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Thread: Recommend a M/R for some OLD lads to have a dabble
27/02/2017 20:22:16

My progress so far of my cheap n cheerful quad , come to a stop, need a few ext cables.smiley


27/02/2017 20:15:35

may not be related - but watch this vid from 6 mins in, this is the one I was thinking about...

27/02/2017 19:37:32

I watched a vid the other day on youtube, he unticked a box on cleanflight and re booted. box was ticked again when it came back on and all worked fine. can I remember what box i find it i`ll let you may be similar with what you are using .

25/02/2017 20:24:37

What he said

25/02/2017 20:24:07

MR = multi rotor....


25/02/2017 13:57:38
Posted by iqon on 15/01/2017 16:53:03:

Interesting build BEB, but I wont be doing that, my grey cells that I have left wont allow the Soldering and connecting to computer. I just hope whatever I end up with works straight out of boxembarrassed

Guess I was wrong - I have already been soldering and connecting to computer blush.......Last part ( frame ) just arrived. Let the fun begin...

Thread: Hobbyking postal charges
23/02/2017 20:24:49
Posted by stevan Lewis 1 on 23/02/2017 20:23:03:

Unfortunately its not possible to buy from the AUS warehouse.


Why not - Fly boy3 might live in Australia

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
23/02/2017 12:09:29

Not just the Mercs..

Thread: Maxford USA Mentor G V3
23/02/2017 10:25:52

G26 up front no added weight required with that engine, tail end as instructions, undercarriage looks to be strong - cant help much, didnt last long, went into failsafe ? after doing a stall turn.

Thread: Recommend a M/R for some OLD lads to have a dabble
21/02/2017 19:40:59

The others are just a signal wire .....I thought the one you have in channel 3 went in channel 1..... but thats just a guess....As I havent built mine yet dont believe a word I say......



Have you watched these ???

Edited By iqon on 21/02/2017 19:56:02

20/02/2017 21:07:54

does it matter what channel you are using on rx ??

Thread: Thunder Tiger 35% Extra 260 Build Blog
17/02/2017 16:17:43

Why no air out hole........

17/02/2017 10:03:04

What !!! no grommet around the fuel pipe.....

Thread: Attaching lead for balance
14/02/2017 14:31:48

epoxy lead in place and use the bolt you are using

Thread: Hitec Flash 8 & Optima receiver
13/02/2017 09:42:15

Also please note - there are 2 types of settings on the receiver. scan mode and normal mode normal seems to bind instantly, scan can take a few seconds. but not hours

Thread: Greenacres 2016 Fly-ins
12/02/2017 23:58:08

13 - 14th may cheeky

1-2nd July

12 - 13th August wink

Edited By iqon on 13/02/2017 00:00:50

Thread: Radjet
11/02/2017 17:09:04

Ive got plenty with undercarriages, but this time of year I want to travel light. Thanks. wink 2

11/02/2017 13:59:43
Posted by Chris Barlow on 11/02/2017 13:27:06:

Have you tried a wing tip DLG type launch?

I tried holding various ways at weekend and didnt feel comfortable enough to throw it, best way was to give somebody else....Gary threw it perfeclty, but while i was flying mine the next chap`s didnt go to plan.....It may have just been that it was a new one and hand holds slippy ?...surprise

When I get chance I am hoping to take to field with long grass and try throwing knowing it may survive my attempts, It may turn out that the sandpaper I glued on will work fine for me..smiley

11/02/2017 09:48:43

Been looking at launcher for a few months, cant make that one as cheap, been looking into how to make hooks. smiley

get a dolly and I wont have to.........

Thread: Help, Need a Manual, SC52 2 Stroke Rear Needle
10/02/2017 15:27:54

sounds like it needs cleaning - fit a piece of pipe wherever you can and blow through them and maybe just turn top needle out a bit more till it gets running right. if you dont here anything about manual by this evening i will have a look for mine. it wont be any different to any other make of 2 stroke...wink

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