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Thread: DB Tiger Moth 58" span
17/02/2018 13:09:52
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 17/02/2018 11:18:24:

Thanks, Tom. The Mew Gull was test flown in December and I'm waiting until it gets warmer to fly it more.

Tony, on reflection I think you may find a kv of 620 rpm/volt a bit slow. It will need either a big diameter prop or one with too much pitch for what is essentially a slow flying aircraft. Initially I flew my Tiggie on a 13x4 which made take off runs very short (lots of acceleration) but the 12x6 was better in the air and the take off was still quite short. Not very scientific but just how it seemed. I had current telemetry for the early flights to get a feel for the energy consumption; it's now fitted to Mew Gull for the same reason.

Anyway, feel free to ask about battery/motor installation. For a start, get the battery as far forward as possible - ideally under the motor (mine isn't) and plan the power train fitting as early as possible whilst you still have easy access to parts if they need to be modified.


OK Geoff - I've recorded all your comments & advice for reference. Might get back to you sometime in the next year or so, as my build progresses.

rgds Tony

17/02/2018 09:41:22

Geoff, many thanks - I've noted your motor choices, and when my Moth is a bit further on I'll buy one or the other. I don't yet know enough about this business to appreciate the difference between those two versions of the Emax 3526, but for now your advice is appreciated. I'll finish my Moth as late/post WW2 RAF trainer N9498 as flown on its last ever UK flight by my uncle in August 1947, Aston Down to Sealand - where it was crated up and shipped to Burma...

rgds Tony

16/02/2018 21:00:57

Some while ago I bookmarked the very interesting thread about Terry Walters's electric-power DB Moth, from several years ago. I'm building one myself, and I wonder if his motor is still the best bet - or if there are alternatives. His was/is an Emax 4020: on the RC Life site they list an Emax GT4020/07 620KV 60A Brushless Outrunner Motor, which is I assume the same one.

rgds Tony

Thread: Lidl Sander
15/02/2018 09:58:38
Posted by Stuart Z on 15/02/2018 08:54:04:

Interesting, is there space for this? I think it would be a handy idea as I already have 125mm Velcro discs for my orbital sander. Where can you get the right size Velcro to enable an even disc to be cut so as to avoid balance issues on the shaft?


I've come across the Velcro system, but wouldn't it create a degree of squashiness? I'd want the disc to be rock solid, for clean squared-off sanded surfaces. A quick search on Ebay uncovered 125mm self-adhesive discs for sale, 400 grit, £4.89 for ten - that would do for a start though I'd like very fine grit too.

rgds Tony

09/02/2018 15:09:36

I'd been tempted by this item anyway, but the favourable opinions here persuaded me so I bought one Wednesday night - best time to be sure of picking up the Thursday special offers, shortly before they close the night before, with everything out on display already.

Haven't tried it yet, but forgive me if this has already been asked: what's the best source of 115mm sanding discs in various grades, preferably self-adhesive? Those supplied are too coarse for my purposes, and I'd like discs from 400 to 1200 grit.

Also picked up a couple of Lidl's garage/workshop large hooks etc for my new project of making the garage a vastly more comfortable and well-organised workshop (half the price of similar at B&Q or on Amazon); plus a couple of their LED ceiling lights, £36 the two compared with the £50 fluorescent I had planned to get from B&Q.

rgds Tony

05/02/2018 14:14:19
Posted by MaL on 05/02/2018 13:05:57:

Here is something for those of you still living in the UK...LIDL France has the sander on sale for €39.99.. thats about £5 more expensive than the price in the UK....Rip off Britain huhwink

It varies: on the whole prices in Lidl France are not dissimilar from those here, like many of the goods. Lidl's good value (by Brit standards) Baturrico wine from Catalonia is £4.95 here - in the French branch of Lidl I visit most often, it's under 3 Euros, excellent value. It's certainly "rip off" Britain in terms of booze! I buy a litre of J&B whisky there for two-thirds the UK price, and I only ever visited one country where booze was more expensive than here - Finland.

Thread: Paint masking Advice
05/02/2018 10:28:37

1. Good masking tape (I've tried lots) - Tamiya is very good, as already suggested, and I also recommend Frog tape - comes in two different degrees of tackiness. I use the yellow one, low tack, buy it at B&Q.

2. A fairly good soft-edge effect can be had using torn (not cut) newspaper: it's fairly crude, soft stuff (red-top tabloids are best!), cheap, easy to do...

rgds Tony

Thread: Please help newbie
04/02/2018 13:41:13
Posted by Percy Verance on 03/02/2018 22:58:15:

Firstly Tom, I'd urge you not to buy anything at all until you find out where your nearest club is situated. A few visits to such a club would help you through what seems something of a maze at the minute............. Going the club route can save you much time, trouble, money and frustration, as a registered club will have qualified Instructors to teach you at no cost to yourself........And again Tom, visting a club will provide you with a good idea what sort of equipment is the most popular, and why this is...............Advice and help are what you need most of all just now, and most model flyers and clubs will provide this for free!....

In principle you are of course correct, but in practice my own experience has not borne this out. 1. Practically everyone I spoke to when visiting (and joining) different clubs gave me differing advice, sometimes wildly so. 2. Instructors are sometimes available in theory but not in practice. 3. Flyers have hugely varied experience, preferences and prejudices (i/c v electric, gliders v 'planes, etc) and will swear blind that theirs is sound advice while that given by so-and-so at the other club down the road is complete nonsense....4. I visited one club where instruction seemed highly organised, but sadly everything else about the club seemed highly organised/disciplined to an alarming degree! Ve must heff diziplin, or zere vill be no order...

For those such as the OP, much personal research is called for, to start sorting out the good advice from the very bad, and to identify one's own preferences; you need to be very flexible indeed to be able to take advantage of any instruction help offered to you - ideally you should be retired and have no other commitments, not take holidays, and not spend time out of the country! Though re this latter, I've had most of my flying instruction in France, in part because the weather is far better and more predictable... I still have hopes of some instruction and enjoyment from Brit clubs with which I've made contact, but e.g. right now it's cold and very windy, lately it's rained all the time, and progress with local clubs can be very slow indeed...

Thread: Heater for my shed
21/01/2018 21:16:54
Posted by Glyn44 on 21/01/2018 17:51:51:

Maybe we just pick up sheds and move to warmer climes!

I'm part way there already, Glyn... But for my cold, damp English garage, having looked at all the door-insulation possibilities (and there are lots out there to see on the Web), I've decided that my garage deserves a new door anyway, so I'll just dump the old metal one and replace it with something in timber or GRP, fully insulated, draught-free too. Should be a good start to making my garage a better workshop! Need to cough up £900 - £1500 though...

rgds Tony

21/01/2018 16:58:35

Chris and Martin, I found your suggestions interesting. I've just been looking around, and on the Web there are a great many posts/articles on the subject of insulating garages, including variations on your suggestions. Maybe I won't give up on the garage just yet - though ideally I'd put up a large second garden shed as a workshop, if I can persuade my wife to get rid of the apple tree...

rgds Tony

21/01/2018 11:42:06
Posted by Colin Bernard on 20/01/2018 15:04:09:

Strange to hear of problems working in a garage.

I also use my uninsulated garage as a workshop. I have a cheap B&Q fan heater to provide instant warmth, and if I am going to be in there a while, then I switch on an oil filled radiator for background warmth.

This makes the garage quite toasty at the bench end!

Colin, I take your point, but you're not heating your uninsulated garage - just the air in it, temporarily and expensively! I could do the same as you, but apart from the inefficient use of electricity, I'd have to plan work sessions in advance - and I tend to take time out from doing other things as the mood takes me or when I can spare the time. My garage is built onto the house foundations on one side, shares a party wall (single blockwork) with my neighbour on the other; the back end is built directly into the steep slope on which my house stands, and apart from being uninsulated is not properly damp-proofed; the front end has a standard metal door. The ceiling has timber joists supporting chipboard with roofing felt on top. The floor is poured concrete. Any heat generated inside goes straight out again... As I say, transforming this into a comfortable workshop would be a major undertaking. When I'm in France I can work comfortably in my purpose-built workshop from March until autumn, for most of that period wearing shorts plus t-shirt, so I content myself with that thought! I hate our climate... But if you or anyone has a creative, original suggestion about how to improve my horrible garage cheaply & easily I'd be happy to learn something.

rgds Tony

20/01/2018 11:11:16

When in England my workshop is my garage, and it's impossible to heat - permanently (very) cold & damp more than half the year. Insulating and draft-proofing would be a major undertaking, cost a lot, and the results uncertain. Can hardly bring myself to work in there at this time of year, certainly for no more than half an hour. Sigh...

Thread: Clearview - take care
31/12/2017 19:06:25

Percy & Martin, yes, I accept your reservations, and I've always had misgivings about using Russian-owned software - but as a private individual I pay attention to industry opinion, and Kaspersky consistently scores very highly. I am aware of its tendency to be over cautious, but in a-v software I regard that as a good thing. I have never before had Kaspersky reject any downloaded software on grounds of identifying a trojan or other major hazard. As a professional I use PCs intensively and have much commercially sensitive data on various drives, so I'm happy to pay for top a-v software.

Percy, Clearview is a r/c flight-sim package, recommended as an alternative to Phoenix. I never got to grips with the latter, finding it clunky, erratic, and prone to strange behaviour.

rgds Tony

31/12/2017 17:52:22

I just downloaded Clearview, having been told about it today. On installation and loading, my Kaspersky a-v software (powerful, consistently voted one of the best if not the best) deleted various of Clearview's operating files, telling me they were infected with a trojan. I trust Kaspersky, and have deleted Clearview.

Thread: tuition in S.Devon?
31/12/2017 10:57:31

Gentlemen, thanks for your advice. Denis, your linked discussion on paid tuition was useful, but the chap concerned is near Swindon, rather further than I want to travel for flying lessons even though I'm often up that way for other reasons. Rick and Peter, PMs sent.

rgds Tony

30/12/2017 19:27:46
Posted by Denis Watkins on 30/12/2017 19:13:31:

Look up your local club on the BMFA site Tony

And tuition should be free of charge if you join the club

Denis, thanks, but I belong to a local club - it's fairly small and the guys are decent (though I really don't know them that well - it doesn't have its own field as such, and they all seem very experienced) but the logistics of getting together with someone willing to sacrifice his own time to teach me to fly properly, and my reluctance to expect anyone to take the trouble, plus the wild unpredictability of Brit winter weather, make the club-tuition route difficult. I've tried it already with another club, didn't work out. I spend most of the sunnier months in France, where a friend has generously done some training with me at his club site, but I won't be there until March and I'd really like to get flying after 2-3 years of renewed interest and building 2-3 planes myself! If tuition is both good and affordable it seems like my best bet.

rgds Tony

30/12/2017 18:12:12

Anyone suggest a provider of paid tuition in or very near to S.Devon? How much might I expect to pay?

Thanks, Tony

Thread: Few shots in the sunny French mountains.
17/12/2017 16:46:51

Wonderful! Would have liked to see some images of the plane used - very stable in flight it seems. I was in Haute Savoie once, a bit north from the Col d'Infernet, up the N90 through Albertville, then south from Moutiers, doing a feature on a house in St Martin de Belleville. Some of the most beautiful mountain views I've seen. My own part of France is on the edge of the Cevennes but although grandiose by English standards they're not as rugged as the Vanoise. I hope one day to do some flying (probably glider) in the Cevennes.

Thread: Guns in Society
26/11/2017 10:34:50
Posted by Ian Jones on 26/11/2017 00:59:07:

"Gun laws and gun crime are not connected: criminals do not obey laws - that's why they're criminals. They certainly don't obey gun laws. Why would they?"

Shot yourself in the foot with that one Tony! If there were no guns then no law would be required and there'd be no opportunity for criminials and others to misuse them (remember the opening post for example).

The self protection or protection of ones home is poor argument as it's just not possible for you to produce statistics that show a high enough percentage of home owners are at risk of being faced by criminals with firearms to justify that stance.

Ian, 1: I'm struggling to get my head around what you wrote! I genuinely have no idea what you're saying. No guns? There are lots of guns, been the case since the Middle Ages, always will be. Laws banning their ownership do not work - even in Japan, possibly the strictest anti-gun country in the world, gangsters have guns. Nothing will ever stop this. Gun laws affect only the law-abiding. Etc...

2. It has nothing to do with statistics, but with a free citizen's perception that he might potentially, one day, in certain circumstances, be at risk from criminal attack - and decides to arm himself accordingly. It's a wholly traditional right, and a basic function in a free society. Criminals with firearms? Why should that be the deciding factor? What about the little old lady in a high-crime area, faced with street thugs armed with knives or baseball bats? What about the guy I know who lived for a time in Florida and was held up at knifepoint while using an ATM? He drew his licenced concealed-carry handgun and stuck it in the perp's nostrils - the creep ran away... That sort of thing happens here as well, maybe not to you but crime affects many decent people.

rgds Tony

26/11/2017 10:23:18
Posted by Tim Kearsley on 25/11/2017 20:01:19:
I find it very disturbing that anyone thinks a valid reason for owning a firearm is self-defence


rgds Tony

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