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Thread: Acro Wot mk2 artf electric advice plz
06/12/2017 22:41:04


Having just stepped up to the ARTF Acro Wot from a Wot4 foamie (and lots of practice on simulator). I am flying it with the recommended Quantum 55 600kv, but with only 4s 4250 35C and a 13x8 APC thin electric prop. It is airborne in 25ft, flys well, sports mode at 3/4 throttle and draws 39 amps when static at full throttle. Approx max 550 watts - up to 12 minute flights at average 60% throttle. Battery cold on landing.

For the Quantum 55 on 5s I think the recommended prop is an electric 12x8.

The high current on 6s suggests that you are using too "big" a prop. At 800 watt it should be ballistic at around 3kg weight.

My suggestion is to change your prop to an Electric 12x6 (APC £4.99 most places). You should be aiming at low 30 amps and getting longer flights.

Hope this helps.





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06/12/2017 19:37:27

Hi Glenn

What prop are you using?

Thread: Smooth Operator
06/12/2017 08:54:19

I suspect this will be regarded by many as heracy, but would the SO convert "fairly easily" to dark side power?

Off to hide!

Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
04/12/2017 18:09:41

If you haven't flown one before a word of caution. On takeoff when applying power it likes to turn left! Right rudder as necessary keeps it straight. Much more noticeable than on smaller foamie models I had previously flown.

04/12/2017 17:28:56

I glued an ARTF Balsa Acro Wot together a few months ago. I used the standoff mounts from the Ripmax electric set straight onto the ply and power is the Quantum 55, is seems solid as a rock and the plane flies nicely. The latest ARTF has a quarter inch lip cut out under the ply to allow the battery to go in on a sled from the underneath.



Hope these help. The little stick you can see at the back of the hatch is a half inch bit of cocktail stick, drilled hole and gorilla glued to help in getting the hatch out. Those little magnets are stronger than you think! By fluke when I cut the cowl it was slightly narrower than the hatch so there is no way (so far) it can come out other than by lifting the rear of the hatch.


Thread: BN2 Islander, Refurb blog
17/11/2017 11:29:58

Enjoying each posting. You will need a bit of a blow if you want to slope it with that wing! Looking forward to the rest of the restoration.

Thread: Powered Glider Recomendation
12/11/2017 20:35:04

Hi Andrew. Bearing in mind your original "fun" requirement I would say that if you already have 2200 3S batteries look no further than either the Blaze or Lightning. Both can fly either fast or slow, start with small throws and both will progress to nippy fully airobatic fun machines both for around £120 ex receiver and battery. If you want a proper thermal soaring glider you are into bigger more expensive machines. I have a Radian Pro and a Lightning. The lightning goes in the car every time, the Radian when the weather suits soaring. Hope this gives you food for thought.



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Thread: DOH!
02/11/2017 19:25:07

It's only two years since I came back to the hobby so new to the DOH. 2 good tries so far.

Foamie Wot 4. - plugged in the aileron leads to receiver and had the good idea of checking the ailerons so put the wing on with only a couple of turns of the wing bolt. Trannie on, lipo connected, all fine. Got distracted. You guessed, Very fast takeoff run, pull hard back on elevator, 10ft up, major nose dive into terra firma. New fuz.

ARTF Acro Wot. Simple installation of horizontal stabiliser. Spent an hour getting the seating right and parallel to the wing, marked and took off the cover. Checked the fit again, got nervous as first time use of 5 min epoxy. Decided it would be easier with the fuz cradled fin down so turned it over. Epoxy mixed, applied, stabiliser slid in and measured nose to both tips and visual check from the front. Sigh of relief then noticed lovely yellow, white red pattern just like on top of the wing. 5 min epoxy 4 minutes gone! DOH, Fortunately I actually like a solid yellow back to the Acro Wot. Flys well unless there are other DOHs keeping quiet, it should be unique, so if you see it passing, come and say hello.

Isn't there a law that says if something can, it will. DOHs Law?

Thread: TN 134" Lancaster build
22/10/2017 20:50:32

To be able to see what you have done in the last 3 months and are doing is a privilege. Your recent wing rivet pic brings home what a labour of love you are undertaking. Total respect.

Thread: Build logs - a dying art?
21/10/2017 20:33:28

As a silent follower all I can say to all those who who post a big thank you.

Two years ago I started screwing foamies together and subsequently learning repair techniques and how best to use gorilla glue. Reading build blogs this year gave me the courage and confidence to build a dark side ARTF Acro Wot in April. Flys well thanks to tips picked up and understanding how much you need to think ahead at all stages of putting planes together.

Oh yes, lastly thanks for the humour!

Thread: Caption competition!
19/09/2017 17:00:03

You can't stay in there all day, maiden time!

Thread: Decisions - Blaze or Blizzard?
04/09/2017 12:38:39

I got a Lightning earlier this year as a practice machine prior to moving up from Wot4 foamie level to heavier planes.

Now first plane in the car whatever the weather. Flown by a number of club mates who like standard tail over Blaze V.

2 club mates bought after flying. Fast flying aeros and soaring possible off flat field site. Minimum 15 minute flights on Overlander 3S 2200. Fits easily into fuz, just don't go for high rates on first flight unless experienced.

Not sure where you are getting prices, two of three places quickly checked Lightning £120, Blaze £115-130!

Will buy another if and when!

Thread: What's flying over your house
24/08/2017 15:32:27

Re Kaman - pictures available on website, Latest News. Plane refuelled Leeds on its way Switzerland Keswick, Lake District.

24/08/2017 15:03:19

Hadn't seen one before but think it was a Kamen K-MAX flying over the house at 500 ft, west to east, 3 miles west of Leeds Bradford airport approx 15:00 23/8/17. The twin rotors don't half make an unusual noise!

Thread: Acro Wot mk2 artf electric advice plz
29/07/2017 16:18:15

I could see the same problem before I started on the tray but dealt with as follows.

I cut out a section of the lower cowl, Dremel milling cylinder, rounded corners slightly wider than tray but not as wide as removable hatch cover which slips in about 5mm under the back edge of the uncut cowl sides and will stop it coming out if it ever came loose in flight. This allows the battery on a sled strapped on with insulation tape, to go in as parallel to the tray as possible.

Overlander 4s 4250 depth 34, width 41, length 133 easy fit, but for progression to 5s 41,41,133 I have shaved a couple or mms off the former over the tray, mid battery. Clearance checked by trying to install the 4s on its side.

6 trouble free flights so far, the 50mm wide, 20 mm deep opening left when the hatch cover is in place seems to allow more cooling air in as the battery has come out of the plane stone cold after all flights so far, the opening in the underneath behind the wing will prevent pressure build up inside the fuz.

Other than that everything went together as per the instructions and a bit of thinking before each step (1st make, all bolt together foamies previously). Only non instruction work needed, 3 hours with covering iron sticking everything down, 2 hrs before first flight then another hour after it sat in sun and every bit not already smoothed, shrunk etc bubbled or went slack!

Be prepared!

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