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Thread: Battery problem
21/04/2018 13:23:20

Yes on input lead

Crocodile clip for 12v battery supply, or onto mains unit

21/04/2018 08:01:20

Agreed with Martin

The B6 is a very versatile little charger with leads provided, and auto shut off

20/04/2018 22:11:19

Nimh packs should not be overheated or left overnight. They charge at 1/10th C

It sounds like the charger you have is the low output wall charger that is normally used

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
19/04/2018 09:14:07
Posted by Chris Walby on 18/04/2018 22:17:15:

Noise test today with the Dual Ace (twin 70's) and it failed at 85dB (needs to be 82)

The airframe is not helping as it resonates being balsa open structure with covering.

Advice a

  1. Do something to the airframe to stop it "drumming" so much?


Bath sponges Chris

In the open spaces, especially the tail

Cheap sponges weigh nothing from the £1 shop, you get 2 or 3 in a packet

Also, I know people Hate this one, and I will be berated

But Soft Mount the motors, it halves the noise

Edited By Denis Watkins on 19/04/2018 09:16:14

19/04/2018 07:00:12

Link Bert


Thread: Wing dropping
17/04/2018 22:29:11


Check out the fin assembly geometry, and for integrity

That nothing is able to move or be slack in elevator or rudder

Thread: Maxford USA Albertros D.Va IC Installation Videos
17/04/2018 21:49:38
Posted by PETER BRUCE - Eastchurch Gap on 17/04/2018 20:51:16:

Just for interest the spinner is only vac formed plastic and will break on the first nose over and the Albatros spinner is quite unique and you can’t get anything similar off the shelf so I am looking at metal spinning a new one - they did it with real planes so why not with a model... research is on going to see the feasibility and best way forward but maybe a few months before I can submit details - that’s if anyone is interested. Regards Peter

Done here Peter


Thread: Wing dropping
17/04/2018 19:17:44

Like you Bert, I maiden a few and invariably trim right, some rudder, and some aileron

On getting back down we check lateral balance more precisely, and two out of three will need a small screw in the right wingtip.

Most certainly torque reaction too, but correctly propped, and trimmed for cruise unless a 3D, usually sorts it

Daft as it may sound, recheck the C of G with a fellow lifting each wing tip,

Often I find they slightly lean back at the field when they assumed spot on at home

Edited By Denis Watkins on 17/04/2018 19:19:22

Thread: XT Deans connectors
17/04/2018 11:40:48

Perfect reply for all of us Ian, so many forms of connector, thanks

Thread: Hobby King
17/04/2018 08:24:49
Posted by TJ Alexander on 16/04/2018 23:13:54:

I have a problem with HK at the moment. I did a decent sized order, and parts came from UK, Europe, and the Far East. I have two of the packages, but one didn't turn up, and the tracking details are missing online. I needed to speak to Royal Mail about it first to check they weren't holding on to one I didn't get a card for, but I will be in touch tomorrow, and see how I get on.

Have done this a few times TJ, with multiple order from HK from 3 warehouses, and one can take a couple of weeks.

The orders have always been completed.

Thread: Multiplex Extra 330S vs. 300S
14/04/2018 15:44:24

Always difficult for comparisons Charles, as for one individual to have both models would be rare

As they are so similar

There are hundreds of models available and I believe this is why there is not a quantity of owners available for comment

Thread: HobbyKing Teksumo
13/04/2018 17:03:17

The video is on the same product page as the Teksumo Ron

13/04/2018 14:20:57

Watch the video on Hobbyking Ron

He mentions the control rods, but he speaks too fast for me

The model is very compact and lightweight, so am guessing the wing joint is not an issue

Thread: Hobby King
12/04/2018 21:02:26

SuperHuman, that's what the person on the phone would need to be

To have knowledge of 10s of thousands of items of stock

Imagine the diversity of requests just 10 of us would make

Email works for me too

They always reply

Thread: Help need charging a 12V PB battery
12/04/2018 13:38:51

12v 7mah is most likely a sealed gel cell

They are OK, but are designed for trickle charging,

Does the battery have Pb on the causing Rocker?

A lead acid will have Pb stamped upon it.

Ideally 1/10th C charge, one tenth capacity being 700mah charge

Assuming some charge is in the battery, then 1A for 7 hours will be too long

Is the charger auto shut off.

To make the battery useful a 1A 12v charge will revive the battery but it needs close attention

11/04/2018 21:29:41

OK Rocker, just this once

The gel cell is rated 7ah so max 7 hours at 1 amp, minimum 10 hours at 700mah

If the gel cell gets more than mildly warm then stop to cool it down

Thread: Instruction Manuals How Useful?
11/04/2018 14:54:24
Posted by onetenor on 11/04/2018 13:10:12:

Amusing . Some joker eh!? Speaking of instruction manuals I have been presented with a Hi mobile phone with no instructions except a picture pointing out where the 2 Sim cards go and the battery. Beyond that you are on your own, There is one page that shows about 20 symbols but i only recognise 2 any help appreciated. Many features but I can't use most of them . An instance is the camera. I can take pics but when i come to up load them it says "Camera card locked " Would inserting the second Sim cure it?Anybody know?

Edited By onetenor on 11/04/2018 13:34:04

On the edge of some sim cards is a slide switch

Just slide it the opposite way to unlock

Thread: New MOT Test From May 20th.......
11/04/2018 10:08:16
Posted by Mike Etheridge 1 on 11/04/2018 10:02:59:

I am beginning to feel a bit apprehensive about the test as my car is a turbo-diesel and it also has headlight washers. It seems necessary to give it a blast out first on a motorway before taking it for an MOT as I can confirm if it is used on short Journeys it can smoke somewhat if the the throttle is hit hard. Having paid £20,000 for it twelve years ago I shall be most upset if it fails an MOT as it has only done 62,000 miles.

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 11/04/2018 10:04:01

The Test Station dont hit the throttle hard Mike

and do bring the motor up to temperature before testing

Have it warmed up by all means

Have you been behind a bus lately?

Thread: Instruction Manuals How Useful?
10/04/2018 10:17:02

Like others, a club requirement is motor stop, engine kill switch

Whichever model, electric, glow or petrol

And is achievable whatever model

Thread: Acro Wot build advice
10/04/2018 09:13:26
Posted by Neil Collett on 09/04/2018 22:09:09:
Posted by Jonathan M on 09/04/2018 21:58:16:
Sorry to hear about the Challenger Neil. Any suspected reason why signal was lost? Fully charged TX and RX batteries? Battery lead connection? Poor RX antenna location - did you do a range test before first flight of the day?

No range check before, which should have been done, so my bad, although the model was about 250ft away when it seemed to lose radio signal, which being fairly close I don't think it could be that, but you never know. I had put new batteries (4xAA) in the TX, I say new, but had been sitting in the garage for about 6 months, they were reading 5.8 Volts, but I'm wondering there could have been a voltage drop, enough to lose signal for a couple of seconds.

least likely is a wing servo wire got caught round the servo and stopped it.

I'm going to buy a lipo pack for my Spektrum DX6 as I don't trust AA batteries anrel

Keep it in mind Neil, rechargeable cells are 1.2v per cell total 4.8v

Where dry cells are 1.5v per cell total 6v

Old dry cells may be suspect, but fresh dry cells should last you the whole season

And totally reliable when the usual routine is followed

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