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Thread: **NEW POLL** - What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
24/02/2017 12:06:13

Pricing is such a weird "science". If value for money was the be all and end all, FRSky would be the undoubted market leader and we'd all be taking our models to the club in Skodas or similar. But then so many factors come into play - range of features, useability, brand loyalty, perceived quality, personal experience, aesthetics, manufacturer/distributor support and probably many more. Buying a "quality" car is no guarantee of absolute reliability and even the lowliest rattle-trap performs the primary function of getting from A to B pretty well these days.

It's interesting that a previous Jeti importer was firmly convinced that their equipment was too cheap - compared to high end offerings from the then market leaders - and therefore couldn't justify the sort of advertising campaign he would have liked to have run. I certainly can't justify my choice in terms of price but every time I hold my transmitter I get a reassuring feeling of quality and (imagined or not) feeling of security for my model and there's maybe an element of "male jewellery" at play.

Let's hope, for the benefit of the hobby as a whole, that the day when everyone chooses the same system never comes - the drive to innovate and improve would surely diminish markedly.

Edited By Martin Harris on 24/02/2017 12:07:40

Thread: I knew I shouldn't be modelling when...
20/02/2017 15:01:40

Call it the first coat Chris - a light de-nib when it's dry and buy a BIG pot of paint for the finishing coat!

Anyway, I'm not stupid enough to fall for the old "build two sides identical" trap. I was building a Ripmax Extra Slim Twin some years ago and (as the name suggests) it is a twin - it uses two profile Extra fuselages on a funfly wing. (It's a brilliant first twin if anyone sees an old kit for sale - the close coupling and breeze over each rudder makes single engined operation almost laughably easy.)

Back to the build, the design calls for nicely streamlined cheek pieces under the crankcases - one for each side. I had laughed at all the tales of clubmates building two left wings etc. so I took great pains to ensure I didn't make that mistake - I painstakingly razor planed and sanded the two items until they were an exact mirror image of each other - perfection (in my eyes) reigned supreme and I got out the covering iron to clad them in the same Profilm as the fuselages. I fitted the first one and it looked magnificent - went to fit the one on the second fuselage...scratched my head...looked around for the hidden cameras...and then it dawned on me that the fuselages were identical, cylinder heads, linkages, exhausts etc. all nicely aligned and, of course, I should have made two identical pieces!

Slim Twin


Edited By Martin Harris on 20/02/2017 15:04:13

Thread: Time to change car
19/02/2017 23:10:16
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 19/02/2017 22:53:55:
Posted by Ben B on 19/02/2017 22:19:51:

I suspect everyone likes the car they chose (kind of why they chose it). For easy entry and load swallowing the grand scenic takes some beating. Mine has been like a sewing machine the last 6 years....

I hope you've not been stitched up laugh


Don't lose the thread, chaps...

(hope this doesn't needle anyone)

Edited By Martin Harris on 19/02/2017 23:13:10

Thread: esc brake on or off
19/02/2017 11:05:09

Maybe a silly question but when you've tried the other transmitters, have you been using an appropriate receiver bound to each transmitter? I assume you had a motor connected - the beeps are produced by the ESC sending a high frequency signal to the motor windings which vibrate to produce the sounds.

Edited By Martin Harris on 19/02/2017 11:08:39

Thread: More Re-visited RCM&E Designs
18/02/2017 23:17:33
Posted by Gurth Scriven 2 on 18/02/2017 23:04:30:

Another vote for the Little Bit. The Tiny Bit is tempting too except that anything that sort of size always ends up overweight if I build it.

Just had a shooftie at the Little Bit plan on Outerzone, looks very straightforward, a quiet weekend utilising cyano with no distractions could result in a maiden flight by Sunday teatime. Just a detail tho' - not one letter or number is legible on the Outerzone plan, so a bit of "interpretation" may be in order.

Works OK for me with only one or two faint bits which are readable with a small effort - did you actually download it or are you looking at the "thumbnail" on the download page? The Tiny Bit plan is very clear.

Dick's modern radio/flight gear resulted in a massive weight saving over the original model's 6 oz. (170g) so even carrying a bit of "excess timber", the Tiny Bit should fly well. You might be surprised at the conditions Dick has flown it in - it really is a very good flyer.

I'm starting to get tempted myself!

Edited By Martin Harris on 18/02/2017 23:34:21

18/02/2017 22:20:57

I should obviously pay more attention and I did think that Piers' NiCds would have been a bit of a squeeze - but he did say it was fast!

18/02/2017 20:12:47
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 18/02/2017 12:20:11:

How about 'Little Bit' by the late, great, Derek Woodward, - Radio Modeller Oct 1991. The original was Cox .049 powered and had to be the ultimate in simple airframes/quick builds, although not for the faint hearted. I originally built a Babe Bee powered version then a slim leccy Speed 400 fuselage for the wing, which was a bit heavy with seven 500mAh nicads. I must resurrect it with a lightweight out-runner and LiPo. I am surprised Shaun Garrity hasn't republished the design in his RCM&E series already, although not for single channel RC perhaps!

+1 for the Little Bit - a clubmate built one recently and it's amazingly capable - fast, manoeuvrable and very well mannered. It's electric powered and if he misses this thread I'll see if I can get some details in case anyone takes up the idea - I think it's got a 300mAH 3S battery and it's very much lighter than the original.

Edited By Martin Harris on 18/02/2017 20:17:20

Thread: Time to change car
17/02/2017 22:22:19
Posted by Michael Ramsay-Fraser on 17/02/2017 20:18:31:

I'm sorry but admitting to wanting to own an estate car is tantamount to admitting your life is over and you have nothing to look forward to.

Easy answer, buy a sports car (the new Alfa is nice), fit a tow bar. Buy a trailer. Job done.smiley

Oh dear, I bought an estate car when I was 30 - but I'm still waiting to grow up!

Mind you, it was a Scimitar GTE with quite decent performance for its time...and keeping it running was almost a full time hobby on its own. I have to admit I'm currently running an Astra estate which I bought primarily for model transportation - seems a lot easier chucking a few models in the back rather than messing around with a trailer!

I'm intending putting my Series 1 Land Rover back on the road when modelling time allows (I was in the middle of restoring it when I took up model flying again but now I'm retired I should really be able to find the time). That's done pretty well in the depreciation stakes though - paid £525 for it in 1979 so if it disappeared in a puff of smoke tonight that's less than £13.82 a year and in reality, even in it's part restored condition it's worth considerably more than I paid for it after 38 years...

Thread: pegasus models hurricane
16/02/2017 22:59:45

I've just measured the C of G from my plan (original Galaxy badged) at 4 9/16" behind the leading edge at the fuselage.

The only problem you're likely to have is nosing over (it's a Hurricane!) but don't be tempted to set a rearward C of G - it will get rather ill-mannered if you do. I angled my retracts forward as far as possible. The U/C has popped out from the foam on quite a few occasions over the years but epoxy glue is wonderful stuff and any damage is localised...

I haven't flown it for a few years - funnily enough my thoughts had turned to recommissioning it just the other day but it's happiest from hard dry ground with freshly trimmed grass so I haven't done anything yet. 

They are not the lightest of models but fly without any vices (once off the ground) and look very good doing appropriate "airshow display" manouevres such as loops and reversals, slipping passes and nice barrely rolls.


P.S. Looking at the pictures above has reminded me that mine isn't quite standard.  I picked it up at the late lamented Watford Swapmeet back in January 2003 - very well used but obviously well built and detailed maybe 10 or even 20 years before...and I've added a lot more real-life weathering since!  

The ailerons had been cut out as per scale rather than the strip ailerons on the plan and slightly simplified (one piece) split flaps added. The sheet tail surfaces and control surfaces had been built up. These mods shouldn't impact too much on its flying characteristics - maybe a little in roll but everything is still as per the outline of the normal version.

Edited By Martin Harris on 16/02/2017 23:18:10

Thread: Keil Kraft Factory Tour
16/02/2017 13:30:28

Health and what...??? surprise

Did KK finally close when the workers ran out of fingers? When was that, by the way...

Thread: All helicopters can not be this bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!
15/02/2017 23:44:08
Posted by J D 8 on 15/02/2017 18:41:54:

The only reason helicopter's fly at all is because they vibrate so much the earth rejects them.wink

I thought they simply beat the air into submission...

Thread: Am I drinking too much?
15/02/2017 13:05:00

The various comments on driving (and modelling) performance reminded me of the effects I noticed before my allergy turned nasty. In my gliding days, I prided myself on my landings (made up a bit for my rather average prowess as a cross-country/competition pilot!) but on two occasions, I got into a horrible pilot induced oscillation situation, bouncing merrily along the grass runway several times to my considerable embarrassment but fortunately without damage to me or my machine.

These two occasions both followed rather serious party situations the night before - although I'd more than complied with the 8 hours "bottle to throttle" (if you count the tug pilot's contribution!) guideline, I'm sure it was no coincidence.

I have to wonder how many times I (and maybe many of the rest of us) unwittingly broke the drink/drive laws on the way to work over the years...

Thread: Battery / servo advice needed
15/02/2017 10:27:13

To clarify, the actual orientation of the aerials isn't the important factor - you just need to make sure they are at 90 degrees to each other in one plane to give maximum diversity. The other concern, not likely in your case, is to ensure that a large engine, motor, battery etc. isn't likely to shade reception for both aerials in a particular direction.

Thread: Am I drinking too much?
15/02/2017 10:18:59

It's easy for me to moralise - my body started rejecting alcohol some years ago and, from allergy symptoms, it progressed to making me violently sick a few days after drinking even a small amount so I'm now teetotal - but I agree that this sort of consumption cannot be healthy. The important thing is that you have realised that there is a problem and I'd guess that you're really looking for some encouragement.

I do agree that you're in danger of driving over the legal limit and I'm sure you wouldn't want to have an accident on your conscience. According to this site it takes, on average, one hour for a unit of alcohol to leave the body - which suggests that you will always have a significant amount of alcohol in your blood.

Have a chat with your GP - there are organisations ready to help and you should do well as you have already realised that you have a problem.

To those who have made light of this problem or been unsympathetic - I'm sorry, but I think you need to examine your own motives and morals.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
14/02/2017 16:29:06

I particularly liked the comment on the news - apparently, someone has called the copse...

Thread: converting from Nicad to lipo reciever
14/02/2017 09:50:06

I store most of my models in the house so leaving LiPos in situ would be a no-no for me.

Thread: Rawlplugs/well nuts - what size?
13/02/2017 23:55:42

Do you have a spinner? Some can be quite inaccurately made and can affect balance.

Thread: When is a Triplane not a Triplane?
13/02/2017 19:58:04

Only if you call the tri-plane a quad-plane - it had the same...

Thread: 40 Amp Turnigy Plush ESC vs Overlander ESC
13/02/2017 11:25:28

It's quite possible that one or the other is a copy or rebrand - I've come across several examples of "fully compatible" ESCs and programming cards over the years. I have a Hobbyking sourced card somewhere which is identical to a Jeti one and YEP seem to be identical in almost all respects to the far more expensive German brand, YGE. You could try asking Overlander for more details - they might be the victims of IP theft.

This might make for some illuminating reading...

You might also like to balance any possible savings against local customer service and support.

Thread: converting from Nicad to lipo reciever
12/02/2017 22:29:18

I've got to agree with Phil - LiFe cells don't need balancing on every charge, although it's no more difficult than with a LiPo, can be fast charged in situ as safely as NiXX cells and don't need the complication and additional failure point of a regulator to work with most servos. A123 and similar cylindrical cased varieties are virtually bullet-proof although I use soft cased ones regularly.

Edited By Martin Harris on 12/02/2017 22:31:54

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