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Thread: 50 inch Sipa S-200
18/02/2018 11:28:10


Been too cold too work in my loft and my job have had me working till late so also been to tied to do some work on this model,

So, Just thought i would share my design changes on the wing mounting.

If you have a look at the full size Plane you will notice that the Pilots seat between the leading edges of the wings and that the rear of the wings has a removable section to gain access to the tiny jet engine.

And so i have decided to build the wing with the front and rear section also removed.


wing seata.jpg

Here you can see the wing will seat between formers F5 and F8 on top of some rails. The wing will have part of the it removed to fit.

Then a top section will slide in between and on top the wing to seal it in place.

wing seat 1a.jpg


wing seat 2a.jpg

I have not finished drawing the parts completely yet. as one of the top rails ends up outside of the top section.

I have only decided to go down this root as a few builder of my smaller model commented that they felt that they would not be confident of getting both wing level and straight.

Although i have never had a problem. I hope that this solution will appeal to more builders.


Edited By Stephen Jones on 18/02/2018 11:30:53

Thread: Indoor Flying
11/02/2018 23:57:50

Well this wintry weather we are having did not stop me doing a spot of flying today.

It was also a good way of finding out how well my SQ11 MINI Dv camera would work in low light.


Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
10/02/2018 19:49:15

Another nice build,

Where have i been, there are so many nice builds going on at the moment.

Watching with interest .


Thread: Fokker EIII Scratch build
10/02/2018 17:06:51

Nice build, somehow i missed this one.


Thread: Own Design 2m F3A Model
10/02/2018 16:57:00

Looks amazing.

Is that big engine with the blue head going in it. question



Edited By Stephen Jones on 10/02/2018 16:57:24

Thread: Lidl Sander
10/02/2018 16:47:45


I have been keeping my eye on this one and as others on here have given it a good thumbs up.

I decided to get one as well.


Its a big improvement on my existing one which i got for free.

I got the last one, and then i noticed a gent looking at me and my Sander and it was my neighbor that lives at the back of me.

I guess i beat him to the last one, Oh well 1st come as they say.

Steve. smiley

Edited By Stephen Jones on 10/02/2018 16:49:18

Thread: Glasair III, race number #42
04/02/2018 23:31:56

Very nice subject,

Very nice Build,

Very nice model,

Looks nice in the air too,

Well done Thank`s for sharing


Thread: BipeOne
02/02/2018 21:19:57

Looks nice Colin,

What is the wing span ?

Biplanes are well suited for indoor flying what with their slower flying speed .


Thread: 50 inch Sipa S-200
31/01/2018 23:10:42

I am a lot happier with the look of this bottom part of the body as it looks right from all angles.


It does not look as neat in this picture, but it is really neat.


This is a view from the inside.


This is a mock-up of the motor plate.


This is the motor i had put to one side a long time ago .

A 700w Edf motor only 28mm in diameter fits perfectly.

The exhaust port is now scale size (Tiny).

If this does not work i could always find a nice big hill to chuck it of.

I guess i had better print of the top part of the body now.


31/01/2018 22:57:54

Cheers Andy,

The strange looking missing part on the side edge is where the curves are so the Bottom and Side panels are flat and just follow the cure of the bottom part of the body.

The tricky part is to get those curved edges right.

Which i am glad to say i have managed to do it a lot easier than i thought i might.

I cut i length of aero Depron a little wider than i needed and cold bent it so that it would follow the cure.

Then while holding the middle part in place i cut a small section to fit in place, then glued in place.

Now it was just a case of holding the foam over the hole and reaching inside the body to mark cut just where needed .

Then slowly continue each section until all done.




28/01/2018 19:12:47


I have now added 3mm Depron Sides and Bottom to the lower part of the Body.


I have the edges to fill in Planking, or maybe see if i can cut a piece in to fit.


28/01/2018 00:02:10

Continuing on,


Lower frame work now complete.

I did make a start a lot earlier on in the year by just scaling up my 36 inch design.


But i did not like the look of it, and went for the slimmer version and not the one that was made fatter to allow for two army personnel to fit in.

Hopefully this will look right when finished.


27/01/2018 23:54:06


After further looking at the full size Sipa s-200 i did not like my lower curves as i continued from the front profile of the drawing. Each drawing i look at is different their is no consistency at all. Which makes things more frustrating .

So back to the drawing board and reduced the radius on the edge of most of the formers.

So the ones you see above i did not use.

I made a start today as the weather was a little warmer for me to work in my loft / Workshop.

So building is much like my first one. I start with the lower part of the body.


I cut all the formers out of 6mm Depron. And made the keel and side supports out of 1/8th balsa.


With some additional parts so that i can lower the cockpit line later.


I like using Cad as it allows me to print out all my parts on my home printer and all the parts fit nice.


Thread: Wickes Proplex
27/01/2018 12:18:11


Make no mistake, This Proplex is very thin, light and while it looks similar to corex it is no where as stiff as Corex .

Making wingbags from it is a good idea. thumbs up


26/01/2018 22:29:36


Has anyone used Wickes Proplex for building models question.

I was looking for some Corex to make a Fin for a glider pod i made for My Wicked Wing.


I have not managed to fly this one for some time now as the wind conditions where too strong to fly it.

So i made this pod that i can add to my wing and add weight so that i can fly in stronger winds but also be able to remove it when the winds are lighter.


It is built up from Depron with a hole in the middle to add weight.

I also added a fin which is made up from this thin and very light floor protector from Wickes.

I think one could build a combat model from it or maybe use it to cover and protect foam wings.


Thread: 50 inch Sipa S-200
21/01/2018 23:49:20

Thank`s Guys,

I have two other scale models i would like to start on, but this one has been crying out to be made bigger and better if that is possible.

I can at least try and improve the scale look of the model although i doubt it will be as fast as my 36" version.

I have yet to try and slope this one as the weather has not been favorable that is on my to do list.

Anyway i have printed out the lower part of the body and it is Big 23" long when you consider i built a small one with the wingspan not much bigger.


Not sure if the plan is visible but should give you an idea of the scale of it.

I will start to build with Depron as is cheap and if i am not happy with it i can scrap it . And restart with any modification needed.


20/01/2018 00:14:08

Done a bit more work on the drawing.

All the formers for the body are now done.

50 body.jpg

The wing is also drawn up.

50 wing.jpg

It is bigger than my A3 printer can do so i will have to tile it.

And i will make a start on building the body soon.


15/01/2018 23:54:46


It`s about time i made a start on this one .

So i have started the Re Drawing of this one.

big sipa 1.jpg

big sipa.jpg

No better drawings out their for this plane so i will try to do my best interpretation of this one and the one i made.

I am going to see if i can make the wing a shoulder fit with a section that fits over the top of the wing to complete the body but will in part be removable to gain access to the motor much like the original.


Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
07/01/2018 18:34:09

Lol you guys cheer me up.

And their i was feeling bad about not going out in the sun today.
I had planned on going to the field but after a walk to the local supermarket with her indoors, i decided it was far too cold to play outside.
But the brisk walk had warmed me up. And the bright sunshine was making me have second thoughts about maybe just going out for a quick flight.
After reading your posts i am glad i stayed indoors and i made a pod for my Wicked wing instead.

Steve cozy and warm. smiley

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
02/01/2018 16:18:32

Well done, Dane Crosby with "No Guys, I don't think you quite understand the concept of FPV."

I think this Christmas Picture comp got a lot of people thinking.


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