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Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
17/01/2018 12:56:48

A couple of points you might consider, like an informal practice prior to the actual flight demonstration. No need for an aircraft, you can "walk" the demo on the ground with your fellow pilots. It's like the aerobatic guys using little hand held stick airplanes "flying" through the maneuvers before the actual flight. By forming up in two's, one on the left and one on the right sides of the "runway" then alternate your takeoff roll, get into position for the circuits, you will get the group in the air much faster. Decide on the number of circuits you plan to do, how much separation between aircraft and what calls to make for maneuver changes like takeoff, landing, where to make your turns and what to do in an emergency. Start with a plan and follow through with it. Agree that if the weather conditions are not suitable, then all stand down and go to "Plan B". It's also very important that each pilot have a spotter and have a plane in front of the crowd at all times.

And, nothing makes a team more cohesive like wearing the same shirt with a nice slogan like "SV-4B Stampe Demonstration Team" or something like that. A nice logo could be a Belgian roundel with a Stampe silhouette over it.

Just some ideas, I wish I could be there to enjoy the fun.

12/12/2017 23:42:08

Thanks cymaz! yes

Thread: Who has what engine in their Precedent Stampes
04/12/2017 20:23:53

I'm thinking of either a OS .90 Surpass, OS 1.20 4S or Saito 1.50 Golden Knight. Covering's gonna need a little work first. img_4805.jpgimg_4785.jpg

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
02/11/2017 16:36:02

I was in the Southwest for three months, unfortunately it was December through February. I made a trip up to Lincolnshire about 3 1/2 hour drive and to Duxford, about a 2 1/2 hour drive. Was amazed with all those open fields!

03/02/2017 12:36:18

I think you will have serious torque issues! wink

01/02/2017 17:30:08

r.e. covering...

T'were it me, I'd patch it up first, then if it flew well go ahead and do her up nice when winter rolls back around.

Just a few thoughts...




Unfortunately, the Monokote covering is so brittle my 2 year old grand daughter could push her pinky through it. I was considering Koverall and dope (I'm an old silk and dope guy from way back) or a fresh coat of Monokote ($$$$$$$ or £££££££ depending on your perspective).  Either way, it ain't cheap.



Edited By Michael Denest on 01/02/2017 17:34:16

31/01/2017 17:37:18


The Saito 120 looks to give very good performance on your Stampe. I have an OS 120 that might work but I intended to install that in the Moth. I'm still up in the air on that one; the covering looks adequate but I haven't decided whether to strip it, install some nice scale details and recover it or just leave it alone and get it airworthy. It's never been flown, snared it through Ebay a few years ago.

My Bill Northrop designed "Big John" does well with an OS .90 4S. It's a porker but at full power, I get a nice climb angle and set the throttle back to 3/4 cruise. With a 12 ounce tank, it can stay up there all day and aerobatics are typical of a 1930's biplane.

At least with the 150, I can swing a close to scale prop size.


28/01/2017 03:58:10

I was fortunate to acquire this well abused Precedent Stampe from and estate, the best part it was free. The Monokote is brittle and will be replaced either with fresh Monokote or go with the Coverall and dope route. The airplane was originally flown with a .60 and will be replaced with either a .90 or 1.08 two stroke. It needs some repair work like the upper wing tip, a cracked stabilizer leading edge and a cowling replacement (I have a glass replacement).


I'm considering reworking the nose to fit my Saito 1.50GK.


Back up just in case.


Up against the wall is My Duncan Hutson DH 82A, a couple of Ryan PT-20/STA's, a Fliteglas P-51 and a slew of kits to keep me out of trouble. face 6


Edited By Michael Denest on 28/01/2017 04:01:34

Thread: Stampe refurbishment and restoration - Rothmans colours
21/01/2017 22:56:44

Great cymaz, thanks for the link. I'll spend the evening reviewing the thread. I spent a little time on it tonight, removing the servos and some other bits. As of now, It's in the back of the hanger while some other projects have priority. Have to get one finished in order to move the next one up.

21/01/2017 21:10:00

The servos were still in it,


Edited By Michael Denest on 21/01/2017 21:11:00

21/01/2017 21:01:52


Here's my new acquisition to the hanger, a well beat up Precedent Stampe that is definitely in need of some TLC. The Monokote covering is so brittle that my 2 year old granddaughter could put her pinkie through it, the horizontal stabilizer is damaged (you can move the stab halves up and down), one tip of the upper wing is missing and the engine cowl is a mess. Since it was free, I'm not complaining!

Things to do are to strip the covering, make the stab repairs, replace the wing tip (fortunately I have a kit on hand) and bin the engine cowling as I have a nice fiberglass replacement. I thought of replacing the wire gear struts with a more scale arrangement and add more scale touches such as a forward cockpit and other tidbits. It currently looks like a Rothman's scheme except for the different colors so I'll go with something representative of an existing full size. I also thought of putting a fake registration following my wife's favorite smarty pants comment (G-BTME). However, that's not written in stone. For power, I'm considering an electric conversion and using one of APC's left hand rotation props. For an airplane of this size, I'm surprised that it is a considerably light weight airframe. Enjoy the photos.


Edited By Michael Denest on 21/01/2017 21:12:12

Thread: Ebay sellers...
11/01/2017 17:14:59

While you're waiting for the glue to dry, enjoy some reading from these RC Groups threads.  Some of the comments are worth the reading.

**Strange Ebay Ads**


**Strange Craigs List Ads**

Edited By Michael Denest on 11/01/2017 17:15:53

Edited By Michael Denest on 11/01/2017 17:16:44

Thread: DH87B Hornet Moth
10/01/2017 16:11:57
Posted by Martyn K on 10/01/2017 11:36:21:

Thanks Richie

Thats great. Glad you are enjoying it.

Manish. I am pretty sure that Gordon said the design was unpublished.. Here are a couple of jpgs of the wing and fus. The plans are very detailed - even down to artwork. Gordon is a real master at his art.

<Picture Snip>

It is indeed 70" span ( or thereabouts)

Don't worry about cluttering up me thread BTW, I enjoy blogs that meander



That is indeed, the Gordon Whitehead 70" Tiger Moth that was published in RCM. As it is now, all that is documented is a substandard scan of the plans from the magazine. Here is the link to the RCGroups message.**LINK**

As of now, most all of the plans published in RCM have been documented and have been posted to Outerzone. This would be an invaluable addition to the collection.



Thread: Vintage Gear
01/12/2016 17:01:10

Someone may be interested in this collection.


Thread: Fairchild Pt-19
19/10/2016 13:17:16

The Sterling kit appeared sometime around 1957 - 1958 (oz4985) so what you see on the plans was the latest in RC gear available at the time. As it was designed for rudder only, (note the unthrottled .15) thus the reason for the oversize stabilizer and large dihedral angle. The Ray Clapper PT-19 (oz2948) is an adaptation to full house control with flaps and a OS .19. I was fortunate in that I saw this model fly at a local contest, competing in multi pattern against the likes of Bonetti's P-39, Taurus, Kwik- fli's etc. The pilot (and designer) did a fairly decent job of flying the pattern plus he entered the airplane in scale at the same contest. The Clapper design flew with very large Orbit/Micro Avionics PS-2 servos with both rotary and linear output. Modern electronics make this a non factor in the weight department.

The biggest problem with the design is engine cooling which is a non factor for electric power. You will have to set the motor farther back to put the prop in its proper location. Battery installation and removal can be done through the front cockpit.

Personally, I would not be too concerned about the UC as the full size aircraft has a very large casting into which the struts are inserted. This UC assembly is bolted through the front spar. Even though it's a very beefy installation, you would have to really screw up bad enough to punch the gear through the wing (its been done).

If you want to see one close up, there is a full size restoration being done at Wickenby (ex RAF Lancaster station), near Lincoln.

Good luck with your build and a nice thread.

Thread: Stampe refurbishment and restoration - Rothmans colours
18/10/2016 12:38:45

There's two kits on Ebay.

Edited By Michael Denest on 18/10/2016 12:40:26

Thread: Peterf's 1/4 scale Falcon Models Tiger Moth
27/04/2016 01:37:46

Nice job Peter. I can attest to getting (full size) TM ailerons rigged to the correct throws. I made a triangular aluminum template with a notch on one edge to engage the pushrod connection at the bellcrank. The trick is to have the chain and sprocket in the correct "timing" position when rigging the airplane. Even with all that aileron travel, it's slow to react.

04/04/2016 15:37:36

Wonder why the kit is not prototypical of the full size using all spruce struts? I'd call it thinking out loud but I have a keyboard to do that for me. wink

Thread: Poor Ron
03/04/2016 14:23:48

That's a nice flying site, where is it?

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
03/04/2016 14:11:29

Sadly it was closed during my visit sad but since I'm returning for a very short stay, I may get redemption.wink

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