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Thread: Seagull DH-98 Mosquito engine choice
22/05/2018 10:15:13

Thanks guys, but I think it's Ian's persistance that has kept me from abandoning the project.

Ian I didn't really explore the envelope, a quick 5 minute flight was all that took place. The grass on the strip was long, dog walkers were in abundance and wondering evrywhere so my head was full of thoughts of getting down in one piece. I did slow the model down a bit and it didn't bite thankfully. Rolls and loops next time out.

It flew nicely on around half to two thirds throttle, average current around 40 - 45A (for both motors) so around 400 Watts per side. Jon thats around half a horse per motor to cruise.



21/05/2018 22:29:33

Pleased to say mine was lovely to fly this evening. moving the c of g forward to 130mm has made the model much more predicatable. Several clicks of up, and a fistfull of right aileron. Though none evident on the ground, perhaps the flaps need centring a little better. I only tried half flap, but there was no pitch change.

Focused on flying so not much on the piccy front, but Chris did grab a couple of quick shots between warning me of all the flaming dog walkers...... Why do they have to walk right down the middle of a mown strip, they have the whole field to use!!



Thanks again to Chris for spotting for me and calming the nerves.



Thread: Making a spinner by "spinning"
21/05/2018 08:50:54

Excellent post Dave, and fascinating to see what's involved. I keep meaning to have a go at this, but as most of my models are electric, keep opting for the easier option of vacforming.

The backplate idea I will definitely have a go at, as that will also work well with Vacformed or even fibre glass cones.

Are the metals anything fancy?



Thread: FIAT G50 WW2 Warbird
20/05/2018 23:13:24

Really great to see you doing some more on the Fiat



Thread: Seagull DH-98 Mosquito engine choice
20/05/2018 22:49:33

Here is the thread on RCGroups. Ian I hope you don't mind but I quoted you on the thread. You have the most experience with this model

Mine is all ready to go, made a battery box today for the flight pack and another smaller one for the Rx Lipo.

C of G with my lighter 5S5000 pack (25C) is 130mm and with the heavier 5S5000 pack (45-90C) 128mm, weight is 7kg and 7.1kg respectively using my suitcase scales. Will dig out the calibrated ones tomorrow.

I watched Mark Travers's Black Horse Mossie and it behaved impeccably, even when abused!



20/05/2018 10:43:41
Ian pop over to RCGroups there is a thread over there that may be of interest?
Not many of us have flown these. I heard Andy Johnson has been wrestling with one too....
19/05/2018 20:52:11
Thats great information Ian. I sat my Mossie back on Vannesa this morning, quite despondant. And guess what the c of g had moved to 110. I do not know what happened. Perhaps the pendulum pointer was not hanging vertically i dont know. But anyway, a little lead and 1 x 5s 5000 pack and i am on the 130mm so good to try again. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe during the week. Under 7kg again now.

Edited By Danny Fenton on 19/05/2018 20:54:16

18/05/2018 23:25:15

Hi Chris, the RC universe article really didn't make sense. He was putting the batts on the c of g.... that is definitely not going to work.... I wrote a comment to that effect but strangely the comment has been removed.

Seagull suggest the c of g at 150, and the model will sit at 150mm with a single 5S5000 in the nose, and I mean right in the nose! With no additional lead. That model was around 6.5kg.

However to shift the c of g to the 130mm mark recomended by Ian has meant adding a lot of weight, a second 5S5000 and probably 300g of lead!!! But as they say tail heavy fly once, (or once and a half in my case) So if the c of g has to come forward to 130mm to fly controllably, then thats what it needs.

The ESC's are in the front of the nacelles, the motor and batt wires are also in front of the c of g. The tail wheel has been replaced by a lighter unit. This model is shiny, no idea why. But that means a coat of flat clear kote is also missing, saving more weight. the servo and std mechanical retracts weigh less than electric units.

Others have used 2 x 6S5000 and I guess that is why. My 5S5000 weigh in at 600g a 6S high current will weigh around 840g

But at this weight i am nervous of both low speed AND high speed flicks. As the weight now stands I cannot fly it at Greenacres crying 2 so another venue will have to be found.



18/05/2018 20:46:18

Very dispondant with mine. I am on a second airframe. I reduced the weight at the tail by ditching the heavy shock absorbing tailwheel, and solid rubber wheel. two 5000 5S cells stuffed right into the nose cone, and some church roof to get it at 130mm with wheels up. Unfortunately that has pushed the weight up to 16.5lbs!!!!




Not sure I want to even try it at that weight crying 2

Ian did you weigh yours?



Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
13/05/2018 00:04:48

Hi Mike, you are more than welcome, it was good fun to do, hopefully the Hawker Fury build in October will be equally enjoyable.

Silver..... the worst paint in the world in my books, shows every inconsistency going....

The silver on my Chippy was RAF15 matt silver from HF (Hobby Flight) I think it was from Kings Lynn models.

The paint went on okay, but a bit bright for my liking. I dulled it down with a satin clearcoat.

I have got some Mick Reeves two pack silver that looks promising and will try that on the Hawker Fury during the winter.

Let us know how you get on?



Thread: Seagull DH-98 Mosquito engine choice
09/05/2018 23:25:10

BEB I cannot really say what we got, the model flew fine with no issues on my Mode 2 X7 then two weeks later on the mode 1 X10 we had RSSi messages, in the heat of the moment I couldn't tell you whether they were low or critical. The model went in and the props were not running with much energy, one prop unbroken and both spinners intact. Whether Chris pulled the throttles back or whether the failsafe had cut in and that's why it spun in we will never know. Unfortunately in my haste to bind to the X10 I neglected to enable logging, wish I had.

My Jeti is 5 today, and has never missed a beat. If I could have sorted out the SBUS equivalent on the Jeti then I would have. But then my friends would not have been able to bind to it, and I valued their flying opinion.

I think the problem was my error and down to poor Rx aerial placement, nothing to do with the radio equipment choice.

So David please let's not go there.



09/05/2018 20:42:56
Hi David on Taranis, i bound the model to a friends X10 not sure why the signal loss. May have been poor aerial placement on my part.
Thread: Better late than never Chippy
09/05/2018 07:43:48
Really lovely job Richard! An inspiration for the remaining chippy builders.
Well done
Thread: Seagull DH-98 Mosquito engine choice
08/05/2018 22:38:57

Hi Ian, thanks for the info on your flight, and darn you! I have had to source a 2nd hand airframe as I felt I was robbed of mine, before I had a chance to sort it out. And now that yours flew so well.....

At this rate the review will be in three parts! Not sure I will volunteer to do another.....

Signal loss and rearward C of G I reckon killed it....crying 2

So I am going to bring the c of g well forward, what about throws and expo?

Did you use the flaps at all?



07/05/2018 16:28:09
Nice one Ian, can you give the c of g when you get a chance? Mine went in big time, but I might know of another that I am tempted to get.... dont want it to beat me and as you have proven that it flew okay. What props and motors?
Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2018 Mass Build Project
07/05/2018 14:54:27


Thread: Propdrive 5060 380kv
02/05/2018 21:12:47

Completely agree with comments so far, as long as measured current is within specs then the prop matters not.

Two things spring to mind, I have measured the KV of some motors from HK and they haven't been as stated

The other thing is the voltage of one 6S pack even when only pulling 30A can sag more than another, so this could also account for some differences. ie quality of the pack.



Thread: Peterf's 1/4 scale Falcon Models Tiger Moth
25/04/2018 15:06:53

Really looks ace, well done

Thread: An Introduction to the PSSA 2018 Mass Build Project
24/04/2018 14:49:24

It appears that way, just to make me look a numpty Not that it is difficult to do that......



24/04/2018 14:03:01
Posted by John H. Rood on 24/04/2018 13:36:23:

This photo recently appeared somewheres online; photographer’s name I do not yet possess but I will add it asap.


Now that is interesting John, I have the Hurricane wiring diagrams and having both landing lights on at the same time shouldn't be possible........



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