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Thread: Still confused
21/10/2017 14:18:34

FB3, here you go from Ecalc, on a 3s the 8x5 might be a bit lacking

3s 2200 mah lipo

8x5 :- Amps 8.15A, Volts10.8V, Power 88W, rpm 9505, Static thrust 622g

10x5 :- 15.23A , 10.54V, 160W, 8409 rpm, 951g

10x6 :- 17.03A, 10.48V, 178W, 8130 rpm, 1067g

4s 2200 mah lipo

8x5 :- 13.23A, 14.19V, 188W, 12186 rpm, 1023g

On a 3s setup I'd start with a 10 x 5. But what plane are you looking at.

21/10/2017 12:41:00

FB3, yes but there are programs you can check it with, e.g. drivecalc (it's free)

As regards prop size the motor speed is proportional to the voltage, so a 4 cell lipo will turn the motor twice as fast as a 2 cell lipo, power with the same size prop is roughly equal to the speed squared, so a 4 cell set up will pull 4 times the power as a 2 cell set up (same prop), as power = volts x amps, this means that the amps on a 4 cell set up will be double the amps on a 2 cell set up, so you have to go to a smaller prop size to prevent overloading the motor. Similarly this means you can use a bigger prop on a 2 cell set up without exceeding the motor amp rating.

If you post the motor and prop you intend to use on here I'll run it through Ecalc and let you know what it estimates.

Thread: Radio decisions, stick with 35mhz or go to 2.4Ghz??
21/10/2017 12:25:49

Several fliers at our club still on 35 mhz, and I've just rejoined them, having a few 35 mhz receivers I thought why not, so new battery for my 35 mhx MPX Cockpit Sx and my Flair D7 with Laser 61 flew just great with a MPX IPD Rx. Even better I've got the short 35 mhz aerial so don't have to worry about extending it.

Thread: my new full range 16 channel Rx is a bit big!
21/10/2017 11:24:56
Posted by Peter Miller on 21/10/2017 11:04:40:
Posted by Brian Cooper on 21/10/2017 08:16:30:

It is certainly an impressive piece of technology. . I might be missing something, but how do 16 servos plug into it? . Or does it need to plug into another unit to distribute signals to the servos?


I suspect that you need to plug into another unit. This extra unit will A) cost five times as much and B) be bigger that the standard Rx

Flight 1 said he was going to use it with one of these, very similar to the Multiplex diversity operation which allows you to link 2 receivers together, or the Jeti or Spektrum system of having remote receivers so you can have multiple receptors spaced around your model, useful in bigger models with large chunks of metal in them.

Thread: Power management
21/10/2017 10:42:16

On my larger gliders, which get flown at all day aerotows, I use subC Nimh (5 cell), 3300 to 3800 mah or 2s Life.

The Nimhs get cycled on a regular basis to make sure they are up to capacity, put a load on SubC or Life cells and they hardly blink whereas high capacity AA cells see quite a voltage dip.

If you just want a dual switch, i.e. with 2 batteries, then both Powerbox and Multiplex do these.

If it's a large aerobatic model with a heavy load on the servos and hence battery then you'd need to make sure the batteries and switch are upto the job.

Thread: third party telemetry sensors
18/10/2017 22:12:47

Yep I use SM Modelbau sensors on my MPX M Link systems and they are very good, also configured one for my friends Futaba14sg, they work well.

Another option is the Aerobtec Altis GPS sensor (with vario).

Thread: Airtek Hobbies
17/10/2017 17:50:27

I've bought quite a bit of stuff from Airtek and up to the last order never had any reason to test their aftersales service, but on the last order a receiver switch I'd ordered arrived with one of the positive leads trapped and crushed in the case, it still worked but I wouldn't trust it. I e-mailed a photo to Airtek and got a quick reply with an apology and said a replacement was in the post which turned up today.

Top service.

Thread: Multiplex
13/10/2017 18:22:02

Capt, the website and technical forum are in German, but if you use the Google Chrome web browser they translate on the fly and are very usable. The manual for the Sx9 can be accessed through the launcher program which you can get here, (any problems PM me with your e-mail address and I will e-mail you the latest manual)

I don't have the Cockpit Sx but a friend does and I've helped him set up several models on it, including large scale gliders and power models with flaps and retracts and all went very smoothly and I find it very easy to program, and we only referred to the manual on the first model.

The switches are predefined and you can't change them, but it does mean they are all clearly labeled, and when you activate throttle cut it first off tells you on the screen and then if you clear the screen (to say reset a timer or enter programming mode) it has a symbol to show that the throttle cut is active.

Thread: Loss of radio connection on third flight.
12/10/2017 21:50:48

Phil, it is not possible to get interference on 2.4 that makes the Rx do strange things, if the link is interfered with then the Rx should go to failsafe.

The only thing I could think of is a corrupted model memory, which causes the transmitter to stop acting on the stick inputs, but I must admit I've never come across this.

Thread: **NEW POLL** - Did you start with ARTF and move to building from kits or vice versa?
12/10/2017 16:52:34

Yep, you need another option

" I'm so old that I had to build from kits" wink

BTW I now do all 3, ARTF, Kits and Plans.

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
10/10/2017 22:04:21
Posted by Mike Blandford on 10/10/2017 18:43:42:

Most of the problems with Taranis firmware are related to trying to upgrade it.

There is no actual need to do this, just switch on and fly! The Taranis has not ever needed to be updated, it works well as shipped.


So there was really no need to change from the Mk1 EU firmware?

Thread: model shop service
06/10/2017 18:38:35

Flight 1, here you go surprised you haven't come across Webbies, aka Steve Webb Models and Servo Shop.

Thread: Understanding motor sizing?
05/10/2017 13:12:51

Bill, if the motor has the same Kv and max amps then there is no particular reason why you would chose one over the other. But you may find that the larger can size motor is at the bottom of the power range for motors in that diameter and the smaller one at the top end, i.e a 28mm dia motor is typically upto 400 watts and a 35mm dia motor 300 to 600 watts say.

Thread: No Power
04/10/2017 21:56:29

OK, some close above, the motor had run well and given plenty of power, so we were perplexed and decided to strip the motor down for inspection, it was perfect except the outrunner portion (the bit with the magnets) was slipping on the shaft! sorted out the grub screws which were difficult to remove and then re-tighten it all, and bingo back to full power. I'd never seen that before, must admit it ran a lot quieter after too.

04/10/2017 20:06:05

Motor in a friends plane was behaving very anaemic, producing very little power. We changed the ESC and checked the battery and this made very little difference, so we ended up hooking in my telemetry and found the motor was only drawing 4 amps instead of 30 amps.

We've fixed it, but can anybody guess what the problem was ? (no prizes i'm afraid cheeky)

Thread: Totally drained NiMh pack - can it be resuscitated, and how?
04/10/2017 08:25:17

Often, transmitters have a low voltage alarm and then a low voltage cut off, so the batteries are not completely drained, but it depends on the Tx and as Peter says you do have a voltage readout on the Tx.

But for a receiver Nimh pack that has been completely drained, I do a slow charge and then cycle it a couple of times to check it's capacity and ability to work under load, if it doesn't match up then it's off to the recycling.

Thread: DX8 and AR6210 failsafe
27/09/2017 22:32:28

Chris, as Denis says the AR6210 only has failsafe on the throttle channel. One solution is to use an external V tail/elevon mixer with inputs from throttle and rudder (or rudder via a mix on the Tx so you can switch rudder input out) and outputs to both ESCs, I did this with my Dx6i and it worked fine.

Thread: Understanding Watt Meters
27/09/2017 14:58:25

ECalc gives you the electric power in and the mechanical power out, in the case of this motor on a 12 x 8 prop, it calculates 680w in (electrical) and 535w out (mechanical), which makes this combination around 79% efficient .

Note the highest mechanical efficiency doesn't always occur when you keep the rpm as high as possible and larger slower turning propellers are much better at converting the mechanical power to thrust.

Thread: Sad day for Bishop Aviations Red Arrows.
27/09/2017 14:49:36
Posted by ken anderson. on 27/09/2017 13:26:33:
Posted by Devcon1 on 24/09/2017 09:00:04:

The models were fantastic and flown brilliantly, what a loss.

I also saw on YouTube Robbie Skipton lost a big bipe at Much Marcle after some sort of mechanical failure with the prop or spinner, another fabulous model gone.

hopefully not again a failure for Robbie...maybe the one you are referring to is last year when the motor threw a sparkplug?

ken much marcle dept.

No this was the 2nd one sad

Thread: Using CA?
27/09/2017 11:53:01

You could try Super Phatic

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