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Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
20/04/2018 22:40:10

I missed yesterday because SWMBO had the car and we haven't de-SORNed the van yet but I think today may have been the better weather. Not as warm and with a pleasantly cool westerly breeze ideal for landing.

Flew the Riot first before getting a launch of my Phoenix 2k glider (I can't throw at the best of times and I have frozen shoulders right now). Actually hooked a bit of a thermal and climbed from about 120 metres to 180 (I have altitude telemetry) at one point but the 2 buzzards circling with me made a better job of climbing.

I had a good flight with my Dynam Hurricane on a 4S 3700 MaH but I'm always cautious with it because it's very sensitive to AoA and I try to keep the speed up in the turns with very gentle elevator use. In fact I executed an beautiful but unintentional flick roll when I was too elevator enthusiastic at the top of a loop. It looked really good. Unfortunately on it second flight it came in without the pilot, canopy or battery hatch which had parted company at some time totally unnoticed by me. I didn't notice the missing parts until after I'd started taxiing back.

I also took the Mew Gull with a modified undercarriage. It's set further forward and I've fitted bigger wheels in an attempt to make 3 point landings involve the wheels rather than the main wheels and the underside of the cowl. It was a lot better and probably just needs practice from the still nervous pilot. It is very good actually in the air and doesn't exhibit and bad tendencies (so far). Rolls are axial and loops as big as desired. It does occasionally draw 65 amps if I use full throttle briefly but flies quite fast straight and level on a modest 25/30 amps as befits a thoroughbred racing aeroplane. Unfortunately hatch problem plagued the Mew Gull, too and it came open in flight (though not lost) which didn't improve the aerodynamics at all because it's quite big. Some improvements needed.

A good day out. Lets hope for more.


Thread: Building Jim Newberrys Puddleduck
20/04/2018 22:20:56

I also fly mode 2 and on rudder/elevator models I mix rudder and aileron 100% so I can use either stick. I found if I put the rudder on the aileron channel I was wiggling the left stick (rudder) on take off and it was having zero effect because there was nowt connected to it

Well DD your Puddleduck looks great. However that's the quiet, sunny, no wind day for 2018 so you might as well put it away ready for next year yes


Thread: FrSky X10 - Taranis replacement?
20/04/2018 22:09:16
Posted by Andy48 on 20/04/2018 12:19:59:
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 19/04/2018 22:38:25:

John, I agree it's a quick job ... once you've located the lead and fished the receiver out of the depths of a model I suppose rebinding doesn't take long either. Then, I would need to check everything to see if there aren't a few nasties and the model behaves as it should. None of it hard but I have a lot of models on the Taranis.

What's that? First world problem


There are no nasties in just upgrading the rx firmware. There are a few minor nasties when you upgrade OpenTX from 2.1 to 2.2 as has been mentioned above.

By 'nasties' I meant there may not be perfect change over from the Taranis logical switch designations to the Horus so it all needs to be checked. As a simple example I use S2 as a volume control on the Taranis but that appears as the 6 position switch on the Horus. And there were some funnies with the rate switch settings. Nothing major but it all has to be checked and it takes time I'm currently spending finishing off my DB Cirrus (actually Gypsy in my case) Moth. And of course I was flying today. Being retired is very busy and there are NO holidays - it's a full time 24/7 job.


19/04/2018 22:38:25

John, I agree it's a quick job ... once you've located the lead and fished the receiver out of the depths of a model I suppose rebinding doesn't take long either. Then, I would need to check everything to see if there aren't a few nasties and the model behaves as it should. None of it hard but I have a lot of models on the Taranis.

What's that? First world problem


19/04/2018 21:37:10

That's what I was afraid of Andy. I had a suspicion that was the case! Thanks. Presumably it works from the .frk files I've just saved to the Firmwares folder I've just created on the Horus's SD card.

Not ordinary servo leads, either - the connectors need to female at both ends (ie with sockets as fit into receiver pins) - I know there's some confusion over the gender of servo leads. If a connector has pins it's male as far as I'm concerned.


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 19/04/2018 21:42:46

Thread: Data protection regs
19/04/2018 21:33:21

Sometimes more info is useful.

Last year I volunteered to take a member's model home to carry out a minor repair. I knew his name and that's all so I emailed the secretary for the guy's email address so I could tell him I'd done it and would leave it in the club hut. The sec got in touch with him so he could contact me. He didn't reveal any personal data without permission.

It gets complicated!


Thread: FrSky X10 - Taranis replacement?
19/04/2018 21:23:07

All it mentions is flashing the Taranis internal XJT (which I know how to do). Nothing about the X10. If I load the .frk files into a new folder called Firmwares I can select the .frk files I use for the Taranis but the only option I get is to flash an external module (presumably one plugged into the JR compatible port on the back).

I don't want to do anything to upset the transmitter

I have OpenTX loaded. Do I need to have the original FrOS?


19/04/2018 19:52:00

I've been too busy building since I got my Horus to get it bound to any models other than a few with 4 channel receivers mainly because I would need to convert my receivers to EU-LBT firmware before binding. My Taranis is still on rest-of -the-world firmware as are all my more complicated models so really it would be easier to make the Horus match everything else and change the firmware in the internal DJT module. I've updated the RF firmware on the Taranis but I don't know how to do that on the Horus. Can someone point me to any instructions to do that, please and a location for the data. Is it the same as for the Taranis?

I assume there's no drawback to doing because I've read that rewriting firmware on receivers bought in the EU will be inhibited in future. I've been doing that for some time successfully.

Thanks in anticipation.


Thread: The plane that saved Britain
19/04/2018 17:32:09

Very interesting, PB. Unfortunately politics is always a big part of any engineering development ... and perhaps in some cases that's not always a bad thing. Engineers (like any creatives) can too easily become so engrossed in their project that they miss the bigger picture. I've been there ... as an engineer.

Unfortunately the "RR Experimental Flight Test Establishment at Hucknall" where I did a lot of model flying (and even once a full-size flight to Bristol on business) is now a housing estate and I don't think any test rigs are operational on the RR site either.


Thread: FrSky X10 - Taranis replacement?
18/04/2018 10:58:13

I fitted the Hall effect gimbals on my Taranis and they are standard on the X10 and there are even better ones on the X10S and X12. To be perfectly honest I don't notice the difference but I think they'll last longer than the standard gimbals with resistive potentiometers. There are no wiper/track mechanical connections to get 'noisy'. Perhaps I'm just insensitive?

I tried the FRsky OS for a few days (though on nothing more serious than the Phoenix simulator). I changed to OpenTx for a couple of reasons. First, it was I was familiar with from my Taranis and second because it allowed my EU LBT firmware equipped transmitter to use other than X type receivers (ie D8)which the FrSky OS didn't.


Thread: Vauxhall In The Doldrums.....
18/04/2018 10:47:58
Posted by Percy Verance on 18/04/2018 06:39:37:

The new SUV Vauxhall are pushing is little more than a re-badged Peugeot. I imagine that's come about purely as a result of the recent takeover by the French PSA group. I expect we'll see more of the same too, probably with a gradual phasing out of the pure Vauxhall/Opel models we're familiar with.Sadly I shan't be a prospective customer. I made the mistake of buying a Peugeot 25+ years ago - a 405 estate - and it was one of the worst cars I've ever owned. A total financial liability/money pit..... Never again.

We had a 1976 Peugeot 104 hatchback and it was fine. We ran it for years and travelled 1000s of miles with the tandem on the roof with a home made rack. My only gripe was how hard it was to work on. I bought a workshop manual and eventually realised the instructions for setting the points were in the section after removing the engine! The only way to check them was to remove the distributor, set the points, them replace it because it was so close to the LHS wing inner you could neither get a tool in nor see what you were doing if you could. Removing and replacing the alternator was like trying to get a budgie out of its cage without opening the door.

Of course that was in the days when owner maintenance was possible. Now I open the bonnet and feel helpless I just hope our new(ish) Vauxhall Astra estate is OK. I'm surprised how I've adapted to its automatic gearbox.


17/04/2018 22:32:53

... and we've just bought an 18 month old, low mileage Astra estate


Thread: How did that happen?
17/04/2018 17:30:10
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 17/04/2018 13:35:58:

Remember - aeroplanes don't stall because they are flying too slowly - they stall because the AoA is too high!


Isn't it actually a combination of the two? Too low a speed for the AoA? eg if you slow a plane up too much even in straight and level flight (ie virtually zero AoA) it will stall but will recover (hopefully) if you apply a negative AoA.


Thread: NEW POLL! The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
17/04/2018 16:55:26
Posted by Mike Blandford on 17/04/2018 13:08:03:

One thing that FrSky do is listen to users and developers. When they were developing the XJT module, I had PXX protocol firmware for the DJT module to test (back in 2011). When developing the Taranis, developers received prototype units. We gave quite a lot of feedback on the hardware design (which FrSky changed), including making sure even the original gimbals were good quality, as well as porting ersky9x/openTx to the radio.

Most of the time, if there are problems reported back they fix them and provide updated firmware (and even hardware mods) as a result.

Open source firmware developers are also provided with documentation (circuit diagrams, protocol specifications etc.), so are able to provide a level of support on these forums to end users.

After a number of problems with the S6R (stabilising receiver) firmware, I received a S8R from them to test before it became available for general purchase.

In the US, Aloft hobbies provide excellent support for FrSky equipment, which provides a significant level of "word of mouth" advertising.

Of course, since the Taranis uses open source firmware, the development cost was much lower, which is one reason the price point of the radio is lower than some competitors.


I can vouch for that personally.

I damaged the charge circuit of my first Taranis by trying to use my Graupner charger instead of the 'wall wart' Frsky supplied. I was given a huge amount of advice on how to fix my board, including a circuit diagram of the charge circuit itself. As a result I replaced (with some difficulty) a surface mount mosfet and got it working again. I doubt if that support would have been available for any other transmitter and I was (and am) very grateful.


Thread: Recommendations for small pillar drill
17/04/2018 16:44:22

My dad gave me my pillar drill. It has a chuck from about 2mm minimum to around 13mm (0.5" ). He gave me the drill and a motor which I fitted. It drilled OK in wood but was hopeless in metal. Then I realised the drill was going the wrong way! I had to phone dad to find out how to reverse the ac/dc compound wound motor he'd given me

He's been dead since 1991 so now I have to rely on Google for any advice but I preferred his years of experience by a big margin.


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 17/04/2018 16:45:24

Thread: My Anti Spark 150 connector not doing its job?
17/04/2018 16:35:29
Posted by bert baker on 17/04/2018 16:04:31:

The idea of connecting possitve first is that the item it's powering should consume the surge and reduce arcing

I'm sorry but that just isn't the case. You can connect which ever wire you choose first. It makes no difference.

On mains ac circuits you should never either fuse or switch both wires. The switch and/or fuse must always go in the line (or live) side ie the red or brown wire if connected correctly. Otherwise, if the fuse or switch in the neutral side fails but the other works, then the whole system is a full mains potential just waiting to give you a serious shock.


17/04/2018 16:27:54
Posted by Barryorbik on 17/04/2018 15:57:25:

Good job you only did that on the black and white TV's Geoff,as the colour TV CRT's used three guns and had 25kV DC on their final anode. Never risked it myself but apparently there was sufficient energy available there to kill a fully grown bull !!

Barry - retired but still alive TV engineer!

Yes, it was in the 1950s when I worked in the service department of Murphy Radio in WGC and later at the family TV shop. Although the source impedance was very high for line output generated EHT and I'm told you'd hardly feel it if you took firm hold but I never risked that. An early Murphy TV had a mains transformer generated EHT which really was lethal but by the time I was repairing TVs we only had one customer using one - no-one would touch it

I've neither owned nor repaired a TV since 1964.


Thread: Best bicycle tyres
17/04/2018 00:41:35

Interesting. We have Durano Plus on our Cannondale tandem and they've been good.


Thread: NEW POLL! The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
16/04/2018 21:08:54

Several of our members are F3A competitors. One of them, a former UK National Champion though Polish, not only builds but designs his own models and takes aerobatic competition very seriously. He currently uses a Graupner transmitter with a few modifications of his own (the throttle has several stops for different manoeuvres for example) and he has several flight modes to suit different stages of the routines - don't ask me, whilst admiring their skill and dedication I find F3A terminally boring.

However Les has decided to move away from his Graupner (I think because of the state of the company) and has been taking considerable interest in my new Frsky Horus. There are quite a few Frsky transmitters in the club but I think I'm the first with an X10 Horus. It looks like there'll be a new recruit soon. At least he probably justifies the sophistication whereas I certainly do not! I just like the pictures


Thread: Timís Grumpy Tigercub
16/04/2018 11:45:52

I know how you feel, Tim, but it's part of the game. I lost my Ballerina on Saturday due to stupidity on my part. At least it's repairable once I get round to it. My ordinary Riot is my warm-up hack. I'll fly it in anything.


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