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Thread: push rods threaded each end
15/08/2017 22:39:09
Posted by David Mellor on 15/08/2017 10:20:33:

I've been using z-bend with 1.6mm die wire (the maximum diameter my z-bend pliers can cope with according to the manufacturer) 

The problem is that the wire rods flexed to much.

In this situation I solder thinner wire Z bends to the end of thicker wire push rods. Or glue them to carbon rods.

But then most of my builds are on the smaller side.

Thread: Cambria Funfighters
05/07/2017 23:08:51

It may be worth mentioning the website  **LINK** as that is not the most prominent return on Google

Edited By Kevin Wilson on 05/07/2017 23:10:36

Edited By Kevin Wilson on 05/07/2017 23:11:12

Thread: Phoenix 2000
19/06/2017 22:53:22

I use 3S 1350 Zippy compact batteries pushed right to the back stop of the tray.

I have 10g weight right at the back of the fuselage to get stock C of G.

My first Phoenix I used 3S 2200 on the stock tray, so the fuselage must have been a bit heavier.

My brother akways runs 3S 2200 batteries in his P2k but I don't see any advantage.

18/06/2017 08:48:54

If I remember correctly I paid £9. Just checked on hobby king.

Showing UK stock and I went up to putting my money in.

£82.11 + £5.65 shipping. I do get a discount but not on the P&P

17/06/2017 22:46:44

Got mine from the EU warehouse no problem.

Thread: Depron Aerobatic Model
02/06/2017 11:46:27

Tony, you may also find the lack of comment may be due to your use of Depron.

It is certainly a material that I do not use and can therefore make no useful comment on.

I do however watch with interest and awe at the fine craft that you fashion from foam.

It must feel a lonely place being so far in front of the mainstream.

Thread: DX7S repair issue - swapped pot leads
11/05/2017 20:43:34

Identify the wires that go to the outside conections of the pot and swap them.

Either at the pcb connection or on the pot. Whichever you are most comfortable with.

Thread: Micron Radio Control
11/05/2017 20:38:58

Only used them a couple of times.

Excellent service

Thread: DX6i Programming Rudder to Aileron?
05/05/2017 11:14:01

Glad it worked.

I ca never remember if the first one is the stick or the channel.

I find my Taranis so much more logical because it is all inputs and outputs.

Sometimes simpler isn't easier ☺

Thread: Women say the funniest things!
05/05/2017 11:08:27
Posted by Martin Harris on 05/05/2017 10:32:34:

Many years ago, my wife said to me, "why do you want two models?"

Explain that models are a lot like shoes.

Best to talk in a language they understand.

Thread: DX6i Programming Rudder to Aileron?
04/05/2017 23:38:16

I have done this with a umx model.

In the adjust list find option 6 'mix 1' and set

Rudd 》Aile. ACT

Rate L +100% R +100%


This wil make rudder stick and aileron stick have the same function when you put Mix switch on top right shoulder of tranny to position 1 (forward).

If I have misinterpreted your words you may try Aile > Rudd but I am pretty sure it is the top one you are after.

Regards, Kevin

Edited By Kevin Wilson on 04/05/2017 23:38:55

Thread: Phoenix 2000
29/03/2017 15:17:44

Ah! they look familiar. Mine are the same steel section.

I expect I am seeing the wing tips flexing beyond the spar as well as the joiner flexing. Although I think my joiner is black GRP not carbon fibre. This is usually due to panic recovery from my inept inverted flying practice blush

I still cannot figure why you are pulling the tubes noba. Are you replacing them with something more exotic?

27/03/2017 09:55:50

I cannot say definitively for the Phoenix 1600. But my P2k certainly looks like the aluminium box sections are moulded in.

I think they would be very difficult to remove without causing damage.

They are such a structural element I am puzzled why you would want to remove them.

I have pulled some pretty outrageous high G panic manoeuvres and not bent the aluminium boxes despite the wings flexing dramatically. I doubt if it is a damage repair.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
05/12/2016 08:01:14

Perhaps he thinks there are more affluent collectors in Germany that would be willing to pay a premium for a rare item.

Interesting postscript to his other items. There are sufficient caveats and references to regulations that would put me off dealing with this chap. Not a lot of trust going on there. Perhaps he has got stung before.

Thread: Fly tipping
18/11/2016 07:46:00

I seems from the flow of this thread that you are stuck Cuban.

Almost all waste sites are outsourced so have severe restrictions or penalties on legitimately disposing of waste even for the housholder. It is unlikely that you will get the council to cange their policy that causes flytipping.

Therefore it looks like your only option is to have a secure bounday fence to push (as far as possible) the flytipping onto the public highway, where the council are forced to take responsibility.

I dont agree with that as an option but it does seem the only way.

Thread: indoor flying
03/10/2016 19:41:42
The eflight AS3extra gets good comments at my indoor hall, but you need good thumbs as they are quite delicate
Otherwise the UMX T28 Trojan is a perennial favourite.
These work well in a full basketball court.
Thread: What glue for Carbon Spars in foam (EPS?) wing
05/08/2016 10:17:23
I have used UHU POR, polyurethane (gorilla) and epoxy for carbon spars.
All worked but the Gorilla was easy and fairly clean. I glued the slot, dropped the spar in, scrapped off the excess and topped it with a line of masking tape to stop the glue foaming everywhere.
Epoxy always feels a bit heavy, but probably just my perception as I haven't weighed any of them.
Thread: Making Tools for building models.
04/08/2016 22:11:53
Thanks Mark that's a neat way of doing it.
I like your depth stop idea, especially the ply backbone.
Percy could even use that idea on his permagrit tool.
Thread: Posh Fret Saw
04/08/2016 14:52:22
Piercing saw and a handful of different tpi blades for me.
I find the big bow of a fretsaw unwieldy and unnecessary.
And coping saws have too big a kerf.
Having said that, I have and use all 3, but the piercing saw is what stays on my bench.
Thread: Turning without loss of altitude
01/08/2016 22:11:45
Also don't forget that as soon as you are rolled over the rudder is pushing the nose down.
Something that I quickly learnt in the flat turn world of indoor flying.
Try turning on aileron and not worry too much about the bank. After all the full size do not flat turn and they go up quite nicely.
I was told the secret with gliding was do everything gently. Each deflection of control surface costs altitude.

Edited By Kevin Wilson on 01/08/2016 22:13:01

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