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Thread: P.A.W. 1.49 plain bearing - can't adjust compression
13/12/2017 04:27:14

It is not where you keep your fuel but where you keep your model as the stench of diesel is all pervading and seems to hang around forever. I have some old diesels too but if you get some fuel on your cloths you can never get rid of the smell. 'Eau de Ether' is not popular with 'her indoors'!

Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
12/12/2017 12:35:45

This one was in RCM&E many years ago and featured a single OS80FS.


I have often fancied a project like this but time and commitments has made this impossible - until now!

Looking forward to following your build progress in the New Year Robert.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 12/12/2017 12:36:39

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
12/12/2017 09:15:51

Excellent Ron, thanks. I was originally planning on using my ASP 91 but Jon will probably be getting an order for a Laser 80 from me in the new year (after the house move!).

Thread: Druine D.31 Turbulent
12/12/2017 07:07:10

They are very neat Timo (as usual). They will probably work on wet grass too, if not so realistic.

I was offered a pair of skis for my full sized Turbulent many years ago when I was a member of the Tiger Club at Redhill. One of the problems was that when there was a decent snowfall I couldn't get to the airfield but when it began to thaw, it was too thin and slushy, when the skis would quickly freeze onto the snow. Full application of power with the stick fully back and full rudder waggle would break the skis free from the snow and the flight could then commence. So I never did do any Turb on ski flying myself, sadly. sad

Post some pictures of your model flying when you get more snow, it will look very festive.

Thread: 2018 Mass Build Sign up Thread
12/12/2017 06:31:51
Posted by john stones 1 on 12/12/2017 00:26:36:

About to order my wood now I have my plan, battles commenced for some Paul. I'm good with what anyone does, as long as they join in, only my opinion though. wink

John, Sarik are producing a CNC kit of the Grumpy TC, in time for the 1st of Jan start date, incase you are interested. Not that the 1st Jan start is an issue - if you have the time use it, I say.

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
11/12/2017 22:42:14

How many mm did you move F1 back to accommodate your Laser, Ron?

Thread: Easter Eagle Senior
11/12/2017 22:33:24

Like Chris says, she may just need a 'nose job' later. Splice in an extra section Peter, you're be in good company, Boeing do it all the time!

Thread: Mini Blitz
11/12/2017 20:53:52
Posted by Kevin Fairgrieve on 11/12/2017 17:43:07:

Yes that is a 7x4 on there at the moment. 3S 1000mHa

Should go OK, although I confess to knowing very little about electric set ups.

That is quite OK Kev, especially as I have to confess to knowing very little about IC set ups! blush

11/12/2017 20:48:28

I tried a 7x5 APC prop and 1300mAh LiPo (didn't have a 1000mAh) and it was giving 13A and 144W which seemed pretty good. Your prop Kevin appears to have a broader chord than my APC so it may produce a tad more thrust, especially as my prop was wearing quite a large spinner. I am sure it will be more than adequate, the proof of the pudding etc.... .

Thread: Easter Eagle Senior
11/12/2017 19:30:02

Lead in the nose? crying Nooooo! Just fit a bigger battery and you will be able to stay up all day.

Thread: Mini Blitz
11/12/2017 16:58:52

I have that exact electric set up in my spares box, perhaps I should build one? HK recommend a 7X4 on 3s. If I were to make a wild guess I would think about 170w, depending on the prop. That being the case it should go like a rocket!

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 11/12/2017 17:02:39

Thread: Retract issue
10/12/2017 14:10:25

I don't know which supplier you bought the retracts from Andrew but Horizon produce many retract mechanisms and many oleo legs of different lengths to suit a variety of models. It is possible that shorter lags are available which could be exchanged for the ones that you were supplied with. I have looked at the HH site but they don't include dimensions of the different retracts units which is pretty odd as this information is usually critical! You could email your supplier and say what leg length you require and do a swap if that were possible. The eflight retracts are here and here.

I built a balustrade out of SS recently which required dozens of holes to be drilled and tapped. I had my reservations at first but it is not difficult and after a bit of practice it all went together easily. However if you can source legs of the right length I would do that as a preference, for if it goes wrong the legs will be scrap. crying 2

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 10/12/2017 14:12:25

Thread: BMFA Classifieds Scammer Alert
10/12/2017 12:58:00

Yes, looks like a scam Pete but I would remove your email address from the post while you can- it will only attract more scammers.

Thread: RM Trainer
06/12/2017 08:14:46
Posted by Nigel R on 04/12/2017 09:33:52:

Stuff I've learned in this wing build so far:

- I thought the wing skins were nice and flat when I joined them. They were not quite so, I must have made a mistake on getting the edges straight. As a result I have several small dimples in the skins. Nothing serious. The other thing I didn't do was to sand them to a consistent thickness, and I have a small ridge over several of the joins, again nothing serious, but I know it is there.

Nigel, regarding small ridges over several of the joints, if you are using cyano to join wing skins it dries very hard and will tend to make ridges when you sand, as the balsa is soft. Better to use Super Phatic (or any aliphatic adhesive come to that) as it sands easily and does not cause ridges. Also, sand wing skins, if made up of sheets of balsa glued edge to edge, flat on the board before you glue them to the wing structure. If sanded when the wing is complete it will tend to cause the 'starved horse' effect. My apologies if you know this already.

It is all looking good in the photographs and will look even better when covered.

Thread: 2018 Mass Build Sign up Thread
05/12/2017 20:11:38

For Grumpy Tigercub builders, the plan is available here. I emailed Kevin Crozier of Sarik Hobbies and he told me that they are producing a CNC kit for the Grumpy Tigercat which they hope might be available around Christmas time, although they are not making any promises at the moment. They have one or two other kits in the pipeline but will push the Grumpy Tigercat to the front of the queue. I am keeping fingers crossed as it will speed things up for a lazy modeller like me! I don't know what the price will be yet but I will keep you updated when I do.

Thread: Dihedral in flying wing design?
03/12/2017 09:11:42
Posted by Erfolg on 01/12/2017 14:47:37:

Ah, yes, that answers my question, it seems that the wing simply has wash out built in, as I suspected.

I am not sure that the concept is that revolutionary. Perhaps it would be better to say I am not sure that building wash out in is revolutionary. The vast majority of my models have wash out built in. In my case to control tip stalling.

I think it is not just the concept of using washout Erfolg, as the Horten's wings all had washout but Bowers claims that it is the non-linear distribution of the washout across the span that is new. However I know that the Hortens did use different sections from root to tip and vary the washout span-wise in their research. They were in communication with Lugwick Prantle and knew all about 'bell shaped lift distribution' as per Prantle's 1933 paper on the subject. The Hortens built 63 wings during their lifetime (half during WW2). They all featured drag rudders and suffered from adverse yaw, so like you, am not too sure where Bowers is coming from. I wonder if he will achieve the so called 'proverse yaw' at larger scales? In another lecture he mentioned that he was doing this research as a private venture.

Getting back to dihedral, from Karl Nichol and Michael Wolfart's book on Tailless aircraft, it seems that dihedral in swept flying wings is not necessary or desirable, as the wing sweep provides sufficient lateral stability. Bowers wings seem to feature some dihedral but the dihedral appears to be greatest at the wing root and decreases to the tip. Bower's wing is not only twisted but appears bent across the span (as viewed from the front elevation). Some decent three views would be helpful.

It seems that you have had a lot of success using the KF wing sections Erfolg. They have done some wind tunnel research into these sections but unfortunately they only seems to work at low reynolds numbers, - model sizes.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 03/12/2017 09:12:21

Thread: 2018 Mass Build Sign up Thread
02/12/2017 15:15:36

I think any Tigercat definitely qualifies for the MB Ron, whether it is grumpy or not is up to you! I am going to do my own thing a bit too so if it flies it will be a bonus! I have three projects on the go (not included my La-7, not startedembarrassed) but if I don't crack on with the GTC on the 1st Jan it is not going to happen, so it will have to go to the front of the queue.devil

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 02/12/2017 15:34:45

Thread: Eric "Winkle" Brown
02/12/2017 10:57:16

The M52 was never finished so it is speculation as to whether it would or would not have been successful, we will simply never know. Regarding the NGTE test you refer to (date?), what I would say is that the engine was in development. The rate of progress of greater pressure, temperature, RPM and ultimately thrust, increased with each rework of the design. It took about six months to redesign, build and test a new version of the Powerjets engine. Whittle patented the Turbo jet in 1930 and 'reheat' (afterburner) in 1936. The engined destined for the M52 incorporated a turbine driven augmenter fan (a bypass fan) and jet pipe with reheat. Pat, you tell us that it did not produce adequate thrust but it was producing more thrust by a country mile than any other engine in existence at that time. We have no way of knowing whether the design objectives would have been achieved with further development had the project not been axed when it was. What is true is that engine development did continue, as new materials, bearings, combustion chamber design and new fabrication techniques etc. were devised.

I don't think that escape from an M52 would have been any more onerous than escape from a Bell X1 in 1943. The X1 and it's derivatives wasn't fitted with an ejector seat until 1954. Just after the war, being a test pilot was a very dangerous job but there was no shortage of volunteers. H & S hadn't been invented.

Thread: All moving tail
02/12/2017 07:28:22

+1 yes. Pivot points needs to be infront of the centre or pressure. Avoid slop in the linkages as far as possible.

Just my 2p worth.

Thread: Full size landings
01/12/2017 18:15:19
Posted by Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 01/12/2017 17:15:12:

I understood that most airliners land themselves...or rather they are landed by computer. Pilots do however have to do a certain number of landings to "keep their hand in" so to speak.

Allegedly you can tell when the human pilot is making the landing as they are the slightly dodgy & bumpy ones.....I can relate to that....wink 2

Actually Steve it is the other way round. Although all modern airliners are autoland/CAT3 capable the normal situation is a manual landing off an auto-approach unless the weather is poor (below CAT1) or the equipment is being checked or for training purposes (or practice if your check is imminent). Handling skills are very important which is why aircraft are not routinely auto-landed except for the reasons above.

Another myth debunked!

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