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Thread: If WW1 had continued into 1919 - - - - - The Le Pere LUSAC 11
23/05/2018 22:32:30

4cc60298-215f-49fa-9cf9-4ac9801f605d.jpegRushing things never pays and the attempt to knock the wings together quickly by simply curving 3mm Depron and adding light ribs didn’t work this time, whereas it worked well in the BipeOne. I used too much undercamber and in the process of using a hot air gun to assist the process of curving just finished up with wings that were distorted in all of the wrong directions. To top it all my “eyeball engineering” completely messed up by fitting the top wing too far forward.

This time I have carefully drawn it all up to ensure that when everything is fitted together it will fall correctly into place. Also,the wings are now double surfaced, with 1mm Depron lower surface and 0.5mm Depron upper skins. Ribs are 1mm Depron, cabane and interplane struts will again be 1/16”” balsa. Here is the bottom wing going together. The full size wing uses a typical WW1 fighter aerofoil section, thin and slightly undercambered. I have used the scale section this time, although I have drawn a straight line across the undercamber to create a flat bottom for simplicity of construction. This wing has come out spot oncb9493a3-d2c6-4011-93c9-24f707c21742.jpeg, absolutely true, no warping or twists, so I am happy with that.

12/05/2018 10:30:06

I’ve done the usual pre-proper test flights in our cul de sac, very risky and not sure whether the neighbours are laughing behind the curtains or quietly ‘phoning for the men in white coats to come and take me away. The stupid and inexcusable cock-up that has positioned the top wing about 1/2” too far forward has taken 20mgs of nose weight to get the c of g to anywhere close for flying purposes and taken a planned flying weight of about 80 gms up to 100, no good at all. Even so the tiny geared motor with a 1S 160 mah Lipo gets it off the deck sharpish. However it is clearly longitudinally unstable and needs to be fixed properly. There won’t be time to make the proper wing alterations for tomorrow so I won’t attempt a flight in the hangar at Shawbury, that clearly will be asking for trouble.

I will persevere and make a proper job of this, I think it is promising and might even go to the lengths of making some built up wings. We’ll see.

Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
12/05/2018 10:18:45

Chris, I can imagine how you feel, particularly as you are clearly so careful and fastidious in what you do. Sadly though these things happen (to me certainly)! and although we kick ourselves afterwards, have to get on with it. As John said though, nobody got hurt, it could have been so much worse. You are still building a beautiful aeroplane.

Thread: Lucky Escape
06/05/2018 21:02:16

A combination of piloting skill and a big dollop of luck!

Thread: If WW1 had continued into 1919 - - - - - The Le Pere LUSAC 11
06/05/2018 20:59:11

Thank you Chris! The cock-up with the upper wing position means that it is going to need 10/15 gms of nose weight to get the c of g right, which is a lot on something like this. Therefore I won’t add the scale detail such as rigging, guns etc until I have sorted the wings out later. I will probably remake the wings completely, (if it comes back in one piece next week), I’m not happy with them.

06/05/2018 18:01:38

fbd1219f-c851-419b-9369-1d665b22c22b.jpegAlthough I will be dismantling this to refit or replace the wings at some point, I want it to look reasonable for a test flight st Shawbury, so I’ve done a quick paint job. e2be5b2b-8ba1-4e4b-8575-589596b843ef.jpeg

05/05/2018 21:53:37

08feeee1-05bd-4022-b51a-42b5cd6e69e9.jpeg979867f9-e7c8-48ab-b352-d346b58a9414.jpegI’ve got the ailerons working, servos driving the bottom ones and the top driven by connecting rods, exactly to scale. The surface radiator fitted Albatros style in the upper wing section is a feature and I’ve tried to make a passable replica using 1 mm heat shrink tube and 1 mm Depron. The number of tubes isn’t correct but painted matt black it is reasonable. I’ve also used the 1 mm heat shrink to create the hose connecting the engine to the radiator. Doing this made it clear that I have got the upper wing set too far forward, not sure how I managed to do that. Clearly a major error from the scale point of view and a result of not properly preparing drawings in advance. I want to get this flying now and will sort out consequent c of g issues. Something to come back to later. It is ready for detailing tidying up and finishing now. It has to fly next weekend.b4de02c7-5f54-4c64-afc7-38b8f285601b.jpeg

Edited By Colin Leighfield on 05/05/2018 21:55:18

29/04/2018 14:10:07

c31e8a7c-7a8f-4099-a7d1-2499bd4fd302.jpeg352a27c2-fbd9-47bd-a86b-091ad1aab0f7.jpeg1c233efa-543c-4e9c-a72f-fd14b1cc7c27.jpegNice to hear from you Jo, I trust that all is well with you.

281f4ef5-1a76-4c1a-b544-89fd209307ba.jpegI am putting the pressure on to finish this small project. Shawbury on 13 May will be the end of indoor for me until September and I want to fly this in order to decide plans for next year.

Tail skid made from 3mm balsa and 0032” wire. Undercarriage “ wing” made from 3 bits of 3mm Depron with slot at the top to allow the undercarriage axle to flex in a scale fashion. I connected the top ailerons to the bottom using rods exactly as the full size. Then I ran into trouble setting up, the short throw linear servos keep jamming up, even disconnected and I can see no reason for it. I’ve ordered some long throw versions from Micron as an alternative, Andy is always prompt with orders so hopefully I can sort this in a couple of days. In the meantime I will get on with finishing everything else.

24/04/2018 23:40:37

d857604d-27ce-46f2-9eb3-eedecb04124b.jpegd3701c56-f3da-4add-982c-dbfa0b4a78e5.jpegbafe0c01-08c1-40fc-aff3-96ac3d177b50.jpegbff0313d-71ae-4e7f-9b46-5118ee029cd1.jpegI got home on Sunday night. I have some heavy work commitments but am fitting this in with the view of first flight on 13 May. Finished off the wheels made from laminates of 1/32 ply, 1/32 balsa and 3 mm Depron, with aluminium tube centre bearing. I soldered the axle onto the undercarriage cross brace, leaving sufficient of it free to be able to bend and provide springing in the same way as the split axle on the full size. Most disappointing is my lack of success in keeping the wings in a consistent profile, there is some mishapednesd between the ribs. It is at least equal both sides. I’m going to fly it anyway and if it is promising will make a better set of wings later, they are quick and easy. The weight as you see it now is 65 gms. Sorry the photos are in the wrong order.34df1bfb-cff3-47a3-982f-0ada59202fb3.jpeg

08/04/2018 07:34:50

bafe0c01-08c1-40fc-aff3-96ac3d177b50.jpegAs an early riser, I couldn’t resist doing a bit more before leaving. A very quick job using the compass cutters to cut out two 1/16” (ok, 1.5 mm)! Balsa discs and two more from 3mm Depron. Glued together and lightly sanded to get the tyre profile. I couldn’t resist putting them on the plane to see how it sits, although it’s a bit wonky without the brass tube bushes I will insert into the hubs. A bit of tyre black paint and shallow paper cones to get the shape right and we will be in business. Not a great deal to do when I get back. Weight so far 63 gms.514bb2bf-7d0c-46cb-b22f-4c88b74e748e.jpeg

07/04/2018 21:09:23

I confess that you are right Chris, very good but it has negative consequences for the building programme!

07/04/2018 18:16:32

It worked this time!ea65a79a-9fcc-45c0-bc85-e85afd80dc03.jpegd3701c56-f3da-4add-982c-dbfa0b4a78e5.jpeg

07/04/2018 18:12:39

I’m quite pleased with this. From tomorrow I will be away for two weeks, so it has to wait until I get back. The wire undercarriage is soldered up, I will make the wheels next. The plan is to have it ready for Shawbury on 13 May. James is making a MicroAces Fokker D VIII, so hopefully we will have that, plus the Ares Spad and Fokker DVII. I’ve just tried to put photos on and once again I can’t get the index to scroll through. I will try later with another email.

04/04/2018 23:18:07

A couple of busy work days have got in the way, as well 15fab268-69dd-4415-8b64-08a2ce60a5c4.jpegas the realisation that I hadn’t done a good job of the interplane and cabane struts, laminated from Depron and 1/32” balsa. I’ve scrapped them, re-drawn them more accurately and made them from 1/16” balsa. Much better and it is going together now.

Thread: Making a spinner by "spinning"
04/04/2018 22:52:37

Excellent stuff Dave.

Thread: Servo reversal cause
04/04/2018 08:07:51

Hi Stuart. I have a few of these and haven’t seen anything like that. The only problems I have experienced have been sticking caused by carelessly formed (by me) wire pushrod connections fouling or getting glue or paint onto the servo gears! What you describe sounds more like a receiver issue though?

Thread: If WW1 had continued into 1919 - - - - - The Le Pere LUSAC 11
02/04/2018 08:21:57

Thank you Simon, it is actually pretty much spot on and I hope will be a respectable indoor scale model.

I’ve just carefully made a paper template of the profile between the wings at the centre section to use as a master for correcting the interplane struts, which aren’t very good, I need to get that right to ensure that the wings are straight and parallel to each other!

The top wing is tacked onto the cabane at present and wonky, all of that will be resolved later today and I will feb962e5-d54a-45cc-917f-cb45ad2bd011.jpegthen make the undercarriage.

Thread: An Experimental Vulcan: 72" span.
01/04/2018 22:48:12

David, thank you. I really enjoyed reading that. Deltas are ideal subjects for projects like this. Chris Golds did a profile Vulcan, the plan is probably available, although it was probably balsa? Several years ago I saw one hanging up in Inwoods, Huntingdon, for sale second hand. It had four EDFs. I was tempted and often wished that I’d bought it. I think profile models like this have a lot going for them and your innovative construction approach takes it further.

Thread: Flying the 109e
01/04/2018 22:36:26

I enjoyed reading that, might have seen it before. It clearly wouldn’t do you much good if you had an off day or were exhausted after hard combat to be flying one of these. You had to be on top of your game for every second of the flight. If you were you could get the best out of it and a lot of the top notch Luftwaffe fighter aces clearly did. It has always interested me though that a Spitfire Mk1with about 100 bhp less than a 109E and a wing with an area nearly 50% greater had a similar top speed in level flight, depending on altitude. Clearly the aerodynamics of the Spitfire were a lot better and that explains why it was able to be developed to the extent that it was.

Thread: If WW1 had continued into 1919 - - - - - The Le Pere LUSAC 11
01/04/2018 21:53:04

778d9788-e351-468c-868f-726227976b39.jpegNow I’m sorting out the double bay interplane struts, fitting the top wing and sorting out the top ailerons. For hinges on the control surfaces I am finding out that narrow strips cut from furry hinges and glued in with cyano work well. Putting it together it looks as if somehow I haven’t got the profile of the one piece struts quite right, I will do some work on those tomorrow. The shape of the nose and front top decking sanded from blue foam look right, quite happy with that bit!6d7189bc-acd5-421e-949a-0eea270b9d60.jpeg

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