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Thread: Range check and signal loss
26/05/2017 14:50:27

From that tone alone, is this not someone that we already know and love ?

And yes Chris, review your DSMX/ DSM2 setting

26/05/2017 08:27:05

Hi Chris, there is not a great deal of room in the Habu, and aerial shielding can be an issue.

Also, check the tx aerial is not disconnected inside the tx as it press studs onto the PCB.

Also constant handing can snap the Tx aerial.

Try to feed the long RX aerial away from wiring and battery, a difficult task, or resite the RX best you can

Edited By Denis Watkins on 26/05/2017 08:27:52

Thread: Name
26/05/2017 05:30:31

That U/C is on backwards Matty.


Thread: Hobbyking BFG 2600 problems
26/05/2017 05:28:47


Thread: Delta 362
25/05/2017 21:51:12

Following with interest Martin, lovely job.

My 2 Deltas have no down or side thrust, but do have 1 to 2 mm of reflex

Practice main wheel landings 2 mistakes high in the air Martin, this worked for me.

Not gliding in as you realise, but with a healthy traction from the prop, high alpha controlling decent with throttle, all done and repeated at height 1st. Correct prop pitch selection can help with low speed handling

Thread: Hobbyking BFG 2600 problems
25/05/2017 18:02:29

Beat me to it Martian

Hobbyking BFG 2600 page, in files, manual

C of G is along the wing joiner at the wings thickest part

Edited By Denis Watkins on 25/05/2017 18:03:39

Thread: creating accurately sprung scale U/C
24/05/2017 17:26:01

Same here Ken, these posts are an inspiration, and must generate orders too, myself included, I will be in touch when I can finalise drawings.


Thread: Taranis x9d plus Transmitter
24/05/2017 15:26:35

The S6R is able to switch on and off through the other channel of your choice when the switch is activated

Thread: Strange issue with Hitec 311 servos
24/05/2017 08:42:05

Jon, use the Tx monitor to check for off centre, to be sure

I used to think these monitors were just bling, but they are a true read out of the gimbals

The monitor will show if the Tx is not centering,

Then we know it is the servo pots are dirty

Thread: Fedex tracking
23/05/2017 21:01:30

Martin, when you buy, then Fedex is quoted as making contact etc for delivery.

Are you expecting a delivery?

As someone will know when you are in, or you are OUT? Dodgy

Thread: ESC or Motor issue? Pulsing, stuttering?
23/05/2017 07:58:58

Keith, if you get time, prepare a lipo at storage charge 50 - 60%, then hook this up for the tests.

Does it run OK now?

Thread: What engine for a maxford Cub?
22/05/2017 20:09:58

Am agreeing VC, a 40 surpass will fly it, and have an 11 x 5 prop handy if the take off run gets marginal, am only thinking of my thick grassed bumpy runway pock marked by horses, but your runway may be better suited.


22/05/2017 19:13:48

As teenagers VC, we flew conservative models and worked out that every 0.08 capacity would fly 1 lb.

Therefore 0.16 flew 2lb, or a .40, (0.08 x 5) will fly 5lb.

Thread: Black Horse Percival Provost - any experiences?
22/05/2017 09:44:25

The tyre is just ahead of the leading edge lads


Thread: Civilian Coupe (1932)
22/05/2017 06:10:39

Exceptional stuff Tim

Give this machine a nice smooth progressive throttle roll out, with tail lifted for yards, letting the wing do all the work, leaving the ground behind, wow

Thread: Glossary - your forum needs you!
22/05/2017 05:55:16

Flight Mode is easiest explained for gliders, but used for any flying machine. A number of flying trims and set ups can be assigned to the same glider for different wind speed conditions

Or a foamie shock flyer set for indoor, outdoor.

it is just a group of set ups for the same model

Thread: Stuka Siren
21/05/2017 19:50:30

A shop bought piezo siren is easily switched on and off electronically and is the economic route to take.


Thread: Precedent Hi-Boy series II
21/05/2017 09:04:20

Apologies Neil, Outer zone provide many Precedent plans free downloads, and I saw Fly Boy before realising yours was Hi Boy.

Thread: Farewell
21/05/2017 06:52:18

There are few enough strong contributors to the forum to loose one.

Loosing interest is one thing, and may have come about, but

If it is a matter of " principle ", then that is an even worse reason to drag you away, as life is too short.

You made your rules Gonzo, now you change them to help us

Thread: Precedent Hi-Boy series II
20/05/2017 20:19:15


Edited By Denis Watkins on 20/05/2017 20:21:30

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