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Thread: Irvine 53 Mounting Footprint
26/09/2017 07:47:39

Yes the AX, SC, OS, ASP and Irvine are on 17.5mm mounting hole centres

And 44mm beam mount centres

Edited By Denis Watkins on 26/09/2017 07:49:39

Thread: electric power remote cut off?
25/09/2017 21:39:20

You may have seen this on a previous post, it is very common now

download (1).jpg

25/09/2017 20:55:45

Close proximity magnetic switch, or wireless electronic Phil?

Thread: Programming Typhoon delta and Canards
24/09/2017 18:00:31

I have no clue how this is done with 4 channels Geoff, as am now on my 3rd canard, I will relate some pointers.

The canard does act like an elevator, but this surface action is acute on the up and down motion of the model, and the balsa aircraft I fly have half the movement up front than that set on the rear elevator.

This is achieved mechanically by two pushrods on the same servo arm, the rear pushrod is nearer the centre of the servo arm, and the forward canard on the outer hole of the same arm. So one channel is used and no mixes and no expo on elevator on any aircraft I own.

I hopes this helps as it negates mixing or an extra channel occupied.

But the mixing solution would be interesting

Thread: Gyro on delta
24/09/2017 09:05:11

With any stabiliser, the servos are plugged into the relevant sockets marked aileron, rudder and elevator.

An extra socket is usually provided for on/off on Aux1 channel.

If the stabiliser is not also a receiver, then bridge leads are used to connect each output, where the servo connection came from

So some of the stabiliser can be used on some axis if all surfaces do not have individual servos

Stabilise those surfaces that you can

Thread: Transmitters for DSMX indoor receiver/servo modules
23/09/2017 21:23:28

The only thing I dislike about the DX6e is the lack of a buddy socket, so their is a FAFF making up a USB

Wireless connection to fly the Phoenix flight sim on your computer.

Telemetry is always good for flight the battery monitor alone, and wireless buddy to other specky Tx

Am still a fan of the no fuss useful DX6i

Thread: Understanding Watt Meters
23/09/2017 21:11:56

Just from the IC point of view, with a .40 plain bearing possibly giving 900w

Props on a .40 would ideally be 10 x 6, maybe 11 x 6 for noise reduction, but if an FP then plain bearing.

Will be watching with interest how the prop size evolves

Edited By Denis Watkins on 23/09/2017 21:15:28

Thread: Are we being ripped off
23/09/2017 18:56:45

I don't have family all over the world, but just in 3 countries, where they have business connections.

The feedback is a very positive with high regard for the UK

In that importers get "top dollar" for their goods in the UK

We are prepared to pay more

Thread: Ben Buckle kits
23/09/2017 14:13:57

That's a nice Precedent T180 I think David

Thread: 4 in 1 ESC.
23/09/2017 10:56:08

Wow Eric, I thought you were just going to try a brushless ESC. Apologies

The ESC will treat the 4 motors as one output, but as with all things electrical, the least path of resistance,

One motor may set off before the others, but experiment and balance them up

23/09/2017 09:47:14

There are brushed motor ESCs Eric, with normal 2 wire feeds and you need then do the arithmatic to fit in with your need.

Thread: Gyros for Futaba Gear
23/09/2017 09:21:42

Franks Orange suggestion will be least intrusive addition to your gear,

No matching up or moving away from Futaba

Just fit the Orange unit between your servos and receiver via male to male leads

23/09/2017 06:50:37

It is really very simple Andrew, and you can keep your Futaba gear as add on stabilisers can be connected

to your receiver via 4 male to male extension leads.

4 leads are for on/off, Aileron, Rudder, Elevator

There is very little room in most foamies but if used, the stabiliser is fitted horizotally on the floor of the model and jump leads to your existing receiver.

These are 3 axis stabilisers and micro stabilisers are available

Thread: Transmitters for DSMX indoor receiver/servo modules
22/09/2017 22:00:50

DSM2 is still claimed by E Flite on all their products

This is from The Convergence Manual

This product requires an approved Spektrum™ DSM2®/DSMX® compatible
transmitter. Visit www.bindnfl for a complete list of approved transmitters.

Thread: Mini Wot 4 or something else?
22/09/2017 20:04:11

Take the Expo out altogether Buster, it is like flying it with an on/off switch on the controls with expo

Go do keep the small movements on the surfaces

And try flying on rudder/elevator for a few circuits, it is much calmer.

This flatwing small model exhibits all the textbook traits of this size, twitchy

Edited By Denis Watkins on 22/09/2017 20:18:40

Thread: Hobby King Global Warehouse.
22/09/2017 18:06:02

The Global postage on that item is £16.32 Erfolg.

It needs a Carrier

As it is classed as Dangerous Goods

Carrying an onboard battery


Edited By Denis Watkins on 22/09/2017 18:07:29

Thread: Prop to Fuselage clearance
22/09/2017 10:19:53

Go with your plan Chris, a miss is a miss. As long as the prop is free to rotate.

Ground clearance of course, is another matter, and related to bumpy ground, and hard or soft undercarriage.

A 1 inch ground clearance can work, but is easily adjusted at the building stage.

Thread: Transmitters for DSMX indoor receiver/servo modules
22/09/2017 08:18:41

The DX6i John, will acquire all your DSM2 receivers, and your DSMX gear

It is internally programmable to Mode 1,2,3, and 4

The sticks are easily set to the Chosen mode, without moving springs, and simply turning Philips screws

The DX6i will by buddy lead, join to another DX6i on any Mode !

A Mode 1 Instructor can buddy a Mode 2 novice, or vice versa.

Yes, John, select the Tx with the X in the bottom right of the screen


Edited By Denis Watkins on 22/09/2017 08:21:39

21/09/2017 21:04:47

Look for a DX6i John

It will fly all your models and has 10 model memory

Thread: Petrol motors, magneto or CDI ignition.
21/09/2017 17:06:59

Modellers are usually " Handy " too, and as the inadequate silencer provided usually fits

Then why not add some pipes and baffling to what you buy.

There is usually a welder/brazer in most clubs

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