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Thread: Caption competition!
28/03/2017 13:19:26

I know you couldn't find the transmitter manual but I still think reversing the elevator would be better in the long run...

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
25/03/2017 23:58:39

An interesting philosophy but it's well known that most non-abused component failure occurs either close to initial use or after a long service life. While small self-contained components may not be worth servicing, should a proven piece of equipment like a transmitter be scrapped because a single component or circuit board develops a fault? You then expose yourself to the risk of an early life failure or as yet undiscovered software glitch occurring on that new system you replace it with. I would agree that if no fault can be identified there is a much stronger case for disposal.

Edited By Martin Harris on 25/03/2017 23:59:37

Thread: Consumer advice please
24/03/2017 22:22:52

Aren't all TV sales recorded for the TV Licencing department? I would hope that Argos would be able to identify the transaction.

Thread: Disappointing experience with RC-World in Newport.
24/03/2017 09:45:58

Adrian, the stock showed a pack of 10 and I ordered one pack. It seems that the wood comes to him pre-packed in 10s (these were rubber banded together when received, not plastic wrapped) and had been sent un-checked. While I accepted his explanation that the original error was with his supplier, it didn't absolve him of the responsibility of sending the correct quantity.

24/03/2017 09:39:12

I was about to put the matter down to experience but I do need to clarify a few points.

My OP did not express any opinions - it asked whether I was being unreasonable and I did point out that the transaction was generally satisfactory except for the matter of the shortfall. This was a supplier that was new to me and I wondered if this was an isolated incident or whether others had experienced any difficulties.

Far from being vindictive, I'm glad that several replies have expressed a record of good service but it doesn't excuse the rudeness which I encountered, which on reflection, was the trigger to my posting. Had the gentleman simply stated that the call had reached stalemate and that he would need to terminate it then I would probably just felt a little aggrieved and simply not dealt with him in the future - but it's not nice to be hung up on while you're talking.

As for him "going above what was expected" I would have been satisfied to spend some more money with him as offered but each suggestion was met with a problem, giving me the impression that he wasn't really serious. I suggested several different sizes and offered to wait until he had re-stocked but none of these options suited him.

At the end of the day, I have been refunded the cost of the missing wood which I accept satisfies the legal position so I am willing to let the matter lie although I still feel that I have effectively been made to pay for the supplier's error as explained in the OP and on the call - a view shared by several respected forum members and clubmates.

24/03/2017 02:06:45

That's a cheap shot and I'm insulted by it. I have striven to be accurate and non-judgemental at all times in this thread.

24/03/2017 01:26:13

This isn't really about the wood - but the rudeness of abruptly hanging up on me completely unprovoked after reaching an impass turned what had been a well-tempered but frustrating discussion into one where I felt that the seller was not interested in appreciating my situation and unwilling to make even a token gesture towards rectifying his mistake. Until the hanging up, I was merely disappointed - afterwards I was angry. This anger was probably what prompted me to post my question in order to gauge whether my expectations were unreasonable - and it seems that many people have sympathy for my viewpoint. I would certainly not have posted had the seller's compromise solution actually been a reality when I opted for it!

Perhaps I've been spoilt by the excellent service that I've received from other mail order sellers in the past. One that springs to mind is when I bought a not inexpensive Robart model stand on-line. After a couple of weeks it hadn't appeared and I contacted the seller - resulting in an immediate offer to send another one. The next day there was a knock on the door and a large box on the doorstep.

Several days later, there was another knock on the door and another large box on the doorstep. I contacted the seller and informed her that the original one had been delivered. She refunded the cost of me returning the second one and I happily returned it with a feeling of mutual respect.

I try to be straight forward and honest in my dealings with traders and would rather be out of pocket than knowingly let someone down through my own error - maybe I'm naive to expect everyone to be the same with me.

23/03/2017 13:01:49
Posted by Nigel R on 23/03/2017 12:41:25:

What was balsa postage, £10, with £10 (ish) of wood itself? So you're left with 5 sheets and £15 cost?

The honourable thing to do would be to send the remainder at their expense.


"although oddly, at one point he offered to sell me some more wood carriage free (but when I agreed to this there was none in stock!)"

so, what he's saying is, I'll refund you the 5 sheets, then you can buy another round of balsa and skip the postage? what was wrong with that, and waiting for stock? have I missed something, because that does sound on the face of it to be a lot like sending the remainder at their expense.

Absolutely nothing and I would have been quite happy to accept this but when I suggested that I wait until the wood was in stock, this was, apparently, not possible...

I accepted his explanation (despite mine arriving OK) that sending 5 x 1/16 sheets was hazardous to them which is why I agreed to buy extra wood to supplement the package. I wish he would have honoured his offer as it would have resulted in a positive experience.

Edited By Martin Harris on 23/03/2017 13:11:06

23/03/2017 11:40:55

I needed a few particular clevises in a hurry and my local shops were unable to help so I did a search on the 'net. When I checked the postal charges, I thought it a bit steep for such a small order so had a quick trawl for some other items I might need soon. The only thing I really wanted was some 1/16 balsa for sheeting my current build so I added a pack of 10 sheets (realising that the carriage charge would be a bit more) to make the order seem a bit more viable.

All went well and the package was delivered next morning in good condition. When I unpacked it, I noticed that instead of 10 sheets there were only 5. I emailed the supplier and they phoned me this morning. After being referred to the proprieter, all he would offer to do was to refund the cost of the missing 5 sheets.

While this might sound reasonable, it effectively leaves me out of pocket as I will have to buy more wood and pay postage on it - which won't be cheap and will make each sheet effectively cost almost 4 times the price of a single sheet (costed going direct to my usual supplier, SLEC). The irony is that the wood supplied originally came from SLEC - apparently via Ripmax.

I simply asked that the supplier furnish me with the missing wood - his position was that it would be unreasonable for him to be out of pocket in order to do so. I pointed out that it was his error in not checking that he was sending the correct number and asked him whether he thought that it was OK for me to effectively pay for his error...

At no time did I raise my voice or make any threats but I made it clear that I was unsatisfied with his "solution" - he simply repeated that all he would do was refund me for the missing wood...and hung up on me! Not even an offer to share the carriage charges - although oddly, at one point he offered to sell me some more wood carriage free (but when I agreed to this there was none in stock!) and he has now processed the partial refund without my agreement.

Am I being unreasonable in expecting them to fulfill their side of the contract? They have certainly lost me as a future customer.

Thread: NIMH or SBEC and lipo for ic?
21/03/2017 21:34:12

2S LiFe with an optional 3 or 5A silicon diode in series if your servos are of a sensitive disposition...

P.S. Hope your 3003s are the real thing - there are a lot of fakes around (usually with white splined output shafts).

Edited By Martin Harris on 21/03/2017 21:41:43

Thread: RC equipment reliability
20/03/2017 18:57:50
Posted by MattyB on 20/03/2017 16:52:58:

Yep, as Frank says above Jeti have stated they strengthened the sticks after reports of breakages in the early days for the DC/DS-16. They claim they have been tested to 40kg of load which may be the case, but whether they failed through mis-handling or a manufacturing defect nobody really knows. In my book I would still say letting them out of the door like is an error on Jeti's part, as something like a stick on such a premium product should be thoroughly over-engineered to avoid a failure - doing so has essentially zero consequence to weight or price.

The strengthening was done, I understand, as a confidence boost after an unproved instance of "spontaneous" failure. There was certainly no recall of early units and no further reports that I am aware of. As I inferred, an example of very little evidence perpetuating a probable myth.

20/03/2017 16:16:28
Posted by MattyB on 20/03/2017 14:38:33:
  • Hangover from 1st generation protocols & power sensitive/slow rebooting RXs ...The historic problems certainly hang over one brand to this day though, event though (IMO) there is no hard factual evidence to suggest that they have fundamental issues with their products nowadays
  • Manufacturer brain fade - The original Spektrum DX8 botched release. Jeti's broken TX sticks...

I generally agree but it's interesting that you've highlighted how misinformation can be perpetuated by repetition of half truths and rumours...

The Jeti sticks have, to the best of my knowledge, remained the same design and materials since release and hundreds (thousands?) of transmitters appear to survive their flying sessions with their sticks intact. The only broken sticks I've heard of have been subject to physical abuse - including one transmitter that I witnessed being dropped onto a stick - which was replaced for free by the manufacturer with the circumstances being explained! It was discovered that in the two instances abroad that I'm aware of, one had been kicked immediately prior to the failure and the other had been transported roughly in a case with the supporting padding removed...

Thread: BMFA NAtional Centre website launched
20/03/2017 12:59:54
Posted by Keith Lomax on 20/03/2017 11:27:39:

I understand that Leeds is considered to be part of the Northern Powerhouse. Buckminster is closer to Leeds (97 miles) than to the centre of London (105), which virtually the same as Manchester (108) and only slightly less than Liverpool (128). The population of London is similar to that of the NPH. Even Southampton (176) is the same distance away as Newcastle. Britain's second largest city is less than 70 miles away.

So stop whinging as it's an hour or two away from everyone - except for Mark on his pushbike...

Thread: Cooling fins
20/03/2017 00:37:50

Petrol engines have more heat to disperse, hence the deeper fins (I'd have said they have more surface area than the closely spaced but not very deep fins on a typical glow) and of course, chainsaws don't benefit from flying through the air (hopefully!) with the consequent stream of high speed airflow and a whirling propeller just in front.

Talking of BEB - has anyone heard from the old boy (he must be old as his younger brother was a Camel squadron commander during WW1!) lately? I haven't seen any posts from him for a week or more...hope he's keeping well...

Edited By Martin Harris on 20/03/2017 00:47:18

19/03/2017 22:18:57

Thinking out loud...

Heat will be radiated to some degree and air close to the fins warmed by convection from the hot surface. Will this air expand into the flowing layer hence carrying heat away from the engine? On a wing, the surface is in fairly smooth airflow whereas the air around an engine will be very turbulent.

Thread: Wonderful Words of the past
19/03/2017 12:19:58
Posted by GONZO on 19/03/2017 11:35:51:

Taking the long way round, 'Going round the wreaking.'

I suspect that saying originated in Shropshire/the West Midlands - the Wrekin being a very significant lump of rock/small mountain and a very well known landmark...

Sadly, this advice would have been useful during WW2 when many aircrew lost their lives on the Wrekin in poor weather.

Edited By Martin Harris on 19/03/2017 12:23:53

Thread: Futaba 35MHz fp-r7h receivers?
18/03/2017 19:19:27

Yes - didn't spot the time warp!

18/03/2017 18:56:27

I'm a little concerned as all the info I've found on the net refers to the fp-r7h being an AM receiver (they are all US sites though) but as this equipment was current during the years I was away from the hobby there may have been FM versions in this country? When I left we were still using 27 MHz AM equipment and blaming CBers for every crash!

Thread: Engine Guru's wanted!
18/03/2017 00:31:05

Hmm...sounds like a recipe for cracking the casting! I haven't had a great deal of experience with Super Tigres so your method may be the best way but doesn't the greater expansion co-efficient of aluminium result in the liner loosening with more gradual and controlled application of heat? For all my heat treatment, I use the oven when 'er indoors isn't!

Talking of heat treatment, if the copper gasket isn't noticeably distorted, annealing it may make it fit for re-use - heat with a blow torch or over the gas ring to just short of cherry red and plunge into water to soften it.

Edited By Martin Harris on 18/03/2017 00:41:48

17/03/2017 21:34:17

Posted by Geoff Sleath on 17/03/2017 21:13:37:

My biggest job was editing the Tandem Club Journal which had a national (even international) circulation of around 2000 copies and it took a lot of work both writing and getting contributions.

I assume you've taken a back seat now?

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