on 16/02/2018 18:52:36:

Maybe simpler and cheaper to just buy an inexpensive DSM2 tranny to use with your micro stuff?

I've been using my Tx for all my micro stuff and up to now it's work very well, it's just these new pkz3200's.

Thanks everyone for your advice I'm now looking for a Spektrum DX6i with dsm2.

16/02/2018 18:40:31
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 16/02/2018 01:40:55:

Clutching at straws a bit.

Have you sent your DX6i into Horizon since the beginning of 2016? If so it will have DSM2 disabled as it no longer legal for a manufacturer to use it. If your brick is DSM2 only then it will not bind. Remember just because you bought the brick recently it does not necessarily mean it is the latest version. wink 2

Like I said - clutching at straws..

I bought the Tx second-hand so I don't know the history, it is a DX6i with DSMx. I emailed Horizon Hobbies today and simply asked them will my Tx work with this brick, this is what they said:

'No it will not work. The Ember RTF (PKZ3200) was a Parkzone exclusive 2.4gHz operation. It is not a Spektrum receiver and will not bind to any of our Spektrum 2.4gHz transmitters.'

Well, it bound immediately to a friend's DX6e and another friend's DX6i with DSM2, so I don't have much confidence in what he says.

I'm now wondering if I can get the DSM2 re-instated on my Tx?

15/02/2018 22:30:03

This is the beastie:

Edited By Cliff 1959 on 15/02/2018 22:30:59

15/02/2018 22:24:04

Already tried both settings, no change sad

15/02/2018 22:05:37

Worth trying though Keith.

15/02/2018 21:47:02
Posted by Cliff 1959 on 15/02/2018 19:19:33:

Apparently he newer PKZ3352 is both DSM2 and DSMX compatible according to the Horizon website so that's not the problem.

15/02/2018 21:30:38

Just left it for five minutes at two metres binding with no luck, bind switch held in place with a rubber band!

15/02/2018 21:17:29

As expected they pinged my B6AC charger within five minutes of being placed on charge, so definately fully charged, even tried going 10 yards away just to make sure, I'm really stumped on this one?

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