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Thread: Royal Wedding No Fly Zone
18/05/2018 21:04:54



"In relation to paragraphs 2 and 3, the term ‘aircraft’ includes aircraft as classified by Part 1 of Schedule 4 to the Air Navigation Order 2016. It also includes, by virtue of Article 23 of that Order, any small balloon, any kite weighing not more than two kilograms, any small unmanned aircraft and any parachute including a parascending parachute."

Drone Assist show the area.


Thread: Proposed new drone legislation/registration
15/05/2018 18:06:49

Another EU consultation -


This appears to be part of the decision making process between EASA Opinion 2018-01 and the commission producing rules.


Thread: Silencer recommendations
13/05/2018 08:25:41
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 12/05/2018 22:57:45:

I've fitted a Pitts muffler with internal baffles, but it still fails the club noise test, it's 90 DBA at 7 meters and needs to be 82 DBA.

I would expect a decent Pitts to be a bit quieter than that, but I wouldn't expect a Pitts to get you to 82db.

Suppliers -

At the cheaper end, there are the Chinese ZGR's.

I would fit a bit more prop than an 18x8. I have Mejzlik 18x10 and 16x11 (3 blade) on my 30cc petrols.



Thread: NEW POLL! The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
12/04/2018 18:42:29
Posted by Danny Fenton on 12/04/2018 17:53:42:

That looks like changing if rumours are correct. Jeti are looking at a cheaper to manufacture entry level model, possibly called DS12.

A sensibly priced Jeti with 8+ channels would be very tempting...


12/04/2018 18:37:16

The last 100 votes has seen Spektrum (now on 33%) dropping back a little and Futaba (23%) pulling away from FrSky (20%). Hitec remain in 4th on 7%.

Compared to the regular flyers at my main club, I would say that the Spektrum and Futaba number are low and the FrSky and Multiplex numbers are high (we only have one member with a FrSky transmitter and nobody who uses Multiplex).


Thread: France to implement onerous new drone laws
12/04/2018 12:11:13
Posted by Steve J on 20/12/2016 20:58:20:

The FFAM site says that the electronic identification unit will be <10g & <10€.

DroneDJ are reporting that the French have decided on identification of UAVs over 800g flying away from registered sites. Such UAVs will have to -

1) Broadcast ID and location on WiFi every 3s or 30m change in altitude.

2) Have a visible beacon that transmits U in morse code (..-).


I suspect that such a unit will be a bit more than 10g/10€, but probably not that much more.


Thread: NEW POLL! The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
10/04/2018 17:29:08
Posted by MattyB on 10/04/2018 14:46:34:

In the growth areas of RC (i.e. multirotors) FrSky and OpenTX are the prevalent system globally

[citation needed]

Actually I suspect that you are right, but Spektrum are aggressively targeting the multirotor market so that may change and you don't need much transmitter to fly most multirotors. If I was going to go OpenTx, it would be for my gliders.


10/04/2018 14:43:45

After 207 votes, we have Spektrum in the lead on 35% (-1% relative to 2017), FrSky 2nd on 21% (+6), Futaba 3rd on 20% (-6%), Hitec 4th on 7% (no change), JR & Multiplex equal 5th on 5% (-1% & +1%) and Jeti 7th on 4% (+2%). Graupner are bringing up the rear on 0%.


09/04/2018 18:23:16

Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 09/04/2018 18:19:29:

Assuming about 30,000 RC flyers in the UK, you'd need a sample of around 250 to get a reasonably accurate result, 90% sure of being within 1%.

Only it it was a random sample. The people voting on this poll are a self selecting subset of RC flyers so while the result is interesting, it is not statistically meaningful.


Edited By Steve J on 09/04/2018 18:24:10

Thread: JR Propo declare bankruptcy in Japan
09/04/2018 18:16:07
Posted by FlyinBrian on 09/04/2018 12:40:53:

this is my first JR tx and when they decided to dump DSM2 without the option of an upgrade to their new protocol I decided it would be my last JR purchase.

As I understand it, Horizon Hobbies/Spektrum wouldn't sell them a licence for DSMX outside the US where HH were the JR agent at the time. Flyers in the US with JR DSM2 transmitters were given an upgrade path.


Thread: NEW POLL! The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
09/04/2018 17:15:03

At the 50 vote mark we have Spekkie way out in front on 38% (+2% from 2017), Futaba second on 20% (-6%) with FrSky breathing down their necks on 18% (+3%).


Thread: Your Transmitter History
07/04/2018 16:19:00

Futaba 7CAP, moved on after less than a year

JR PCM9XII, still in use


Spektrum DX9


Thread: Nose First
04/04/2018 17:30:24

Go into the Telemetry menu, remove the sensors that you don't have/want and go in the sensors that you want (double click) and set them up as required.


Thread: Gear channel not available when dual ailerons plus flaps selected
31/03/2018 09:12:13

I have a DX9. When you select the 2-aileron, 1-flap wing type, you lose the Gear channel, so you have to use an Aux channel for the retracts. It isn't a big deal because I don't think that the Gear channel adds anything other than allowing you to have a 'gear down' power up check. You can move the Aux channel that you are using for the retracts onto receiver output 5 and whatever was on 5 somewhere else.

The funny thing is that a 1-aileron, 2-flap wing still has the Gear channel.


Edited By Steve J on 31/03/2018 09:14:38

31/03/2018 08:44:05
Posted by Adrian Hazeldine on 30/03/2018 20:15:22:

There's just something irritating about the fact that there is a slot on the rx marked 'gear' that I can't plug the retracts into...

If it's bugging you, go into Channel Assign and move things around.


28/03/2018 21:10:10
Posted by Adrian Hazeldine on 28/03/2018 18:10:58:

Has anyone else seen this

Yes, when setting up my P47. I didn't spend much time looking for a solution, I just used an AUX for the gear.


Thread: 0n/off switch
28/03/2018 16:53:36
Posted by MattyB on 28/03/2018 15:50:06:

As was drilled into me from the FM days, "The TX must always be on longer than the model" - that means the TX is always switched on first and off last ensuring the RX can alway see a signal whilst the motor and servos are live.

With all my models, it doesn't matter which order I turn the receiver and transmitter on and off. That applies to my models with Spektrum receivers and those with JR 35MHz PCM receivers. If I had an ESC that ran with no signal from the receiver, it would be taking a short trip to the nearest bin (or back to the supplier if it was new).


28/03/2018 11:39:19
Posted by MattyB on 28/03/2018 10:34:49:

I can't think of any reason why the SAFE functionality wouldn't work without though

It looks like you have to power up the AS3X receiver with the model in the attitude that you want it to go to when you put it into safe mode. The Apprentice has the battery hatch on the underside so there needs to be a stage between connecting the battery to the ESC and powering up the receiver which is why there is a switch on the supplied ESC.

I can't see why ericrw is installing another switch unless he has replaced the ESC with one that doesn't have a switch.


Thread: Binding a Spectrum AR10000
15/03/2018 17:51:55
Posted by Geoff Daunt on 15/03/2018 15:06:45:

I have 2 new AR10000 receiver's.

I am sure polarity is correct for pins.

I am pretty sure that the AR10000 was discontinued a few years ago.

Looking at the AR10000, it looks like the outer pins are 0V. If you have a DMV, I suggest measuring the resistance between a couple of the outer pins to make sure.


Thread: Hurricane IIc - Night Reaper
14/03/2018 10:02:42
Posted by Stephen Bowdler on 13/03/2018 20:59:17:

I hadn't realised that the colour scheme of one aircraft could cause so much debate!

IMO it's always worth checking the plastic kit sites if your are doing anything scale.

I like the Medium Sea Gray/Dark Green/Night intruder schemes. Much better in typical UK conditions than MSG or Sky undersides. I will probably spray my ParkZone Mosquito in such a scheme this year.


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