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Thread: 1/5th scale Supermarine S6b
25/02/2017 04:57:50

John S - sent you a pm still unread?



Thread: wish list...if only
25/02/2017 04:40:19

Thought about this question for a long while - it's a good one to pose. My answer is that I wish the British Public and the relevant authorities here in the U.K. would be more accepting of our sport / hobby and realised the effort we make to fly responsibly and what it actually takes to put even the most simple model in the air to fly it....from a distance it seems that other countries inside / outside Europe see it and respect it as a really skilled pastime whereas we are all too easily branded in the U.K. as big boys with biggish toys.... And wouldn't it be great if you could rely on your flying field being always free from thieves / vandals?

I wish...

Thread: 1/5th scale Supermarine S6b
22/02/2017 21:19:13

Absolutely superb John well done. Looking forward to hearing about further progress and flying it! This is the sort of project build that should be featured in RCM&E- someone please take note!


Thread: Hammerhead 620 kit build
22/02/2017 10:02:43

Thanks Richie much appreciated

Thread: Learning to play guitar
21/02/2017 10:44:29

Back in the mid 70s I had an American friend who was teaching himself to play guitar by ear...he just tried and tried eventually developing his own style. We kind of formed a band as teenagers are apt to do - it went nowhere: we were rubbish. He went back to the USA and carried on teaching himself by his band, American Music Club, are acclaimed on that side of the Atlantic as he is as a solo artist with many albums to his name.....he is Mark Eitzel. (Google him)

So....Just go for it and believe in yourself BBC!

Me - I am just a boring so and so with a reasonably good career behind me but I am still the frustrated (v poor) rock singer at 58. There is always time I keep telling myself...ha ha

Thread: Hammerhead 620 kit build
21/02/2017 04:35:36

Love what you've done with the canopy - will try that. Thank you

Thread: Odd servo behavior
21/02/2017 04:32:43

Had a similar problem with an in wing aileron servo on an aerobatic model...ended up changing the servo & extension lead to resolve it but could never figure out why it happened but suspect perhaps some very fine carbon dust or similar was causing an intermittent short somewhere between the Rx and servo...

Thread: AIRTEK HOBBIES Products
18/02/2017 20:49:38

Bought their metal gear servos and had no problem

Thread: Throttle Curves?
17/02/2017 09:09:17

Jon I do use throttle curve function if required - usually if the throttle linkage is complex then it may be required to counter the locus of the point where the linkage attaches to the throttle arm on the engine as it moves and/or the same at the servo to give a truly linear response...Will explain more when we speak but it is basically different from model to model, build to build!

Note that expo and throttle curve are not necessarily the same



Thread: What build blogs do Forumites want to see?
17/02/2017 05:35:41

To answer the question I like most of the build blogs posted here - photos are a must and 'how I solved that problem' is nearly always fascinating/rewarding. My particular preferences are for large IC models, scale warbirds & classic retro aero bats....

Thread: Why learn aerobatics? How learn aerobatics?
17/02/2017 05:21:21

Sounds like a plan - hope all goes well....good luck!👍😊

Thread: Am I drinking too much?
15/02/2017 08:13:38

I try not to judge others - it's a recipe for arguments that go nowhere

Please judge yourself- but not here

Thread: Dubai announces passenger drone plans
15/02/2017 08:10:41

Hey no problem Don - I'm happy to hold your girly hand

14/02/2017 22:49:19

Yes and it's almost as dangerous as those iron horse things where your breath will be sucked out of your lungs if it goes too fast: good job there is going to be someone walking in front with a flag! And don't get me started on the horseless carriage.......😜

Thread: Why learn aerobatics? How learn aerobatics?
13/02/2017 19:34:20

Hi Jon

I am in my late fifties and your self description is eerily like mine would have been about 7 or 8 years ago. My first low wing model was also a much loved Acrowot That I built from scratch and flew / crashed until I had complete confidence in it & myself. I took lessons at the now defunct ATS to get my A using my first high wing trainer then more lessons, mostly with Colin Chapman of East Midlands Air training (advertises in RCME) to get my B. This concerted tuition really stopped me from just poorly given around and learn the finer points / tips of accurate / more precise aerobatics.

The key thing here is that external / experienced help can really jolt you out the comfort zone & challenge you to make progress. If you don't have club mates that can help you do that then buying tuition is an option but not too cheap! You have also recognised the need for a suitably set up model and if possible I would recommend (if affordable) you get hold of some other low wing aerobatic models so you can learn how to compensate for different flying characteristics. If you want some recommendations you'll find plenty on this forum but not all see things in the same way. If you want my thoughts pm me... I would also recommend getting hold of the books published by RC flight school in the USA as these are great self help books.

Finally I'd be happy to help you personally but I have no idea where you live/fly - so pm me for a chat on that too?

Cheers and good luck


Thread: Can You Name ALL These WW 2 Aircraft?
09/02/2017 14:00:35

42 for me

Thread: Should you invite drone pilots to your field?
06/02/2017 12:39:50

We are the same as Bucksboy and its works well...

Thread: Latest WOT 4
05/02/2017 18:34:47

I like the sexy undercarriage on the Wot 4 Pro....

Thread: Spitfires coming soon
04/02/2017 21:15:24

I like the Flightline 1600mm version - LiPos and Receiver await I will be buying one of those I think!

Thread: Finishing Blue Foam
02/02/2017 09:30:32

Thanks Andy and thanks Chris for the sauce recipe, that looks interesting - I may try it!

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