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Thread: Taranis Failsafe
25/07/2017 07:56:48

This is why I would never set "HOLD" Chris, with a stabiliser fitted.

Even with leveling, the model will come down with normal failsafe "throttle to idle"

Thread: Saito exhaust repair
25/07/2017 06:30:20

This has all been discussed on this site before Neville,

And their is a chap that fits an insert available very reasonably priced

And I cannot find the thread, but will

Search helicoil, with a view not to fitting one, as in that thread is the new insert guy

Found it

Posted by Justin K. on 30/04/2017 06:58:33:

I can thoroughly recommend Peter , his service is first class and the cost extremely reasonable. I had partial thread damage and didn't need an insert , he sent internal pictures of the head & thread and even test ran the engine for me , first class.




Edited By Denis Watkins on 25/07/2017 06:36:16

Thread: Servo horn needed
24/07/2017 19:12:25

£2.95 Stevo

Thread: Wot 4 Foam-E Flaperon advice needed.
24/07/2017 16:56:39

Flaperons can be fun Vic, and although I would not recommend them in your case, I will answer your question as 25 degrees as a starting point

I think you could float the Wot 4 in ok in that distance without flaps but as you say there may be rough terrain unknown to me.

For me, Flaperons are better on a craft with some authority and weight, and even then they are not best case scenario

Go ahead with your experiment and report to us as it may be a blinding success

Thread: DX6e &Safe Technology
24/07/2017 14:58:01

Use the CH 5 for 3position switch A, as the DX5e instructions

Using the long trainer switch for panic, as this stays on to switch on all 3 axis


Use the instruction for the DX6i for setting the mode mixes

I am only doing what owners do by reading the manual

Mixing, switch selection, channels by switch 5 and 6 on a 6 channel Tx are just the same procedure on other makes

The programming of transmitters is similar with all makes Frankie, we mostly want similar results at the receiver end of things,

The DX6e is just another 6 channel transmitter

The logic you learn now will go forward with you in the future

Woops, I meant to add, yes Frankie forget dual rates for now, too much faffing when you should be flying

Just set up reasonable surface movements in the region of 10 mm

And get the C of G right

Edited By Denis Watkins on 24/07/2017 15:20:39

Thread: 12 mm prop shaft?
24/07/2017 14:05:17

When you think Tim, a small .40 IC transfers a much smaller amount of power through a 10mm nut

A 12mm shaft on such a powerful motor becomes logical

A 18" boss would more easily drill out at 12mm, than sloping ream

Thread: DX6e &Safe Technology
24/07/2017 13:59:20

Page 11 of the Hobbyzone Cub manual online

Has all the alternate transmitter settings Frankie

24/07/2017 10:26:02

The DX6e will assign any of the switches to any function

From memory, SAFE has 3 settings, so 3 way switch, top left front is a 3 way

And currently set INH inhibited, it needs to be set ACT activate and assigning to the AUX auxiliary SAFE channel

In the manual about page 28 to 30 ish the switch settings

Thread: Can I make a silencer less noisy
24/07/2017 07:31:31

The silencers we use are a compromise in order to be light weight enough for us to fly.

But they really need to be at least twice the thickness and volume as those supplied.

This would make them more costly and heavy.

The fix was as you say to wrap the existing silencer which adds weight and can become unsightly.

Fibre glass and tape has been used, but often slips off due to oil and heat.

An ideal situation would be a casting with two times the wall thickness and a greater internal volume.

Another way is thick bore tube with welded ends and suitable manifold fitted

Thread: Servo horn needed
23/07/2017 20:59:27

Or Bolt one of these to the end of a regular long servo horn

I found this is the Robotics section of Hi Tec


Edited By Denis Watkins on 23/07/2017 21:01:52

23/07/2017 20:43:58

Stevo, you can make these from Paxolin or PCB board as we know it

You can even get predrilled printed circuit board with very little work to do

Thread: Destroyed Drone
23/07/2017 17:44:24

Registration is amusing but this does not come free of charge

New car registration costs £55

And to register our selves with a passport cost £72.50

I reckon drones and fixed wing should cost us about £60 each

And I currently own 9 models.

23/07/2017 08:16:27

The model may have flown miles Ted, to finish up where you found it.

At least you tried, with the best intentions.

Hindsight would be the addition of a postcode, or a BMFA number for more privacy.

There is no foolproof action that you could have taken, perhaps hang on to the model and try social media a suggested.

Thread: Aileron differential
22/07/2017 21:36:16

Some explanation of differential can be seen on many aircraft including jets that do not even have a down aileron at all.

These aircraft have ailerons above the wing, and one aileron at a time lifts into the airstream to initiate the turn.

Many years ago, before computer radio, the kit built Flair Harvard/AT6 had a single servo built into the wing with instructions to set the servo off set for differential before sheeting and covering., more up than down aileron


Edited By Denis Watkins on 22/07/2017 21:37:34

22/07/2017 19:57:35

As you say, it is simple to do with 2 channels on the Tx through 2 servos.

Servo travel is selected on the Spektrum, and most other makes

22/07/2017 19:10:05

A Y lead suggests one servo Trebor, as suggested, you select a circular servo disc and set your linkages beyond the centre line.

I find it easiest to fit ball joints, and turn each bit by bit to make the final adjustment

Be aware the greater differential is made where the connections to the servo disc are very close together, beyond centre

Thread: whats safest and why
21/07/2017 18:50:18

'B' contravenes all advice, recommendations, and common sense Andy.

Those at your place doing the decision making cannot be flyers

Thread: Lipo Bags Rule OK!
21/07/2017 16:37:49

When heavy bombers passed over a target, the 1st bombs blew the roofs off,

But subsequent bombing did little damage as the blast was not contained

So relieving some pressure should do the trick

Thread: Are flight stabilisers the answer to landing in gusty wind?
21/07/2017 11:16:46

Ah but, even in crosswinds, the stabiliser gives you the opportunity to fly in on the throttle

In light wing conditions, the stabiliser is almost imperceptible, and mostly can be left switched off

Switched off, you can get on with aerobatics

But on "no fly" windy days, you can just switch on and get flying.

Any Non inbuilt receiver stabiliser, can be wired to your favourite " bullet proof" receiver

Thread: Spray painting camouflage pattern
20/07/2017 21:58:06

The beauty of the Spitfire goes without saying, and the Albatros was among my first Airfix builds, being so attractive,

But LOOK at that Lanc Pete, it amazes me just how beautiful they are, and enormous by any standard, and on one

Particular day in history, a pilot climbed into that enormous machine believing he could fly it, how brave they were, and they did fly them.

The Lanc is special, lovely camo

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