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Thread: Electric Cars.
21/05/2018 08:01:18

The whole recharging "thing" is a nail waiting to be hit on the head.

Anything which needs to be physically plugged in and left unsupervised for unspecified numbers of hours, is not really going to emerge as a practical or winning solution. . . Picture the scene where someone arrives home. it is winter, it is freezing-cold and dark outside, the wind is blowing and the rain is lashing down. Now add a couple of young kids to the scene who are eager to get indoors, but you still need to fumble around with a cable and hook it up to your car to recharge it overnight in readiness use the next day. . Methinks this is a game which could very quickly lose its appeal.

Even if you have the convenience of private, off-street parking, the slavish ritual of recharging will become a pain at the very least. . . Those who do not have off-street parking are going to struggle.

I am prepared to be impressed with electric cars, but it hasn't started yet.


Thread: Radio systems
19/05/2018 07:48:16

I have been in this hobby (flying R/C) for over 54 glorious years, and during that time I have witnessed any number of people crashing their aeroplanes left, right and centre.

Human nature dictates that as soon as a treasured model crashes, its proud owner declares "radio interference". Sometimes he is right and sometimes (mostly) it is "dumb thumbs". It isn't too difficult to tell them apart if witnessing a crash.

Spektrum is the radio which everyone loves to hate, and I guess no matter how many words are written in support of it, people will have their entrenched views whether they are right or wrong.

So when a model crashes and it has Spektrum radio equipment inside, it is a wonderful opportunity to add to the tales of woe for that marque. . . Strangely, when a model crashes and it has Multiplex or Futaba, or any other make of radio (and it happens a lot), people are reluctant to publicly slag-off their radio.

For example, I was at a site a while ago and three aircraft were flying. One had Multiplex, one had Futaba and one had Spektrum DSMX radio. Very suddenly, two of the models simultaneously locked out and fell out of the sky and were obliterated. Clearly it was interference but the one still flying had Spektrum radio. . The owners of the crashed models did not go public with their disasters, but I wouldn't mind betting they would have done so if they had crashed with Spektrum gear on-board. . . Of course, no-one would commit the heresy of daring to criticise Multiplex radio for fear of being publicly burnt at the stake, eh...!!


It can be a strange world at times.


Thread: Greenacres MAC Fly Ins 2018
14/05/2018 07:47:11

I had a great weekend at Greenacres. The weather was fabulous, and the sky was never empty.

The queuing system worked well, and a good time was had by all. It was all very relaxed and laid back.

The 3D lads had their slots -- and their skills were superb -- and everyone else had plenty of flying time too.

Many thanks to the Greenacres lads for organising these great events. yes


Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
22/04/2018 08:27:13

My local club field is 2 miles from my door, and I have flown every day since last Monday. . It has been a miserable, soggy winter, and our runway has had standing water on it for weeks so it has only been possible to operate models with large wheels.

However, the ground is now about 95% dried out and it is now possible to operate models which have smaller wheels. . The sunny weather has also brought out some old buddies who have been in hibernation all winter.

Happy days. yes . . Fingers crossed for a good summer.


Thread: winter storage
26/03/2018 09:04:20

There was a long thread running recently regarding Lipos and the efficacy of putting them into storage. .

I upset the apple cart by suggesting that putting them into "storage mode" actually reduced their capacity and shortened their lives. . . My observations were confirmed by several club buddies who experienced the same results, but oh how the flak that came up in replies on the forum.... The suggestion of leaving Lipos fully charged was seemingly tantamount to heresy. . dont know

Anyway, I have an EDF jet which, for reasons best known to itself, has temperature-sensitive retracts -- namely, when it gets cold, they don't come down. So, realistically, it is a model only for warmer weather.

Last year, I bought 4 new Lipo pack for it. They are 4s 3000Mah 65C packs. Each pack had flown for six flights before the cold weather grounded my EDF jet. That was around October last year. For a test, I decided to put two packs into storage and leave two fully charged for the winter... they were suitably marked to identify which was which and they were stored at room temperature for the duration.

Yesterday, it was warm, so all the packs were topped up and the EDF jet was taken out to play. Sure enough, the Lipos which had been left fully charged were perfectly okay, but the ones which had been in storage were lacking in "punch", which resulted in a noticeable reduction in top-end rpm, and they ran-out of "stamina" (reduced capacity) long before the others. At the end of a flight, they were noticeably hotter than the others too.

If you want an "asthmatic" Lipo, put it into storage for a few months. . Tin hats on, everybody -- I am sure the flak will be coming up once again.


Thread: Electric Cars.
17/03/2018 10:03:20


Wait and see.


17/03/2018 09:31:37




17/03/2018 09:00:52

I have no issues with getting rid of petrol and diesel, but electric power is NOT the answer. . Vulnerable charging leads, poor range, questionable battery life and the prohibitive costs of replacing said batteries, all conspire to make EVs impractical. . . Hands up everyone who wants to buy a 5-year-old electric car which has never had its batteries replaced... Nope, can't see any hands raised.

Sooner or later, the car manufacturers will realise that they can only sell electric cars to people who have private, off-road parking facilities, and there will be a saturation point to it. . They will then have a commercial epiphany and realise that (even if the National Grid can cope) there are millions of others who need cars but are excluded from being able to have one due the most basic requirement of needing somewhere private and secure to recharge it.

I confidently predict that in 30 years' time, today's electric vehicles will be on display in museums so people can stroll past and say "Awww, I had one of those" . . . and chuckle. wink


16/03/2018 18:16:03


Yes the Tesla has some impressive figures, but I have a "toy" Jaguar which can easily equal that kind of performance.

I am sticking to my statement that electric cars are impractical. Yes, I could have one, but only because I have a garage and a driveway. . A lot of people don't, and those who have to park on the road are going to struggle.

Also, if the figures of 300 miles range can be believed (many others quote less), that will be the figure for a new car with fresh batteries. . After a year, that might have dropped to 200 miles. . And after three years, well, who knows. Even at 300 miles, it realistically means an operating radius of about 100 miles, because we would need to be able to get back home (with a few miles to spare) to recharge it. Effectively, apart from popping down to the shops, you can't GO anywhere . Given the time it takes to recharge, not to mention being able to actually plug it in somewhere, and the very real prospect of mischief and vandalism to charging cables, this is what makes electric power impractical.

Electric powered cars are currently a novelty, but the motor industry currently has tunnel vision with them. . However, I have every confidence they will see the error of their ways sooner or later.


16/03/2018 10:34:53

Electric power for cars is totally impractical. . The charging lead alone is open to all sorts of mischief, and if you don't have a driveway or garage, you are going to be totally stuffed.

I wonder how long it will be before the motor industry "discovers" hydrogen...!!


Thread: Kings Lynn Model Shop
12/03/2018 15:02:50

Another "thumbs up" for KLMS from me.

I have been buying various bits and pieces, large and small, from them for a couple of decades and they have never failed to deliver a first class service every time.

Excellent. yes


Thread: Xtra Wot
05/03/2018 07:56:48

If you get one (Xtra-Wot) reinforce the tailplane. . This an area which is known to be weak on this model and it can and will collapse whilst being pushed hard with some spirited flying.


Thread: EBay Ads by Forum Members
19/02/2018 08:04:07

If anyone fancies a 1/2 scale Spitfire (yes, half scale, but the ad says 1/3 scale), have a look at this:


Thread: Seagull P40 - weak bulkhead / poor design
17/02/2018 09:02:12

This certainly highlights the wisdom of making sure people are behind the propeller when an engine is being started and/or revved-up.

Some ARTFs leave a lot to be desired with the quality of their materials and construction (and the quality of the glue they use). They are notoriously bad in the engine mounting areas, and also U/C mountings. These highly stressed areas have been known to be wonderfully under-engineered with badly fitting bits of thin plywood (daylight visible at the joints) which is then hidden with even thinner balsa. On some of the worst examples, it is possible the twist the engine "box" by hand. Some extra scrutiny is required.

Basically, an engine will not stay in place if it is mounted to flimsy materials which have been plopped together with a couple of blobs of hot glue. . We need to be in front of the "game" and mend things before they break.

The engine bays also need a decent coating of fuel proofer.


Thread: Spektrum DX10t
15/01/2018 08:49:21

The DX10t is a large Tx and is designed for pilots who fly with a tray and wrap their fingers around the sticks. The sticks are like tree trunks and have micro switches built-in to them to control the trims.

Definitely not a Tx for those who prefer to fly with their fingers on top of the sticks.


Thread: MVVS 90 PORTS
14/01/2018 08:37:54

If the carb needs replacing, an ED carb is worth considering. These exquisite carbs give a boost to the top end RPM and give ultra reliable idling with a crisp pick-up.

They can be bought from Weston UK.


Thread: Considering going electric - advice rplease
10/01/2018 08:31:19

I flew electric-powered models on 35Mhz but with Futaba PCM receivers. These gave 100% solid reliability and no hesitation whatsoever.

As has been stated, the cheaper PPM receivers were prone to glitching and twitching with electric motors. They also went "moody" with cheap servos.

2.4Ghz seems to have ironed out a lot of problems but beware, it isn't the Holy Grail -- a careless radio installation might cause some issues.


Thread: Happy New Year...
01/01/2018 08:37:31

Happy New Year to one and all.

Happy landings, everyone. yes


Thread: Lipo storage, slight swell
28/12/2017 19:52:06

My Lipos are subjected to some serious abuse. High demands are put on them in EDF jets and other high performance models. They get no mercy, but the batteries have high "C" ratings and they generally cope quite well.

Whilst I appreciate the perceived wisdom of putting Lipos into storage mode, the fact remains that they die fairly rapidly if this is done. It is not just me, others have observed the same result.

It's a funny old world sometimes, eh...


Edited By Brian Cooper on 28/12/2017 19:53:02

28/12/2017 12:33:42


My observations are not meaningless. No, they are not controlled tests in laboratory conditions but REAL observations collected over a number of years in REAL, everyday conditions. In other words, in the REAL world.  It seems that once a Lipo has been charged to 100% from new, they don't like going back to storage mode afterwards.

The results may well be different to what the battery manufacturers are recommending but I can only go on personal experience.

But hey, it's a free country and people are at liberty to keep their Lipos however they choose.

Happy New Year.


Edited By Brian Cooper on 28/12/2017 12:43:38

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