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Thread: precedent hi boy
24/01/2017 23:11:38

Hi Boy/Ripmax trainers were good models, bit heavier than todays models yes, but they flew well n took a bit of punishment. yes

Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
24/01/2017 20:03:51

Glue the 1/4 l/e to lower sheeting and rear spar to its lower sheeting, easier to handle it all this way for me, pva on all joints...wait to dry then build wing.

Johna4 002.jpg

a4 003.jpg

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
24/01/2017 18:39:02

Love it


Thread: Horus compatibility question
24/01/2017 17:52:38

Rubbishing the Taranis now are we surprise you'll be saying next "we got wot we paid for"face 1


Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
24/01/2017 16:11:44

Aye i was curious why you wanted to know , thought i was being inspected by the weight police wink


24/01/2017 13:35:06

One half of top wing, lower wing is shorter and spars have been left a bit over length till built up.


says 42  by the way wink

a3 001.jpg

Edited By john stones 1 on 24/01/2017 13:36:14

Thread: Petition EASA Regulations.
24/01/2017 12:53:45

Yep looks more promising Matty

Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
24/01/2017 12:41:26

Man with rag arms ? not much use.

Made a start, i'm busy this afternoon so more later on.


a2 001.jpg

Thread: Failsafes, January article
24/01/2017 11:36:02

Already is C8, why would an Examiner be taking a test for someone who stuffed his gear in a model ?


Thread: AeroWorks Yak 55m 50cc QB
24/01/2017 10:52:35

Can you put one forward of c.g (up front) and one rearward so they cancel each other out ?


Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
23/01/2017 23:23:44

Pretty much agree with Martin, looked to me the top table would not only look at it, but sort it out, difficult to move from BMFA as things stand, but if the wills there it can be done.


Thread: poor running sc 46
23/01/2017 22:19:44

Cushty face 1

23/01/2017 22:17:25

O rings ? Trigger wink

Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
23/01/2017 21:49:42

No Lucas, i am performing like a man with rag arms at present.


Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
23/01/2017 20:58:03
Posted by LMA Dave on 22/01/2017 22:58:18:
Posted by PatMc on 22/01/2017 21:12:17:

Is LMA membership without their insurance available ?

If you are a BMFA member then no as that offer is not available to LMA members from the BMFA it is as simple as that. As it has been stated time and time again you have to be a BMFA member to be in a BMFA affiliated club, and as some one has stated there are around 800 clubs affiliated to the BMFA. If you are not in one of the 800 clubs and don't fly at any BMFA clubs, then its up to you who you get insure with.

PS... On the large model theme, which as also been thrown up. I will state again, you don't have to have or be interested in an over 20kg model to be a member of the LMA, we don't fly these models every time we go flying. Most of us if not all of us fly so called club size models (whatever size that is) normally. I manly fly small electrics.

I would like to know, how can you "look manly" flying small lecky models face 1


Thread: What are you torqueing about?!
23/01/2017 19:15:18

Leave it be now lads, our lass say's i've been Torquing in my sleep mooncrook


Thread: Confessions of a Bodger
23/01/2017 19:05:43
Posted by Mike Etheridge 1 on 23/01/2017 17:39:35:

I was on holiday some years ago in Cumbria when my Triumph Spitfire MK 1 started to make a dreadful whining noise. The noise came from the dynamo roller / ball bearing as the outer case was rotating in the dynamo housing. Fortunately in those days I always kept a set of tools in the car boot so I was able to dismantle the dynamo. So the bodge I arranged was to use some Gillette razor blades as shims to prevent the unwanted rotation. The dynamo was easily checked by linking both terminals with cable to one battery terminal and the other terminal to the dynamo body. the dynamo then ran as a shunt motor. To ensure that the dynamo charged up the battery it was sometimes necessary to reverse the dynamo field direction by flashing the battery across the dynamo terminals with the dynamo disconnected.

The car with a 4 pound Sea Trout on the bonnet!

spitfire mk1-with sea trout (.jpg

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 23/01/2017 17:49:45

Don't look like a 4lb er to me 3 1/2 at most face 1

Thread: Indoor Scale R/C entry Piper Super Cub PA-18
23/01/2017 17:48:45

Love it yes

Bit of an hooligan on sticks there, she go's a bit yes


Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
23/01/2017 16:45:28

Must be annoying Andy

One of our members had a claim and he didn't follow proper procedure, however he spoke to the BMFA and help was given, and the claim was paid out promptly.


Thread: Hammerhead 620 kit build
22/01/2017 23:00:38

Yep i agree with Tony, looks to be going together well. yes


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