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Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
23/02/2018 19:15:56

I've been eating even more strange 'things' in my travelling past, David. In your case, the "itchy" side of the delicacy could have something to do with the 'covering'... wink

At least, Paul seemed to manage it with 'a' (ie >one) glass of red Valsacro or Casa Safra. cool

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Red Control

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
23/02/2018 18:43:39
Posted by McG 6969 on 17/02/2018 18:10:44:

Speaking of battle, is there any progress regarding a laser cut kit - not talking about the Sarik one here, of course - plus glass bits and brass hardware becoming available for the Classroom gents, Danny? or Martyn, or Andy?

Just a 'bump' here to try to get an answer to my question...



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
23/02/2018 13:03:01

Merci, John. Even if I can manage not to have the motor flying away in La Grotte, with my luck I would end with mountains of steel dust on each magnet… surprise

Thank you, Mark and glad to see you back at the building board. yes

Your WiFi might be lousy over there but I can see that the ‘cervezas’ are still working properly, Paul. beer beer beer Did you manage to build some hedgehogs already? devil

Hakuna matata


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Thread: Mark's Ballerina MK1
22/02/2018 21:43:34

Hi Mark,

So great you're back to the Ballerina build & back to the forum... smiley

Don't flip back away though.



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
22/02/2018 18:25:20

Aha, you have been doing some research, Steven.

I use it as my signature as it means "no worries", well at least in Lion King's title song.  cool

If you allow me a Wikipedia correction, Swahili is not only used in East Africa but in former Belgian Congo - now Zaire - at the West Central Coast as well. Although the main language there is Lingala, originally a Bantu language.

Lingala is quite basic, but in Swahili words can mean different things depending on the 'intonation' used. 'Matata" can mean 'trouble', 'problems' but also 'dreadful'. "Hakuna" being just a negative form. Don't ask how I know, but my sis used to be an Embassy Secretary for years over there.  angel

Anyhow, don't forget about the 'warped' Vicomte plan or you could end with 'Matata mingi"...  surprise

Considering this post being slightly 'off topic', I'll forget about my usual signature for now.






Edited By McG 6969 on 22/02/2018 18:26:33

22/02/2018 13:03:29

Hi Steven,

Feel welcome to pick up what you need during Vicky's (slow) progression. But of course, also try to avoid my 'Gaffes'. wink

When you start building your fuse sides, as I wrote before, remember the OZ Vicomte plan is slightly 'warped'. I would suggest you to use a straight profile - I used an ali one - and to copy JVM's method of building the two sides shoulder to shoulder as I did. yes

Coming from the other side of the big water, it's quite fun to look at your pic. The owners must be Lion King fans, I suppose. cool

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Warp Control

21/02/2018 21:04:18

Hi again,

First of all, Gaston asked me to express his gratitude regarding your nice comment, Robert. smiley

A bit of progress to the build and - as expected - a few head scratching moments.

The first one was when preparing the front fuse to receive the laminated ply firewall. One has to sand some parts away from the longerons and prepare the triangular stock. Well, … surprise


The solution was there just in front of me as José included a small drawing to his plan. Saved by the bell… cool

I proceeded with the vertical formers of the aft fuse. No probs to mention here.

The second one occurred when starting with the fuse diagonals and after preparing them a bit oversized, I realized that they were covering the drawing totally in width. indecision

157_vic_fuse formers_900.jpg

In fact they are not 6mm square but 3x6, which I discovered on the plan when I moved the adjacent cork/pin a few centimeters. Next is to add the 6mm bits to my - still very empty - scrap box and prepare some 3mm replacement bits. frown

Please don’t mention this any further, but I must really start to look at a drawing more efficiently. blush

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Measures Control

Thread: Skywriter builders
21/02/2018 20:19:29

Never mind, SuperTF.

As a model, I haven't a clue either.

Ages ago, being lucky enough to have a full size ride with both of them - with the sticks in hand once at a safe altitude - I know since then why the Rothmans Aerobatic Team made their choice for the SV4.



21/02/2018 19:39:45

@ SuperTF,

Would you state that the Tiggie with two ailerons (was) is a better craft than the Stampe SV4-B with four of them???



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
20/02/2018 20:33:51

Hello everybody,

Gaston and myself finally have a bit of progress to show. We added the bottom longerons for both fuse sides and installed the aft fuse sides, leaving the cut-outs for the snakes in place as I still have to decide which system to use for the tailplanes. I guess snakes would be the easiest but pull/pull would make it 'nicier'. indecision


At the front end the balsa doublers are glued on with contact adhesive. The ply doublers for the u/c and the wing bolts beams went on with Aliphatic.


If you care to have a loser look, I experimented with a different method to keep the bits in position sideways. Simply crap pieces of cork & a map pin. The map pin alone was often leaving some dents in the balsa and the cork works flawlessly. Next opportunity, I’ll try it out for some lamination job as well. yes question


Hakuna matata


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Thread: Airbus A350 for 50 mm EDFs
20/02/2018 08:26:54

One more superb achievement, Simon.

Lookong forward to your video next. yes



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
19/02/2018 23:12:57

Well, I just hope that your thinking points in the right direction, Martian. wink

Quite a bit of progress today on the fuselage part but due to some obligatory activities with The LotH after La Grotte's session, I'll post some info and pics tomorrow. cool

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Duties Control

Edited By McG 6969 on 19/02/2018 23:13:31

19/02/2018 09:43:21

Thanks Martian, but I would like to use the current 3536 as I have a 900 KV & a 800 one. Also trying to save some cash for the upcoming Classroom. angel

Of course, cutting off the 'back' part of the axle could be an option, but I never dismantled a motor so far.

I think I'm close to a solution involving the projected cowl for the Vicky. If it works out, it would be a solution for two probs in one go. cool

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Probs Control

Thread: Fokker EIII Scratch build
18/02/2018 21:03:26

Superb anyhow, Colin.

Waiting for Martyn's comments now regarding his experience... cocktail cocktail cocktail



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
18/02/2018 20:13:32

Hi Robert,

Unfortunately, I can't share anything about "personal" experience... blush

But Richard of Warbird Replicas uses brown paper a lot and maybe it should be worth to ask him about his experiences by sending a PM. Just a thought here.



Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
18/02/2018 18:28:48

No probs, Graham.

Just that I'm still on the apprentice site of model building and thus reading a lot of build blogs to learn as much as I can. Not really found to post some remarks with that little experience though, but this time I did.

So, glad to read that it was just a 'dry fit' on your pic. yes

Have fun with you build.



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
18/02/2018 17:17:19

Hi again Paul,

Funny story about your "trip back" with the foam. I'm an old cm & mm guy and still get confused sometimes with our own metric system. blush

I recently found some great and cheap 3mm birch ply (2440 by 1220mm) from a large wood distributor. I always have a caliper and strong Stanley knife at hand in my car. So when one of the vendors saw me struggling with the knife and the sheet at the parking lot, he proposed me to saw it in half. So we did and back at the parking with my 2 square halves, I realized that it was still to large for my small hatchback. surprise

If you get bored with the Spanish sun, you could even build your 'hedgehogs' over there. A ply bottom plate from a local cheese, some laminated pizza or disposable under-plates, a few metal bits grabbed around & a cheap bottle of student glue from the supermarket. Don't get too lazy over there, young man... wink

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Hand Luggage Control


Edited By McG 6969 on 18/02/2018 17:32:56

18/02/2018 12:48:03

Hi Paul,

Absolutely great to finally have some fuselage bits on the building board. wink 

Feel free to commandeer the 'pin thingies'. I made mine from scrap blue foam from the Bella's wing tips.

If I may advise you to get some weight into the foam otherwise the hedgehog lifts up when you try to grab a pin.

I carved some foam away and filled the cavity with old rusty bolts & screws and a bead of cheap white glue before closing it with the ply plate. yes 

Regarding your motor box idea, I went on pondering about it. My stand off spacers are only 35mm. If I replace those by a box, the rear motor shaft would still protrude in it by 18mm, just leaving a balance benefit of even less than 17mm. I don't really fancy any 'steel surgery' on that poor motor either. indecision

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Box Control


Edited By McG 6969 on 18/02/2018 12:56:09

Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
18/02/2018 09:25:21

Amazing building, Robert.

And indeed a very elegant aircraft.



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
17/02/2018 19:41:03

Hi again,

Enough ‘talking’ here, McG. Some action is urgently required now.


Board cleared, plan taped, cling film added > check.


Gaston and his ‘hedgehogs’ ready for duty > check.


And, after an endless pondering time, some top longeron pinned against an ali profile to be sure to keep it ‘straight’ - ie not like the warped version of the Outerzone drawing (sorry Steve, but I never got an answer when proposing some correct drawings for your site ). I can only agree with JVM’s drawings to foresee the two fuselage sides to be built next to each other. Avoiding ‘double’ left (or right!) sides and avoiding having the aft fuse diagonals formers to be built as a ‘mirror’ image. They are supposed to be ‘crossed’ from the left to the right side of the fuse.


So far, we have the top longerons and both main fuse front sides glued and drying. Not that much, but at least we do have ‘something’ now…

Hakuna matata


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