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Thread: What difference does the c rating make on a Lipo battery?
19/04/2017 22:19:21

EDF`s require a high c rating, your batteries will fly it, but if you want the most out of it get bigger c rating, try it and see....

Thread: Irresponsible ' drone' retailers
19/04/2017 12:25:21

Back on track - it`s not the retailers problem. Buyer beware !!!

Thread: Recommend a M/R for some OLD lads to have a dabble
18/04/2017 20:56:16

Good day Yesterday at field , you are never too old.....wink


Thread: Phoenix, models
18/04/2017 20:47:43

Not UK but - HEPF sell Phoenix models - No I havent used them "yet" so cannot say how long it would take for delivery etc. May be worth a try

Thread: Irresponsible ' drone' retailers
17/04/2017 00:03:11

I don't think it is the retailers responsibility. Why single out model aircraft.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
16/04/2017 21:28:18

Only 2 Predictions right, but thats 2 more than - "John".....Ive also already done mine for Russia. Can always change them...embarrassed

Thread: Summer's almost here: Preparing your models....
16/04/2017 06:44:40

All mine are flyablewink. But if you would have asked me last week......

Thread: Aluminium spinners
15/04/2017 15:57:57

Why small .......4" Grinder...

Thread: Best place to buy Wood
11/04/2017 17:46:54

slec wink

Thread: Looking for advice choosing an ESC please?
11/04/2017 12:49:57

Go for a hobbyking plush, you cant beat them......wink.if you need special connectors get them at same time

Thread: Ripmax Chris Foss trainer help please
10/04/2017 17:16:06

Andy, its a long time since i had one, cant remember anything about engine except it floats forever when landing. but engine fitting should be same as any other. Try this place a spirit level on vertical stab at tail and lift tail up until its level, then look at front of plane - point the prop towards the ground and you should be able to see if it has any down thrust. " yes there should be some....

Thread: steerable tail wheel
09/04/2017 21:38:17

I used a Y lead

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
09/04/2017 21:08:09

I did mine, then got most of them wrong

Thread: need help
05/04/2017 17:29:38

If it helps a dle 20cc fits

Thread: Caption competition!
31/03/2017 18:36:21

Nice catch but could I have my plane back now please

31/03/2017 18:35:22

All I can see is - some guy falling over backwards and to stop himself falling manages to grab hold of another guys plane that was doing a low inverted pass..

Thread: seagull glasair
31/03/2017 09:14:48

Standard size servo, nothing special.....Unless you are doing something special or a p

Thread: Caption competition!
30/03/2017 14:22:52

" Should have gone to Specsavers "

29/03/2017 01:14:44

He used to throw Javelins you know

28/03/2017 21:12:17

I told him the FPV camera was the wrong way up , but he insisted !!!

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