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Thread: MotoGP champion died
22/05/2017 23:38:18

Not only that, Chris Froome was knocked off his bike a week or so ago by a motorist who chased him onto the pavement and totally destroyed his bike before driving off. Fortunately, Chris had already jumped clear and was able to resume his training ride on a spare bike.

We've cycled a lot in France over the years and the only cars that come close have GB plates. Never ridden in Italy but Spain is similar to France. Not sure what the problem is.

Really sad all round.


22/05/2017 16:02:33

Also invest in a wattmeter. They're pretty cheap these days (a lot cheaper than a burnt out esc or model!) and they help to ensure you're not over stressing any of the electric drive train (motor/esc/battery). To reduce the current just go down in prop size as a first step and vice versa to get more power but always be aware of the current draw.


Thread: ESC or Motor issue? Pulsing, stuttering?
22/05/2017 15:57:29

The cell count isn't all that important. What is really, really, important is the current draw and checking it on a new, untried set-up is absolutely essential. I've found a lot of budget motors don't perform as the published spec implies perhaps more expensive ones are better.

I know a lot of people (even F3A competitors) never bother checking the current draw and rely on the fact they're using a recommended motor/prop/esc/battery combination and they get away with it but I like to know and always measure it.


Thread: How do they do it for the money?
20/05/2017 23:41:45
Posted by Brian Spearing on 20/05/2017 21:12:08:

Posted by Geoff Sleath on 20/05/2017 10:57:00


Reverse Polish? I dabbled with a programming language a very long time ago that used it. Can't recall its name and I never used it in anger.


Would that be FORTH?

Some HP calculators used RPN, they'd be loved by hipsters these days.


It would. I'd totally forgotten the name like a lot of things from my professional career.


20/05/2017 20:07:46

Yes, but 90% of Sinclair's stuff was absolute rubbish. The radio that wouldn't fit in the case, the Black Watch, the awful class 'D' amplifier as well as the more conventional ones which never approached the claimed performance to say nothing of the disaster that was the C5 electric trike (I was always sorry I never came across one on the road I could have overtaken on my racing pedal trike )

Dad stocked a few of the amplifiers and they sold in small quantities. In the early 70s I worked with a lad who'd worked for Sinclair testing those amplifiers. The rule was to send them out whether they worked or not and replace the ones returned. Of course a significant number weren't returned as the users assumed it was their fault they didn't work as advertised.

Sinclair never quite forgave Acorn for getting the BBC contract for the superb (for the time) BBC computer. And of course Acorn when on to be ARM (Acorn RISC Machines) who make the chips found in mobile phones and elsewhere (Taranis I think?).

I think Poundland has Sinclair beaten all ends up


Thread: Do you think some sort of registration system would protect the hobby from rogue flyers?
20/05/2017 11:10:15
Posted by ken anderson. on 20/05/2017 09:54:33:

you are breaking the (law) if you are in control of a car and using a mobile phone......we all see it every day......very hard to enforce for the boys in blue,and I imagine the same will apply to any rules that are brought out re...UAV's and M/R's .......... shutting the gate when all the horses have escaped etc comes to mind... but certain authorities will have to be seen to do something and I think whatever is decided it will effect ALL of us not just a minority

ken Anderson...... ne....1 too late dept.

It's true that some people (even professional drivers who rely on their licence for a living) persist in using hand held phones but if they are involved in an accident the fact that they were using a phone at the time is very much taken into account. The same would apply to unregistered users of RC aircraft should registration become a requirement (which I doubt). Totally inexperienced and unqualified people have been putting to sea forever and putting others at risk and nothing has been done despite calls from some quarters for regulation. Like model flying, it's been decided it's just too complicated.


Thread: How do they do it for the money?
20/05/2017 10:57:00
Posted by IanR on 20/05/2017 09:47:41:

When I think of all the time spent in school learning the intricacies of a log book! At least, that was provided by the school - but we had to buy our own slide rules.

Edited By IanR on 20/05/2017 09:48:12

I still use the book of 4 figure tables (Frank Castle) I've had for over 60 years and I still use a slide rule for some calculations (the battery still hasn't run down). I wonder if logs and indices are still taught at school? Useful stuff for understanding things other than just using old fashioned tables.

Reverse Polish? I dabbled with a programming language a very long time ago that used it. Can't recall its name and I never used it in anger.


19/05/2017 22:30:37

In 1956 I attended an interview for an apprenticeship at Ericcson's in Beeston, Nottingham. When I said I was interested in electronics the interviewer showed me a 3000 type relay as used in telephone exchanges and elsewhere with all its contacts and said "Look at that. You'd have to have a transistor fro everyone of those simple contacts. It'll never happen." (I paraphrase, of course). Some years later Ericsson's opened the first electronic exchange in Ambergate, Derbyshire Coincidentally, that's our exchange, now.

I started out working with thermionic valves and ended my so-called career designing circuits using Programmable Logic Devices on a computer!


19/05/2017 21:39:49

Our local Poundshop is right next to the bus stop where I catch the bus home (I usually walk in) and I can never resist having a look round if I'm a few minutes early. I picked up a couple of SBC LED light bulbs and then I saw a scientific calculator - for a quid (believe it or not ).

My current calculator's battery is just about exhausted and it's one I paid about £35 for over 20 years ago so a pound is probably less than the new batteries will cost. I've just been playing with it and it's fantastic. Apart from the usual scientific functions it can be used in binary, hex and octal formats - not that I've needed any of that since I retired but it would have been useful then.

Rolls-Royce gave us loans to buy calculators back in (I guess) the early 70s and my simple 4 function one was about £30! My current scientific one was bought some years later. We were still using Friden electromechanical calculators when we had the loans (it was fun to set them dividing by zero!).

I just can't think how the technology has got so cheap in my lifetime. My mind is boggled regularly yet most people just don't even notice.

Of course my quid calculator probably won't last but ...


Thread: Is this a scam
17/05/2017 19:45:35

Any phone call I get which starts with a recorded automatic message gets terminated before they have a chance to tell me what it's about - ie in fewer than 5 secs! It's definitely a scam. Ignore it.


Thread: changing lipo connectors
15/05/2017 23:58:22

Simon's right. You need either a very powerful heat controlled iron which will keep the bit temperature at the right level or, just a big iron with a lot of thermal inertia so that it stays hot. I prefer the latter for XT60s. I've had my Henley Solon 125 watt iron for about 60 years and it's been man enough to resolder vintage motorcycle petrol tanks in the past so XT60s are child's play.

No problem with losing some of the wire strands so they fit in the bucket. You're not going to be drawing that much current anyway and the increase in resistance will be zero to negligible because the reduced wire will be soldered into the connector. I always use a 3rd hand gadget which has a heavy base and croc clips to hold the 2 things you're soldering in position. Don't try to hold the wire in your fingers - despite being insulated it will get too hot to hold and movement will make for a poor joint.

Good idea to remove strands from the middle. I've never done it in the past but I will in the future.


Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
13/05/2017 14:26:34

Good idea to fit a balsa disc inside the hub to glue on the DB hub cap. I have the same wheels. I make balsa discs by using the 'scrap' from a hole saw cutting and that means there's a central hole ready cut.

By hand painting, do you mean brush? I use Warbirds colours and it does brush quite well. I use a fairly expensive brush I bought in an art shop and clean it thoroughly under the tap after each use - the advantage of water based paint.


Thread: Micron Radio Control
12/05/2017 20:30:01

When I bought the parts to build my first 35MhZ transmitter Micron were based in Long Eaton nr Nottingham but the current Micron is in Malton, Yorks not far from Castle Howard.

There is some excellent mail order performance and not only for model parts. I ordered a couple of bike tyres yesterday from Tweeks at about 12.15. They arrived this morning before 9 am via Parcel Force. It was supposed to be the free 2/3 day delivery so I wasn't expecting them.


Thread: Tell us about your most embarrassing stories from the field...
12/05/2017 16:44:26

I'd certainly be arrested if I was down the field wearing what I normally sleep in! Or not wearing blush

My most embarrassing experience was when I was getting accustomed to my Taranis after years of flying with a Multiplex 3030 transmitter. I'd set up my Acrowot FoamE with Frsky receiver and it was flying OK except it needed a bit of elevator back trim. Unfortunately through lack of familiarity instead of the trim button I caught the switch and turned the transmitter off! I'd been a good boy and set the fail safe but, of course, that was with too much elevator down trim with the inevitable result as I wasn't high enough to give the transmitter time to reboot!

I felt rather foolish to say the least.


Thread: King Charles 111
11/05/2017 22:32:17

I've just watched this on the iPlayer and I agree with Cymaz, absolutely brilliant. The Shakespearean language style suited it perfectly and although it was odd at first it soon became acceptable and unnoticed. I thought the dark side of Kate as a Lady Macbeth figure manipulating all around her came off well.

I'm no Royalist but the conflict over the assent of the Bill limiting press freedom was realistic and genuinely controversial. Well done BBC and especially Tim Piggot Smith in the title role in what was I assume his last performance.


Thread: twin engine model thread
09/05/2017 15:03:50

Here' a couple I took of a friend's YT P38 a few years ago. A pair of RCV 90 engines IIRC.

p38 00.jpg


... and now as a single!

p38 01.jpg


I'd taken a few pictures and complimented him on an unusual manoeuvre quite far out - actually is was a skilful recovery from an engine dead stick! Perhaps he should have opted for Laser engines (before Jon Harper chimes in )



Edited By Geoff Sleath on 09/05/2017 16:38:27

Thread: Ebay sellers...
09/05/2017 11:42:46

You can't grumble at that! A real bargain!


Thread: Can my glider be towed using it's hi-start hook?
07/05/2017 21:44:35
Posted by Chuck Plains on 07/05/2017 08:40:31:
Posted by PatMc on 06/05/2017 21:35:05:

What about a pylon mounted motor ?

Heh, I already have a 'firewall' built in and just added a foam nosecone in front of it. So a motor was always in the background for this one.

But to truly answer your question. I detest the sight of motor pylons. To me, they're about as attractive as an armchair on an Albatross.

I built a Hi Fly years ago (in fact it's still up in the loft) and IIRC there was a motor pylon kit included. It was designed to fit between the wings. I think I glued it together but never covered, painted or used it. In fact I only had a couple of attempts to fly it well before I passed my 'A' or had any idea how to fly!


Thread: Gee Bee Model D
06/05/2017 17:40:28

Staples in Derby copy plans and I've found them very helpful. Presumably other branches also have drawing copy facilities. Perhaps they could do you a mirror image which would make the drawing OK for the other wing?

It certainly doesn't look like a very quick build to me, either, but then, I'm also pretty slow and take breaks which adds to the total build-time. Is the span 56"? If so, it isn't a very small model either but the right size for an every day model IMO. How are you going to power it?


Thread: Menai Suspension Bridge to Bradgate Park
06/05/2017 11:59:22

My thoughts exactly, Simon. Well, true or not, it's good to get an aeromodelling story in the media (it was on R4 this morning as well) that isn't 'drone endangers airliner' related.


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