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Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
17/11/2017 21:31:04

I'm not intending to join in on this project but I'm following the thread because I think the subject is a beautiful aeroplane.

In all the angst over the true scale accuracy of the fuselage (at least) I'm led to wonder if all full size examples would be identical. After all they were built before modern mass production was in full swing and, moreover, in wood, which is a natural material. Isn't it at least possible that there might be some slight variation in the shape? Were they all manufactured in the same facility? If not then it's even more likely that tiny inconsistencies might develop.

Just a thought and probably wrong.


Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
17/11/2017 20:11:37

Ah, but did it sell?

I admit I bought both the Warbirds Replica Hurricane kit and the Laser 80 to power it partly because I had a pretty good idea that they were as good as money in the bank (particularly with interest rates as they are ). However I have every intention of using both myself ... but the road to Hell and all that (though that may actually catch up with me. I'm getting on LOL)


Thread: 4.8 v or 6 v receiver packs ?
17/11/2017 20:04:19

I think the most likely failure is the mechanical switch rather than the chemical battery pack, always provided it was up to the job in the first place. That particularly applies to liquid fuelled models, with single cylinder petrol being the worst as regards vibration. On my Maher's Thunderbird, which has a Zenoah 26 petrol engine with magneto ignition I have a single sub C 4.8v battery pack but 2 toggle switches in parallel which are each checked before each flight. All the servos are hefty analogue.

On my electric models I don't have a switch and rely totally on the flight pack connection. Obviously, just one battery, although my Ezee Pezee needs 2 batteries in parallel to get the CoG right


Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
17/11/2017 17:31:01
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 17/11/2017 11:27:09:

I wondered what happened to bolly. Bit of a shame really :/

As for UAV engines its a great idea, most likely an expanding market too. If we were approached by a company i would be eager to give it a go. We would have to seriously restructure and up our production though, not that i consider that a bad thing in any way.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that RCV engines were used for smaller UAV.


Thread: li ion/li po ????
17/11/2017 16:30:06

I recently electrified our solo pedal cycles and the batteries are nominally 36v which I assume means 10s Li-ion (3.6v cells). The supplied charger provides a simple DC voltage the battery pack which I assume incorporates a charge control circuit. I'm dying to have a look inside but as that would invalidate the guarantee of an expensive battery (13 AH) I've resisted the temptation.

There are no warnings about charging or storage. The esc is huge (at least the box is) but as the power limit is 250 watts (that's the legal maximum and I've set it to that as it's more than enough) so the maximum current is only about 9 amps and we almost never apply that much power except sometimes to climb the hill up to the house for fun

It is confusing that Li-Ion and LiFe (Lithium Iron) sound very similar, too.


Thread: Airbrush, paint solvent.
17/11/2017 16:14:15

I'm currently spraying the cowl and wheel spats for my quarter scale Mew Gull so this thread is timely and apt.

I have an Iwata Revolution BCR double action airbrush but I've never really had much success with it. I seem always to be taking it apart to clean it. However, I'd never heard of the Rowney flow improver or similar products and I've always used water-based paint because of the clean-up and no smell (my workshop in an extension off the lounge and my wife has a very sensitive sense of smell). I'll certainly give it a try.

The airbrush I use most is a really cheap Badger single action that cost about £12 when I bought it in 1996 from a local model shop. I'm using some Valspar paint I had mixed to match the red Solartex on my DB Tiger Moth. It doesn't exactly match the HK red film I'm covering the Mew Gull with but it's near enough until I find something better. I'm diluting it with water by about 20% and spraying at just shy of 20 lbs/squinch. I've been having problems with the jet blocking (circa 0.5mm dia) but I've managed to clear it OK.

I hope the Rowney (or Windsor & Newton equivalent) will make spraying both with the crude Badger and the fancier Iawata BCR a much more pleasant experience.

Neither airbrush is all that good for spraying a complete fuselage or wing (though perhaps the flow improver may make that better, too). I was looking at HVLP self contained electric spray guns intended for fence painting and the like. They're relatively inexpensive (£20 to £40). I wondered if anyone had used one to paint a wing or fuselage?


Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
15/11/2017 23:17:00
Posted by Joespeeder on 15/11/2017 18:49:56:

Hey Geoff,

If it’s the plane I’ve seen online then it’s an OS 4 cylinder 4 stoke inline. Very cool engine, however, Os says not to run it inverted. That really limits the airframes you can use it in.


No, Joe, it wasn't the OS 4 cylinder engine that goes in the ARTF Cirrus Moth. This one was much bigger and a perfect replica of a Gypsy Major - even to the embossed DH on the alloy castings. An absolute gem of model engineering but, as John Harper says, built by a very skillful German model engineer more for love than money and certainly not a practical commercial proposition.

Laser make beautiful engines but, in the end, they have to make a profit, even if it's only to fund John's aeromodelling activities . It just doesn't make sense to manufacture engines when barely a handful would sell. My wife worked for a friend of ours who was manufacturing quite a sophisticated motor cycle (Silk 700s) with an engine loosely based on a Scott deflector piston twin cylinder 2 stroke. He was tremendously hardworking and enthusiastic but ultimately he was onto a loser but he certainly had fun for a while. I think every one sold at a loss.



15/11/2017 17:20:10

Joespeeder: There was lovely home built (in Germany, I think) scale Gypsy Major engine (4 cylinder, 4 stroke) displayed at the LMA show at Gaydon last month. I can't think how much it cost but it's destined for a scale Tiger Moth (30% IIRC). Not sure what fuel but probably petrol. I'm sure John Harper saw it because he was there. Perhaps it's given him ideas ... perhaps Obviously perfect for a narrow cowl.


Thread: Fokker D8
15/11/2017 11:52:44

Should BEE a great flyer

A very nice finish and build. I'm afraid the pilot wouldn't bee to my taste but I'm sure she's a competent flier.


Thread: Drones fight back
15/11/2017 11:48:13

Another YouTube video sent to me on FB by my nephew. It certainly makes you think! At least it makes me think.


Thread: Which model flight simulators work on windows 10.
14/11/2017 12:26:46
Posted by Dave Bran on 14/11/2017 06:50:32:

I recommend using an old 35MHz Tx without crystal. That way the RF is turned off and the Tx battery lasts for ages, even if "tired". I run two systems (Win 7 and Win10) and "fly" with grandkids over Internet and here at home.

Both transmitters I use (Mux 3030 and Taranis) can have the RF signal turned off. The Multiplex has a wired hardware link in the DIN socket and the Taranis can be easily configured without an RF signal in the model setup I use for the Phoenix simulator. I'm sure that must apply in other transmitters. I used to use an old Futaba FF7 Super which I'm almost sure had an option to turn off the RF output without removing the crystal.

Whatever transmitter you use it's always much better as Dave writes to turn off the RF to save battery consumption.


Thread: Leicester Model Centre Hawk?
14/11/2017 11:19:26
Posted by Ron Gray on 13/11/2017 19:01:00:

Look at the FMS Hawk (Red Arrows) instead - awesome!

I get approx 6 mins with my Freewing Venom (6S 5000) and about 4 mins from the Scorpion (6S 4000). It really is down to throttle management, balls out all the time and you will get very short runs climb and throttle back there high speed runs = longer flights.

Edited By Ron Gray on 13/11/2017 19:07:11

Is that the same model that was used to win the flying only at the Nats this year? The pilot was pitting right next to where we sitting as spectators and I'm sure he flew for longer than that but I could well be mistaken. It certainly flew very well or he was just a very good pilot (which he was, of course).


Thread: Full size electric flying
14/11/2017 11:14:05

My nephew sent me this link to an extraordinary amateur electric flight project sponsored in part by Hobbyking!

Interesting and very brave if nothing else.


Thread: Which model flight simulators work on windows 10.
13/11/2017 18:17:12

Phoenix is freely downloadable but relies on their hardware 'dongle' to work. The dongle interfaces to the trainer port of any transmitter and mine works on W10 both with my old Multiplex 3030 and my Taranis. I'm almost sure it was fine with the DX6i I had for a while. Mine is version 5.5.1 which I think is the latest but I've updated several times when prompted by Phoenix.


12/11/2017 18:01:03

Phoenix works OK on Win10


Thread: Bungy launcher ramp
12/11/2017 15:09:06

I made one as well and it's still in the garage, unused for some time. I built it to launch my Multiplex Twinjet (which is also tucked away somewhere

I'm almost sure the magazine was RCMW (The Traplet publication now sadly defunct) but which issue I've no idea. Because of a high spinal injury I can't throw effectively so hand launching the Twinjet was almost impossible for me and the ramp solved the problem.


Thread: Ideas for articles in RCM&E
09/11/2017 21:41:15

That is an interesting link, Peter. I just got as far as the 'Who was First?' section. One of the problems was the overheating of the germanium transistors causing radio failure with the inevitable crashes. Cured by the simple expedient of ensuring fuselage tops were white to reflect the sun't heat - probably not a problem in the UK

I remember the early transistor radios sold by Perdio (and my then employer Murphy Radio) in the late 1950s that wouldn't work in cold bedrooms (the opposite problem) because the germanium transistor oscillators stopped.


Thread: Modellers terms/phrases ?
09/11/2017 21:26:59
Posted by Peter Miller on 09/11/2017 18:19:19:

It will look OK at 50 feet

That's what I keep telling myself about the Mew Gull canopy I've been struggling with for about a week! Actually I get bored with it from time to time (like now) and do something else (like this!) blush


Thread: DOH!
09/11/2017 15:15:57

The Sonata 'E' electric glider only has an elevator on one side by design. It doesn't seem to affect it at all and it works perfectly.


Thread: What soldering iron wattage?
08/11/2017 12:07:37

That's a fine soldering iron, Simon, it looks much like my old Henley Solon, but it's a bit tricky to use to solder surface mount ICs

As everyone has said - lead free solder is an oxymoron. 60/40 lead/tin cored solder is the only one worth using. I'm not quite sure why it's criticised by H&S in the quantities and the areas where we would use it (soldering water pipes is a different matter). A former colleague of mine habitually held a length of solder in his mouth whilst working and he was only slightly insane

And on temperature: it's not so much how hot but how much thermal capacity the iron has (ie how long it holds it's temeperature). Simon's iron does it by just being a big lump of electrically heated copper; a 60 watt temperature controlled iron does it by using it's power to maintain the set temperature - often a simple 25 watt iron will cope with small jobs but the more powerful temperature controlled job is much more adaptable.


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