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Thread: BMFA Buckminster Swapmeet - 11th June
25/05/2017 22:22:07
Yes that helps. Cheers

So who is coming along? Fly-in that weekend too.
Thread: BMFA Buckminster Summer Show
25/05/2017 15:29:30

We have taken the decision to postpone the summer Airshow set to take place over the weekend 29th/30th of July, this decision has not been taken lightly and has been based on a number of factors but we feel it is better to make an early decision than stage an unsuccessful (and potentially expensive) event.

Despite taking steps to ensure that the date didn't conflict with other events in the model flying calendar when we first set the date, it has since transpired that the date clashes with the established Willis Warbirds event which a number of display pilots and traders were already committed to.

A further deciding factor has been the progress and seeding of the main runway. As reported previously we have suffered a number of delays on this aspect and despite the fact that this work is now complete and the seed is growing well, it is still uncertain whether the surface will be fully usable for a large event by the end of July.

We are currently evaluating alternative dates for the show so please keep a look out for further updates.

Thank you to those pilots, traders and spectators who did book in and we look forward to seeing you at the rescheduled event.

Thread: BMFA Buckminster Early Summer sport fly-in
25/05/2017 15:28:08

We have now added a swapmeet to this event on the Sunday. Details at **LINK**

So who will be coming along?

We will be operating from a temporay runway however it's still quite a good surface for most models.

Thread: BMFA Buckminster Swapmeet - 11th June
25/05/2017 15:16:10

Come along to your National Centre for the inaugural BMFA Buckminster swapmeet. This swapmeet is being held as part of the Early Summer fly-in so don’t forget to bring something to fly too!

£5 a pitch, indoor and outdoor pitches available on a first come first served basis, bring your own tables if possible although we have 25 tables availabe to hire, £2 per table, again on a first come first served basis.

Doors open at 9am for sellers to set up, 9.30am for buyers.

Tea and coffee available on a self serve basis (Honesty box in operation)


Thread: Teesside Model Flying Club Airshow 2017
22/05/2017 14:40:08

I will once again be attending the Teesside Model Flying Club show with the BMFA stand and Simulator Trailer. Its a great club show, very friendly and definitely worth a visit. Pop by and say hello!!

Thread: BMFA Buckminster opens Monday 8th May.
11/05/2017 12:41:58
Posted by Jon Laughton on 11/05/2017 09:24:54:

The project management of the site works has been excellent and Manny, Andy et al are to be congratulated.

I can take no credit whatsoever for any of the project management, entirely Manny and the very experienced team to be congratulated for that. I must admit to initially having been somewhat on the fence about the idea but having seen how the team have approached the project and the professional and efficient way they have tackled the project and the fantastic results achieved already I am converted 100%, It is a fantastic facility already and one that will get better and better going forward.

11/05/2017 00:03:39
Was nice to meet you and your good lady earlier Mark. It certainly was a beautiful day for model aircraft flying. Didnt get opportunity myself today as I had too much work to be getting on with. I know those that did fly today had a great day. We also had the first achievement scheme test pass at BMFA Buckminster today.
08/05/2017 10:23:37

I'm told it's a bit chilly and breezy at BMFA Buckminster today, however some model flyers are already on site enjoying some fliyng. I will be onsite Tuesday and Wednesday this week so feel free to come along and say hello and have a bit of a look round.

05/05/2017 11:37:52

Address, GPS Co-ordinates and directions can be found at **LINK**

I will be on site Tuesday and Wednesday next week so come along and say hello and take a guided tour of the facilities, don't forget to bring a model for a fly. Day pass for flying is £6.

Edited By Andy Symons - BMFA on 05/05/2017 11:39:10

05/05/2017 11:13:11

BMFA Buckminster opens at 9am on Monday 8th May for model aircraft flying.

There is a site status box where you can see what activities are taking place on the current and coming days on the National Centre website at **LINK**

Current weather conditions and upcoming weather forecast are also shown along with lots of other information.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week have been set aside for general RC sport flying and control line as a primary activity free flight as a secondary activity.

If you want to come along and fly, or just take a look around all you need to do is turn up, park in the stoned area and call in at reception on arrival.

Currently a temporary runway is in use until the new main runway is ready.

Edited By Andy Symons - BMFA on 05/05/2017 11:22:32

Thread: Somebody crashed a model plane in to the side of my house
03/04/2017 15:24:31

I am not going to get involved with discussions about liability etc as I don't have enough information and this isn't the place either, I would suggest the OP calls the BMFA office and asks to speak to Manny Williamson who will be able to offer correct advice on how to deal with this. Tel No is 0116 244 0028

Thread: Showline at Power Nationals 2017
21/03/2017 16:40:36

Planning has now commenced for this year’s Showline and an application form for pilots wishing to express an interest in taking part can be downloaded from the link below or obtained directly from the office.


The 2017 Showline will see a two day flying programme featuring some of the UK’s top display pilots.

We look forward to receiving completed application forms.

Edited By Andy Symons - BMFA on 21/03/2017 16:42:01

Thread: BMFA NAtional Centre website launched
20/03/2017 18:19:06


Thread: Visit and Fly at BMFA Buckminster
17/03/2017 22:37:14
For that particular weekend yes. However June 10th and 11th event is for anything.
Thread: BMFA NAtional Centre website launched
17/03/2017 18:27:35

See **LINK**

Edited By Andy Symons - BMFA on 17/03/2017 18:37:15

Thread: Visit and Fly at BMFA Buckminster
17/03/2017 18:24:49

See **LINK**

Be one of the first to visit and fly at your BMFA National Model Flying Centre, have a guided tour of the facilities, look at future plans and ask questions of the National Centre team.

Bring an electric model and be one of the first to fly at BMFA Buckminster.
(Please note runway facilities may be limited and a temporary strip may be in use)

10am to 4pm Saturday & Sunday, £6 flying pass, includes hot drinks and biscuits.

Free for non-flyers.

Pre-booking not required.

BMFA Insurance required

Thread: BMFA Buckminster Early Summer sport fly-in
17/03/2017 18:22:39

Come along and support your National Centre for Model Flying at a weekend of relaxed flying open to all members.

Flying from 4pm Friday 9th June until 7pm Sunday 11th. Camping/caravanning available

See **LINK**

Thread: BMFA Buckminster Summer Show
17/03/2017 18:21:04

Model Flying Airshow with trade presence and catering, indoor swap-meet Sunday (AM), evening R/C sport flying, camping from Friday afternoon, evening bar and catering.

See **LINK**

Thread: The BPC
12/03/2017 19:37:46
Posted by cymaz on 11/03/2017 07:01:51:
Posted by Doug Campbell on 11/03/2017 06:29:23:
Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 10/03/2017 13:57:25:

They weren't excluded without justification. An essential element of the fixed wing A and B tests has always been managing the momentum and energy of the aircraft. For some small and lightweight aircraft this element isn't there. The lower weight limit was a pragmatic and practical way of ensuring the element remains in the test.

You are completely wrong with this assumption. The energy is the same whatever size. It is all down to the wing loading and design. I could show you a 500g fast and light model that a lot of people would have trouble landing on the strip, and also a 5lb model that is so lightly loaded it matches the qualities you decided to exclude.

If what you say is correct maybe the LMA need a PPL to fly as they have so much "energy" to control. Complete poppycock

Maybe Andy meant kinetic energy? Which is work needed to accelerate a body for a given mass. Or potential energy, The energy stored in a body due to its position relative to a zero position e.g. ground.

As I understand it, you can't get rid of energy. Just change it from one state to another. Am I correct?

Edited By cymaz on 11/03/2017 07:05:15

That's how I remember it from my O and A level physics. A 3kg model at 200 feet altitude has a lot more potential energy than a 500gm model at 200 feet and by the time it reaches ground level, assuming no further energy is input to the system it will have a lot more kinetic energy.

Now of course there are different types of 500gm models some nice and slow and some bullet fast with massively varying wing loadings however I think it would be asking a bit too much of examiners to start checking wing loadings, so a lower weight limit was deemed a sensible practical and pragmatic solution. Of course you can debate what that lower weight limit should be until the cows come home but If I recall correctly it was set at 1kg as it would ensure that some energy management was required, didn't exclude too many aircraft and was relatively easy for an examiner to estimate without having to carry scales around, quite easy to estimate in comparison to say a normal bag of sugar for example.

I could of course be wrong but I don't think that is complete poppycock at all. wink

Thread: Dave Tappin
11/03/2017 21:50:20
Dave was definitely a character. Must admit to having a soft spot for him, I will miss pulling his leg a little. RIP Dave
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