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Thread: Lanier-Giles 202
23/05/2018 11:20:54

So far the model has gone together remarkably fast. Everything is spot on, no adjustments have had to be made.

I have just copied the canopy access as used on many similar models.





I now need to order a motor and a few other things.

In the meantime i will start on the wings.

Thread: Blohm & Voss BV215 for PSS
23/05/2018 09:48:25

As with many of the often called secret German aircraft of the latter part of WW2, the majority did not exist at all.

Most are described as Brochure Tender documents, mainly for specifications issued by the RLM (Reich Luft Ministrium).

In a sense there is no absolute right, as even those that made it to mock-up, such as the Fw Flitter would have been modified in the light of requests primarily of the the RLM.

Great models though.

Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
22/05/2018 20:35:17

The Blackpool and Fylde Fly-in has been and gone. It was a resounding success.

It is worth reminding ourselves why it was held. The club is part of the local community and the open day nature of a fly-in helps the club to maintain and build up a good relationship with the community at all levels and ages. The club is aware that the age of mass competition as all but passed into history. The Nationals being the one big one, other events often struggle to get 6 or there about competitors. The Fylde event attracted over 200 people, over 50 models were present. The emphasis was on having fun, meeting other similar interested people, seeing models that you otherwise would not see.

The NW Area of the BMFA supports (a sponcer) such events to support the majority of its membership, beyond just being an insurance agent. Supporting various indoor events as a Sponsor, as well as putting together a program of educational support.

We had visitors from Cumbria, the Eden Valley, the Wirral, Manchester, Liverpool Blackburn the list just goes on.

These are shots of the pit area






The early morning que is beginning. The Fokker is a D6, with a 3 cylinder radial


Then more started to que. A fantastic Shoestring in the for ground.


The above Vulcan was the best flying DF or prop driven model I have seen to date. Driven by a single 90 Schnurble? fan unit.


There were numerous jets, more than you could shake a stick at, unfortunately of little interest to me, as were the very large scale 3d aircraft with +50cc and much bigger engines, which i did not take a single picture intentionally.


This hot liner was so fast, I still do not believe it actually flew, the owner picking it up, then hiding it, then putting it back down, although I did see the Blue shift as I was told it approached, although i only saw a red blur.


The sound system, that played music all day, no Rammstein though, very sad.


The catering section, at times the que was about 20 long. I did not indulge, already having a weight problem.

See you all at next years event!

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Thread: Electric Cars.
22/05/2018 19:46:00

When I lived in Cumbria, my cottage had a wood burning stove. Although we did have also gas central heating (one of the few true villages on the gas supply). As a means of heating, it certainly was very cost effective, although as the sole means of heating pretty impractical, in that first thing in the morning, you would be freezing in the autumn, winter and early spring.

The other big issue is that you need to store it for about a year to eighteen months to dry out. I used to buy a flat back load of felled timber, more often than not pre split. I would store outside, under a cover, during this time

I find it hard to believe that London, that there are any great number of people with stoves. The next issue is storing the felled trees.

As for the particulate, I know that the cottages did produce a lot of smoke, although some burn coal. You certainly could see and smell the smoke. The village must have had about - 100 houses, we were number 42 at the far end of the village, just another 5 houses to the last, with a number of cottages on short side lanes.

So maybe the Government are correct, and Greens just want to bash private cars.

22/05/2018 15:03:57


I am not at all sure that the particulate from wood burning stoves is necessarily trivial.

Recently it was quoted in my newspaper that a significant fraction of the airborne particulate in London in the winter months were emissions from wood burning stoves. At the time I was very skeptical, yet I have seen similar claims in that wood burning stoves can be a very real issue if burning wet timber, particular types of wood and above all if burning particle type boards. In the case of particle boards, there are many other nasties emitted, so it seems.

Some time ago, in a conversation with an environmentalist, he railed against the Chelsea tractor types of vehicles. That did amuse me in that their car was a 2CV, notorious for emissions. Recently a fracking protestor drove an old Land Rover, that appeared to be the source of much soot, judging by the rear of the vehicle. With many it is a stand against the modern world, longing for that utopian world of yesteryear, in conjunction with their current social utopian vision.

22/05/2018 14:04:00

Recently it was explained to me that the issue of generation of electricity was not currently an issue, even when the demand was at is highest. I was deeply troubled as it does seem that some are so devoted to their religion or cause, that they believe the most improbable.

The cost of electric in whatever units you choose are extremely high, being multiples of  gas, diesel and so on. The reality is it costs more to generate electricity and get it to the point of usage than other forms of energy we currently use. It is not the generators and distributes being awkward, rather a function of the true costs in generation and distribution.

A 15% loss is not trivial, particularly when seen from the point of view of the losses in the system. It is not a simple case of adding the individual losses for system efficiency. The reality it is a compound effect, where each loss feeds into the next stage etc. So the losses in gearboxes, inverters, transformers, cable losses, right up to the point of usage.

It has been suggested that the less stages in any process occur, the resulting process is more probably going to be efficient, by what ever the criteria you choose.

It is interesting that Green Peace are more interested in banning IC vehicles, than seeing a reduction in particulate emissions from wood fires, and some smokeless fuels, being a component in dealing with environmental issues, particularly in the cities and towns.

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Thread: Lanier-Giles 202
18/05/2018 20:29:01


BEB it is 48" span.

Yesterday I had some problems with the pictures.





The finger jointing is not so precise that you can just insert the pieces and glue them, and the result being true.

I have been using a number of methods to achieve alignment from straight edges, paper to obtain 90 degrees.

The same is true of the formers and side pieces, which is the stage which I have now reached.

Progress will now slow dramatically as being pre-electric flight, on any significant scale, it is designed for IC. That is no easy access to load and unload Lipos etc. I am starting to design a hatch which I have seen on a number of Extra type big IC and electric models.


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17/05/2018 11:02:51

Whilst painting My Coverite Gee Bee D4 kit, which is taking me a long time and pretty much unsucessful. The difficulty me being rubbish with both Coverite and open structure frame work. I decided to do something else, as an addition, I have been most undecided. one minute doig one thing, then another, eventually deciding to build a kit I had.

I have put off building this kit in the past due to it having foam cored wings. It was a surprise that on examination to find no such items in the box.

The kit is some +10 years old, a very early laser cut kit, which shows up in that the cutting is great. What has not been grasped, was the self aligning interlocking nature of later kits and the ARTF models. This results in you needing to keep things aligned by CL and other guides. Al;though the instructions suggest that this is not necessary.

There are both a set of instruction sheets with photos and a very good plan.

Si it is eins, zvei, drie and loss!




Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
15/05/2018 19:34:52


I will ask our secretary for some pictures and possible words. I may be able to get a bit of video. That is because some others are talented.

It is worth mentioning that the NW Area of the BMFA has provided some sponsorship to help the event happen for all BMFA members (with an A or B cert), where ever they live, if they choose to come. They will be welcomed.

15/05/2018 13:49:34

It seems that everyone is out flying, as the posts have pretty much stopped, now that the sun has returned.

I must admit, while stuck in a traffic jam last week on the M6, due to making a journey that was absolutely necessary, well, the journey was the jam was not. After sitting there for about a hour, passing a few signs, alluding to a fire, thinking about missing a flying opportunity, the responsible vehicle, came passingly into view. Not a BMW as some would have predicted, something that suspiciously looked like a Citroen. I then thought that the other recent car that caught fire and was a total burn out, was a Vauxhall, a then neighbours Zafira.

Like so much, everything comes to those who wait. In this case both Saturday and Sunday down at the field. I spent a good 4 hours there. The sun is always in the perfect position at our club, that is because of the location of the flight line relative to the sun. The grass has been cut to an inch of its life, in anticipation of the 20th of May Fly -In. I am guessing that it is having another shave again, just to be sure.

Just to mention the Blackpool and Fylde Fly-In has been extensively advertised, open to all BMFA members with a A or B certificate. The site regularly flies jets, Large Models as well as us ordinary modelers with our park models.

As to my flying, well the Do 335 has been repaired and flown again. My PZ Albatross is also fling as always, and a few other models. The great thing is to take in the sun. sat in a chair, looking down from the ridge at the coast and tower in the distance, probably 5-7 miles away.

A great venue not to be missed. Particularly if the sound system and catering are provided as last year. Hmm i should have found out. Must be one of the best venues in the NW.

Thread: Electric Cars.
12/05/2018 15:10:26


The distance mentioned was only 10 miles. It could be that there are a number of test schedules used. I do not know, but it could be that some are done at low temperatures (using energy to heat the batteries, perhaps the occupied space) with significant stop start all done at night, where even with regenerative braking there will be significant energy losses. Other tests could be under optimised conditions. I do not know, in reality.>>

Perhaps what ids indicated is that serious consideration can be done to reduce pollution, rather than just disguising them. It will not be easy, who remembers the complaints from Scandinavia with respect to acid rain etc from UK and Irish power station and some industrial emissions.>>

Renewables may not be the saving technology, due to the energy costs of building the infrastructure, all devices having a finite life, not withstanding the energy losses in transmission, if not located at the point of consumption.>>

It could be to obtain anything like the range most expect from a car, it needs to be quite large, just to provide space for the batteries. Although a city runabout with a low range seems attractive, until there is a very quick way of providing a full charge, the thought of being stuck on the opposite side of a city will be off putting a large number of people.

It does seem to me that there are a number of issues that will need resolving, or peoples travel habits changing. The obvious one is for pure electric is range, which could be compensated for via a battery change, like calling for petrol, although i see many issues with this. The second is that it does appear just like our Lipos, often it is a cell within a battery that fails, rendering the battery less useful. the recent article about fast cell change, reducing current battery costs significantly. Although brushed over, apparently significant energy is still required if the same features commonly found on current IC vehicles, Rear and Front Screen heating, heated seats, cabin space heating, plus the dashboard, nighttime and day time lighting, all have a detrimental impact on range.

Thread: I cannot get Profi to load
11/05/2018 21:59:43

I cannot get the exe. Profi file to load/install. It keeps saying I do not have administrator rights.

Any ideas what the issue is?

Thread: Electric Cars.
10/05/2018 21:32:10


I totally agree with you.

Yet all the other initiatives, are tinkering around the edges.

The reality is that what ever those wanting to save the planet in the UK and Europe, think and say, this neck of the woods is infinitely better than it was in the quite recent past. The air in cities totally filled with soots, industrial pollutants, where often the sun could not be seen on a supposably cloudless day. Rivers so polluted not a living organism was to be found. The ground in our cities often coated and saturated with heavy metals and other poisons. The sea and beaches choked and covered in sewage, often visible. Our parents and often peers, dead, well before their time. From my bedroom window a sky line dominated by factory chimneys, row after row of terraced housing, each with their chimneys belching out CO2 as well as Sulphur.

Now so many want even more people, cramming into areas outside of the cities, which represented the only lungs for the unfortunate city dwellers. Whilst advocating new build of increasing density, ever smaller living spaces. Conditions that many activists would be up in arms about if it were chickens, pigs or cows, as being unnatural, devoid of providing a quality of life for the species.

There are to many people already on the planet, the solution is not yet more.

Now I will retreat to my box.


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10/05/2018 15:12:30


The piece I put in was a newspaper report with respect Hybrid vehicles, as they now perform, and what the government are considering for the future.

Typically it seems that electric vehicle performance as measured under controlled, variable test regimes, differs to the experience as some advocates experience. Typically that there is a reduction in range with low temperatures by some 20% (how cold I do not know). That after repeated cycling, that pack performances has reduced dramatically, when measured with instrumentation. All of which can be acceptable to many.

I think it is a mistake to consider efficiency with respect to say, the Stirling Cycle or the Rankin and so on. My reasoning being that a awful lot of the used energy is ignored. You need to consider the whole life time energy used. If you run a business, it is how much the cost of the energy that matters to you. Carbon taxes have artificially distorted the power generation market, yet again this is only part of the cost of energy.

Probably the biggest step that could be taken to save the planet, is to have policies that reduce human populations. The UK being an example of a very much over populated country. We require high energy farming to partially feed the existing population. Cities that are expensive due to the land being scares for building. A country side that leaves little room for many creatures and so on.

Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
09/05/2018 20:37:26

There is a reason why I have not posted if I have been flying, just to busy, even now time is pressing.

As for flying, on Thursday I went down (or is that up) to the field. Took my folding chair out of the boot, and set it down in the pits. Then took out my four models out of the car over a four hour period. Then alternating between flying and recovering spent the late morning and up to mid-afternoon at the field. All the time, the sun beat down, not a breath of wind, is this really the Fylde i thought. My Sun records cap protecting my bald head, a tent like shirt from that orb that I thought had deserted us, do we need a human sacrifice to placate the Gods?

Friday arrived and it was ditto, with a few more people.

Saturday, I could only just get in the car park, the roads into Lytham St Annes, had been clogged with day trippers. But now I was here. There was a difference though, I managed to crash my Dornier 355 on launch, after fine adjustments to make it a better flier. Oh Dear.

Ah, what about Sunday, would I be allowed out to play? A Golf Tournament had the better half competing. So it was back to the field. Retuning home is now a challenge, those dammed holiday makers.

Monday arrives, I will surely be dragged out for a day out. But no, another Golf Tournament to be played. I was hoping that it would go better than the Saturday tournament, as some one was in a foul mood. Any way, up to the field another great day. All this flying and sitting has ruined my camping chair, I now need another. The holiday makers are no longer to be seen. Rounded the day of at a barbecue at daughter No.1, with a few glasses of wine, reflecting how good life could be with Global Warming.

As to the Dornier, pretty much fixed now.

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Thread: Electric Cars.
09/05/2018 16:24:15

Hmm Local Emmissions Free, strange diescription.

I had noticed that Hybrid cars could be required to be able to travel for 20 miles without use of a IC power source, as part of Government long term proposals. It seems that current Hybrids typically can only do 10 miles, a particular Japanese vehicle was singled out as an example.

At first sight it just seems you need a battery *2 the size now fitted. The downside will be the space required to keep the battery, which also leads to a weight increase, and so on.

I am guessing that the battery size currently chosen is based on the concept that others have mentioned, in that a IC engine running at a constant speed optimum efficiency speed, is a very efficient package. Probably much more energy efficient than a pure electric, when generation, distribution losses are considered.

I have just renewed my Gas/Electric package for my home. It struck me that the cost of gas per unit energy was 1/4 of the electric unit cost. I would expect that this discrepancy is an overall efficiency effect. Although electric kettles are very efficient, it would not surprise me that gas heating of a kettle is at a lower cost. Looking at the emissions issues, again it would not surprise me that gas distribution and burning creates less gross pollutants than electric. Part of my memory contains the difficulty of just getting rid of transformer oils, and some of the nasty chemicals associated with vacuuming down for transformers and switchgear.

03/05/2018 21:25:43

Now this may come as electric, as a Diesel it would be so much nicer, I am sure all would agree.

I am getting that vibe that Tesla may not be long for this world, unless radical surgery, I do not why I feel this way. Ah yes, it is it is the loss of £523m over three months, and a graph of losses that look like a e^x plot.

I was just reading that some manufacturers are now investigating the use of plug in cells, so as to make replacement of failed cells within the pack, economical. Rather than either living with lower overall performance or a costly pack change. I am guessing it is the practicality of arranging the fast making and breaking of the contacts that is both effective, safe and simple, that is the issue.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
29/04/2018 23:48:53

John, relative to the team I have selected and what happened, I did very badly on what appeared to be the result, other than some how I received more points relative to others.

I thought when I lost two cars, that things could be better. Then coming up to the end of the race I was thinking, things could be worse. Then the crash and things got a lot worse. I had been thinking, I need to change from Lewis, as his path is probably downwards, like in his later Mclaren days, could i afford his team mate, others have hinted, now that he is starting to win, the price will go up. Then suddenly, Lewis is at the front, and at least I got those points, I thought. But all the other points lost, just will not make up for it. Shows you, how wrong you can be when it is about relative failure.

29/04/2018 22:16:45

I really need and should know how points are scored.

On the face of it, another terrible day for me. other than Lewis winning, when I thought that was another problem.

Yet I again lost 4 cars I believe and at least one driver scored no points.

29/04/2018 14:00:42

I do think that there is a difference between a team ordering/requesting a driver to take a particular action, than a driver demending/asking for the other team member to do something that is not in his interest.

I still think that the majority of us will have picked Mercedes and Lewis in our team selection. This alone represents 33% of a team. That could easily with our group be 25-30% of us.

After we have made our first selection, our minds will turn to the second combination. In this case, based on past performance we most probably will have gone for Ferrari or Reb Bull. As for the driver it either either going to be Vettel or Bottas (mainly because he has lacked as yet the consistency of Rosberg). I would guess that at least 12% will have tried to balance the books with such a combination

At the back end it is all about what money is now left.

I can see a broad similarity of team composition smoothed by the inconsistencies of the lower place placings, race to race.

If I am wrong, it does not matter, in that it seems who ever comes last, they are often not that far behind the winner, with those of us in the middle, separated by a few points from those above and below.

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