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Thread: AeroWorks Yak 55m 50cc QB
22/01/2017 21:02:10

Looking good Rich.

Is that a HobbyKing spinner by any chance?

Thread: Thunder Tiger 35% Extra 260 Build Blog
22/01/2017 20:57:30

Blue tubing moved to the other side for a trial fit.


All lined up ready for silver soldering.


Blue tubing cut in half for a trial fit of both sides together. It's noticeable that one side is different to the other - presumably due to the stagger of the cylinders


Rear end.


Now to remove it all so I can install the throttle servo and choke.

One thing I like about this engine is the choke mechanism. There's a lever on each end which are staggered by 90 degrees (see the red arrows in the photo). This gives the option of operating the choke using a servo rod / manual rod from either:

  1. Top / bottom using the left hand lever.
  2. Front / rear using the right hand lever.


22/01/2017 19:39:22
Posted by john stones 1 on 22/01/2017 19:21:23:

Nice work Gary, satisfying eh smiley


Yep - well worth the effort. I'm on a roll now. Off to do the other side.

22/01/2017 19:08:51

I was a bit scared of silver soldering but having done it now, I would say that if you can solder, you can silver solder.

Thread: What are you torqueing about?!
22/01/2017 18:53:54

Isn't work done measured in Joules?

Thread: Thunder Tiger 35% Extra 260 Build Blog
22/01/2017 18:42:29

Double knuckle header held in position and adjusted to give the best alignment.


I kept the header at full length at this stage to help align it with the centre of the front and rear brackets .....


.... but I did mark the length to cut the header to, leaving a 5mm gap.


After carefully removing the header to prevent it moving The two knuckle joints were silver soldered. The knuckle joints are a fairly tight fit, and showed no sign of wanting to move. Silver soldering was a lot easier than I expected. Propane gas torch had no difficulty at all heating the pipework up.

Silencer and header installed to make sure that nothing had moved.


Trial fit looks good to me smiley


22/01/2017 18:25:13

Rear silencer brackets fitted ......


... and the front one. This photo explains the weird shape of the bracket - to let as much engine / silencer cooling air through as possible


Trial fit of a silencer viewed from the front .....


.... and the rear.


22/01/2017 18:20:01

Front silencer bracket made. Looks like fibre glass in the photo, but it's Aluminium.


I've only got enough tubing to do one side and even then the lengths are a bit short and not straight. I'll redo all of these when postman delivers the tube I've ordered.


Air outlet opened up at the rear of the tunnel.


While I've got the iron out, I'll make a lip for the front of the tunnel outlet to create a low pressure area. My thinking here is to try to suck air out from the rear to help the air being pushed in at the front.


Job done.


22/01/2017 18:11:08
Posted by john stones 1 on 22/01/2017 14:07:42:

Right i follow now, annoying aint it coming up against the trim switch one sad


Annoying and expensive.

Thread: What are you torqueing about?!
22/01/2017 12:34:49

Interestingly, the Servo Database is in oz-in / kg-cm.

If you need to compare different brands, they all need to be in the same units, even if they are "mass-length", rather than force(N)*distance(m).

Thread: Thunder Tiger 35% Extra 260 Build Blog
22/01/2017 11:25:33
Posted by john stones 1 on 21/01/2017 23:12:40:

Yes, you sure you can't slave aux channels ?

You can only Master / Slave the 4 main ones. What you CAN do is set any of them up as a programmable mix. I've actually had 4 channels moving from the Aileron stick. The problem is that only the proper Aileron channels respond to the aileron trim - the mix generated ones don't. This means that you could set the servo matching up, but as soon as you touch the trim, they would be unmatched again.


Posted by Rich2 on 22/01/2017 08:01:10:

What about the JR matchbox? That's what I was thinking of using.

Nothing wrong with them. They do the same job but the PowerBox MicroMatches are a lot cheaper - probably because they have replaced the adjustment buttons / dial by a separate USB or Bluetouth dongle and PC or phone App.

Edit - I've ordered them. I'll report back if / how well they work.



Edited By Gary Manuel on 22/01/2017 11:26:57

21/01/2017 22:03:46

I think that THESE might solve my servo matching problems. I'd also need one of THESE for programming the MicroMatches.

Bear in mind that I already have a JR RD922 Powersafe receiver, which provides redundancy in the power supplies and 3 separate satellite receivers. My only problem is that I have no means of providing the servo matching for the duel servo ailerons and rudder.

My thinking is to have one MicroMatch mounted in each wing, reducing the number of field connections I need to make. I might get away without using one for rudder servo matching because my transmitter CAN do that.

Any thoughts?

21/01/2017 19:13:53

The hardest part was the CAD drawing to make the paper template which I stuck to the Aluminium.

silencer holder.jpg

The cutting was all done on a fret saw - fairly easy really. Had to drill a hole in the centre and pass the saw blade through the hole to start with.

I've made 2 with a 90 degree bend, which will be the rear end supports - screwed to the top face of the tunnel. The other two mounts will be side by side on a single flat plate. This will be fastened across the tunnel mouth from the front. I've made the paper template and will cut it out tomorrow. Cant finish it because I have run out of tubing.

silencer holder double.jpg



I'm hoping the AUW will be under 14Kg.

Edited By Gary Manuel on 21/01/2017 19:15:22

21/01/2017 17:14:41

I'm still thinking / researching the best way to sort the servo problem. In the mean-time, I've turned my attention to the silencer mounts.

There are a few clamps / brackets around that will do the job of clamping / vibration damping / allowing cooling air to pass.

This is the Krumscheid system.

It looks good, but it looks as though they are made to fit a specific Krumscheid silencer with little adjustment. Mine are MTW, which might be slightly different diameter.

11-01-2017 20-24-02.jpg

This is the MTW system. Cheap and cheerful. I think it's made of wood.

This is the Secraft system. I like this, but I don't like the price, bearing in mind that I need four of them.

I've decided to make my own. Mainly for the challenge, but it will also save me a bit of money, that I can put towards a Powerbox maybe.

I already have some of THIS, but I've ordered another length to make sure I've got enough.

Here's the first one, which I'm happy with. Three more to make.




21/01/2017 14:40:40



I later added a few stickers



21/01/2017 11:25:22

I've had a quick look at my Tranny (JR DSX9 Mk2).

Unfortunately, it doesn't do what I thought it did. I thought you could set ANY channel as Master and any other as Slave. Not the case - it's only AIL, RUD, EVE and FLAPs that can be duplicated. Looks like I'll be saving up for a Powerbox sad.

Wouldn't have had this trouble with a Taranis.

21/01/2017 10:36:50

Powerbox or Matchbox are certainly an option for servo matching. I may finish up going down this route, but I'm hoping that my Tranny and mechanical adjustment give me all the control I need. Fingers crossed.

20/01/2017 23:15:05
Posted by cymaz on 20/01/2017 22:44:11:

Rudder servo? How about one of these?

That's where the cunning plan comes in.

I looked at them (several times). They are designed for multi servo per control surface to prevent servos failing and also give some control in the event of one of the servos failing. This is effectively a simple escapement mechanism.

I would find it difficult to justify the cost of one of these, when I could make something like this which will do the same thing. This was my original plan before considering moving them to the rear.


Then I started to think to myself - "why would a rudder servo fail without this escapement". The answer is - if they are not set up correctly, a pair of servos operating the same control surface directly could be fighting against each other and one of them could stall and possibly burn out. It would then be a matter of time before the other one burnt out also. The key phrase here is "if they are not set up correctly".

I am planning on mounting one servo on each side of the fuselage, DIRECTLY operating a threaded rod control horn on the rudder (similar to pull-pull) via short push rods with ball joints at each end. Each servo will have a dedicated receiver output and I will go to great lengths to make sure the geometry and transmitter are set up so that the servos are working together rather than against each other.

I'll explain in detail as I'm doing it and hopefully it will work. If it doesn't work for any reason, I'll have to look at some form of escapement.

I'll have a similar issue on the Ailerons, which have two servos per control surface.

20/01/2017 22:44:24
Posted by john stones 1 on 20/01/2017 22:33:41:

It involve Turnips crook

No - potatoes. I did it by eye.

20/01/2017 22:40:59
Posted by Rich2 on 20/01/2017 22:14:44:

Excellent Gary, subbed. I am particularly interested as I have a similar sized future project with the same motor yes

It does make you wonder why we don't use better material for fuel tubing!


I'm not sure what material has been used. Some of it seems to be quite tough still. Other bits can easily be cut with just finger nails! It will all get renewed regardless.

The bung is black. I assume that it's petrol proof but I'll not risk it. I'll put a red DuBro one in to be sure. I'll also put a felt clunk in if it doesn't already have one.

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