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Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
24/05/2017 18:50:54

héhé... probably not, Peter... moon

... but then, you could get hypnotized by that 'mysteriously shining' Svarovski stone... devil

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Hypno Control

24/05/2017 18:29:53

Hello again to all,

As The LotH’s Foundation remains a primary ‘sponsor’ of my ‘toyish’ behaviour, my basic wisdom suggests not to have further comments regarding Iris being a potential “danger on the dance floor”… angel

After the introduction to Pierrenstein’s basic history, I recently went on finallizing Bella’s ‘new’ pilot in command.

A few thin layers of acrylics, a bit of weathering for the jacket and cap, some pieces of shoe lace for the safety harness, a ‘genuine’ Svarovski on the left collet and some printed water tranfer to obtain the ‘final face’, aka ‘the mask’.


Please, let me introduce Christa McGee, Petr Millarisz’s ‘fiancée’ that he married when working with her father in the States during Part 2 of the Official Bella History.

I guess - I'm pretty sure, in fact - that you all remember that Part? cool

Well, she is now very officially Bella’s Pilot In Command and her final weight - including the Svarovski stone - is just 21gr.


Isn’t she a convincing Colombina? … wink

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Colombina Control


Edited By McG 6969 on 24/05/2017 18:32:55

23/05/2017 18:14:25

Your comment gave me a large grin, Peter.

It might have been some 'wild aquabatics in a small boat during a twister' as well then? surprise

For sure the polymer clay's color isn't helping a lot in this case... wink

I'm trying now to get rid of the 'green' and will be back when Bella's pilot seems operational.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Aquabatics Control

22/05/2017 20:19:09

Hi everybody,

As to finalize the Bella, I went on a little with the driver/pilot.

I suppose you were all expecting the see Pierre at the controls but unfortunately when he had some ski-holiday in Biarritz last winter, he must have met some cute ‘Pierrette’ over there. We’ll never really know though as he never came back for duty…

Some of you might remember that during my early ‘testing days’ I encountered a serious ‘mishap’ when casting a pilot bust.


He doesn’t look that good, really.


Or should I say: “Really doesn’t look good at all”… surprise

Anyhow, I decided not to bin it right away but instead to try a ‘recycling’ process.


A few bits of foam and (nearly) half a tube of Por later, I managed to have something like a ‘Voodoo Pierrenstein’…


Then an attempt to the following salvation step with the help of lightweight filler.


I took the pic above when I was testing the ‘Fred B’ sauce on some Depron - about one year ago ! - and I guess the figurine at the left starts to look ‘nearly’ acceptable now.

I’m fully convinced I’ll never become a sculpture ‘bodger’ but at least I can prove that I did give it a try. blush


Stay tuned as there is more to come soon. wink

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Recycling Control

20/05/2017 17:10:03

Hello Peter & Steven,

I’m really glad that you both like them.

When I first started to use the Aliphatic bottle, I made a real mess out of it with glue all over the wooden bits… but nearly felt like a ‘builder’ when I discovered the BG tiny bottles. wink

As I noted that several forumites ordered them as well, I’m pleased that I could do something back for the members around here where I learned so much during the ‘long’ Ballerina build. yes

Looking forward to see your new design soon, Peter.

Thank you for your kind note, gents.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Squeezy Bottle Control

Thread: Prop Size Selection
20/05/2017 09:50:37

Hi Den,

IMHO, the '6040' just refers to 6" x 4" or 15,24 by 10,16 centimeters.

First figure - 6" - should be the diameter and the second - 4" - is the pitch of the airscrew, ie. the distance covered by turning it 1 revolution.

For a 3 or 5 blade prop, the diameter is obtained by multiplying the radius of one blade by 2.

... but I guess some experts will pop in soon. angel




Edited By McG 6969 on 20/05/2017 09:52:44

Thread: Pilot Bails Out At Low Level
18/05/2017 21:35:53

... well, apologies then, Martin.

... next time, I'll just sit under the tree watching the cameras falling... and remain silent... angel




Edited By McG 6969 on 18/05/2017 21:36:53

18/05/2017 21:21:17

I'm personally not a physicist nor a bomb-aimer at all (well... ?!) , but isn't this simply the old Newton 'apple' stuff?

Having 7 seconds of 'dive/fall' at 9,81m/sec, would equal to a height of 68,67m (or 225 ft) as linear horizontal velocity has nothing to do with it as Martin already stated.



Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
18/05/2017 20:43:58

Thanks a 'LotH', Iris.

... but, well... euh... humm... blush blush angel smiley cocktail ...

Not so sure if I could find a budget to pay you to come over and maiden the Bella, John. Planning a city trip to BRU?

But thank you for your nice words anyway.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR blush Control

17/05/2017 20:53:40

Hello again to all,

As I promised, here are a few close-up pictures of the Ballerina.

Nothing 'new' obviously, just a few more details.


A few 'classic' wing markings, a CoG marking for my upcoming 'blond moments' and a 'wing walk strip' - what's in a name? - made of a piece of crêpe paper with a coat of dark grey pigmented acrylic varnish.


The December 2015 (!?) - Mass Build Plan 2016 (!!!) - RCME Magazine together with a low-air map in the cockpit. Even Gaston seems to have found his CoG now...



The ailerons marking. To be honest, I always liked this kind of 'structured' close-up pics. No worries, just me, you know. angel


Gaston's preferred 'caution' triangle & the 'label of origin', of course. I like the cockpit hatch 'depressed' rivets, but as Mr Fenton wrote many moons ago, the cowl's ones are OK for a first attempt but way too large to be scale.

"Next time better, Apprentice Chris ! "... "Yes, Your Honour"... blush


I can't help it, but this pic makes me think about that 'zoological intermezzo' a while ago with that zebra, lion, tiger and giraffe 'stuff'... Now, if you're wondering why... well, that spinner reminds me of Maya The Bee somehow... Just me again, I presume. angel


And finally, Bella's wheel blocks. I also did spend at least two minutes to lightly rub some Scotch Brite on the wheels removing the shiny 'toyish' look of the rubber.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Gaston's CoG Control

Thread: Foster Wickner Wicko/Warferry
17/05/2017 15:19:54

ppfff... they're both very naughty with you, Colin. surprise devil

You could always tell them that your splendid Wicko is in fact a 'Wick-Auster', the father/prototype of that other thingie they could mention... wink



Thread: changing lipo connectors
16/05/2017 08:41:33

Absolutely, Glyn.

... and don't slide the two bits of heat shrink onto the SAME wire of the Lipo either... blush



Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
15/05/2017 18:15:20

Thanks for your kind words, Onetenor.

I'm trying to sort out some close-up pics to post as well, but I have the feeling that I'm even 'slower' at the moment that I used to be during the Bella build.

Naughty people would say it's 'farniente', but let's call it a kind of 'holiday-feeling'. wink

I still need to finish the pilot, make a balance stand, a motor test-bench, a vacuum former 'thingie'... and a Depron trainer to start to train some 'gravity arrivals'. So, that should be a very slow flyer allowing me at least to 'see' it coming down... angel

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Farniente Control

14/05/2017 17:31:17

Many thanks to all of you, Lady & gents.

In fact, I'm convinced that the deco scheme wasn't really the most difficult part of Bella's project. But I enjoyed doing it and I am very pleased with the end result as well.

As for the detailing bits, for me it appears to be simply rewarding as I like to give some kind of 'signature' when I'm going on with whatever project.

Concerning the maiden flight and as Simon wrote, I'll never be able to "pluck up" the nerves to have it myself. So, if one of the forumites has a city trip to the Brussels area, please send me a note and let me know... cool

Talking of a PIC, I guess you noted that there wasn't a 'driver' present in the cockpit on the different pics. Well, I'm still busy on the subject... wink

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR PIC Control



Edited By McG 6969 on 14/05/2017 17:32:40

Thread: changing lipo connectors
14/05/2017 08:02:30

Hi Geof,

Some time ago I bought a ‘soldering third hand / heatsink / positioning device / all in one’ thingie for connectors from Banggood at +/- €9.

I just never saw it or being mentioned on any of the build blogs I visited but as I had a very helpful use of it, I thought I could share it here.


It is suitable to receive different kinds of connectors and keep them firmly in place during the soldering process. Both sides are different and handle different sizes of bullet connectors (2mm up to 8mm), male and female XT60 & 90 (avoiding the nylon to be potentially ‘deformed’ by the heat), Dean, mini T and ‘bananas’. It also features a welcomed 'bakelite' insulation for the bullet connectors.


I was quite a bit surprised that even this apprentice seemed suddenly to become very close to a ‘soldering guru’…

If others are interested, here is the link as it is not that easy to locate in that enormous shop > XQ Alloy Soldering Station. By the way, BG also has different 60W / temperature adjustable soldering irons.

... and the same as DD (Double Doom?) & others, for sure I'll finish in hell as well... devil wink



Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
13/05/2017 18:12:43

… oops… I nearly forgot the ‘bottom view’… angel


Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Oops Control

13/05/2017 18:10:23

Hello everybody,

After 1 year, 4 months, 1 week and a few days to complete my first ever RC airplane model build, I finally would like to introduce you to the Bella Ballerina…








Just a few words though, the excessive power of the Turbo-Meca engine forced me to use a P-51D 4 blade prop… but then, it also compensates the ‘attraction power’ of the cute Colombina at the tail end… wink

I hope you enjoyed the pics and if so, I’ll be adding some close-ups of the Lady later on.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR 478 Days Control

Thread: Mick Reeves Gangster 63 Lite
13/05/2017 08:48:59

Hi Jon.

I do realize that you're still in the 'research & design phase', but are you sure that the prop of the Gangster is truly balanced ? ... It seems a bit wobbly... surprise devil



Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
12/05/2017 18:55:13

No worries, Stuart. Being at the close end of my journey, no reason for me to get into a ‘race’ tempo or approach now. angel

You might well ‘terribly’ be right, Simon.

But living at the centerpoint of the CTR of BRU Airport, I would have the company of a few ‘blue-flashing-lights’ equipped cars in less time than needed to get the Lady airborne… To give you an idea, the red dot is where I live and the threshold of RWY 02 is about 800m N-E away.


But then, no way I should do that as I never flew a RC model before and don’t really want to have a try out with the Bella.

Trying to bind the Tx now would, if everything goes right, only turn her into a cute ‘Taxi Queen’… frown

If I get some assistance to have my DX6i to ‘talk’ correctly to an Rx, I’ll certainly give it a try to build a cheap trainer foamie soon and learn how to ‘crash’ it. wink

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / Controlled Traffic Region Control

12/05/2017 11:53:10

Very kind of you, Colin. I guess I can start blushing right away now... blush

But yes, I do like the finishing bits, although they take a lot of time as well. Somehow i see it as a kind of reward for all those months 'climbing up that huge and steep mountain' with Bella's build.

I was quite fortunate yesterday with the weather being so sunny here in BE. I've probably 'overdone' it a bit as I managed to have 107 pictures shot... frown

So, still a bit of patience required allowing me to sort it all out.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Pix Control

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