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Thread: RM Trainer
21/02/2018 14:17:05

Nice to see this one done! It's the first I can recall seeing with nose gear - others were all tail draggers. I would love to see a video sometime if that is reasonably possible smiley

Thread: Superglue Removal From Canopy
26/12/2017 21:28:40

Totally agree with Allan. It's the route I would use and have used before. I recommend the Flex-I-File Flex pad intro set consisting of 5 different flex pads. They last forever and will polish your canopy back to like new condition quickly if you use them in order of coarsest to finest grit.

Flex-I-File Flex Pad Intro Set Photo

Thread: Film Over Film
20/12/2017 14:31:24

Perforating the underlying film is the technique advocated in the book 'Tom's Techniques' published alongside other Harry Higley books. I'd say it is a good idea and will go a long way to reducing the chance of trapped bubbles. Careful work ought to take you the rest of the way. Solarfilm and Monokote both tend to be bubble prone in my experience while Oracover is significantly easier in that regard and can be applied over the other two brands if wanted.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
16/12/2017 18:26:17

Ended at £670. Seller's Christmas costs and Summer holidays covered then! Hehe

13/12/2017 05:11:26

No criticism of this sale but it has become a bit of a spectacle. It seems to up by another £100 each time I check on it. It's an Ok Model Pilot brand 3 channel trainer kit currently at I've £500. I would never have thought that it'd fetch that kind of money and if you view the bidding history you'll notice it is not just the usual coming together of two buyers who put large amounts down it is at least 3 or 4 driving it up. I would be quite pleased if I were the seller! Here's the link **LINK**

07/12/2017 20:18:31

Maybe I am missing some sarcasm but that is a Top Flite Taurus kit in what he claims is mint condition. It isn't worth £400 but they sell for over £200 in the USA. Add postage and taxes if you were to buy one from there and you are easily pushing £300. Also why is the fella above shouting about £16 postage for what is going to be quite a large and valuable parcel. If you haven't noticed almost all kits on eBay ask for £15 postage or thereabouts because that is what it costs.

This thread has its place and I too have shared a few silly examples I found but very occasionally I wonder what the deal is with you folks. I don't see why the Taurus seller is getting slammed so hard. His buy it now is mispriced slightly but he also allows bidding starting at just £75.

No, I am not the seller and no I am not going to bid on it.


Edited By Simon P on 07/12/2017 20:19:14

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
07/12/2017 18:02:37

Thanks for the compliments regarding my Q-Tee.

Wow Paul, that Waco is really beautiful. I love the in flight shots. That's what I wanted for my Q-Tee but my 4 year old son's photography skills weren't quite up to the task. Hehe.

Thread: RM Trainer
07/12/2017 11:19:38

I am very glad to see one of these being built. You might recognise my name on the outerzone credits. I bought the magazines some time ago and still intend to build one for myself. I was originally inspired by this video of an electric one on Andrew Shering's youtube channel. A few months after I found this video the very same model showed up on eBay for just £60 all electronics included. It was understandably collection only and I decided I'd rather build one myself instead of driving. I have been kicking myself for that decision ever since because I still haven't gotten around to it.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
02/12/2017 11:46:36

Very nice Ken! Love those vintage curves.

Here is my latest effort. It is a scratch built Airtronics Q-Tee. Started with a downloaded plan then redraw everything in 3D on the computer including motor, servo and all linkages to perfect the fits and dimensions. Then I used my CNC router to cut myself a kit. For various reasons this has been nearly 3 years in the making but it is finally flying.

CAD DesignedObligatory Balsa BonesReady to Fly Q-teeCovered Q-Tee

Thread: Paramotor / Paraglider Design YOU can build with plans!
09/04/2017 07:32:02

This is a great idea for a project and thank you for sharing it with us. You've got me checking out our sewing machine.

Thread: 3D design
18/01/2017 19:06:12

Fellow hobby level CAD user here (CNC router). I also began and have done most of my work in Rhino but have also begun to experiment with fusion 360. It's a steep learning curve all over again but appears slightly more 'engineer' friendly than Rhino. Fusion 360 has elements of parametric modelling so, for example, you can scale things and make design alterations and other parts that are affected by the change will automatically adjust to compensate provided you've provided them with a basic set of rules to follow.

Thread: JR closing down?
02/01/2017 19:39:49

This thread is a bit over the top fellas, from the over egging of JRs pause in hobby related development ('cause that is all it is in fact - read the note on their website) to the personal attacks upon BEB who, I am sure, is capable of defending himself but why the heck should he have to in exchange for expressing his personal opinion sarcastic

As an XG8 owner reading this thread this morning made me quite upset thinking that they'd halted production but now that I have distilled the facts I am quite alright with the situation. Receivers and transmitters will continue to be made and sold and that's all that really matters. Anyone who doesn't fly JR radio or want one shouldn't give a hoot about this change.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
11/08/2016 18:41:38

I saw that engine this morning too. I have trawled eBay enough to have seen plenty of insanely overpriced items like that engine. What surprises me most is that every now and then something like that will actually sell.

I came here to post something from the other side of this particular coin. I'd like to know what is so special about this pair of 1/2a size propellers that two buyers will bid this high so early on? It doesn't look like the usual modus operandi or outcome of two bidders deciding to trump one another with a single huge bid. Similar has happened on another pair of the same propellers. As far as I know these props were still being sold by brodak in the states until very recently.

Edited By Simon P on 11/08/2016 18:54:51

Thread: Where to find butyrate dope in the UK, 2016
04/08/2016 23:03:08

Thanks Andrew, I discovered them tonight and have been toying with various product combos since then, I should have updated the thread.

04/08/2016 18:02:51

Erflog, butyrate dope is glow fuel resistant (note, not fuel proof), whereas nitrate is only good against diesel. None of them are particularly good against fuel compared to things like klasskote epoxy but I particularly want to dry a doped finish.

Thanks for the info regarding the 5 star butyrate, even if it were available maybe I should steer clear. I prefer a product that does what it says on the tin!

04/08/2016 12:01:04

I am keen to try my hand at a traditional silk and dope finish so would like a small amount of clear butyrate dope with which to experiment. The trouble is shop4glue / fivestar haven't answered me in weeks and their website says their mail order side is closed until late 2015!? Other sources are aimed at full size aircraft with quantities to match.

My ideal would be to find a source for SIG dope products in the UK. I have, of course, used the HMG products but as far as I'm aware they're exclusively nitrate based dopes.

Any pointers would be appreciated,


Edited By Simon P on 04/08/2016 12:06:20

Thread: DuBro valve spout
09/07/2016 06:45:12

Suspect the issue is you were searching for dubro. The brand is valvespout.

Thread: David Platt DVDs
06/06/2016 22:50:50

That is very usefuf info, thank you BEB. Saves me a bit of hassle being able to order locally.

06/06/2016 22:05:50

That's good news, and did you order direct from David? Thanks

06/06/2016 21:35:48

I am interested in David Platt's DVDs covering his use of silk, silkspan, polyspan, etc and his use of klass kote. His DVDs are available to purchase from the USA but I can't find even the merest of previews and therefore don't know if they'd be any good for someone who has previously covered with lightweight tissue and iron on films.

Does anyone have any experience with his videos, have they helped you?


Edited By Simon P on 06/06/2016 21:37:32

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