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Thread: Ask..Peter Miller
13/10/2017 17:44:29


Harmony RCM&E June 2010.

You should be able to get a copy here **LINK**

Failing that pm me with your email address.


Thread: **NEW POLL** - Did you start with ARTF and move to building from kits or vice versa?
13/10/2017 12:35:15

I think the "Other" category is a polite way of saying, if you are an old fart that started building before proportional RC and iron on film, then vote here.

That's me. wink 2

Thread: My Hermes
11/10/2017 18:43:36

Check with My Hermes to make sure they have the correct address.

However it could be that a delivery driver saw a dog at the gate and perhaps decided it wasn't worth the risk. There again if he had your phone number he should have called.

I have a great deal of success with My Hermes and to date they haven't damaged any of my parcels, which is more than can be said for Parcel Farce.

Thread: Fire Extinguisher Disposal
05/10/2017 16:16:23

I haven't got a clue. Ours are under contract, so we don't have the problem.

Have you tried to Google Fire extinguisher disposal ?

That would be my first move.

Thread: Autumn.....
26/09/2017 18:48:12

3 days ago there was a rabbit in the middle of my back lawn, munching away.

Today, no rabbit and no lawn. Just a large pile of very dead leaves.

I wonder if the rabbit is underneath them.

Does anyone remember the Monty Python Autumn cartoon ?

It's a bit like that. So much for Autumn. According to the weather forecast Winter hits next week.

Thread: Aldi bargains
25/09/2017 19:29:04

Eyup Olly.

Thought we hadn't heard from you in a while.

All the best for a quick recovery.

Hope you can find something to do, to stop you from getting bored. wink 2

Thread: New canopy?
23/09/2017 23:48:36

If you make your cowl that way, you could always paint it on the inside. No worries about damaging the paintwork.

23/09/2017 23:42:17

I agree with Martin, but whatever you do don't list it as a "collection only" item.

It might not be easy to pack, but it will certainly increase the price you will get and don't forget, the buyer pays the postage on top of the selling price.

Thread: Bambino free plan (Oct 2015 RCM&E)
22/09/2017 19:50:31


PM sent.

Thread: Hobby King Global Warehouse.
22/09/2017 19:38:51
Posted by john stones 1 on 22/09/2017 19:30:17:

Chuckle face 1

I've got some off them down bottom of my garden.wink

I considered my response, but decided not to bother on grounds of political correctness and the wrath of the mods.smiley

Thread: Autumn.....
21/09/2017 21:03:09
Posted by john stones 1 on 21/09/2017 19:11:38:

Starts some time tomorrow i believe, nuts allover the flying field, plus some acorns n conkers wink

That isn't what we've got all over our flying field !

kevin b North Yorkshire sheep country.

Edited By kevin b on 21/09/2017 21:03:31

Thread: New sport model
20/09/2017 18:22:02

Nial. The answer to you question is YES, kit built models are stronger than ARTFs. Mainly because of the way they are designed. In ye olden days you built a kit, flew it and crashed it. Then you had to rebuild it. So it made sense to build it strong in the first place. With an ARTF you buy it. Fly it. Crash it and then buy a new one No building skills required. This suits people who are cash rich and time poor. It also benefits the people who don't have the capabilities to build their own, oh and the Far East economies.

I have no axe to grind against ARTFs, as they offer opportunities to people who want to fly. I myself enjoy the building part of our hobby as much as the flying. This goes back to when I was a kid at school and we made things.

These days hand/eye coordination in education seems to only involve moving a cursor around a screen. Other coordinated education appears to involve hitting a ball with something, either body part, or stick of some sorts, Though if you are musically inclined, you might be lucky and someone show an interest in you(as long as you can prove you won't hurt yourself)

wink 2

Sorry, but I can't find a "cynical old git" emoji.

Thread: named brand motors vs budget motors
18/09/2017 14:48:34


I suppose that's what comes of living between Scotland and Yorkshire. wink 2

Thread: Airplane Vintage Photos -Warbirds > Nasa
18/09/2017 14:40:49

Now that's one big wheel.

Unless Debbie McGee is holding the spanner. devil

Thread: ARTF - The Stevo way
16/09/2017 21:06:16


Good description, excellent photos and witty comments.

Better tell Alex to watch out for his job !

wink 2

09/09/2017 21:25:54

John yes

BEB yes yes

and Tom. Yes, the weather is rubbish here too.

Thread: Cancelled - Basingstoke Fly-in
09/09/2017 12:23:30
Posted by tigerman on 09/09/2017 11:05:31:

Do not blame you I think someone cancelled the summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sad

Oh, is that what it was called ? crook

09/09/2017 12:22:16

What's strange ?

Obviously the website is hosted by their own server and when they are not working it is switched off, which can save a considerable amount of money (just like an electric fire). Just because some individuals (not all) want everything to be available now for their convenience doesn't mean that businesses have to pamper to them. Whatever Slough Models are doing, it must be right as they are surviving in this age of consumer aggression. I, personally refer to an old fashioned 19th century piece of technology when I have an internet related problem, before taking to the www. It's called a t-e-l-p-h-o-n-e.

Thread: WANTED URGENTLY: Brian Taylor Plan of Fw190
04/09/2017 11:51:55

Pm sent.

Thread: I am surprised at apparently no comment
29/08/2017 12:28:06

The problem Erfolg lies in the word Drone.

The first radio controlled target aircraft used by the RAF was called "Queen Bee" as far as I can gather and was a full size aeroplane. After that they used model aircraft (all be it large !) which they then called Drones. So in fact all our models could be referred to as "Drones", including gliders as they are radio controlled.

Maybe we should all go back to free flight, or control line. devil

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