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Thread: Newbie plane choice
25/02/2017 21:05:06

You are in the right ball park Rich, as 3 of my colleagues fly the Radian with the DX6 too.

Let me tell you more, we are members of a Club, and all learned to fly with an instructor under the banner of the BMFA who provide Clubs and Country Members with Insurance

This is the recommended route and you will find a Club in your area on the BMFA Club Map on their internet site.

Do ask more to help you go further

Thread: Avro Vulcan wing section
25/02/2017 20:30:54

Their are a few builds on the forum Neil, but PSSA experts need to comment

An Avro Vulcan with pushers is quite popular


Thread: Sebart Katana 50
25/02/2017 19:36:43

This will help the guys decide Martyn

Wingspan 59.0 in (150cm)
Wing Area 825 sq in.(53.2 sq dm)
Fuselage Length 58.0 in (147cm)
Weight Range 6.60 lb–7.50 lb (3.00–3.40 kg)
Engine/Motor Size 2-stroke glow: .46–.55
4-stroke glow: .72–.82
EP: Power 52
Radio 4+ channel with 6 servos
(5 servos for EP)

Thread: Mitsubishi Zero
25/02/2017 19:31:10

Your blog has had 994 views John, and if many are like me

They look through all the comments, more than once

And often don't feel qualified to comment

And look in detail at the pics that portray many techniques common to any build

The tail, the cowl, flaps, space for the lipos, the motor and all your airfix

Keep entertaining us

Edited By Denis Watkins on 25/02/2017 19:32:41

Thread: Long exhaust-pipe extension for scale model
25/02/2017 12:04:00

There are 2 ways Jon

Propriety threaded elbows and joiners with "bought" pipes, from Just engines


You make everything. Sourcing tube is quite easy, whether silicone from Balsa Cabin or aluminium from the auction site

Let us know your route

Thread: **NEW POLL** - What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
24/02/2017 18:45:18

Big business will tell you guys, you are right

Half the population embraces all things fiddly, and programmable

And half just wants to buy it and use it

This applies to all things technical

Thread: Starting a motor for the first time
24/02/2017 18:40:27

Idles OK as you say Manny,

One thing at a time

Open anticlockwise the low needle 1/8 turn

And retune the High Needle next,

While running

Clockwise in leaner, maybe 3 clicks

Try that

Thread: Poded Motor mount hunt
24/02/2017 14:49:02

Built up version Tim, looks adequate


Thread: charge voltage
24/02/2017 09:58:48

Can you see from what Ken provided Andrew

You can either user set

Or Auto set, where you provide the amps charge, and base this on your pack for e.g 2 A

That is a cracking looking little charger Andrew

Thread: Starting a motor for the first time
24/02/2017 09:18:13

My head on the chopping block again Manny

There is a great deal of oil about at idle, so the risks of " lean idle " are far less than the high risk of leaning out on the main needle.

My point being, do a quick "blow" set on the low needle

As you know, put a pin down the barrel and carefully close the barrel to the pin

Blow down the clean fuel pipe, and screw in the low needle to shut the air off

While blowing pressure, screw the low needle out until air is just heard and stop turning

This is your "ball park" low end setting, and is close to lean

But at this idle speed, their is plenty of oil about to take care of the motor while you make further micro adjustments.

Edited By Denis Watkins on 24/02/2017 09:19:16

23/02/2017 21:36:50

No expert was coming forth John

And I am so glad you did to clarify SBus


23/02/2017 20:12:00

OK, Luke, All servos are the same and will work with either, its just the board specs and tolerances are tighter on sbus servos.

The work is done by reducing wiring by the hub

And the sbus receiver.

Thread: You May Call It Bodging, I Call It Engineering A Solution!
23/02/2017 20:03:17

Heat shrink would work, genius Gangster

Thread: Meeting in Italy
23/02/2017 20:00:29

Giuseppe, I will be in Garda in July, that's as near as I get

23/02/2017 19:20:33

The innovative Futaba S.Bus system lets you unleash your flight system's full potential and cut down on cable clutter at the same time. It uses digital serial data communication technology to transmit control signals between your receiver and servos.

23/02/2017 19:19:24


Thread: You May Call It Bodging, I Call It Engineering A Solution!
23/02/2017 18:11:03

Oh David

What a faff you had, I have another faff for you

You can buy 10 mm ID ally tube and it is tight on the carb,

The new 10mm tube is usually 12 mm OD

Put in the lathe and turned down to 11mm

Can any of the old carb be salvaged?

I will look in my workshop later to see if I have an 11mm carb, keep you posted


Edited By Denis Watkins on 23/02/2017 18:11:36

Edited By Denis Watkins on 23/02/2017 18:21:15

Thread: How accurate is Phoenix 5.5.1
23/02/2017 15:45:24

At the bottom are

User model downloads

23/02/2017 15:44:18

And this

23/02/2017 15:42:55

Gee Whiz Sam, let's try this

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