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Thread: Checklists
28/06/2017 18:58:56

I don't have checklists, i perform far more difficult tasks than flying models on a daily basis, and i managed to bring 4 kids up. Mistakes can/will happen, learn from them is the key.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
12/06/2017 22:42:47

My teams good, same for others i guess, predicting is hard though.

12/06/2017 20:59:58
Posted by iqon on 12/06/2017 20:10:22:

Manager sacked again , also only getting 1 prediction. How am I hanging on to 2nd surprise

Because predicting got much harder, so most score low as the norm, last year i had a few 50 scores this year it's 20 mostly. Racing's better though wink

Thread: What a Joke!!
05/06/2017 14:43:10

Bit cliquey ?

I've no connection with Greenacres, just a club flyer, good bunch of people n all types of models n abilities flown there. One or two slots flown when i went but well worth sitting back n watching. Friendly n well run. yes


Thread: Unwelcome Visitors
03/06/2017 22:20:12

That's a lot for a B certificate, i only charge a tenner. face 1

Pretty much the norm to relocate them, i've reported loads doing gardens, wasps you relocate yourself kulou

Thread: What a Joke!!
03/06/2017 14:55:14

Sick of seeing jets as well, i'm jet lagged.

Thread: Don Valley Open Weekend 20-21st May 2017 ..DN6 7DB
22/05/2017 17:21:37
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 22/05/2017 09:40:12:

I would like to thank all the members of the Don Valley NFC for a wonderful (if a bit breezy)l day yesterday..

They nade me most welcome with a very nice site that had been very well prepared and as a result i managed to fly all my six planes - twice. smile

And the bacon and egg bap was also most enjoyable!

Many thanks again.


Glad you enjoyed yourself Simon and got a good few flights in, thanks for coming yes


18/05/2017 19:28:17

Weather's looking o.k now, but no problem Paul, i just pm'd you the gate code face 1

Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
18/05/2017 19:11:19

Yep done lots of flying of all sorts of models, only fly for fun though, no one would pay to watch me, but i'd take it if they did. face 1


18/05/2017 08:55:56

Been busy so i missed the unveiling Chris.

Absolutely beautiful, it would be a pleasure to fly that creation yes

You must feel very proud of him Iris smiley


Thread: Don Valley Open Weekend 20-21st May 2017 ..DN6 7DB
15/05/2017 22:57:00

Looks like you'll have the weather for it Chris, enjoy yourself hot

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
14/05/2017 21:17:59

Yorik ..I knew him well wink

Ah c'mon someone had to face 1

Thread: Don Valley Open Weekend 20-21st May 2017 ..DN6 7DB
14/05/2017 21:15:13

Yep that's fine Paul, you'll have a spot near flight line and Chris, field will be open Friday after 2pm.

I'll pm you my mobile number.


14/05/2017 17:28:48
Posted by Stephen Jones on 14/05/2017 16:57:12:

Hi john,

Hopefully i can make it again thumbs up


Austin's booked in, see you there hot

Thread: Some of us are numbered ?
14/05/2017 16:43:30
Posted by iqon on 14/05/2017 16:34:35:

Special needs

Oooi Igor less of the sarcasm, go dry your drone out crying

14/05/2017 16:24:12

It's coz i'm special face 1

John Stones 1

Thread: Don Valley Open Weekend 20-21st May 2017 ..DN6 7DB
14/05/2017 13:00:02


Thread: BMFA Buckminster opens Monday 8th May.
11/05/2017 16:34:42

N.F.C. election has been and gone, in due course numbers will be published and then judgements can and will be made no doubt. Personally I have no problems with people who question things, not much to form an opinion yet though is there ?


Thread: 65% pitts challenger has flown
08/05/2017 17:58:32

Cheers Matty yes

Can't see much to get worked up about myself, some mild aero's n a roll after take off. Love the colour scheme Robbie rainbow


08/05/2017 17:27:01

Not seen the video, he's rubbish at links face 1

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