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Thread: OS 40FP silencer wanted
23/05/2018 22:46:02

Chaps thank you

John the existing silencer has 843 written on it. E3030 was the latter replacement.

Percy yes indeed it does. The backup plan is to get two matching asp 32 silencers from just engines.

Bruce I'd consider it sure but what do you want for both and is it definitely the 843?

Thread: RM Aerobat
23/05/2018 22:34:05

Did a dry run on basic wing structure.


Which showed that I had slightly over sized spars. Our undersized slots perhaps. So now I have slightly smaller spars which fit their slots. Servo cable tubes have to go in at this stage too. Also cut a jig strip for the te. All small stuff but needed to be done before moving on.

Thread: Club Facilities
23/05/2018 17:29:29

Our whole field is one big facility as far as the resident sheep are concerned.

Watch where you tread!

Thread: Blackhorse Hurricane 46
23/05/2018 17:24:59

Mike, yes, to all of those, and therein lies the fly in the ointment of the higher current side of things, increased ESC & wiring weight.

But Chris comment related to motor wiring. As did my first reply (disagreement?).

23/05/2018 17:20:49

"Therefore, there is absolutely no reason to choose one option over the other, in terms of flight duration or weight."

Absolutely. Or to put it another way, don't get hung up over cell count, its the lipo weight that counts.

"have we just lost the discipline to throttle back?"

if you didn't throttle back your IC, it still came down in one working piece, after a slightly shorter but faster flight.


Magic smoke!

"However, with an extra cell, there is the capability to have more power when needed, even for just a short portion of the flight"

No. In our hypothetical equal (yet higher cell count) setup you have fitted a correspondingly lower kv motor, to maintain parity with the power of the lower cell count setup. So full power in one is the same as full power in the other.

Simply swapping a lower cell lipo for a higher cell lipo, if the lipo weights are equal, doesn't buy you the "more power".

You could overprop either setup equally well (or with equally smoky results).

23/05/2018 15:45:40


"Am I correct in assuming that a 4S 3000 mAh contains the same amount of energy as a 3S 4000 mAh pack?"

Energy density of lipos is a function of overall weight. Cell count and capacity doesn't figure into it. Our hobby lipos are mostly very consistent in their energy density, especially if you are comparing one cell size of a type and brand with a different cell size of the same type and brand.

So if your 4S3000 Turnigy Zippy weighs the same as your 3S4000 Turnigy Zippy - there's nothing in it.

Chris W

I disagree. Higher current doesn't equal higher losses, because any sensible animal would fit an appropriate motor, an appropriate motor for higher current would have larger wires of lower resistance. It all comes out in the wash, as the saying goes. Or possibly, you don't get something for nothing. You might note losses vary with current squared, but resistance follows a similar law with wire size. Similar to lipos, with the same weight copper in one motor vs another (of same physical dimension but different kv), you won't win one way or the other. Ultimately to get the same power on two different winds, you've got to create the same strength magnetic field with the same amount of copper in the same physical space.

Thread: Tentative return
23/05/2018 14:09:00

I know what you mean. Everyone is desensitised to petrol garden machinery. It is just background. And our little enclave, we have two neighbours running ride on mowers, one running a dumper on occasion, a farm the other way running heavy machinery day in day out, practically everyone using petrol strimmers and trimmers and chainsaws. Can't hear yourself think!

The weird thing is, I almost think that if you ran your glows all the time it would end up being noticed less, because of the "getting used to it" factor!

23/05/2018 13:46:15

'tis a good point you make Percy. We're quieter for it, for sure, and more likely to keep our fields.

My own club is, I would guess, 90% electric only flyers.

And a few of us who fly both electric and glow.

My dad reports a similar situation in his club.

Oddly, I've not seen a glow four stroke at our patch yet. All the glows getting regular airings are 40 size 2s.

There is a bigger electric knowledge base these days than there is glow.

Edited By Nigel R on 23/05/2018 13:49:11

23/05/2018 13:23:53

"So, can I go electric for a 60 size motor?"

You can go electric for a 60cc motor nowadays. Electric has reached parity with glow and petrol for 10 minute flight times.

Can't say I'd personally recommend anything that big as a first setup though. Even a 10cc sized setup is a pushing it for a beginner to the field.

The 200W to 250W setups, however, have a lot going for them for a first time around.

"still tempted to stay with IC."

Four strokes are more common now - DD's recommendation has a lot going for it. Although I'd suggest a .40 size 2 stroke on the Boomerang. Probably an ASP from justengines.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
23/05/2018 10:23:15

"'boaty mc boatface 25cc'."

Gassy McLaserFace?

In seriousness, I think you're there or thereabouts with Laser 25GF. Just watched the video - it looks (and sounds) a fabulous piece of kit. Super low idle, throttle response and reliability to die for and top end power on the 16x8 as the icing on the cake. Well done for pushing development on to this stage in the face of having a day job and moving factory!

Thread: Engine test stands
23/05/2018 09:06:18

All I use is an offcut of constructional 3/4" ply with a slot cut out to fit the engine. Fit some appropriate woodscrews to retain the engine. The ply is screwed to the top of my cheap folding workbench. A couple of screws to retain a tank, pushrod held on by a zip tie or two on the tank. A fresh slot takes about two minutes to make. Never really seen the need for a fancy test stand if I'm honest.

Thread: OS 40FP silencer wanted
23/05/2018 08:50:44

I put a wanted in the classified section, but the wanted ads don't show on the right...

Long shot (possibly), but -

I'm after an #843 silencer, as supplied with the 35 and 40 FP engines.

I already have one 843 and I'm looking to make a matching pair (to go with the pair of 40 FP engines I have). Does anyone have one that could use a home?

Thread: Tentative return
23/05/2018 08:45:34

Welcome aboard Andrew

There's good advice in the posts above. It's a different hobby on the face of it, but ultimately its just different kit doing the same kind of job.

You like to build, that's great, there are still many sources of kit and clobber for us out there. Percy, Piers, David & KC have named a good few sources of kits and plans to get going on. Personally I'm a confirmed outerzone fan - you could build from the old school plans uploaded there and never run out of designs.

If you want to get flying and get your skills up on that side of the hobby, I would suggest the cheapest and quickest and easiest route to getting airbourne is to go with a small(ish) electric powered ARTF like the HK Bixler ( - which is our clubs standard recommended starter plane) or the Boomerang if you want something a touch bigger. However. Small electric setups the size of the Bixler (about equivalent to a 12 or 15 glow) are now unquestionably the kings of convenience, having taken the crown from the 20 or 40 glow 2 stroke some years ago.

And then get busy building something in the shop while you're flying the ARTF yes

Thread: RM Aerobat
23/05/2018 08:28:11

Hi Dave

Good to have you along smiley

Going on the 2D planform, mine will as you say be identical. So perhaps we will call it an Aerobat after all!

An Aerobat Redux, perhaps?

Anyway. Sadly no more photogenic progress, but I have now put bevels on the strip wood where needed, and drawn out the spar & rib locations on my board (it's just a plasterboard sheet on top of my bench, and this model will likely be the last before replacing with a fresh piece). I should have some structure by the next update...

Thread: Making a spinner by "spinning"
22/05/2018 18:09:19

Fabulous, nice one for posting yes

Thread: Parcel Force GRRR!!
22/05/2018 16:34:40

Allow it a couple of days, initiate a claim for undelivered goods.

Thread: Electric Cars.
22/05/2018 16:20:47

Wood stoves are a complete retrograde step and a miniature environmental disaster in the hands of many. Far too easy for the uneducated pubilc to burn low and smoky (inefficiently), burn wet wood, or burn particle board or other low grade crud - essentially treating them as a waste disposal device. None of those grant a long life to the metallic flues now in favour. They're expensive to install and expensive to run compared to a current gas boiler. I'm struggling to see that enough people have them to make their emissions a worthwhile enough chunk of the airbourne nasties, to go about stopping them.

I say all this having two solid fuel stoves running our house - if we could have mains gas we would in a flash. Fitting one of these in a town centre where gas is available is largely romantic dream chasing, in much the same way as your protesters, chasing the-way-we-used-to-be.

Did your anti-chelsea-tractor protestor have a pet by any chance? IIRC a cat or dog contributes far more pollution over their lifespan than a range rover run for ten years, off the back of the production and distribution of pet food alone.

22/05/2018 14:29:22

"It is interesting that Green Peace are more interested in banning IC vehicles"

Blinkered, with agenda.

Heart possibly in right place.

However, I can't help thinking that the total emissions from people running fashionable wood stoves in their lounge, is vanishingly small compared to industrial and vehicle emissions.

And all of this is just buttons compared to what China and other emerging economies are pumping out. Worth bearing in mind that the entire population of USA is what China can accurately refer to as "a rounding error" when measuring their own population.

22/05/2018 14:22:05

"A 15% loss is not trivial,"

That bears repeating.

It's 1/6 of your energy gone up in smoke.

Even 90% is taking the biscuit to get a 30 second vanity driven convenience when parked up charging at home.

The simple solutions are the best.

Thread: Overlander motor/esc set up problems
22/05/2018 14:18:07

"Still rate their motors and will probably use again."

At the risk of being vilified by Overlander fans, I wouldn't. They don't seem to add anything to the product (unlike e.g. providing advice and the customer service that 4-max do).

As I understand it, Tornado Thumper are rebadged XYH motors.

XYH motors are available from other sources (HK orange motors, DYS motors on AliExpress and banggood) at much lower cost.

I do not know if Overlander's flavour of motor has better bearings or tighter QC.

Overlander ESCs are rebadged Hobbywing - available as Turnigy Plush for much lower cost.

I do not know if Overlander's flavour of ESC has better spec'd componentry or tighter QC.

Overlander Lipos do seem to be a cut above the Zippy/Turnigy price range (slightly smaller/lighter for same spec), but you don't half pay for it, and provided you're not doing EDF or another very high current draw setup, the Zippy lipos are champion.

Your mileage may vary.

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