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Thread: Sharkface
23/02/2017 22:58:56

It got a lot of down thrust on or is the motor falling off ?

Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
23/02/2017 22:55:12

Couple of formers in, we can glue tother side on tomorrow, wide fuzz is it not wink


a26 002.jpg

Thread: 3D design
23/02/2017 21:59:10

Ah printing your own money'll cop it if they find out wink

Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
23/02/2017 21:03:03

I'll get jig out tomorrow n show you a laughing though face 1

Thread: wish list...if only
23/02/2017 21:01:15

Dave Platts, Maurice, not the D though, i can build it no problem but can't do the detail that makes em special, i built Brian Taylors ? 601/4 inch one a few years ago, and let a mate have it to finish. Sports jobs n film finishes is my limit.

Gubbins i have would be for 1/4 scale...Meister one is nice smiley


Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
23/02/2017 20:09:04

Bit more progress today 3/16 stringers on the fuzz instead of the 1/4, might make it easier to pull the rear end in, i don't fancy the ammonia route, ready to join up when dry. I've been given a Slec jig as well wink

Johna25 002.jpg

a25 001.jpg

Thread: Hobby,ing postal charges
23/02/2017 19:51:42

Don't know FB3, but if it flys like the Slick version you'll love it wink

Thread: Learning to play guitar
23/02/2017 18:26:39

Holding the strings down on an acoustic i have no problem, on the electric it's difficult...what number strings would you's recommend ?

Thread: wish list...if only
23/02/2017 18:10:15

Would be this for me, i've had most of the ones i love but never this one, i have the plan and the gubbins for it already but lack the ability for a good scale job, i used to have a mate who'd do the finish if i built it. sad



23/02/2017 17:18:19

I wish you had a cox 010 as well Ken wink

John..cox 010 ....for Ken Dept

Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
23/02/2017 15:19:08

I've noted the errors that've been pointed out by you lads Tim yes


Thread: Starting a motor for the first time
23/02/2017 15:11:18

I agree the engine tells you when it's ready, different ones have a slightly different start up procedure, never used a stick myself, sometimes a glove on the big ones, position the prop so your hand go's away as you flick and be confident when doing it, they're like Dogs any nerves n they'll bite you dog


Thread: Learning to play guitar
23/02/2017 14:59:14

All good advice and i've followed it all, practice,practice, practice, just like flying...unfortunately just like flying some never get it, and i'm one of them where music is concerned ...sad

I'm pretty good at "twinkle twinkle little star" though starwink

John...aka Leslie West Not.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
23/02/2017 14:41:06

I hope the changes have shook things up a bit, but good teams win for the same reasons changes or not, Renault are sounding pretty bullish about their engine and Honda are saying "we don't know" Ferrari..who knows ? I expect the Mercs to be given a better fight by the Redbull lads. And no Bernie this year.


Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
22/02/2017 23:31:57
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 22/02/2017 17:47:34:

Very nice, Chris. Are those the DB S&S decals?

This is the version I hope to build. Not sure about the scheme, but it is different. I have a Tiggie fibreglass cowl and the idea is to make a hatch at the front so I can slide the battery in under the motor to get it s far forward as possible. Hopefully, no lead will be needed.

moth major.jpg


I reckon that colour scheme looks very classy yes

Thread: Tim's Skywriter Build
22/02/2017 23:26:24

That looks very nice work Tim, i've a few dural u/c's so no bending for me.


Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
22/02/2017 23:23:21

Marked the fuzz out for the formers, 2mm trebler for wing seat and 1/4 sq for the top, not a lot of fun cutting ply formers out is it crook


a24 001.jpg

Thread: Help, two speed teapot.
21/02/2017 22:45:44

I often sit mulling the liquid flow dynamics whilst enjoy a nice cuppa gerbil tea. teaface 1


Thread: Chips with everything
20/02/2017 21:28:35

Nowt wrong with that Nev, it's a pretty well made cowl, nice n stiff

20/02/2017 21:10:38

That looks great Nev, you're a proper modeller wink


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