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Thread: Most visible coverings and patterns
13/01/2017 10:55:23

I like fluorescent orange with white on the upper surfaces and contradting yellow / blue or black on lower surfaces

Thread: **NEW POLL** - Have you passed the model flying/building bug onto anyone else?
11/01/2017 09:10:03

Shame you can't multi select as I have passed on this passion to friends and family

Thread: ST Models 57" Seawind
03/01/2017 09:22:52

Interesting choice for you David....? Are you planning on flying it at Sale Water Park or a reservoir somewhere?

Thread: buddy 6EX & T8J
23/12/2016 14:59:40

Steve I have used a T8 as the master and a 6EX as the student set without problems.

Thread: A question of coverings... help please?
23/12/2016 08:23:03

I use Oracover as a preference to Soalrfilm or Solartex...easy to apply and goes round curves can be pricey though

If you do use Solartex the company that makes it made some useful 'how to' videos which would be worth searching for

Thread: Building boards
30/11/2016 17:51:32

Balsa block building boards are available from SLEK UK

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
29/11/2016 14:51:00

Just look at this litter!

Thread: Spitfire Test run
29/11/2016 13:32:58

Wonderful thanks for sharing that Jon

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
29/11/2016 13:27:20

Hitting it with the fire extinguisher doesn't seem to have worked!

29/11/2016 13:26:50

I think it's dead now!

Thread: Hangar 9 P51 trainer
15/11/2016 14:54:55

Hi Joe

Perhaps would be better to ask someone at your club what they think or if you are not in a club join one?



Thread: Recommended supplier of good quality ball links?
15/11/2016 10:47:09

I'm looking to restock with some good quality M2 and M3 ball links - preferably metal...can anyone recommend a good source for buying in reasonable quantities (Not packs of two).



Thread: Throttle curves
10/11/2016 18:52:30

Funnily enough I have just set a curve on a new model I'm building using my Futaba 14SG Tx. I find the best way to do it is to play around with the settings watching the barrel opening in the carburettor in relation to the stick linkages between the throttle servo and the engine will vary there is no specific answer to your question although Frank's comment above is quite common.

Thread: On Board glow
10/11/2016 00:06:23

Jon (Harper) the versions I use are programmable to turn off at a certain point in the throttle range...easy to set up and very reliable

Thread: Which Low Wing Trainer??
10/11/2016 00:04:23

My first low wing model was an Acrowot and I found that a good step to make but not too challenging. However I would definitely recommend the low wing version of the Kyosho Calmato as a model that is very easy to fly in either ic or electric form. The SuperAir also gets a nod from me..

Edited By Jon Laughton on 10/11/2016 00:04:52

Thread: On Board glow
09/11/2016 10:28:21

I use on board glow for inverted engines to avoid the difficulty of accessing the glow plug from below or turning the model over when running. I have found no problems with this arrangement at all

I also use a remote glow point for the same reason..

Thread: Club member appathy
23/10/2016 19:42:30
Posted by Donald Fry on 23/10/2016 17:10:42:

But, I am a member of a French club, and can they do the social side. I am an ex club Secretary, different sport, I do my bit. I support.

But I often feel, the odd event, fine. Maintainence, I'll be there. But I fly toy planes, that is what I do, and to do it without hassle I need a club. And it would be easier if we all accepted this.

"You need a club" who takes responsibility for the club being there then? The apathetic members or someone else who is prepared to give you what you want at their own cost and time.....?

Fait accompli?


Edited By Jon Laughton on 23/10/2016 19:43:07

23/10/2016 15:06:46

Great - someone finally feels my pain!!!!! laugh

23/10/2016 14:49:17

As Chairman of a club I can validate the 80/20 rule and can understand that the pressures of modern life mean devoting time to anything other than flying can be difficult for a lot of members - but this is true for the more active members too!

In my experience it is often some (but not all) of those members who are usually passive / apathetic that become the most animated, irritated & whining when a club faces real problems such as flying field security or threats to flying. Suddenly they pop out of the woodwork to become very critical of more active members such as those on a committee and apply hindsight with great precision but little forethought.....but it was every thus and over the years I have developed a thick skin to go with the gumption others choose not to display...

Thread: Something positive to offset media hype.
18/10/2016 14:56:43

Jon - thanks for sharing that. The key point I take out of your tale is that the general public do not realise the regulated / structured and insured nature of our hobby and some of them would be very interested to know about it if only to allow them to differentiate between responsible aeromodellers and the mindless minority flying drones inappropriately .

It is something that we should be tackling with haste in the light of potential threat of over regulation from EASA etc. Clubs can do their part of course but the BMFA needs a new, vibrant and much fresher approach to this methinks...


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Have you passed the model flying/building bug onto anyone else?
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