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Thread: HS 2
22/02/2018 10:14:23

At the rate HMG do any work you could well be flying on you site for years to come ! Have they actually started building it yet ?I mean bulldozers on the ground ? They HMG still haven't committed to expanding Heathrow or Gatwick and they have been talking about it for 20 years or so. And now Carrillion have gone bust who is going to build it ! If private company or more likely a foreign government gets involved then start looking for a new site and quick. Hope your club finds a decent site.

Thread: Suitable engine for Super 60
21/02/2018 09:33:22

Last J60 I had was years ago it was second hand job and a heavy lump. It flew very well on a clapped out OS Max 25. Once airborne it could be flown on less than half power only needing full power to climb .Don't go too big on engine as it ruins the characteristics of the model . Modern radio is even lighter now so even less to carry so keep engine smaller rather than bigger. If you have built it from original KK plans you may have to change the wing incidence as it will be set at an angle suitable for slow free flight flying and will climb like a homesick angel if over powered.

Thread: YS 50 heli engine strip down
18/02/2018 18:07:10

Hmm. What you describe sound like baked oil has set between the cylinder and case . How hot have you got the cylinder? Your hot air/ paint stripper gun on maximum should do it . Try getting it hotter , the ali case should expand more than the liner so releasing it. Never had one beat me yet .


Thread: What airframe
18/02/2018 09:42:46

Have a look at a Majestic Major. Your 90 will probably fly it a fast idle / tick over but it's a large old bird and will carry the weight with ease.

Thread: Electric Cars.
17/02/2018 09:38:18
Posted by Peter Miller on 17/02/2018 08:56:06:

I drive an Aixam Crossline micro car,

I see that Aixam now manufacture an electric car that only does 30mph but YOU CAN DRIVE IT WITHOUT A LICENCE. I believe that 16 year olds can drive it.

OK for towns of course but I wonder how banned drivers would get on with it

I think you will find that UK licencing laws are different to French law re licencing of vehicles and that a driving licence will be needed to drive an Axiom on public roads in the UK.

Thread: Max Thrust Riot
15/02/2018 21:39:32

Make sure you remove the prop until you sort out the problem. Has the trim adjust been set back to zero ?

Thread: What is the best option? Okay! Second best option?
13/02/2018 22:50:53
Posted by Manish Chandrayan on 13/02/2018 16:29:42:
Gents I have no intention of taking any heat source anywhere near that case. If it was an OS I may have considered that but not with an ASP.

I hope you repair goes ok . Even  OS cases are made of an  alloy that is pressure moulded for lightness and  doesnt take well to welding. It's unlike proper aluminium that is easier to weld with Tig,Mig or low temp techno weld.

13/02/2018 16:17:46
Posted by ken anderson. on 12/02/2018 17:23:54:

this thread has a bit of aluminium work on it...check out with the author...maybe he can advise you.


ken ali dept.

Hello Ken. The Mercos featured in that post have a much better quality alloy than the engines of today as did most early British engines of that era. I experimented some time ago trying to repair some broken fins on an old Magnum GP40 case .I just wanted to see if it was possible. I managed to build up the broken fins ok with Techno-weld intending to reshape them .I was very careful with the heat but the air trapped in the case when it was made/molded expanded while heating the case to required temp making the case useless . Some cases are doable but many are made of rubbish pot metal to start with and and I have found that they are just not not worth messing with . A new Crank case costs about £76 but at least he will know that its not distorted and wont fail in the air

Edited By Engine Doctor on 13/02/2018 16:19:27

Thread: Enya 60 III model 7033
13/02/2018 09:51:05

Have a look around some swap meetings or try a  wanted ad in the classifieds. I  often see old engines covered in old castor going for a song at swap meets . Often ,if they are gummed solid with old castor oil they were ok when shoved away years ago and are a good source of usable spares or strip and clean and are good user engines. 

Thread: What is the best option? Okay! Second best option?
12/02/2018 16:14:21

Welding the case is hit and miss due to the rubbish alloy used in manufacture.  Techno weld would work ok but be very careful with heat application as any part that gets too hot might cause distortion,sagging or bubbling in the casting.Try the JB weld and then buy a new case  if and when it fails . Check carefully that the impact hasn't cracked or distorted the case. 

Thread: Messing about with Mercos'
12/02/2018 15:47:05
Posted by jeff2wings on 10/02/2018 21:22:50:

Sorry E.D. can't help with that,need a case for a 61 myself ,can you not repair by welding ??

Thanks for looking. Yes welding might be an option. I have loads of other jobs to get n with so will wait a while in case I come across one.


Thread: Medway MFC Final indoor session this spring. North Kent
12/02/2018 09:51:21

Come along to the final spring indoor flying session on Sunday 11th of March. Usual venue at Medway Park, Gillingham. 10am to 3pm . £7-50 to fly or £1-00 to spectate. BMFA insurance IS required and must be shown ALLprofits go to our Air Ambulance charity collection.:D

For more details look on of on Facebook
Look out for our indoor flying sessions Starting again in October this year .

Edited By Engine Doctor on 12/02/2018 09:52:29

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
11/02/2018 20:25:31

Have you tried Sintered Metal clunk filters? They are a brilliant filter cant leak air like inline filters and have vast filter area unlike the inline type that can easily become clogged , leak air and filter gauze deteriorate and break down if any nitro fuel is used. They also work well with petrol and don't dry out or go hard like some felt filters . I also use them on the filling pump so fuel is pre-filtered before even getting into the models tank.

Thread: Solarfilm
09/02/2018 09:01:10

Are there any alternatives to Litespan or Clearcoat  ? I use this on small or light models as a tissue replacement as it far superior to tissue IMO ; Clearcoat is also a good heat sensitive adhesive for the Litespan as well as an excellent fuel proofer. Hopefully someone will pick up the pieces and take over Solarfilm's.

Good luck in retirement and thanks for the years given to modelling.

Thread: OS FS-V 95 engine
07/02/2018 09:38:59

Any bearing supplier will be able to get bearings for you. Measure outside diameter ,inside diameter and width with a Vernier gauge. Simply bearings are very good ,do a range of differing price / quality for each bearing size. Excellent despatch times,bearings  usually arrive the next day if ordered before me afternoon.

Edited By Engine Doctor on 07/02/2018 09:42:13

Thread: Good Stands for the Club
06/02/2018 08:59:32

It largely depends on where your club site is but we have a problem with local oiks who want vandalise ,steal or smash anything.. Make it strong and heavy if its to be left outside. One of our committee is looking at making tables that are fixed/ hinged to our pit safety fence and fold down when not in use . Will post some pics when they are built as waiting for some warmer ,dry weather.

Thread: Paint masking Advice
01/02/2018 16:41:59
Posted by Flyer on 01/02/2018 15:25:21:

Just about to sort out what I need to spray up the Mig 29. I remember seeing somewhere that some are using a foam based tape.

Would this be the sort of thing ?


Edited By Flyer on 01/02/2018 15:27:04

That is the one for a soft edge . I used it on a yellow aircraft spitfire and it gave a good effect. It was very expensive at a local car paint factors but its well affordable on the adds you have found. A similar effect can be achieved with ordinary masking tape with the edge lifted but the foam stuff is easier.

If you want a sharp edge then Fine line tape is best as you can easily mask tight turns where ordinary masking tape can be difficult on sharp bends .

Thread: Messing about with Mercos'
30/01/2018 09:38:45

I have a soft spot for the Merco engines. I acquired a box of Merco parts new and used with a few complete engines mixed in at an auction some years back. I built a few really nice engines from that lot and until quite recently still had some bits left. 

Last year I was given a Merco 49 that has been mullered at some time and the crankcase is ruined and has big gouge marks on cylinder base. I'm looking for a decent 49 case if anyone has one going cheap please PM me

Thread: Two glow plugs
30/01/2018 09:23:25
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 30/01/2018 08:38:12:

No problem.

One further thing, if the engine is inverted and you accidentally over prime it be very careful flipping over by hand, especially on a warm day. With the two plugs the catalytic effect of the plugs is very strong and the engine will fire without any glow power applied.

Yes good reminder/ warning John. I have had this happen a few times over the years even on a freezing cold day at the field even with single glow plug fitted.OS 32 SX primed and flipping over to wet it before connecting glow and it started . Few club members believed it but one other member witnessed it so warning was given to all club members. Another cause is using WD40 as an after run treatment. I don't recommend it but many modellers used to use it and engine could easily start when flipping over.

Edited By Engine Doctor on 30/01/2018 09:25:18

Thread: Petrol engines
29/01/2018 08:55:22

Hi Bert good luck with conversion .Runtronic ignnition units are still distributed by Weston UK at Teynham .You can get sensors etc or any info or spec from Alan. Their number is 01795-522020

Edited By Engine Doctor on 29/01/2018 08:56:59

Edited By Engine Doctor on 29/01/2018 09:00:15

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