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Thread: spinners and cooling
18/01/2018 20:26:03

When I was working some years ago, the lads in college, on aviation made a wind tunnel

They had an airframe, much like our models

And a smoke tube inside the fuz

The fus was filled with dyed smoke

After approx 8 mph, before 10 mph, the fus, that had glazing, was empty of smoke in milliseconds.

Demonstrating the circulation and evacuation of air in the fus

Edited By Denis Watkins on 18/01/2018 20:27:39

Thread: My Charger, a Vislero A6 will not read the batteries correctly.
18/01/2018 10:31:30

The balance lead pins in the charger need checking for misalignment or folding back or missing from being broken off

Also the output leads for continuity on a meter, and zero resistance.

It is very unlikely that a charger of this quality is faulty

If on mains, check the wall plug for loose internal connection, and check inside the plug top that all connections are tight and earthed

If powered by 12v battery, then the supply volts could be fluctuating, failing, or just not fully charged

Thread: Anhedral tailplane
18/01/2018 10:21:48

Do you know, it could just be that Hanno could fly

You come across these guys now and again at the shows and at the field

They are brilliant to watch

Thread: Mig 29 Colour schemes
18/01/2018 07:36:24

Now that is a scheme Dave

And looks fast, standing still

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
17/01/2018 19:09:27
Posted by Ron Gray on 17/01/2018 18:39:55:

Did a search for Prosynth but it didn’t return anything.

Edited By Ron Gray on 17/01/2018 18:42:30


Thread: spitfire 60 artf CoG
16/01/2018 17:52:34

If it is a high gloss camouflage finish OG, then it is the Hangar 9 Spitfire 60, if that helps

C of G 133mm from leading edge at the wing root, under the cockpit

Edited By Denis Watkins on 16/01/2018 17:54:39

Thread: Coming back after 50 years: bit lost
16/01/2018 16:38:15

The screws on the back should be Allan screws, and not Philips

But if it passed a range test, I would use it.

16/01/2018 12:08:18

Woe HC, the battery will provide power for everything.

None of the wires are redundant, and it sounds like you have hold of the balance lead,

Used in the charging process, and for checking voltage of the pack and individual cells

Use extreme care at this stage until you fathom it out

Thread: Flying towards youself
16/01/2018 10:21:53
Posted by G-JIMG on 16/01/2018 10:11:50:

Back on subject.......

Does anyone use Rudder/Aileron mix on the Tx?

Especially on RTF indoor 16 inch warbirds etc

These can be calmed down considerably with CAR

Coupled aileron and rudder

PS your rudder stick still works independently despite the mix


Edited By Denis Watkins on 16/01/2018 10:29:04

16/01/2018 08:25:39
Posted by Glyn44 on 16/01/2018 08:05:02:

Ok help a duffer. What is “prop it up approach” New terminology to me.

As the model comes towards you, move the aileron stick towards the dropping wing Glynn

As if propping it up

15/01/2018 22:07:18

For landing, no matter whether from the right or the left

That moment when you feel all is level, and the speed has fallen off, but the model is drifting slightly, taking line towards you and the pilots box occupants

Just move the rudder stick gently towards the models incoming direction

And the model will take a new landing line safely away from you

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
15/01/2018 20:24:21

" Rebuilt " Geoff suggests that this motor is run in, but many new parts may need running in, preventing smooth low end yet

Crankcase filling and slowing the motor, especially in cold weather can be overcome by fast tickover held on the throttle stick to keep the motor hot

And going to full chat now and again in the air to clear the fuel

Apologies, but all my motors run on pressure, no matter what make, and they run faultlessly until the summer when we pick up dust and pollen off the runway, and the needle needs wipe

An odd feeling of non positive needle is usually a dirty needle as you have a new plug, the plug is the next culprit

Thread: Spektrum DX10t
15/01/2018 07:24:39

Do you fly Robert?

The trims are to assist setting up level flight of the model

Thread: Rc delta undercarriage
14/01/2018 16:43:00

Brilliant work Cymaz, and you have steering.

You know the mains are behind the C of G, and the pic does look too far forward

But that may just be the viewpoint

Well done to keep this as a trike, as it has caused extra work

Thread: MVVS 90 PORTS
13/01/2018 20:56:00

Talking of backplate

The big end hitting the backplate would easily make the jet black oil

And it is there that you might find a polished surface

If so, the big end and con rod has moved towards the backplate

Is the crankshaft fully home on the bearings ?

You will sort it

13/01/2018 19:54:37

Just for reference, jet black oil is aluminium being rubbed down into the oil, so something is misaligned and wearing away.

On inspection, the offending part will be brightly polished when found and cleaned up.

13/01/2018 17:36:59

wiring diagram for 6 servo e-glider.jpg

Thread: Rc delta undercarriage
13/01/2018 17:05:20

Try Cymaz, if you can, to keep the trike with the nosewheel on the front bulkhead

It is nice, with a delta, to have the wing up in the airstream on the wheels for take off

With the taildragger, you don't have the long moment arm to lift the model

Thread: AS3X receivers
13/01/2018 16:00:23

Oh Pete, welcome to my world

I pay top dollar for everything, then find out later that there is an easier way

I was just the same in the analogue days

13/01/2018 15:12:51

The AS3X is programmed, servo reversed, by cable and app on a smartphone

Needs a smart operator though

Servo reversing cables are quite cheap and an easy solution


Edited By Denis Watkins on 13/01/2018 15:24:18

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