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Thread: Silencer recommendations
16/05/2018 08:15:31

Some interesting thoughts there Robin, wonder if anybody has ever tested a gun silencer as an add on silencer. Although you might get a knock on the door if you tried to order one on-line wink

Thread: Reading the wrong frequency...??
15/05/2018 20:15:39
Posted by Kevin Wilson on 15/05/2018 19:35:16:

I cannot recall anyone manufacturing a 35mHz AM transmitter, I have only seen 35 FM since the early 80s.

Acoms did one, but I never saw one at the field, found this one on a sale site

Thread: Silencer recommendations
13/05/2018 08:33:31

Thanks for all the suggestions, some food for thought. I haven't fitted the cowl yet, so may fit that and change the prop to an 18x10 which I have and see how much difference that makes.

It was a 2nd hand engine and although it runs really well it does have a couple of damaged fins, so I'm reluctant to spend a significant amounts on it, might be better putting the money to a petrol 4 stroke (come on Laser hurry up wink) .

12/05/2018 22:57:45

Just putting a toe in the water with petrol with a 32cc DLA, I've fitted a Pitts muffler with internal baffles, but it still fails the club noise test, it's 90 DBA at 7 meters and needs to be 82 DBA.

It's running a wooden 18 x 8 prop at the moment and runs really well, any recommendations on a silencer I can fit that would get the noise level down to 82 DBA.

Thread: Electric Cars.
09/05/2018 22:11:35
Posted by Don Fry on 09/05/2018 19:23:22:

Frank, as a correction, thermodynamics demands, that efficiency is a consequence of the difference between the hot and cold end of the machine. The science does not care where the heat comes from.

Yes, but efficiency of a fossil fuel plant is a measure of how much of the stored energy is turned into useful energy and the rest just emitted (thrown away) as heat.

09/05/2018 18:57:11

We have plenty of gas too, if the anti-fracking NIMBYs didn't keep objecting to fracking.

BTW gas fired power stations are about the most efficient means of fossil fuel power generation there is, gas turbines followed by using the hot exhaust gases to produce steam, gives a thermal efficiency around 60% compared to an IC engine which would struggle to get to 30%.

08/05/2018 17:57:50

Was passed by Jaguar I Pace on the M5 earlier today coming up from Cornwall. I was doing 70mph when it passed me, looked like a full production model. Looks very nice, out of my price range but will give Tesla something to think about.

Thread: lidl wing bags
03/05/2018 15:59:08

I called in today, and they had none crying 2

Thread: Additional battery?
01/05/2018 13:24:04

I'm with Jon on this one, the only difference is that I typically use a FET type safety switch for the receiver.

Thread: How large scale electric can you go?
28/04/2018 21:20:13
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 28/04/2018 19:29:46:

My washing machine motor will run on 110v to 240v and is no bigger than some of the motors used in the big models. So that could be a cheap source of a motor.

That will be a synchronous motor designed to run on AC, it wouldn't run on a standard brushless motor ESC so you'd have to build your own variable frequency drive for it, doable but then it wouldn't look so cheap.

Thread: Futaba 14SG chat
27/04/2018 12:32:01

Tim, is not a matter of protecting against a failure but just that if you are using a Y lead to connect the battery up then it effectively divides the current between the two loads connected to it, in my example rudder and then receiver and remaining servos. There is a small voltage drop across every connection which is proportional to the current. On a big aerobatic model the most powerful servo is usually the rudder so it will take most current, by connecting that direct to the battery the current flowing to the receiver (and remain servos) is reduced and hence the voltage drop across the connector feeding the receiver is also reduced.

26/04/2018 16:09:31

And if you put the Y-Lead on the highest duty servo (Rudder?) then the current for this servo doesn't flow through the receiver.

Thread: Electric Cars.
26/04/2018 13:23:17

While everybody seems to focus on electric cars overloading the grid, there are other schemes being tested where electric cars can be seen as mobile batteries, and provide an input to the grid at peak demand times then charging up when there is excess capacity.

As regards Thorium, I'm with Peter on this one, it does look a good solution, never developed before as nuclear power adopted that developed by the military. But maybe this time fusion power is really only 10 years away, there are a lot of commercial companies now pursuing this.

26/04/2018 09:32:29

Like the one Jaguar showed as a concept car

The idea though would probably make more sense on HGVs and buses, ability to run on a variety of fuels and lots of torque for setting off and no need for a complicated gearbox. Plus Turbines are great when they are left running, frequent stop starts shorten the time between overhauls, so they make more sense in something that is regularly doing long distances.

But the risks of being the first to put one in production maybe too high.

25/04/2018 16:55:24
Posted by Nigel R on 25/04/2018 15:04:35:

"Have we in the western world given a thought of the environmental disaster in lithium producing areas "

Of course we haven't. None of those mines are anywhere near here.

Not yet

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
25/04/2018 08:27:10
Posted by bert baker on 24/04/2018 22:01:44:

How about a build your own Laser at the Laser shop

What a great idea, where do I sign on.yes

Thread: Electric Cars.
23/04/2018 13:57:09
Posted by Dickw on 23/04/2018 12:20:37:
Posted by GrahamC on 23/04/2018 11:53:44:..........

Now what would be great would be a way of utilising the drive battery to charge my Lipos at the flying field!

Edited By GrahamC on 23/04/2018 11:55:31

Doesn't it have a 12v socket somewhere? An essential item for any car I have for miscellaneous recharging.


It's hidden in the center console smile d

Thread: RCM&E March 2018 issue
22/04/2018 18:18:03
Posted by Brian Hammond on 22/04/2018 15:09:37:

When is the May edition due ,I haven,t had it yet?

I've had my May edition for a couple of weeks now.

Thread: Electric Cars.
21/04/2018 08:18:18

On the subject of regenerative charging, my non-hybrId diesel car has this where when you come off the throttle it then charges the battery, everything to get the emissions as low as possible and fuel economy up, which at 48 mpg in a large car with a 185 bhp engine isn't bad. But you do wonder about all the complication.

20/04/2018 18:46:16
Posted by ken anderson. on 20/04/2018 16:58:32:

just announced that Nissan are going to lay off workers in the next 12 months....

ken motoring dept.

Nissan make the Juke, Qashqai, Note and Leaf and Infiniti Q30 in Sunderland.

JLR have announced they are not renewing contract workers contracts too.

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