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Thread: RN Hawker Sea Hurricane IIc
23/05/2018 04:40:27

Impressive - looks bright! Which LED unit are you using Phil?

Thread: Tentative return
23/05/2018 04:21:38

A scalpel handle is a good start Andrew and even better when you get some blades (no. 11 swan Morton). A stainless metal rule (60cm) I find is pretty essential too as is a self sealing cutting mat from an art/craft shop (saves cutting gouges in the dining room table!). I echo what Percy says about Permagrit sanding blocks, pricy but once you have used one you will wonder how you ever managed without. I find a razor plane indispensable too. For glueing ply to balsa epoxy resin is often best for a reliable joint, although Superphatic and Cyano can be used effectively too.

Some of the resent free plans in RCM&E have been simple quick builds, if that is what you are looking for. In fact in the June mag 'Pulstar' must be the quickest build ever, especially if you build it for free flight. But your flying field better be big and devoid of trees - funny how models are attracted to them!

Regarding RC equipment, much will depend on how deep your pockets are. Buying a budget set from HobbyKing or similar can be quite satisfactory for simple models. Alternatively investing in one of the main brands (Spektrum, FrSky, Futaba, Multiplex etc.) might be a better bet, long term. As Percy says, see what other people in your local club are using.

Thread: Seagull DH-98 Mosquito engine choice
19/05/2018 08:24:28

Danny, the Elevator and Rudder servos appear to be well aft, behind the C of G. I wondered if you had considered siting them just behind the LiPos? Perhaps not a huge difference to the nose weight required but it might at least help a bit.

Thread: Radio systems
19/05/2018 06:16:08

Oh dear, I predict it will degenerate into one of those threads. Hard hats on, TAKE COVER EVERYBODY!!

Thread: RM Aerobat
19/05/2018 06:08:38

With a different wing section, wing and tailplane structure plus leccy conversion, some might ask; Is it still an RM Aerobat? devil wink 2

Always enjoy following your builds Nigel, I am sure it will be better than the original. yes

Thread: P51 forced landing Duxford 2017
19/05/2018 05:43:12

Thanks for that Jon, like you say, very interesting indeed. Thanks to Mark's cool head, experience and training he got away with it, how many warbird pilots have not been so fortunate following an engine failure?

Thread: Dambusters Wednesday 16th May 2018
16/05/2018 06:35:54

That is a pity. If the weather is too bad for the flight down the Derwent valley perhaps they could do the commemorative flight down the Ruhr valley instead? wink 2

Thread: Calculating Washout
16/05/2018 06:02:02

I am curious to know what the 'bizarre flight characteristics' were with your hurricane Jon? -2 degrees at the tip is considered normal (for a warbird) so I wouldn't have thought an extra -1 degree would have made a lot of difference, evidently not. Are you sure it was the washout that was the problem with this model?

I concur with others, washout is not really necessary unless a wing has high aspect ratio, is highly tapered and/or, has a high wing loading. As previously stated, structural washout improves handling by causing the wing root to stall before the tip, very important when manoeuvring. It also has another function in that the reduction in span-wise lift distribution towards the tip causes a smaller wing tip vortex and hence reduces drag with a commensurate reduction in fuel consumption. Not very important with a model but very significant with a full sized aeroplane.

BEB, as for 'one of the major uses for washout etc.' Never heard of that one before!!!




Edited By Piers Bowlan on 16/05/2018 06:08:22

Thread: Some building advice please
13/05/2018 07:56:30

When you assemble the ribs onto the lower spar make sure their leading edge is in contact with your building board. Then pack up the trailing edge of the wing ribs with scraps of balsa and ply to achieve the correct washout or twist in the wing. Hopefully the plan or instructions which came with the kit will have details of how much washout is required. Just to be clear, the packing will be greatest at the tip and zero at the wing root as the root rib will be flat against the building board (zero incidence). This will not be quite so easy if the wing section is symmetrical or semi-symmetrical. I am not familiar with the Top Flite kit but this is one way of achieving washout. Perhaps someone else who has built this kit can help. If the wing is already built but not sheeted yet, it will be quite flexible so it will be easy to twist the wing to the required washout prior to sheeting. If you have already sheeted the underside of the wing it will be more difficult to twist the wing and pin it to the board, but not impossible.

Another cross post, - you beat me to it!



Edited By Piers Bowlan on 13/05/2018 08:00:49

Thread: RC1528 - Avro Vulcan C o G
12/05/2018 13:17:03

There is a plan available for Graham's 42in span depron Vulcan here. Apparently it includes the magazine article too.

Thread: Electric Cars.
12/05/2018 12:40:31

I think the relative lack of take up of pure EV cars is due to the fact that the manufactures are aiming at predominately the prestige/luxury car market (BMW/Tesla/Volvo). With 25% of cars being second vehicles in this country, I feel that there is a vast market which could easily be satisfied by a small/budget EV at the right price. Unfortunately due to the current low production volume, manufacturers cannot achieve the economies of scale they need - it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation. I think a two seat and basic 'peoples car' might work for some purchasers; particularly young drivers, the retired, and for families where a second car is needed for commuting or taking the dog to the park or buying groceries etc. The point being that most people don't need two four seat cars with a 400mile range. Keeping the cars simple (a motor in each wheel) and light (aluminium/ composites/ honeycomb modular panels). Unfortunately previous attempts at this market have only produced aberrations such as the Gee Wiz for instance!

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 12/05/2018 12:48:42

Thread: Servo recommendation
12/05/2018 06:51:49

I didn't know about the nylon gear Steve, very helpful this forum! Still, I haven't lost a Corona servo due to gear failure to date but I guess that is tempting fate! The Savox sh0255MG claims 3.9Kg/cm (presumably at 6v), amazing for a 15g servo.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 12/05/2018 06:53:07

11/05/2018 20:05:19

How about Corona 939MG from HobbyKing. I have bought quite a few and found them to be reliable. This is the digital version, may be better for flaps as they have better holding power apparently

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 11/05/2018 20:12:08

Thread: Steering nose leg does it need trail
07/05/2018 09:50:37

That is a problem with a narrow track landing gear on the ground; rudder left = rolls right and visa versa. I agree, a small giro might help with directional stability - a small correction early is much better than a large one late. I don't know how helpful raking the nose leg back might be, could be worth a try but don't hold your breath! Only other thought I have is to add a couple of wire skids to the wingtips to limit the amount of roll on the ground. Not very scale, although I don't know what the model is, and it might not improve things either smile p

Thread: Lucky Escape
07/05/2018 05:11:58

Would make a nice scale model subject, but keep the tail end light with that short nose moment smiley.

06/05/2018 21:49:12

Dewoitine D371? (not quite)

06/05/2018 12:02:44

The leaseholder may run the event for the council but I am quite sure that there are strict clauses in the lease that requires the leaseholder to take 'reasonable care' of the land and to make good any damage that may be caused by their activities. You need a copy of the lease. Have you contacted the Council and made them aware of the damage caused to the surface of the access (with photographs) to their land by the fun fair? They may not be aware of it and also might be reluctant to grant permission for a future event. Contacting the relevant Parish council may be worth considering too as they do generally have the time to kick up a stink if things are not put right. Even if the land was privately owned planning consent would be required to host an event like this so the leaseholder would definitely require it and stipulations would apply, like clearing up afterwards.

Thread: Multiplex Solius Glider
05/05/2018 13:55:05

Personally I wouldn't use a HS55, as it is a park-fly/indoor servo with a torque of only 1.08Kg/cm, and has plastic gears. It's not up to being an elevator servo in a Solius. The Hitec HS65Mg might be a better choice here with a torque of 1.8Kg/cm, metal gears and similar dimensions. Alternatively you could use a Hobby King Corona 939MG with a torque of 2.5Kg/cm. I have bought a number of these in the past and have proved to be reliable. I used one in a 2.4m span Fox glider and it was more than up to the job. It is also about the same size as the HS55.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 05/05/2018 14:07:43

Thread: Gliding video thread
02/05/2018 08:05:12


Edited By Piers Bowlan on 02/05/2018 08:06:54

Thread: Chorus Gull
01/05/2018 14:45:25

I have just read through Michael Parry's Chorus Gull build article from February 2002 RCM&E and I can't find any adverse comments regarding the rib sizes, presumably you have this article? I do remember reading about some issues with the plan but sadly I can't remember what they were. Hopefully someone else will have a better memory than I.

It's a lovely looking model and will look (and fly) even better scaled up 25%. Following with interest.

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