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Thread: Culvert Dart by Rod Jocelyn
22/01/2017 21:10:26


That was a long time ago. I may have the original article which I might scan for you. when I can summon the energy. At the moment even that is a major problem.

Rod's aircraft was a single seater with a much bigger engine that the one that the young lady is holding.

Actually these days I have slowed down dramaticaly.

Thread: Confessions of a Bodger
22/01/2017 13:27:14

I was recently told this little story.

The rear fuel injector on a BMW packed up. IT seems that it had a straight six engine. They could not get it out without removing the engine, a £2000 operation.

There was no access throught the scuttle but someone (Not a BMW engineer) said why not cut a hole through above the injector so they did. Removed the faulty unit, fitted a new on and fitted a rubber hole plug in the hole which looks as it it was always meant to be there.

Poor original design, blindness to see the obvious answer and so vast sums for a simple job.

One more to the bodgers

Edited By Peter Miller on 22/01/2017 13:29:13

Thread: Shaving
22/01/2017 13:09:44

Hi BEB I couldn't agree more. I see them on TV and think, "get a shave you scruffy little creep"

22/01/2017 12:52:16
Posted by bouncebounce crunch on 22/01/2017 12:24:56:

I am in the Army. It is no fetish. Growing a beard is really not an option for me without a change of job.

Now the Army cannot discriminate in this day and age Phil.

Oh yes they can! the forces can always descriminate. Trust me on this, they can find some loophole or regulation

The only possible excuse would be to decome a Sikh and they will find a rule against that!!

22/01/2017 08:49:45

I have used an electric lawnmower for the last 60 years.

However for my Zip razor planes there is only one blade to use, the good old Blue GiIlette. It cuts better and the edge doesn't bend over.

I remember that when Gillette stopped making it cateract surgeons screamed because that was what they used for their operations.

Thread: Culvert Dart by Rod Jocelyn
22/01/2017 08:36:05

I ued a .52 four stroke which was perfect as the aircraft was highly modified and aerobatic

It has now been passed to another club member who repaired it and is flying it.

I was pleased with that model.

That is NOT me on Outerzone and I am even uglier now than I was 13 years ago and the model that the young lady is holding is nothing like Rod Jocelyn's aircraft

Thread: Super Marauder, Depron/ wood composite with contra-props and retracts.
21/01/2017 10:44:05

I could be wrong but I seem to remember on the Shackletons that the rear prop was slightly smaller in diameter than the front one. I must look at my Shack book.

I do remember a couple of Mk 3s that landed with a collapsed nose legand the front prop tips bent back andthe rear prop chopped the tips off.

Thread: Confessions of a Bodger
21/01/2017 10:05:14
Posted by Dai Fledermaus on 21/01/2017 09:16:38:

"If you're interested in model flying of any kind then drop in to say hello and ask any questions you may have. You'll get a warm welcome"

The quote above is from the Welcome note on this Forum. After reading some of the comments on this particular post, I'm beginning many will be put off asking questions, myself included, in case we are judged as not being capable thinking for ourselves.

Don't get me wrong. We will answer all questions and, as they say, there are no stupid questions.

I ask questions in areas such as computers and electric power where I have no knowledge.

I also get questions, not only on the forum aboutvery simple things.

Now up until the Internet became so accessable we used to get problems and we would sit at our benches and think "How can I do that?" or "Whatcan I use for that?" until it became second nature to us. We learned to look at problems and solve them, we had to because apart from a clubmate who might have an idea we had no one else to ask.

Recently I mentioned my new design would have to have a metal tank made, something that was a common part of any model that we made. The screams of anguish at the idea amazed me. Although it should not have done.

Now that breed of modeller who instinctively solve their problems are all getting on in years while the new breed are relying on them to answer somethimes very basic questions.

What is going to happen when that old school have all departed this vale of sorrows for the flying club in the sky or, to put it less poetically, when the problems solvers have all died?

Who is going to answer the basic questions like "How do I get my throttle cable to work in this restricted area?"

So I say please, before you ask a question try thinking "How can I do that?" "What can I use for that"?

The attitude "What can I use for that" has a corollary which is so useful too. WE used to wander round Woolworths in it's hey day and look at things and think "What can I use that for?" I have never lost that mental attitude and it stands me in good stead many times.

For many years I edited "How I DID That" The gadget pages in AMI. I used to get some brilliant ideas sent in, Some that I still use today One that was so simple and obvious that three modellers with a combined modeling life of nearly 150 years had never thought of it. BUT I also had to create nearly half the ideas from my own experience each month.

So ask any question you like but spend a few minutes think if you can come up with an answwer yourself first. Remember we are not always going to be around

21/01/2017 08:47:08
Posted by Kevin 216 on 21/01/2017 07:08:06:

The world of work is driven by process and worthless work instructions- for example people in call centres reading from script. Its a shear delight to be able to tinker and fettle dodgy models/plans/etc., and be able to break free of the audit police and process. Are we bodgers no we are innovators.

We are also the ones who have to solve the problems for the brain dead who can't think for themselves

Thread: Super Marauder, Depron/ wood composite with contra-props and retracts.
21/01/2017 08:42:10

Thought on the props. I seem to racall from somewhere that the rear prop which is already working in moving air needs to be at a higher pitch that the front one.

21/01/2017 08:40:30

Colin don't worry. Modern technology is rubbish.

I have recently bought a Canon 110D. I have now realised that I hate touchscreens. It took me 20 minutes to cancel the self timer. I shall go back to my 400D.

I already dislked them from my Hitec Aurora 9 and my Kindle fire but the Canon seaaled my hatred. Trouble is that my fingers are thicker than a pencil so prees the wrong area apart from other problems

Thread: Simon C's Depron Ballerina
21/01/2017 08:34:35

I am not even considering going flying with current temperatures.

I look out of my bedroom window on these sunny days and see clubmembers on the field and think "No chance"

Ahalf hour stroll down the road and my toes are suffering.

Thread: Super Marauder, Depron/ wood composite with contra-props and retracts.
20/01/2017 18:42:24

Ah, THat is better.

Glad you told us that the camera was running slow. That was SLOW

Thread: Confessions of a Bodger
20/01/2017 18:24:21

How true BEB

My pet moan is people who contact me with simple problems. "How do I do this or that"

A recent one was " The throttle cable comes out on the firewall but my four stroke throttle arm is outside the fuselage. How do I do it"

Before we had the internet we used to look at the problem and work it out for our selves. Now they just DON'T THINK!! Just ask someone and they will never learn to solve their own problems.

I dispair of modern modellers who will not spend a few minutes using their brains.

Edited By Peter Miller on 20/01/2017 18:24:57

Thread: Super Marauder, Depron/ wood composite with contra-props and retracts.
20/01/2017 18:13:53

Could not find it onYou TUbe but never mind.

Glad you had a successful maiden and got it down with minor traumas. More power and less throws and you should be happy.

Thread: The lunch time debate
20/01/2017 13:34:22

Are these the same crew that had a chainsaw on a drone? I tell you the cold freezes the brain cells up

Thread: Destiny, My new design.
18/01/2017 19:08:22

You will need two or three boxes.

When removing them some of the heads come off make sure you extract to pin if the head does come off..

18/01/2017 17:05:26

THanks everyone

18/01/2017 12:10:50

As I keep telling people but no one ever seems to listen The secret is MAP PINS. Small, plastic headed pins about 6 mm long, You can push them home and they hold the plank down.

Thread: Super Marauder, Depron/ wood composite with contra-props and retracts.
17/01/2017 08:51:50

Hope you can make thattest flght before you depart.

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