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Thread: **NEW POLL** How many plan-built models have you made or started in the last year?
24/04/2017 18:37:02

Mini Barnstormer, one I can't recall the name, fliu, SPAD x 2, Wren, own design Italian Warbird fun-fly (still working on it), 2 x trainers and a top secret project I'm not allowed to talk about !

Apart from that 3 kits, a couple of foamies and then there are the "restoration / repair" jobs.

I like building. laugh

Retirement is going to be fun !!!

Thread: trainer kit
22/04/2017 22:03:06

PM sent.

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
18/04/2017 21:10:34
Posted by RICHARD WILLS on 30/03/2017 07:49:06:
Posted by Paul Johnson 4 on 30/03/2017 06:55:38:

Okay found this at work.... Richard can we design something around it?


Turn it on end and call it a coffee table ?

Does it run on castor, or synthetic and which end does the prop fit on ? devil

Thread: Wonderful Words of the past
19/03/2017 10:15:25

Well I'll go to't top of our street.

You make a better door than a window.

Shut your mouth, your causing a draught.

If you were twins, you'd be twice as thick.

They don't make diamonds as big as bricks,

The Sun shines on the righteous (and on closet tops as well).

I've taught thee everything and tha still knows nowt.


Here is a modern one. He was a legend in his own lunch time.

Edited By kevin b on 19/03/2017 10:15:47

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
17/03/2017 19:48:56

Going back to an earlier post. Futaba do have a service centre in the UK. Ripmax.

I recently sent them a transmitter I had broken (hit the wrong switch and an electric model burst into life and bit it) and was in touch with their repair engineer. They only have one and he is extremely pleasant and helpful. the transmitter was repaired very quickly at reasonable cost and he replaced the broken case parts as well FOC. If there is only one person dealing with futaba radio faults and he has time to converse with the customers, does that say anything about the product ?

It would be interesting to see a chart of all of the manufacturers warranty claims statistics.

17/03/2017 19:18:01
Posted by ken anderson. on 17/03/2017 16:46:33:

yes --- kids are great-i used to be one.... thumbs up

ken old kids dept.

What do you mean "used to be".


16/03/2017 21:58:08

Yes Cliff, but it was the annual "pat myself on the back" issue.

Mind you I bet every reader noticed the photo with the very attractive young lady wearing a short dress !

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
16/03/2017 21:48:59

Hi Erfolg.

As the staff will be subject to redundancy procedure, it is possible that they are unable to comment at this time without jeopardising their position.

It will be interesting to hear what happens after the beginning of April.

I'm afraid that HobbyKing is now the business model for these multinational accountant run companies and as we know, accountants don't like stock on shelves (well not for more than a few minutes).

16/03/2017 21:32:57

I have no axe to grind regarding the BMFA News magazine, but as far as I can gather it is up to date. I don't see any "old" news and all the information appears to be current. It is after al a journal and not comic. It's purpose is to inform the membership factually and not particularly to entertain. Also don't forget that it is not charged for in your annual fees and is sponsored by the (few) advertisers who support it. I should think that any articles included, which are not penned by permanent BMFA staff are either not paid for, or paid for at a very low rate.

It is in fact very similar to the large number oft trade magazines produced by associations all over the country. Probably, because that's what it is ! The BMFA magazine is not produced to promote itself, or to make profit.

I do read in it regularly that the editor is constantly requesting material that may be of interest to readers.

That's the great thing about the internet. WE can complain to our hearts content about anything and everything to everybody without feeling guilty about not doing anything practical about it ourselves. For example, writing a constructive letter to the editor, to which he can then respond (in the magazine) and maybe start some debate on how the membership would like the magazine to be presented.

This is not a rant. It is a statement of fact .Nor is it a local phenomenon.

Edited By kevin b on 16/03/2017 21:34:26

Thread: Hi from a clueless noobie looking for help !
14/03/2017 10:44:03

Message sent.

Thread: Help, Need a Manual, SC52 2 Stroke Rear Needle
13/03/2017 20:49:39

Hi Keith.

If you still want the instruction manual, I have one.

However it is the same manual for the entire range !

PM me your e-mail address if you want me to send you a copy.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
13/03/2017 19:11:47

Cymaz - get your coat !

(It's decorating pun time)

Thread: Plane restoration / Refurbishment
01/03/2017 21:09:29

It does look like mould on the wing.

Don't clean it in the house !!!

You will be ok as long as the fuselage isn't oily. If it is, cut back to dry wood and replace. You will never remove the oil.

I'm currently renovating (not a full restoration) an old "goliath" (Semi scale Taylorcraft B), built around 1950 for single channel RC. It will be 4 channel and petrol powered when complete. Bought it off e-bay a couple of years ago for 99p, for the engine mounting. Too good to burn though !

Thread: Newbie plane choice
25/02/2017 21:00:47

Hi Rich.

AXN Floater-jet (HobbyKing Clouds Fly).

I have one and they are easy to fly. Needs to be fairly calm though.

Helpful if you can get a mate to launch it for you as they tend to dip on launch if you don't get it quite right (pusher prop pointing downhill).

Not difficult to put together, but have a look here **LINK**

I would also follow the advice to use a rubber band as an additional canopy retainer !

Edited By kevin b on 25/02/2017 21:02:05

Thread: Plans exchange
22/02/2017 13:53:00


I have a 3 view drawing if that is of any use to you.

pm me your e-mail address and I will send it.


Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
10/02/2017 18:20:35

A friend of mine would appreciate your last post BEB.

She's a senior lecturer in medical ethics. teeth 2

Thread: Painting gone wrong
01/02/2017 21:42:56

The only models you can dry in an oven at anything above room temperature are metal ones.

Plastic models melt and wood "breathes", so that as the paint dries, so does the wood and air trapped in it has to go somewhere. Usually out through the freshly applied paint !

Also you would be very lucky if it came out of the oven anywhere near straight. Heat and wood do not mix, unless you are using it for reshaping.


Note :     80 degrees  is the temperature we bake motor vehicles at when we repair them. Anything higher and you      start to melt things, such as tyres !!!

Edited By kevin b on 01/02/2017 21:46:43

Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
27/01/2017 18:37:06

Yes please !!!

Thread: Opinions please
21/01/2017 15:31:49

Have a look at the Etronix range.


I have had one for a couple of years now and am very happy with it.

It depends what you mean by reasonable. If I assume you mean price, then cheap is not always cheerful, particularly with chargers. You are probably better advised to go for a lower spec quality manufacturer, rather than a high spec copy, or unknown brand.

Asking on here is a good start. yes

Edited By kevin b on 21/01/2017 15:32:30

Thread: 2A0 Plan Copying and parts cutting
21/01/2017 15:24:49

PM sent.

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