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Thread: Sheared cheap prop bolts.
26/05/2018 22:17:52

My RCG 30 sheared all four of them shortly after a take off. Replaced with proper British high tensile ones. Glad that nobody was standing in front.

Thread: Silencer recommendations
26/05/2018 22:11:14

I know that the maths do not work out but they don`t for model flying speed either. We once measured the speed of a not particularly quick aerobatic model over six up/down wind runs and even taking timing errors into consideration it worked out at an average of 160 mph which theoretically was not possible on an 11x7 at 12,000 revs. You need to take into account the prop airfoil section which increases the speed of the airflow as it does on a wing. After all, the maximum static thrust is generated with a zero pitch prop I believe, hence the finer the pitch, the better the climb rate.

No idea what the prop rpm/diameter is on a Stearman but the tips definitely go super sonic.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
26/05/2018 16:02:12

Mine too. Thought that my Spit was just a windy weather back up but I am down for separate slots with it. I`d better get down the field and check it out.

Thread: Silencer recommendations
26/05/2018 14:16:10

A model I have powered by a four stroke would send the prop tips super sonic when opening up at the bottom of a loop on an APC 16x6, but replacing this with an APC 15x8 cured it totally.

Thread: Martyn's Dalotel
25/05/2018 19:50:01

Cannot help feeling that after going to all that trouble why you did not use it as a plug for a gf mould, or are you just not into that sort of thing?

I was wrong about the rudder shape, yours looks correct.

Thread: An alternative to Balsaloc
25/05/2018 19:43:36

Wickes PVA, watered down, works well for me. Can make good rivets too.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
25/05/2018 19:35:48

Should be fine on a 180. One of these powers my 72" Nihuis version which is 18lbs no less.

Thread: Precedent Stampe 1/4 Scale
24/05/2018 18:31:56

Dare not fly mine again before W&W because I am quite capable of bending it.

24/05/2018 15:41:42

I was about to ask the same question.

Thread: Peacemaker
23/05/2018 09:28:42

Glad it now goes well Geoff. The elevator on mine also needs the sensitivity reducing, more expo I expect.

Thread: Scammer warning
21/05/2018 18:50:21

Going back a few years I had a dispute with Paypal over a portatable TV. I had it delivered to the place where I worked and some idiot signed for it without consulting me. The thing was just loosely wrapped in cardboard and had water pouring out. On opening a dispute with Paypal they told me to send it back at my expense. The seller then had their useless goods back plus my fifty quid and Paypal closed the dispute. They refused to consider any further action and left me with a considerable loss at the time.

Thread: Another dodgy buyer?
20/05/2018 21:57:48

Yeah, that is the same guy I was just talking about under the heading Scammer warning.

Thread: Scammer warning
20/05/2018 21:52:03

Just had four model flying alerts within two minutes of each other regarding items I have for sale on this site, three of them duplicates and in dodgy English quoting a gmail address they want me to contact.

Do the mods want to know this address since I do not want to put it on here as a warning without permission, or shall I just delete them all?

Thread: Any groundsmen out there?
20/05/2018 19:33:28

We needed a much larger closely mown area and tried to do it ourselves with a rotavator etc and it was a disaster. The original grass was killed off with something which was supposed to deactivate on contact with the soil, but it didn`t and killed the new seeds. Our farmer offered to do it properly for a fee and it is now superb, 100m x 30m. It gets regularly rolled, fed, mown, watered and treated to kill off leatherjackets. No sheep for the last few years since he does not want his handiwork destroyed by them.

Thread: Peacemaker
18/05/2018 19:49:49

Glad to see that you got away with that. My c.g. was intended to be as per plan but may be a little forward of it which I intend to rectify. I mostly set the c.g. so that on exiting a spin the model rotates exactly half a turn after neutralising the controls. Works for me.

Thread: Mark's TN Hawk Build
18/05/2018 19:42:22

Not quite the way I did it because I only have the arm sticking out but I await to see your end result.

16/05/2018 21:25:51

There is a very minor difference between the two switches but blowed if I can remember what it is. I think that the specs reveal it. I am told that the HK one is actually more reliable.

Thread: The Atom Special
16/05/2018 10:13:53

I have built a couple but don`t remember there being a plan.

You will need electric power since a), acceleration on take off has to be gradual to allow the rotor to build up speed, otherwise it will leap off prematurely and tip over to the right, and b), power needs to be coordinated with pitch, roll and yaw throughout the flight, c), it needs to be gradually reduced for landing, not abruptly cut.

This has probably put you off the idea!

Thread: Mark's TN Hawk Build
15/05/2018 23:07:06

Same as I have but with the HK failover switch of which I use several already, and just 2x 700 LiFe packs, not the nanotech things. Every nanotech pack I have had, (Lipos) have swollen after only one flight. Not just me either, one club member got through nine of these (lipos) in a similar way. Cannot speak for the nanotech LiFe ones though.

I also have a Taranis set which is great if only I persevered and got my head round it. Why the RX8R and not just another RX8?

14/05/2018 20:36:15

Why trust your luck to sticky pads? I know that there will be no oily fuel around to attack them but these days nobody uses them. Whatever the mount is made of, that c.a. will probably not really be glued permanently to it. Birch ply mounts will look the same in the end.

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