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Thread: Harmony Begins
25/02/2017 21:01:32

Very nice.I think they call that shocking pink!!

Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
25/02/2017 08:22:05

That looks very smart. A bit of extra area never hurt at all

Thread: Does This Happen To You?
23/02/2017 08:35:03

Not me, had one or two offered in the club though

Thread: Starting a motor for the first time
22/02/2017 21:05:35

Not wanting to scareyoy but back in the 80s or 90s, RCM&E ran a picture of someone. Their Irvine 40, running at full chat had removed 3 fingers.

Mind you,he was launching a pusher. Models with props in strange places are very dangerous, had one or two myself and seen a few more accidents.. Now I refuse to even touch a model with the prop anywhere but at the front.

22/02/2017 18:20:00
Posted by jrman on 22/02/2017 18:11:23:

I presume you are using a glass reinforced nylon prop. If so just rub the leading and trailing edges with sand paper to take off the razor sharp edges. Prevents the type of cut you experienced but it doesn't do anything for the "rotating" cuts! Donald has given you good advice but I don't think he stressed it strongly enough.wink

I was just going to say the same thing, remove the moulding flash from the edges of ALL propellers. The Master airscrews are so sharp you can carve balsa with them.

I was trying to start a friends engine and cut my finger on the prop. All I will say is that he NEVER forgot to remove the flash again after I "explained " what he had failed to do.

Thread: Tip stall avoidance question.
21/02/2017 18:19:42

The best exaample is the Nemeth UMbrella plane.

I keep looking atmy 3 views and"one Day" it will happen.


Thread: I knew I shouldn't be modelling when...
20/02/2017 19:56:51

Just before Christmas I went down with a vicious flue type bug that has laid several people out. the after effects stay on with exhaustion and total lack of interest for weeks.

I can't even face cutting out bits a model. I do fly but I have decided not to try an do any modelling until the urge really returns. I can fiddle with things and do minor servicing. And afternoon on the field (well, a couple of hours) leaves me floored for a couple of days.

I do know that it has triggered a relapse in my ME so I know how to live with it.

Thread: Am I drinking too much?
20/02/2017 18:54:07

Well done Keep it up

Thread: 9gm servos
20/02/2017 18:53:35

Try Hobby king.

I use Turnigy 9 gram metal geared servos including on separate ailerons and flaps on models with .52 four strokes, never had one fai; yet

Thread: EBay Ads by Forum Members
20/02/2017 09:04:17

Listed my Hitec Aurora 9 Tx, 2 Optima 7 Receivers and some telemetry items and the HPP22 for connecting and down loading new programs from the Hitec website.

Very little use. Buy it now £220 plus postage


Thread: Completed Ballerina's Gallery
20/02/2017 08:33:19


I need that sort of gear when the temperature gets down to 5 degrees!!

Thread: Lucas's Ballerina
20/02/2017 08:30:28

Love it!!!laugh

Thread: Bmfa adds
18/02/2017 11:35:03

The advce that drafts will bounce after 6 days is wrong.

They can take 6 months before the bank finds that they are FAKE.  I was offered a similar deal a long time ago but contacted the police. The cybercrime officer told me that it can take that long before the bank finds out that it is a forgery. and then they will take the money back from you and if you haven't got it you are in dead trouble.The officer told me that a man in my own village got taken for £5000.

Don't touch this one with a barge pole.

Edited By Peter Miller on 18/02/2017 11:37:57

Thread: Chris's Bella Ballerina HD
17/02/2017 20:55:17

Chris. That is half your problem. 14 months and you just burn out. because you are spending all your time trying to get it perfect instead of finished.

Thread: Throttle Curves?
17/02/2017 09:19:04

I use Exponential on two stroke throttles as it makes the throttle response much more linear.

I regret that my Spektrum doesn't allow me to do this but my old Futaba FF8 does.

Thread: The War Lover Movie
17/02/2017 09:16:01

It ws on one of the Freeview channels a little while ago.

The flying is good, the rest is best viewed with the fast forward button

Edited By Peter Miller on 17/02/2017 09:16:22

Thread: Upgrade DX7 gen1
16/02/2017 20:53:04

Why? I am still using my DX7 bought when they first came out. I even bought a spare. original one.

I just found that they will work with the newest Bind and Fly from Horizon. so they will work the new Receivers just fine.

So, buy a new set if you want but the old ones still work well.

Thread: Help, two speed teapot.
16/02/2017 14:43:17
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 16/02/2017 13:56:49:
Posted by RC Plane Flyer on 16/02/2017 12:55:03:

Sounds like the lid has no vent hole maybe try without the lid and problem solved so then you may have to introduce some small packing piece under the lid to let the air in. Have a nice day

I agree that this sounds like the problem. The tea exits, creating a partial vacum, flow slows down. Then suddenly the teapot gets an inrush of air, the vacum dissapears and the tea gushes out! A simple way to test this is to remove the lid prior to pouring. If the effect goes away then you have found your problem. To perminantly fix it you will need a vent hole or a spacer!


As I said, Buy a better teapot

16/02/2017 12:50:44

Throw it away and buy another

Thread: All helicopters can not be this bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!
15/02/2017 20:50:40

WE have quite a fewl helicopters flown in our club. IT is very rare for a spare to be needed except after a crash.

Some are very old collectors items, some are pretty new types

No, I don't fly them. I have more senselaugh

Edited By Peter Miller on 15/02/2017 20:51:31

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