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Thread: Where are the retailers now
23/06/2017 18:03:33

There's a list here.

Thread: AAIB Operation Of Drones
23/06/2017 13:28:42
Posted by Robert Welford on 23/06/2017 12:16:44:

What is the situation for emergency services (Police and Fire Services)? Do they operate drones without commercial operators' licences? Clearly again not for commercial gain, but they are used professionally.

The point about commercial operators' licence is to ensure operators have appropriate knowledge about drone operation - assessment of risk and knowledge of airspace etc. AAIB guys will have this, but emergency servicers may not.

Didn't the police in Merseyside a few years ago have to stop using them because they didn't have a suitable license.

23/06/2017 11:53:33

I agree by the same reckoning it's OK for Estate Agents to use drones to photo houses and Farmers to check their fields etc, providing they are not being paid specifically to do this work. They have opened up a can of worms here as to what defines recreational flying.

Thread: Can I use 3rd-party temperature sensors with FrSky smart port sensor?
22/06/2017 16:14:43

Allan, have you seen the OpenXsensor projects, using Arduino boards to talk to the smart port, you'd have to configure it with your thermistors but you should be able to get it to work.

I've built a few Varios for use with the Multiplex M Link system and they work well.

Thread: Check on power calculation
22/06/2017 13:37:36

If it is way overpowered then one other thing you could try is to go to a 2S lipo, this will drop the Wide Open Throttle rpm and the power (on the same prop) and hence the max amps too. I did this on a Ripmax Fokker D7 which was way overpowered on a 4s setup and flies lovely (using the same prop) on a 3s lipo.

22/06/2017 08:25:39

As BEB says the main governing factors are prop, motor Kv and voltage, if you want to get an idea of the performance and adequacy of various set ups then there are on-line programs which can help you like ECalc and Drivecalc .

Thread: Any advice on comparing plans from different designers
21/06/2017 16:43:20

John, just a thought, Traplet usually have a tent at several shows and take a good selection of plans with them, I know they are at Wings and Wheels this weekend, if you are going to this show if you e-mail them they might be able to take both plans to the show for you to decide.

BTW just reading JS's comments above, a lot of these plans are from before when CAD etc was around so you may find things like interlocking tabs were not even considered. We've built some models from plans I bought 30 years ago, they did go together quite well and flew really nice, changes we made was to do things like have separate aileron servos rather than one central one and a bell crank in the wing. Also bear in mind that the structure on full size aircraft had to make allowances for fuel tanks and ordnance not something the model designer has to consider!

Thread: Flaps
18/06/2017 09:41:02
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 17/06/2017 14:28:12:

I note that the op has an Ultra stick that has both the flap servo and flap horn positions 'moulded in' and is set up for dual channel flap operation.

If the servo arm is reversed to allow a Y lead to be used the flap horn position has to be moved sideways to a new position.

So had my E Flite DH Beaver, but they were moulded in to allow a standard Y lead to be used.

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
18/06/2017 09:37:36
Posted by Denis Watkins on 18/06/2017 09:23:44:

Just to repeat an opinion from a post way back

I would never "return" any item that is included in the airbourne unit

When "its gone", it is " gone", and never to be trusted again.

Then buy a new one.

Just one viewpoint.

Yes but sometimes returning it you will end up with a new one FOC.

Thread: Alternative to Spektrum
18/06/2017 08:35:24

If you use (or would like too) a vario in your gliders then research the Hitec Aurora a bit further, my friend ended up buying a stand alone vario at great expense. I'll 2nd Percy and if you want a simple to program, but still quite poweful system, the new MPX Cockpit Sx is worth a look, another friend has one and it's very nice (if I didn't already have a Royal Pro to go with my Profi I'd get one).

But if you are a happy Spekrum user why change, give it a few months and see if the product support issues sort themselves out.

Thread: Flaps
17/06/2017 08:03:53

A few years ago, I set up a small EDF with flaps and retracts on a Dx6i. Y lead on the ailerons, Turnigy servo slow on the flaps which also allowed one servo to be reversed, I setup a mix so the flaps came down 20 degrees with the retracts lowered and to 60 degrees with the flap switch.

Shame the servo slow is only available in the Australia warehouse at the moment, if you think it would be useful PM me and I can let you have mine as I don't need it anymore.

Thread: BAT-SAFE
16/06/2017 08:29:52
Posted by Chuck Plains on 15/06/2017 16:00:02:

I'm not convinced by that video to be honest. The concept needs to be proven on video. In other words, let's see a deliberate thermal runaway in the Bat-Safe, Batman!!

Here you go video

Thread: Very low mileage older car - should I be suspicious?
15/06/2017 15:05:56

My wifes 04 Mitsubishi Colt has just passed 27,000 miles smile o, as John says check the service and MOT records, if it hasn't got them then it will depend on the overall conditions, if it looks like a 40,000 mile car then it probably is

Thread: Model design software
13/06/2017 16:11:36

Some simulations do allow you to create your own models and for testing on a flight simulator that would be the best way to go, but these do not produce a design plan you can build from. I have just been using Dev Fus and Dev Wing which does allow you to print out plans and even export files for laser cutting etc but these don't do things like optimise the wing profile, tail area or calculate the c of g etc etc

There are other programs around which will calculate the center of gravity, e.g.

But maybe the best way is to get a book on model aircraft design to start with e.g.

Thread: Cleaning Transmitters
13/06/2017 07:52:26

I cleaned my Tx using some DIY wipes and they wore off the logos on the buttons surprise, just as well I know what they all do.

For cleaning my models I use Muc Off which is my bike cleaner, works really well.

Thread: Redundancy in larger models?
12/06/2017 18:33:59

Dennis thanks, not too worried about what happens in a high impact event, but avoid one wink Seems like two FET type switches are a good option for dual battery installations.

12/06/2017 16:24:09

I've used these on some models (with a single battery), at the weekend I saw a twin battery installation with these switches on each battery, because they are a FET type switch do they also act as a diode stopping reverse current to the "faulty" battery or would diodes still be needed.

Thread: Channels vs Servos (DX8G2)
09/06/2017 07:57:24

8 channels means 8 outputs, i.e. 8 functions. You could Y lead (or say JR matchbox) the ailerons and flaps and possibly put the ignition kill switch and throttle on the same output if you can configure the killswitch to work on the throttle channel when the throttle cut button is pressed.

The other alternative would be to go with one of the newer flight controller/stabiliser units (e.g. MPX Wingstabi) which only use single aileron, flap, rudder, elevator inputs with multiple outputs, but in addition you'd need a gyro input channel.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 09/06/2017 07:58:43

Thread: Adapting X9D to DSM2
08/06/2017 18:29:32

Unless you've got a bunch of BnF models wouldn't it be just as well to sell your DSM receivers and get some frsky ones, then you can use their telemetry sensors as well, a bit of vario on your gliders might be fun.

Thread: Help me solve my dilemma....
07/06/2017 15:35:10
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 07/06/2017 14:29:42:

while not questioning your endeavours to improve your 3d flying I would suggest that a conventional model would be more suitable for the B test.

Why do you say that? both these models will fly the B certificate with ease, is it because it would be too easy smiley?

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