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Thread: Foster Wickner Wicko/Warferry
20/01/2017 18:51:30

Hi Colin,

Thought of wishing you a very pleasant stay in the sunny South... yes

... but don't forget to do your 'homework' as well... wink



Thread: Applying Trim To Solartex
18/01/2017 20:03:26

Hi Kevin,

If you want to apply some vinyl adhesive stickers to your Solartex - sorry, ASH - you don't have to apply any clearcoat at all.

Just apply your adhesive - with some Windex applied to the surface if they are large - and stretch them in the Solartex wave with a short haired (stiff) brush, using a heatgun to warm up the vinyl. Adhesive vinyl stretches by heating unlike covering film, hence the short haired brush to force the vinyl in the wave. If you're using IC, you should protect it afterwards with some adequate proofer, of course.



Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
18/01/2017 08:32:27

Thank you for your nice comment, Andy. yes

Danny's method uses polyester resin that is stronger but also a lot 'thicker' and consequently heavier. Hence the need of 'absorbing' foil the eliminate as much surplus resin as possible. Most polyester resins - like the one I used for my cowl - wouldn't be compatible with foam and would even melt it.

The V33 Marine varnish I use for the Depron is water-based and brushes over the fiberglass very thinly but dries out very hard. Of course you should use just enough to have the cloth wave still visible when dry, avoiding any surplus weight.

My intention wasn't to write an 'Instructable' anyway - lots of them on YT already - but just to give a few tips along the way. The jury is still out there somewhere... looking for the 'fibre'.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Fibre Control

17/01/2017 19:14:19

Hello to those still out there,

I started with the fiber glassing of the ailerons, going on with the wing while the smaller parts are drying.

Unfortunately the glassing of the white Depron with semi translucent fiber isn’t quite of great photographical interest… or maybe even quite boring. frown

I thought of sharing of few glassing tips on the go but I don’t really know if it would be that interesting either.

So, I suppose it’s best to put the Bella build thread ‘on hold’ for a while.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Sharing Control

16/01/2017 18:05:34

Hello everybody,

To make life a little easier when glassing, I made a ‘workhorse’ with a piece of wood and a few nails to support the ailerons during the covering process.


I believe Gaston had a slight overdose of his favourite energy drink and triggered by some primary degree inspiration, it apparently ‘gave him wings’ already… surprise


Next I started to prepare and cut the different parts of fiber needed for the covering.

I did cut the wing parts a little longer for the top and bottom as my intention is to have a 60mm reinforcement ‘overlap’ at the centre section. Very probably not even necessary though. frown


Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Energy Boost Control

Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
16/01/2017 17:11:33

Tidy job there, Lucas.

I see that you added a doubler to the LE & TE... and that your small 'Banggood bottles' did arrive. yes




Edited By McG 6969 on 16/01/2017 17:14:02

Thread: Aliphatic glue and pipettes
16/01/2017 14:04:09

Hi Davey,

I don't know about the Titebond bottle as my Aliphatic comes from DeLuxe.

The latter one has a push-on lid and once opened there is some flow controlling device that does not work to fill the small Banggood bottles. But if you unscrew that kind of 'flow-controller' from the bottle, you can - quite slowly, of course - fill the little brother without any mess.

If you can't do that with your Titebond, maybe with a conical paper tube inserted in and taped to the small bottle. But you'll very probably get a better info from another Titebond user.



Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
15/01/2017 20:19:01

I was realising that, John. I was just 'teasing' you.

Fine to foresee some spare ribs. I did the same for my Bella Ballerina ribs as well, but that was before I realized that I was building it 'too large' so the spares rapidly 'disappeared' into the build.

So, look out for some 'extra' wingspan with your Skywriter... angel

Looking forward to your 'assembling' start, young man.



15/01/2017 19:07:23

Are you planning a 'triplane', John?

It looks like you have enough ribs to supply the Belgian Air Force... wink



Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
15/01/2017 17:52:23

Thank you for your comments, guys.

@ Peter > well at least I can feel a tiny bit relieved now. yes I was afraid that my writing was too 'Frenchy-messy' again...

@ Simon > Yes, I am pleased with that outcome. Especially that Bella's u/c is already mounted to the fuselage - and of course included in its weight - so only servos, glassing and paint. yes

But, you're right, I don't even want to know your "super lightweight" wing weight as I've been following your build blog. But then as you stated yourself somewhere in a thread, you are totally "paranoid" in relation to weight. surprise

I really would like to postulate for a membership to the 'Chaddock League', but then I really need a lot more experience built up before... angel

@ John > I remembered, reading your blog, that your wing was on the light side as well. Now to be honest, I weighted mine without the wing dowel... wink

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR 'Chaddock League' Control

15/01/2017 10:00:06

Hello Peter and thanks.

Not so sure if I expressed myself correctly (once more) here above regarding Bella's wing weight.

What I meant is that having made my wing 90mm larger span wise, if I can keep my AUW similar (or less) than the 'classic' Ballerinas, I will obtain less wing loading.

With that approach in mind, I was pleased to have a temporary result of 256gr for the wing. I can now hope to keep it at around 350 > 400gr once glassed, painted and the servos installed.

Or am I 'wrong' here (again)?

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR GR/DM² Control

14/01/2017 18:44:20

Hi to all again,

Not that much, but some progress though at La Grotte today.

After drilling the corresponding holes in the wing, I adjusted and dry fitted the hinges for both ailerons which went quite smoothly.


This was the last step before final ‘fine’ sanding both sides - and having some OneTime filler for some ‘major dings’ blush - of the wing to prepare for the glassing.

Then a moment of truth was to put Bella’s ‘large’ wing on my favourite scale.

Honestly, I don’t really remember the multiple weight figures from other Ballerinas builds as it is quite some time ago - "it's not a race", you know wink - and they were often given with different components already installed like the u/c or the servos, for example.


As mine is a different ‘scale’ as well, it gets difficult to have a comparison figure. Anyway, I think that with a 1436mm - instead of 1346 - wingspan, I can only be pleased with a weight of just under 256gr.


And, this is what we have so far.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Being Pleased Control

Thread: Reccomend a M/R for some OLD lads to have a dabble
13/01/2017 18:38:06


... and what about that Skywriter Mass Build, John?



Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
13/01/2017 18:31:32

I guess you were not the only one, Andy.

I had a silly smile myself when I was writing it down... especially imagining Gaston with the mallet... cool

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Tic-Tac #2 Control

Thread: Mark's Ballerina MK1
13/01/2017 18:18:14

Tomtom was right regarding the sander, Onetenor.

I went to the RC World website and ordered one when I saw the 'Great planes' sander...

Unfortunately, when delivered it was the "flat bar type"... I should have checked a bit more about the description. Silly me again. blush

So, just ordered one from the US. And I now hope Colin didn't make the same mistake? surprise

Sorry for 'clogging' your thread, Mark.



13/01/2017 10:14:13

Very nice & tidy indeed, Mark.

... and you even thought about the 'paper tubes'... yes wink



Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
13/01/2017 07:52:19

Nice, Lucas. I see your point now.

If I'm right, there is still the 4th stab rib missing to the right of the pic.

If you leave the centre section 'open', I would add a spanwise straight doubler at your laminated LE for reinforcement between those 4th stabs and then add your two 'covering support' pieces.

Just my 2 euro cent, here. wink



Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
12/01/2017 20:29:11

Hello again,

Back to the Bella and the now already famous ‘pinhole nails’. yes

As I mentioned earlier, I used some scrap bits of PU mouldings, had them drilled & rounded off at one end and glued to the ‘decapitated’ nails.


Both ailerons were presented to the wing kept equally spaced with some plastic cards and slightly pressed again the balsa to leave some marks.


I think the obtained accuracy is really worth having the ‘pinhole nails’ made as they will be very welcome for my next build as well…


I also started to cut some fibreglass for the wing and ailerons. I must say that I like to work with composites but as my experience was full size mainly, I’m not really into this lightweight stuff that refuses to stay ‘square’, especially when that static electricity starts to creep in it... frown

The Sellotape trick works quite well but still. I’ll be happy to start the glassing itself, but more about that later.

Hakuna matata


BRU - BE / CTR Pinhole Control

Thread: Gentle Curves - Lucas his Skywriter
12/01/2017 20:00:34

Hallo Lucas,

Very tidy approach as usual. yes

But may I allow me a question, please. In your quest for tail lightness, why didn't you decide for 'build up' tailplanes as you did for your Ballerina? Possibly even with some 'laminated' LE & TE?



Thread: Who wants a Warbird Replics Hurricane?
12/01/2017 18:50:43


On a side note, the Stampe Monitor in your list isn't quite correct.

It should be the Stampe SR.7 or the Farman Monitor.

Farman used to produce the SV-4 under licence for the French Armée de l'Air, so when Stampe designed the SR.7, he proposed his design to Farman for the French Army, but the only one 'Monitor' ever produced was built in Antwerp and assembled by Farman. Unfortunately both versions were refused by both task forces and the third prototype 'disappeared' and was never found again...



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