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Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
18/03/2018 18:57:50

That looks great Chris, and should add a bit of well disguised strength. Well done Mate.


Thread: Avro Shackleton Mk3 PH3
18/03/2018 18:34:28

Very Impressive Tony....!!!

A profound use of the old 3D printer, I will be watching with interest Matey.

Keep it coming.


Thread: Building Jim Newberrys Puddleduck
18/03/2018 15:53:28

As promised.....the Rib Cutting.........YAY !! laugh

first of all I made two ply templates, I used liteply because it was there, I know some guys use aluminium. I reckon you could get three sets out of ply ones, but obviously many more from aluminium or even 1mm ply.

After the ply ones are cut I made sure they were spot on the same by taping them together and running them on the sander.

I the cut 21 blanks from balsa sheet, just slightly bigger than the templates.

The next step was to tape 9 together (there are nine in each wing and 3 in the centre section) with the templates on each side, clamp them in a vice and go at it with the sanding block. After that I used various files to cut the slots for the spars. 2 X 1/4 sq and 4 X 1/8 sq.

Repeat with the next nine and finally the last 3. I figured this way each wing would be even if not 100% identical to the other. plus my vice would not hold 23 ribs...wink

I don't think it will take long to get two wings made now.


I use this stuff, it's great as it goes on blue, so you can see where you put it, and then turns clear.


Two lovely templates.


Blankety Blank.


Ribs. I made 3 extra, left as blanks just in case, these are the "spare ribs"...............Groan.........blush


Looking like a wing. I will build the port wing on the same bit of plan, just remembering to put the tip on the other end.....wink


Thread: Sarik Hobbies
18/03/2018 00:25:56


Barryt.....Cheers for that.


16/03/2018 16:37:45

I have just been looking at the Brian Taylor Cessna 120 (62") on Sariks web site. I like the look of it and the price is very reasonable. Did you find the quality of the wood and laser cutting Ok Cuban8 ? I think this will be my next project, as there is some scope to add detail, in the cabin etc.





Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 16/03/2018 16:38:20

Thread: CMPro Cessna
15/03/2018 17:53:01

Have you tried Falcon Props ?

They do multibladed props too, that is more than 2 LOL


Thread: Balsa & Ply Alternative to Max Thrust Riot
13/03/2018 20:37:26

I would second the Electric Boomerang idea. I have in fact, just built one from the kit, I have put This motor in it with 60A ESC for 4 to 6 cells, 14X7 or 12X6 props. Should go like stink, but still be a sedate flyer if needed.


Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
13/03/2018 20:31:10

I had better get a patent on the battery jig idea.....wink How about The Batterjig ???

Loving your build Chris, very neat and tidy. It looks like you will have a very pretty model when complete.

Keep it coming Mate..


Thread: Building Jim Newberrys Puddleduck
11/03/2018 18:47:41

Boomer covering.. then it's finished bar the motor install. I can now get on to the rib cutting for the Main item of this thread.




10/03/2018 21:35:33

Finished the servo mountsBoomer, nice and sturdy. Also the wing tips.

Here is the little Motor in the front of the Puddle Duck... I have decided to make a new front piece so as to do it justice.







Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 10/03/2018 21:39:07

10/03/2018 14:59:52

So, to get it out of the way for the PD wing build, the last few jobs on the Boomer were sorted today.

I had to make a new motor mount, as the motor rear mount was too big for the kit one.

I made two servo mounts, the servo will sit upright, as opposed to on it's side.

I changed the wing tips, but still used the parts, they should be enclosed but I made open braced ones.

The motors came from 4Max, ordered yesterday. Big shout out to George and the Team. Got a free keyring and a nice decal. Ta guys !! laugh



PD motor next to the Boomer motor, PD is the top one, in case you don't know. cheekylaugh


Thread: throttle problem
10/03/2018 14:37:45

I agree. or possibly the model was bound with the throttle at half mast. ??


Thread: Flying Fool
09/03/2018 18:43:51

Sweet little model.

That's a cutie, I am drawn more and more to the older models.......Might be my age.....wink

I wonder if it would scale up OK, but could also have the guts out of something else inserted for indoors.


Thread: Building Jim Newberrys Puddleduck
09/03/2018 18:26:16

Ok. I needed the bench space so I had to get rid of the box the Boomerang kit came in.

The answer was to build the contents into a wing.

There were a few issues, the biggest being missing parts, second being broken parts, third, extremely bent parts.

Spot Seagulls deliberate mistake in the pics, and have a chuckle at my expense. laugh







Keeping it all square was a bit of a trial, but it all worked out. I added some individuality to the wing surface.


Edited By Dwain Dibley. on 09/03/2018 18:30:20

08/03/2018 23:30:07

Thanks Geoff.....laugh

I love the building part, I spoil it for myself really, cos I finish too quickly. LOL.

Mind you, I have to cut all the ribs next, so that will slow me down a bit.

Regards the battery, I only put two small squares of velcro on the battery and a long bit on the tray, that way it's held well but is easy to peel off.


Thread: Retrospective shed thread
08/03/2018 22:32:13

That is one Beast of a shed Mr Ian, a chap could get lost in there for days...

Damn shame about young Dave, as we used to call him, one of the nicest fellows you could ever wish to meet.


Thread: Building Jim Newberrys Puddleduck
08/03/2018 22:20:54

That's very nice of you to say so, old Bean...laugh

08/03/2018 20:49:20

I Made a bit more progress, this afternoon, and got the hatch sorted.

Got the coaming in place and sanded to shape, I faced it with 1/16 ply.

img_20180308_162048.jpgThen I made the hatch, constructed from blocks of balsa and then planed and sanded to shape. It would seem that I omitted to take a pic of the pre sanded hatch. frown



Both ends of the hatch are faced with 1/16 ply, as is the inside of the cowl. This enables the hatch to slide in and out with ease, and protects the edges of the hatch.


I added two 1/16 ply locating plates that stop the hatch moving sideways, as per the plan. You can add these to the hatch itself if you want.

Also one of the plates locates in a slot in the hatch. I do this first and it helps to keep things still while I sand the hatch and fuselage sides to shape.

There will be some adjustment at he front if the motor needs it.


Velcro on the battery mount. Oh, I added the top bit too.


Thread: And now for something completely different
08/03/2018 20:17:31

I used to use blue/sticky tac on a lolly stick to hold the nut.......then side cutters to hold it whilst tightening it.

The good new is Thunder tiger helis had a nut holding moulding in the gear.

The secret to the belt drive is the 90 Deg twist, and getting it the right way first time. laugh


Thread: David Vaughan
08/03/2018 15:03:13

That is a real shame Richard,

I spent some wonderful days flying, chatting and learning with David, and that is an Iconic Photograph of the Man with his Tiger shark. (version/rebuild 2.5)

I asked him many times if he would sell it, and always received the same reply " I can't sell one of my Babies"

I will miss him.


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