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Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
24/02/2017 19:25:10

If it's the same as the Tiggie then you have to detach the undercarriage where it fits to the underside of the bottom wing. Just undo one screw on each clamp (2) and slacken the others and pivot the undercarriage forward out of the way. It's not really much of a problem.

I did put a bit of a fairing on the rear struts to represent the damper/spring, but that's all. I had to make my undercarriage from scratch as I didn't have one with the model I was given.

I didn't bother to add anything to the top wing platform underneath to represent the fuel tank bottom. It's almost impossible to see underneath once the model is rigged anyway. I did glue some corrugated cardboard sheet to the top of the tank to simulate the full-size. I t was red and I didn't even need to paint it as the corrugation pitch is quite scale. I got 10 sheets of A4 from an eBay supplier for next to nothing. Still have 9 sheets left so if you want red, even as a sample, let me know when the time comes - no charge

This model has a scale-like outline but can be made more scale with additional features like closed loop controls and fuel tank corrugations. I also added rib tapes but I could do more. I don't think DB S&S claim it's a true scale model with all that implies.


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 24/02/2017 19:26:45

23/02/2017 21:57:11

That platform, and the quick and easy interplane strut fixings are what make my Tiggie (and I assume the Cirrus) such a great biplane. Last summer it was just about always taken to a flying session and usually flown a few times. I have other biplanes that tend to be hangar queens because of the long assembly time at the field. Not so these DB De Haviland kits.

You're making very quick progress. It's persuading to get out of my lack of interest rut (over 2 months!) and get building.


22/02/2017 17:47:34

Very nice, Chris. Are those the DB S&S decals?

This is the version I hope to build. Not sure about the scheme, but it is different. I have a Tiggie fibreglass cowl and the idea is to make a hatch at the front so I can slide the battery in under the motor to get it s far forward as possible. Hopefully, no lead will be needed.

moth major.jpg


22/02/2017 15:48:25

I don't think nylon bolts work quite so well with biplanes because, with the 2 wings joined, it's a very rigid structure anyway so there are are lots of strong points that the nylon 'fail safe' bolt doesn't really protect. Of course, I've been known to be wrong as my wife will tell you.

Anyway, as guide, here's a picture of my servo layout. The Savox elevator servo may be a bit over specified but it was one I had in stock for a project that never came to fruition.


db servo view.jpg


So you see, there's no need to fit the elevator servo in any special way. You can thank Gordon Whitehead for the rudder lever idea. It was seeing his own, slightly bigger (and much better) model of G-ACDC at the Ashbourne fly-in in 2015 that inpired me to get mine finished after several years in limbo.  The lever is made from a bit of old fibre glass printed circuit board.

Hope it helps a bit.


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 22/02/2017 15:50:57

22/02/2017 15:24:38
Posted by Dwain Dibley. on 22/02/2017 15:06:21:

Were you outside my work shop this morning Geoff ??? wink It's as if you were listening to the conversation I just had with my mate Johnny.

I'm surprised you didn't spot me peering through the window

You got to go for closed loop elevator control with separate, unjoined elevator halves. It's compulsory if you're doing that for the rudder. It's not really all that difficult. I just put both top wires on one side of the servo horn and both bottom ones at the other with tension adjustments at the control surface horns.

On the Tiggie there are 3mm metal bolts holding both wings in place. They're easier to hide at the top and it works fine. I wouldn't bother with nylon bolts.


22/02/2017 11:59:52

Are you going for scale closed loop controls for rudder and elevator? If so, now's the time to organise the wire routes through the fuselage for the elevators (there's 4). The rudder's not a problem because the wire is all outside but install the the centrally pivotted lever mount as soon as possible.

I was given my Tiggie part built and it was quite difficult to arrange the wire routes through the fuselage when it was already covered. I run them through snake outers to exit in (roughly) the scale positions. So think about it now.


Thread: Help, two speed teapot.
22/02/2017 00:13:08
Posted by ted hughes on 20/02/2017 17:41:58:

I didn't know anyone used teapots nowadays.Since the advent of teabags, tea can be made in the cup- unless you are trying to get two cups out of each bag!

My wife uses a teapot (I drink coffee) and puts a tea bag in the pot and gets 2 cups from it. So yes, teapots are still useful even with tea bags.

It amused me to see the expression on her face when, in the USA, she'd ask for tea and hot water (probably not boiling) was poured into a cup and then thhey searched for a tea bag to drop into it. At least I got bottomless cups of coffee


Thread: SLEC Ltd
21/02/2017 15:21:45

I've bought wood (and other stuff) from them several times and SLEC are definitely first class suppliers and my first port of call. The web site is very easy to navigate, too, which is a huge bonus.


Thread: Paint match for red solartex?
21/02/2017 15:18:33

I got some paint matched to red Solartex last year. It's Valspar but, as my Tiggie is electric, fuel proofing wasn't an issue. I've got loads left. If you live anywhere near Belper you're welcome to as much as you need.


Thread: Odd servo behavior
21/02/2017 12:38:16

Further to Bob's suggestion of ferrite beads I would recommend twisted wire extension leads rather than than then usual flat ones. 92" is quite a big span and leaves servos very open to interference along the wires.

My biggest model is a Maher's Thunderbird (84" ws) and as it was also my first petrol powered model (Zenoah 26 magneto ignition) I was quite nervous about possible interference and one of the measures I took was to use twisted servo extensions. The only problems I've had with it concern the nut holding the transmitter


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 21/02/2017 12:38:58

Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
21/02/2017 01:02:10

Well it's certainly a scheme that should make the model visible in the air. Very good choice and makes a change from the more common silver wings and red fuselage like my Tiggie.


Thread: Help, two speed teapot.
20/02/2017 16:03:53

I think the physics of a cleanly pouring spout on a jug or teapot (or even a milk bottle) are quite tricky. Some jugs we've had in the past refuse to pour properly and the milk attaches to the outside surface and ends up on the tablecloth (if you're fancy enough to use them )

I'm not sure lifting the lid slightly is always the answer.


Thread: Taranis system power
20/02/2017 15:58:22

Just a little warning about charging a NiCad using the in built charge circuit in a Taranis transmitter : Don't under any circumstances try to use an 'intelligent' charger. Just use the provided simple raw DC wall wart charger supplied and rely on the internal charge circuit to control battery state. I wrecked my first Taranis by doing just that. Fortunately, with a bit of on-line help, I was able to identify the chip ( a surface mount MosFet) and replaced it myself (I'm a retired electronics engineer so had a bit of experience).

I now always recharge the transmitter battery pack by removing it and using an external charger. I confessed my stupidity at the time but memories fade with time and I wouldn't want anyone else to repeat my mistake.

Receivers? Never had a problem, but most are powered from esc BECs. In any case the voltage spec on FRSky receivers is very wide.


Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
20/02/2017 00:47:24

The set up for my Tiggie is:

All up weight is 3.14kg with a 4S 4000 mAh LiPo installed. EMax GT3526/04 870 kv motor with a 13x4 prop. Cruise current about 20 amps and max recorded during the flight about 50 amps. I changed the prop for a 12x6 which seems to suit it better though the take off run is slightly longer but still short. So max power is 750/800 watts and cruise is about 300 watts. IIRC the esc is a 60 amp one.  I usually fly for about 8 minutes and there's still plenty left in the battery. I think 10 minute flights are quite possible.

I decided on the motor with a lower kv for the Cirrus Moth so that could run a bigger prop for the same current. It's well over the top for the Moths but I'd rather have a big motor and battery than more lead. I certainly wouldn't go down to 3S. I've reduced the lead a bit and moved the CoG further back and it's still very stable.



Edited By Geoff Sleath on 20/02/2017 00:50:38

19/02/2017 23:51:10

I've got one to build as well and mine will be electric, too. 4S with a EMAX GT3526/05 710kv. I have a DB Tiger Moth (as in my picture) with a similar motor but the higher kv version which is also on 4S and flies well on a 12x6 prop.

I had to put lead in the Tiggie to get the CoG right so make sure to get the battery as far forward as possible. I'm thinking of making mine a moth Major which has a similar cowl to the Tiggie just help in getting the battery near the front. Perhaps as G-ACNS on page 179 of Stuart Mackay's DH60 book if you have it.


Thread: Help, two speed teapot.
19/02/2017 23:19:18
Posted by PatMc on 19/02/2017 20:59:56:
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 19/02/2017 20:00:01:
Posted by PatMc on 16/02/2017 13:25:11:

You won't get a decent cup of tea using tea bags. Sort the teapot, buy a strainer & use proper tea. smile p

I'm sorry to say this, Pat but, as I'm sure you're well aware, all proper tea is theft.

¿ Que ?

It's not so much funny as punny


19/02/2017 20:00:01
Posted by PatMc on 16/02/2017 13:25:11:

You won't get a decent cup of tea using tea bags. Sort the teapot, buy a strainer & use proper tea. smile p

I'm sorry to say this, Pat but, as I'm sure you're well aware, all proper tea is theft.

I never drink tea but my wife does. She favours Earl Grey (or sometimes a herbal tea). She bought a new 'tea pot' a few weeks ago. It's a transparent jug with a metal lid. The tea is introduced with a perforated hollow sphere suspended on a chain from the lid. She says it works really well because once the water drops below the level of the sphere it can't stew (which is important apparently). It can be used either with tea bags or loose tea.


Thread: Ebay sellers...
19/02/2017 14:23:15

Thanks KiwiKid

I did eventually find the general aeroplane listing but by a devious route. I also noticed that there were very few bids which implies that I'm not alone in struggling to find the lists. I just don't understand why there's a special link to 'control line and free flight' but not to RC aeroplanes - crazy! (not that I have anything against either free flight or control line).

That page you illustrate is typical. It acts to prevent a general browse and forces potential buyers to be very specific. I don't mind which fuel type.

As my wife recently described Windows 10 - "It's Bossy!"


PS The 'aeroplanes' option under RC Model Vehicles and Kits' wasn't there last night (unless I missed it every time I looked) or I probably wouldn't have posted.

Edited By Geoff Sleath on 19/02/2017 14:27:31

18/02/2017 23:40:47

What's happened on eBay? I can find hardly any RC aeroplanes or parts. They seem to have changed it so much it's now useless. That is, unless no-one is selling anything.


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 18/02/2017 23:41:19

Thread: Time to change car
17/02/2017 13:33:50
Posted by ron evans on 17/02/2017 12:46:10:

Geoff, just spotted your post, not sure you'd get a tandem in a's tall but I doubt it would be long enough. I'd try getting your bike in before you buy... I've had some strange looks from car salesmen when measuring up carssmiley

Thanks, Ron. I wasn't expecting to be able to get our new tandem inside. It's a Cannondale and it's much roomier for the stoker and hence about 150mm longer than our old hand-built 531 steel one.

One thing does concern me is the spare wheel, or lack of one. It seems that there seems to be a tendency to supply a tyre repair kit (presumably an aerosol) rather than a spare. I'm certainly not happy with that. I have in the past had a tyre disintegrate whilst on the M1 (amazingly I hardly noticed that it had failed - nearside rear on a Peugeot 104) and would have been stuck without a spare wheel.

For me, a car is merely a domestic appliance and as interesting a fridge. The only car I really enjoyed owning was a Mk4 Austin-Healey Sprite in which we drove over 100k miles. At that time we were sailing a lot so, as long as it had a tow bar for our dinghy trailer, size wasn't a factor.


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