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Thread: Electric Cars.
18/02/2018 08:25:42
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 17/02/2018 19:56:53:

True Brian. Long winter journeys are the exception these days, at least for me they are. I wonder if the heater works instantly? That would be a real bonus at this time of yearlaugh

Never mind work instantly, you can st the heating to come on with a timer or via an app on your phone, so the car is pre-warmed up before you even leave the house, if it's plugged into the charger then it doesn't even use the battery.

BTW in Canada it's very common for regular cars to have an electric heater in the engine so it's instantly warm, hotels have sockets in car parking spaces so you can make sure your car does't take an age to defreeze.

Thread: The WORST plane you ever had?
17/02/2018 17:56:41
Posted by J D 8 on 17/02/2018 16:25:53:

Galaxy Models Typhoon,Very twitchy in flight even with low rates,all of the church roof to get it to balance. On second flight a heavy arrival partialy detached the firewall and even though it was carefully put back I never did get another flight out of it despite several attempts.

Ended its days blown to bits at Haverfordwest model show BoB finale.yes

Edited By J D 8 on 17/02/2018 16:26:19

Funny I've just built one of these, first flights with an Irvine 25 and a slightly rearward c or g were interesting, the Irvine was a bit noisy (it was a 30 year old blackhead one) so it's now got an OS32 in it and c of g brought forward a tad. I take off from a home made dolly, but it actually flies OK now. I've got it set up with a lot of aileron differential (by offsetting the rods on the servo horn) and not much elevator movement. Biggest issue is that you have to land on the cowl and i can't see that lasting too long.

My worse model has to be a Graupner CAP 232, with the specified elevator movement it was very sluggish and not very aerobatic, turn the elevator movement up and it became more responsive but then had a violent tip stall, often at high speed just waiting to bite you.

Thread: Electric Cars.
17/02/2018 17:49:30

Apparently serving costs are much less and the taxi firms that have been running Leafs report that they brake pads last forever as most of the "braking" is done by recharging the battery, regenerative braking.

We worry about battery like but the cars have an indicator on the dash telling you the battery health, so if you are buying 2nd hand then you can check the battery condition before you buy. Chap I know bought a 10 plate BMW X5 a few weeks ago (at auction), the gearbox has just packed up!

Thread: Open tx 2.2
17/02/2018 17:43:46

A lot of sets allow you to specify the trim on the throttle stick to only adjust the curve from idle to mid position, so the top end isn't affected by the trim, but you have to tell it that you want idle with stick back or stick forward.

Thread: Electric Cars.
16/02/2018 17:02:45

Just remember how fast change is happening, could your Grandparents ever have envisaged flying to Australia non-stop, mobile phones, colour TV etc etc.

Everybody seems to think all electric car owners will charge their car up at the same time and during peak hours, when in reality most will charge overnight when demand is lower. But what is going to happen is there will be a mix of hybrid and electric vehicles, possibly hydrogen powered trucks and buses which can be refilled at depots so not needing a full hydrogen distribution network.

15/02/2018 23:25:40
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 15/02/2018 22:02:36:

All well and good Percy for short/medium distance journeys - but if I want to go on holiday with the car i need the legs and fast refuel times liquid fuel gives me (and that doesnt have to be oil based liquid) - exchangeable battery packs might be the answer (if they standardise them) but even fast recharge points are going to mean a lot of dead time

You could argue that's a big safety factor in that you'd have to take a regular break to "recharge" rather than driving non-stop without a decent break for hours on end.

Thread: Old On/Off Switch - big voltage drop!
15/02/2018 21:36:23

So basically your switch is dropping 0.2v at 0.3A which equates to a resistance of 0.67 ohms, so at say 0.5A that would be 0.33v and at 1amp 0.67amps. The resistance of your other new switch is 0.17 ohms, so 25% of the old switch. While your thermal soarer should draw much current in flight I would be inclined to change the switch or just go direct.

Thread: Goggles
14/02/2018 16:33:25

I got a pair of ski googles in the end of season ski sale at one of the outdoor shops a couple of years ago, they had the ones that fitted over my spectacles, they work well.

Don't keep my fingers warm though sad

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 14/02/2018 16:34:21

Thread: Spektrum DX6 Tx battery alarm
14/02/2018 09:37:41
Posted by Masher on 14/02/2018 08:10:40:

Here is a plot I took of a 4 cell, 2AHr NiMH Eneloop battery under load of about 1A (deliberately heavy to stress the cells). This is just a typical​ plot, they will vary between manufacturers, age etc etc. Note the 'Voltage no load' values which show how useless battery checkers are if the battery is not under load

batt discharge.jpg

Edited By Masher on 14/02/2018 08:12:05

Masher, bear in mind that a TX will draw less the 0,2A in operation, so the above curve is misleading, but it dos show why a 4 cell high capacity AA pack isn't a good choice for a larger model with more powerful servos.

13/02/2018 22:17:04

On my other Multiplex set which uses a 6 cell Nimh pack the alarm is set at 7.2v, or 1.2v per cell, i.e. 4.8v for a 4 cell pack, so I would go with 4.8v. BTW I never used to charge my Dx6i after every flying session but only when the indicated volts dropped below 5 volts and I would stop flying if it got to 4.8v.

13/02/2018 20:55:56

Broken, your Dx6i has a low voltage alarm at 4.3v, I don't know what it is on the newer Dx6, but 4.3v is pretty low and means land immediately. I never ran my Dx6i that low, but recharged when the on screen voltage hit 4.8v. The setting options on the newer Tx which does different battery types are to cater for that.

As regards the minimum voltage for the tx to work, the main chip will run at 3.3v, my Multiplex Profi which uses the same chip runs on a 1s LiFe cell and the fully charged voltage on that is 4.2v!

Thread: Rx low voltage
12/02/2018 21:29:20
Posted by trebor on 12/02/2018 19:03:06:

I must admit I always fully charge mine but now I've got this Frsky telemetry I might as well learn how to use it. It's good to have another indication of something going wrong. I have a few volt spy's and volt readers mounted in the planes but you can't see them in the air.

Exactly, my telemetry has picked up both a battery which was under performing and also a faulty switch.

12/02/2018 18:41:12
Posted by trebor on 12/02/2018 18:34:48:

Could I run the 5 cell packs down to 4.5v or is that risky.

0.9v per cell is basically completely discharged and the voltage drops off really quickly after that.

12/02/2018 18:25:42

Doesn't matter what radio system it is, what you are setting the alarm for is a failing (i.e. discharged) battery before the voltage drops right off. Around 1.1v per cell would give you adequate warning, slightly higher on a 4 cell battery as it is closer to the min voltage of the Rx.

12/02/2018 17:30:20

4.5v is the default setting on the Multiplex receivers for a 4 cell battery, that seems a reasonable compromise, too high and it will go off every time the servos are loaded up, too low and if the battery sees a sudden high load there might be a significant voltage drop which could lead to a Rx brown out.

If you are running a 5 cell battery, then say 5.5v should be OK.

Thread: A Question for the Electric Cognoscenti.
11/02/2018 09:00:57

David, the ESC should have what is called a Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) which will either cut the motor or reduce power if the voltage drops too low, but the supply to the inbuilt battery elimination circuit (BEC) is maintained, as the power required by the receiver and servos is substantially less that the motor even an almost fully discharged battery should have plenty left to land the plane. It's not a good idea to fly until the LVC cuts in as if a LIPO is over-discharged irreversible battery damage occurs and the battery looses capacity.

Edited By Frank Skilbeck on 11/02/2018 09:01:16

Thread: Please help newbie
07/02/2018 09:38:02
Posted by cymaz on 06/02/2018 20:50:24:

The Wot trainer ( in my humble opinion) is a lovely trainer. It’s stable and when you turn up the rates is very manoeuvrable. Make sure the tail fixing bolts are regularly checked.

And available in kit form from direct from Chris Foss if you want to build it yourself.

Thread: Best given the right of way
07/02/2018 09:34:32

I remember visiting a flying site in Houston Texas, lovely club house, tarmac runway etc. they had a note up reminding you that if you landed out to put the snake trousers on before venturing into the undergrowth, just rattlesnakes there though.

Thread: Solarfilm
06/02/2018 16:23:12

sad time to stock up. I think RCME will have to do an article on doped nylon...................

Thread: Please help newbie
05/02/2018 08:55:59
Posted by Tom H 1 on 04/02/2018 22:21:22:

It’s no problem. Just so much to read and understand. I don’t understand how people work out the battery to motor flight time equation. Couple examples seem confusing. Am I missing something!!!!!

Tom there are a couple of programs you can download that calculate the power, amps, thrust etc of various propeller, motor battery combinations, e.g. drivecalc and Ecalc, but your best option if you are going to build anything would be to just post on the forum somebody would come back with a recommendation (or ask a fellow club member!)

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