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Thread: Wingstabi gyro / optic 7 receiver
16/01/2017 23:13:20

Tony - were you using the - Supplementary power connection .

Thread: Reccomend a M/R for some OLD lads to have a dabble
15/01/2017 16:53:03

Interesting build BEB, but I wont be doing that, my grey cells that I have left wont allow the Soldering and connecting to computer. I just hope whatever I end up with works straight out of boxembarrassed

14/01/2017 17:22:00

Window shopping with a difference - you know as soon as you start looking you are going to buy.....just like cars.wink 2

Edited By iqon on 14/01/2017 17:22:24

Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
11/01/2017 01:20:27
Posted by john stones 1 on 10/01/2017 23:10:24:

Question, lets say all my club bought our own BMFA online, meaning we didn't meet the minimum requirement to be an affiliate, what would we lose as a club.

Or if you prefer, what extra benefits do we get for being an affiliate ?


You may not exist in the eyes of the BMFA - you would lose any help from northern area, you may fall foul of the new "easa" regulations. I`m only guessing .....

Thread: BMFA Country Members
10/01/2017 17:40:08

I`m not knocking the BMFA, I am not a country member, my club was represented I think they do a wonderful job. Just wish they treated all members as equals

10/01/2017 16:26:09

What percent live to far away to vote !!! that should also be addressed......If anybody is up for the challenge...

one man one postal vote..wink

Thread: A Home Insurance Question
09/01/2017 12:41:02

9k sounds more reasonable

09/01/2017 01:23:36

I think at 19k it must be more to do with where you live than the size......

Thread: BMFA Country Members
08/01/2017 21:41:39

1 man 1 vote many wont use it but it`s their choice at least it should be.Time for change

Thread: 90mm EDF advice
07/01/2017 16:20:27

try robotbirdswink

Thread: New entry level Taranis Q X7 TX
06/01/2017 19:27:37

It would suit fpv users as they wont have to look at p

06/01/2017 18:22:48

I dont mind them bringing out another transmitter but why use open source again, you may as well buy the original, by the time you add battery, case and rx there is not that much difference in price. I dont like the cheap look of it, I may be in the market for another transmitter but I wont be buying this one.

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
06/01/2017 18:14:51

Plus points - they now have got their act together and delivery is quick.

negative - Its different and frustrating at times

still worth the effort of taking longer to find the items you want

Yes it can be improved. But I would not hesitate to purchase from them

Thread: Ebay sellers...
03/01/2017 19:17:35

What about this one - fair conditionno

Thread: Mode 1 or Mode 2
02/01/2017 17:12:12

Whats it matter what mode you fly.....none.......does not make the slightest bit of long as you are flying your own plane

Thread: Amazon flying warehouses
01/01/2017 17:07:33

I think their prices will go and down......embarrassed

01/01/2017 17:06:06

End - it`s only just begun

Thread: JR closing down?
01/01/2017 12:23:21

I think JR are busy making drones for Amazon and the post officewink

Thread: Channel problems
30/12/2016 20:09:28

If you do intend o "try" and fly it, what receiver is fitted then we can give you more information

Thread: Wanted - Multiplex FunJet
29/12/2016 12:26:28
Posted by ken anderson. on 29/12/2016 09:39:59:

hello Steve .....the radjet from hobbyking is a loose copy of the funjet...and is a load of fun for not a lot of dosh....

ken Anderson radjet dept.

Edited By ken anderson. on 29/12/2016 09:42:33

+1 with the radjet, i`m having loads of fun

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