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Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
25/04/2017 19:39:19

Flies seem to be very attracted to the colour Yellow, i don't own a Zebra so can't comment.

John..pest control.

Thread: **NEW POLL** How many plan-built models have you made or started in the last year?
24/04/2017 19:05:33


Thread: Theft From Cars...
24/04/2017 12:51:28
Posted by Andy48 on 24/04/2017 11:28:47:

When I was in the army we used to have families complete with kids and pushchairs ignoring all the warning signs and red flags, and walking across a firing range where we were firing live ammunition.

Seems a bit harsh, could you not afford some targets then ?kulou

Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
23/04/2017 23:23:38

Love the wing Chris excellent job. yes


Thread: drone footage
23/04/2017 17:50:34

As Forest Gumps Mum would say ' Stupid is as stupid do's'

Many a video out there of people acting responsibly and quite a few 'Proper modellers' having a dabble with fpv/multis these days, also many a newbie out there abiding by the law and setting clubs up. Don't see much footage of that posted though ?


Thread: Theft From Cars...
22/04/2017 21:34:11

Good turnout at the club today and loads of cars in the carpark, our carpark has a locked gate, Don Valley MFC South Yorkshire.

One of our lads heard a bang then car alarm going off, so a couple of lads ran across, 2 motorbikes ouside the gate and 2 lads running out of the field and getting on to the pillion, 2 cars with windows broken and things stolen, another car with brick marks on the window where they tried and failed. Police told us there had been a lot of incidents in Donny today with the same M.O.

Not looking for sympathy folks, no one was hurt.

Keep your wits about you and leave nothing on show even though you're off the road and feel safe, this type of crime moves around till the cretins get caught.

First incident in over 30 years sad

John...crime watch Dept

Thread: Hammerhead 620 kit build
19/04/2017 22:24:02

I like happy bunnies Richie, watched the videos, it flies well yes

I'll get our tech dept to put the video on our site if that's o.k ?

Good luck with the sales Richie wink


Thread: Irresponsible ' drone' retailers
19/04/2017 21:36:39

Nope John's responsible for his own well being, any mistakes he makes (not that he do'swink) he will take full responsibility for, any advice offered from any quarter will be considered appropriately. Any "governance" must be via £50 club fee or the "law" of the land.

John...anti "governance June 8th face 1

Thread: Summer's almost here: Preparing your models....
19/04/2017 20:21:34
Posted by iqon on 16/04/2017 06:44:40:

All mine are flyablewink. But if you would have asked me last week......

Aye when i've got your tx they are cheeky


Thread: Irresponsible ' drone' retailers
18/04/2017 23:42:29

Incorrect the BMFA make no laws, we govern ourselves under the laws of the land and we're philosophical about it.


18/04/2017 23:10:55
Posted by David Mellor on 18/04/2017 22:48:46:
Posted by john stones 1 on 18/04/2017 22:41:15:

BMFA don't govern me nor our club, if they do...grass wants cutting n can we have fish n chips 14 times for Thursday night..oh n mushy peas for me please wink


If you hold a BMFA membership card or have BMFA insurance, then the BMFA do indeed govern your flying activities, John.

Good governance doesn't mean someone sitting on your shoulder or telling you what to do. It simply means providing a workable framework of basic rules to keep you, and those around you, reasonably safe in your flying activities.

Perhaps you aren't a member of BMFA?

Edited By David Mellor on 18/04/2017 22:49:49

Yep i'm a BMFA member and clubs affiliated.

Self governing though, you don't need a handbook for common sense.


18/04/2017 22:41:15

BMFA don't govern me nor our club, if they do...grass wants cutting n can we have fish n chips 14 times for Thursday night..oh n mushy peas for me please wink


Thread: Cambrian Akrostar
18/04/2017 22:37:35

If it flys like it looks, it'll be a good un Tony, nice job i like it yes


Thread: Recommend a M/R for some OLD lads to have a dabble
18/04/2017 21:51:21

Secret testing at Marinello wink

Talks cheap, race day brings out the quality ....might come myself as well face 1


18/04/2017 21:17:02

Fine body of men/big kids yes

Don't forget your predictions for this Sundays DVMFC Grand Prix wink


Thread: Dual elevator servos and flap mix - AAARRGGGHHH !
18/04/2017 20:20:50

Inhibit the switch for AUX 4 ?

Thread: Irresponsible ' drone' retailers
18/04/2017 17:04:44

My kids where brought up by me n the wife, they're responsible adults..the BMFA played no part in that.

Society has all the laws it needs to deal with idiots, BMFA has the Nats to sort and grass to cut at the NFC, leave em be they've done their bit.


18/04/2017 16:25:51

There's info in BMFAs mag and it's website, it's not been passive, it's engaged where it would do the most good.


18/04/2017 15:30:59

Nope smoking's a bad example, i enjoy a nice cigar despite you addressing my recognised problem, but i do abide by the law on where i do it.

And i repeat the BMFA has done its bit. nothing stopping you and society doing a leafletting campaign though.


Edited By john stones 1 on 18/04/2017 15:34:56

18/04/2017 14:56:51

Having flying insurance costs money, smokers pay a heavy tax and can't smoke in many places, advertising's banned, tobacco is a poor comparison.

BMFA do's it's bit, leave enforcing the laws to those with the authority to do it.


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