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Thread: Royal Wedding No Fly Zone
18/05/2018 20:33:33

I am going to apply a no TV day tomorrow ( Saturday ) I am already fed up with the Wedding and it has not yet started .Good excuse to go flying all day tomorrow and be has far away from the TV has possible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thread: Charging Lipo
11/05/2018 16:30:15

Being an IC man lipo are new to me .I have been charging my Lipo on my charger in the Lipo charging mode ,now I have found a balancing charging mode .I thought charging the Lipo on the charging mode balanced the cells but am I wrong and been charging my lipo wrong and should of been using the balance charging mode smile p

Thread: Sunglasses for rc flying
29/04/2018 10:17:44

With the weather the way it is at the moment you would be better of with snow goggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
28/04/2018 11:51:48

Looks like we gone back into winter here in Lincolnshire .Wet windy and cold .Will the spring ever arrive .Mmmm thing we had our summer last week .That's it now back to wet, dull windy gloomy days crook

Thread: Help need charging a 12V PB battery
12/04/2018 13:09:32

IT is now set at "PB Charge 1.0 a 12.OV (6P ) Does that sound right ?

12/04/2018 11:19:46

The model is" Overlander RC 6- VSP " and I did not set it to 12 v 6 cell .I have now set it to 12v 6 cell and the cut off is 14.7 so that sounds better

11/04/2018 20:29:14

Would it be OK to use my 12 volt car Battery charger or is that a no , no

11/04/2018 15:45:22

I have a 12V ,7.0 Ah battery and I am trying to charge it up on mu Overlander 80 W AC/DC charger .Not sure what is happening .I have set the charger for Pb battery and it is charge OK but now it has reached 18 .v and is discharging the battery it is down to 16.3 volts at the moment but still discharging the battery further .When I take the battery of the charger and connect it to my 12v car battery charger it is showing full charged but when I put it back on the Overlander 80 W ac /dc charger it starts to discharge it again Is this normal or is there something wrong .I have stop charging it at the moment not sure if thing are going right .HELP ( it is set on charging and not set on discharging)

Edited By Rocker on 11/04/2018 15:46:22

Edited By Rocker on 11/04/2018 15:54:58

Thread: What has happened to Spring!!!
01/04/2018 15:16:43

Just lit the wood stove because it is so cold this Easter Sunday ,what has happened to Spring ,Winter refuses to let it's grip go ,Have not been flying for ages because of the cold and wind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!angry

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
17/03/2018 21:56:42

Laser are worth the wait yes

15/03/2018 14:04:02

I will try to get someone to video it ,yes the 180 fly it well on loops it just pulls up without loosing any power .I have a problem with the fuel at the moment .After exactly 6 minutes the engine just cut out .Which to me indicated a problem with the fuel delivery .Took the tank out and found almost a 1/4 of a tank of fuel left in the tank so I have re plumb the tank because it seems the pick up was a bit short It ready to try again but the weather up here is not that good at the moment .Once I get a chance to fly it again I am hoping that will cure the problem I'll let you know

Thread: Durafly Vampire
12/03/2018 21:54:20

Doh,!!!!! Yes thinking about it it is a daft questioned it the same model

12/03/2018 13:14:56

Anyone know if the replacement EDF and motor that Hobbyking have for the Canadian Vampire will fit into the Durafly Vampire Mark 1 .Tried to get an answer from Hobbyking but they did not have anyone available who could answer that questioned.I am confident it will

Thread: Wots Wot XL fuel tank ?
09/03/2018 22:27:21

Just removed the tank and discovered almost half a tank of fuel still left in the tank even though I have empty the tank on the fuel pump .Taken it all apart an re plump it all .Think the pick up fuel line had some how been to short ,think when I tighten the bung up must of pull the feed line or something shorten it Doh !!!!! Seems to work OK now but will have to wait until Sunday to try it out at our field .Fingers crossedfrown

09/03/2018 19:55:49

Can anyone tell me what size fuel tank Ripmax use in there Wots Wot XL kits .I am using the fuel tank that comes with the kit and was thinking of putting a 16oz tank in it but do not want to take it all apart to find out the standard fuel tank is a 16oz tank and I have just wasted my money and brought a tank that is already in it ?

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
09/03/2018 19:44:51

Brilliant the Laser 180 is perfect combination with Wots Wot XL fly it really well and sound better then any 2 stoke petrol Even had someone at our field today came up after I had landed the Wots Wot XL to ask me what engine I had in it .When I told him it was a Laser 180 he replied " Right a Laser should of known .It sounds great "The 180 fly it really well even when you put it into a big loop ,it just powers it round with easy .Well Happy .A perfect model with a perfect engine .Think I might stick a 16oz tank in it the one that came with it is a little bit small Only getting 8 min max flying time at the moment which is fine but like to have a little more fuel in reserve incase I need it

09/03/2018 15:11:19

I have a Wots Wot XL powered by a Laser 180 .I am using the fuel tank that came with the kit ( do not ask me what size it is ,I have not a clue ) I would like to fit a slightly larger tank in the Wots Wot XL ( I am getting about 8 minutes before I have to think about landing )Anyone out there can tell me what size tank would be good to fit in the Wots Wot XL that is power by a Laser 180 ????? ( 10oz,12oz etc )

Thread: Battery for Futaba Tranny T10J
08/03/2018 15:40:21

OK so if a 2000mAh battery will last 1.5X longer that has to be better then the 1200mAh so it would be a no brainer not to put the 2000mAh battery in the tranny and leave the 1200 mAh battery out ????

08/03/2018 11:21:47

The transmitter battery in my Futaba T10J Tranny needs replacing .The battery that came with the tranny is a 4.8 1200mAh battery .I have a brand new 4.8 2000 mAh receiver battery Would this be OK to install into my T10J Tranny or would it be best to buy a new 4.8 12000mAh battery to put in the Tranny .Do not like wasting money ,do not want to buy a new 1200mAh battery if the 2000 would do the job ???

Thread: New Graphene Lipo Battery ?
05/03/2018 21:08:36

Anyone tried the new Graphene lipo battery that are coming on the market .They claim to last longer and do not puff up so quick but are they worth the extra money that they cost .Bit weary of claims they make just to get you to buy them

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