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Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
24/07/2017 18:26:29

Indeed a "nice find", Colin. yes

As the only Belgian Fury was in fact an ex-SAAF 'Hardy' - and was wrecked in May 1940 somewhere in ex-Belgian Congo - I was thinking of going the Spanish way as well.


I found this to possibly become my subject. But then that Dowty u/c might be a huge problem (to me).

Or maybe I could try to have the 4316 sent back to Belgium from the Gambela Airfield and give it a try to 'resurrect' it ... wink



Thread: 'Like' button
23/07/2017 18:12:29

... angel wink

23/07/2017 18:11:52
Posted by Stevo on 23/07/2017 18:09:09:

All been suggested before I'm afraid.

... devil

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
21/07/2017 22:39:37

... I didn't even start to 'finish' anything... as nothing got here in BE from the seller to even start thinking about how to finish it...

Hoping for the best in due time with this unusual 'situation'.

And, no I didn't got any order reference/shipping confirmation either so far.



19/07/2017 21:32:01

It certainly is bad news for all of us involved, but as Danny wrote, let's wait for some news and/or evolution.

I was the second in row to order the full pack a few hours after Danny did and didn't receive anything yet. No notification or confirmation that my order had been processed either.

I guess it's time to stick together if the worst should happen. We'll surely find a way to handle this.

My late grand'mum used to repeat this old Chinese saying quite often when things got 'disrupted' > "I was complaining having no shoes till I met someone with no feet"... ( translated 'freely' from French).



Thread: Slow fly Depron Delta tractor or pusher?
17/07/2017 19:41:09

Hi Chris,

I'm a total 'apprentice' as I only have one plan build Hybrid - Depron, liteply & composites - Ballerina 'under my belt'. So, you've been 'warned'.

My first reaction was "why is this guy building a delta if he wants to fly slow"? Deltas are 'speedy' flying machines and are the same for landing, even at 'high alpha'.

From full size experience, tractors have a superior 'efficiency'. Period. The comments above tends to share the idea of the same 'fact'.

But for slow flying you don't need the max efficiency, are you? And pushers can have some nice advantages in relation to stability and ease of control.

Yes, they are obviously more 'noisy' as with the rotating impact to the flying surfaces nearby.

Now not that sure if a tractor gives a better control over the surfaces. It just depends were your prop is situated. Meaning by that, it is evidently so if your prop is situated behind all surfaces but not if it is situated in front of them. And a mid-motor/prop is really easy to build with a delta wing. Even adding a 'bow tie' type opening for the prop allowing a lot less noise from the screw.

The other advantage of a mid motor/prop is the enclosure around it guarantying safety for launch as well as prop protection for landing.

By the way, your "need for weight at the front" becomes a lot less important with a mid motor and Lipos are a nice remedy for that. wink

If you really want to fly a 'delta' at a slow pace, why shouldn't you consider a 'very low' wing loading? And why not? > a delta biplane could deliver that... this is one of my next projects anyhow > a mid engined delta bipe, central Lipo and an Mobius or Redcam up front. As slow as possible, I hope.

Sorry for the long post. angel



Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
16/07/2017 21:04:18
Posted by Martyn K on 14/07/2017 21:41:18:
See if this works Chris

Edited By Martyn K on 14/07/2017 21:45:19

Thank you again, Martyn.

I had a very emotional moment when I thought your link showed what looked like Belgian roundels, unfortunately it is a Republican Spanish Fury (4-2) and not a BAF one. The roundels are indeed very alike but the center circle is dark blue and not black. crying

On the other end, when I see the kind of documentation books, booklets and magazines as well as building solutions - Metalcoat, Aluclad, Alu tape and others - that Master members are already projecting, I'm starting to wonder why I did subscribe to this Class.

Now I guess when the time arrives to receive the Traplet order in the mail, I will finally realize what I did... frown



14/07/2017 22:13:15

Thanks for the link, Martyn.

I'll have a look at it and report back, of course.



14/07/2017 19:10:55

Thank you for your link to the 'markings' booklet, Martyn.

Seeing "Northern Europe", I was hoping to find some Belgian Air Force markings & decos.

But apparently the only craft with BAF markings seems the one 'donated' by the SAAF to the Force Publique in 1940 which flew in Belgian Congo... and nosed over during a landing in Gambela just a few days after receiving its BAF colors & markings... no


But it was a Hardy - aka a 'tropic' converted Hart - and definitely not a Fury Mk1. sad

Back to - nearly - zero unless I decide to 'repair' the K4316... and create a 'swept back' wing too... surprise



13/07/2017 21:54:19

... oops... I guess the ground crew forgot to check the overboost discharge valve on the supercharger, Tony... surprise

Great picture by the way. yes



13/07/2017 18:50:35
Posted by kc on 13/07/2017 17:28:15:

I just mentioned AWG in case any Belgians or indeed Americans are unaware of this!

... "any Belgians", KC? ... didn't noticed any in Danny's checklist so far... surprise

Anyway, don't worry about me if you were. I've been used to work with US Mil Specs for years in an earlier life. Even the diameter & length of nails to use for wooden shipping crates had their own Mil Spec.

But I still guess the metric system - of course with Arabic numerals - is a lot more convenient. No SWG, AWG, SAS, ASA, different land miles, NM, ... etc. Unfortunately my (very) cheap Shenzhen digital calipers only accepts to read in metric. crying

By the way, how many liters in a 'gallon'? angel



Thread: Colin Leighfield's Chipmunk build.
12/07/2017 18:25:42

I'm really glad for you that you're back to the Chippie. yes

Great for you, Colin & keep the mojo...



Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
12/07/2017 18:19:53

... even if Danny isn't throwing any board erasers into the classroom, the build will still be like a 'battle' for me... blush

... so, what about > Fury Fighters



12/07/2017 13:28:34

You don't have to make any promises, Vince.

But obviously, if you're looking forward to some help from the gurus around here, I would suggest you to wait for the 'common' Master Class to start.

Plenty of time for you in between to sharpen up your building - and flying - skills. smiley

I've only ever build one model - Peter Miller's Ballerina - and it took a steep learning curve and sixteen months to see it finished. Of course using different materials - mainly Depron, ply & composites - than originally planned didn't make it 'easier'. Next will be a Svenson Vicomte with as much as scalish details as I can during next winter giving me another step forward.

So, I can only second Martyn's advice to build something like a Ballerina in between. yes

If you have been patiently waiting for over forty years, forteen months can't be that hard. Up to you of course, young man.

@ Danny > Will your 'classroom' be large enough... ? wink



11/07/2017 19:35:01

... yippieyeah... Colin will be in. smiley yes ... and +1 for the Spanish undercarriage.

Sorry, but I hope you'll all understand that a pic-trip to Duxford isn't really corresponding to my financial allowances.

In about the same range, KC. Finding some free (or nearly) litho-plate would help as well to allow me to invest in some Solartex to start my early covering testing. wink



11/07/2017 17:12:06

... well then, that makes the three of us ordering in one afternoon. wink

But now I need to try to find some litho-plate around here... and I really don't have some ol' fashion printers in the area. sad

Anyhow thank you both, Danny & Martyn, in advance for giving us all this opportunity.



09/07/2017 18:20:09

Thank you for your kind answer, Danny.

I have found a 1:48 Fury Mk1 in a Dutch model shop with cheaper rates & postage than Amazon.

@ John / OT > much obliged with your compliments regarding the Bella Ballerina, but I project this can be a totally 'different' kind of challenge though... No problems regarding the covering as I will have time to practice with my next Svenson Vicomte winter build, but I'm really more concerned about that 'metalworking' & those litho parts involved...

But you're totally right, Danny, it would be a splendid occasion to "push the limits" a 'large' bit.

So, you can count me in, Sir. I just hope it will be an EP-version Class as well?




Edited By McG 6969 on 09/07/2017 18:22:18

08/07/2017 12:29:20

Hello Danny,

I really would like to subscribe for this Master Class, but as Traplet states the Fury 1 being "not for beginners" and with only the Bella Ballerina 'under my belt', it seems quite a bit too 'much' for me. blush

On the other hand, with a start planned for Autumn 2018, it could have some time left to sharpen my apprentice skills. Is the 1:48 Airfix kit still available?

I will be following this anyhow with great attention.



Thread: A Depron Sea Vixen.FAW2
08/07/2017 05:55:32

I will be following this one too, Simon. yes



Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
03/07/2017 07:13:15

Are you sure your fuselage is in the correct position in relation to the wing dowels, Dwain? angel

Can't really figure out your method to obtain your CoG balance... blush

But hé... you're the experienced builder of course...



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