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Thread: Sensei oopsie!
26/06/2017 23:53:38

Looks like you are doing a nice job of it Tony.

Use medium, or thick CA for gluing. Personally I prefer thick on these jobs as it gives you more "wiggle time".

You should be able to straighten the motor mount, but check the thrust lines carefully.


26/06/2017 10:37:54


First of all check the motor. This type often bends the casing as well as the shaft with an impact like the one it has had. If the motor is damaged it would probably be cheaper to buy a new kit and save yours for spares.

I sent you my number so give me a call when you get 5 minutes and we can discuss foam repairs.

25/06/2017 23:49:58

Hi Tony.

Been there, done that (and am still doing it !).

Best advice. Forget about trying to repair the front end. Looking at the photos, you will never get all the pieces back together and aligned properly. When it hit the floor it didn't just break. It twisted and squashed the foam and will look a mess if you try.

The cost of replacement parts for this model I consider too high. What you need to do is build a new front end, or even a new fuselage to fit the undamaged parts to. If you think you have the ability to repair this fuselage, then building new will be easier and maybe quicker, as well as looking a lot better.

I have repaired a few foamie disasters (as my clubmates would confirm) that have been cast out by other fliers (as well as my own). I hate to see repairable models thrown away and yours looks repairable, even though the model has not been designed to be. It also looks like you have some motor damage as well, so you may have to replace that too.

I will send a pm.

Kevinb. Bend'em & mend'em

Edited By kevin b on 26/06/2017 00:04:16

Thread: precedent hi boy
25/06/2017 13:47:10
Posted by Nick Scott on 25/06/2017 12:24:25:

Hello would anyone possibly have Precedent Hi Boy instructions. If anyone does would they possibly email photos to me?

Pm sent.

I also have scans of decals as well as a 1983 vintage kit, which I think is complete.

Thread: Where are the retailers now
24/06/2017 16:30:29
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 23/06/2017 18:03:33:

There's a list here.

My LMS is on the list, but the only stock in the shop from HH appears to be artf models and spare parts. No sign of any radio equipment, or accessories.

Thread: Any advice on comparing plans from different designers
22/06/2017 17:39:36


Pm sent.

Thread: Construction & repair tools
19/06/2017 14:27:06

Pound shop, or market stall purchases will also help you with deciding which tools you need. Then you can purchase more expensive versions with more confidence. Don't forget about storage boxes as well. There are plenty of cheap options for compartmented boxes, which makes life easier than rummaging through collections of jam jars !

19/06/2017 11:49:55

If you are staring with kits then power tools aren't a necessity, though a Dremel type tool is extremely useful, with a set of cutting /sanding discs. Also a good quality razor saw as well as knife and a decent set of needle files will get you started, along with a steel rule. Other useful tools are a set of small metric spanners, small adjustable wrench )up to 13mm) magnetic screwdriver with a set of bits (usually the bits come in a silicon container) and Graupner pins. Last but not least is a decent (not cheap) covering iron.

Again, building a kit means you shouldn't really need to do any heavy sanding, so home made blocks and fine paper should be sufficient, rather than buying expensive Permagrit tools. However if you do buy one you soon will find you have bought several more (ask me how I know !)

When you start building from plans, then investing in more expensive equipment may be necessary. That's when you will find you need a shed.

Thread: M2 threads on piano wire
07/06/2017 12:37:28
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 06/06/2017 23:06:09:

ooh look, a thread about threads. wink

Pity the poster wasn't called Fred. teeth 2

Thread: Largest plane in the world
04/06/2017 18:55:10

I think Multiplex will be looking at their copyrights.

I'm waiting for the Japanese to bring out theirs. It will probably do the same job, be half the size and cheaper to build and run.

Has anybody worked out how environmentally economical it will be compared with existing, and developing rocket / satellite launching technology ? Or is it that it is "American and the biggest" that is the important thing ?

The word Folly springs to mind. Remember the "Spruce Goose" ? At least that was attractive and served as a great restaurant. What can they use this for, container storage ?

Rant over teeth 2

Thread: Model ID help please
29/05/2017 21:15:39

The construction and materials are very much like a typical Precedent kit (I've had a couple) and must admit I thought it was one at first. Not knowing their full range of kits (too young !) I can't say for certain if it is one or not.

It doesn't look anything like any DB plan I have ever seen either.

When the wings arrive I will post another photo.

Edited By kevin b on 29/05/2017 21:16:19

29/05/2017 21:03:58

Hi Alistair.

Wings are arriving during this week. Overall length was approx. 43.5 ins. Too big for a BiFly. Another unusual thing is that the undercarriage comprises of 3 wires. It is built very sturdy, which makes me think it is quite old.

It isn't important to know what it was, but it might help us in sorting out the C of G as the wings have a reasonable stagger.

Thanks very much for your input.

29/05/2017 10:52:36

I am currently (no pun intended) helping convert an old biplane to electric power. Can anybody help us to identify it please. We know it was a kit, but that is about all. Originally it had a 60 at the front, but we have lengthened the nose by 12mm and changed its shape.

We are hoping that the cabane construction and tailwheel design might help.

Thanks. Kevin.

les (1).jpg

les (2).jpg

les (3).jpg

Thread: Telemaster
22/05/2017 21:02:40

Probably a bit light for that size model Phil. Most 1400mm span trainers have 8mm dowels in them.

Thread: How do they do it for the money?
19/05/2017 23:26:57

My local Poundland has been open for a few years now and is very useful.

Last year Pound World opened up next door, so Poundland put up huge posters saying " Everything 90p".

Don't you just love high street competition !

19/05/2017 23:21:17

Very interesting thread, but you must remember.

They don't make them like they used to. devil

Thread: Scaling up - advice needed
17/05/2017 19:30:25

8% it is then.


15/05/2017 23:26:27

I agree with Jon.

The full size was a big aeroplane for a single engine, which was not that powerful. It was built for one purpose, which it did very well.

As long as you don't intend to do aerobatics with it, just build light (particularly at the tail end) and you should be fine.


Thread: Ask..Peter Miller
15/05/2017 23:13:07
Posted by kc on 15/05/2017 19:23:37:

I have to agree with Erfolg - we need modern plans in RCME not reissued single channel plans! So we need more new designs from Peter. Surely the country's most prolific designer should design at least 1 plan specially for brushless motor & Lipo..............

Erfolg mentioned Goldie - that is a design by Mike Keay in RCMW plans.

Sorry KC, but how many FREE plans do you want to see in each months magazine ? As far as I can see, we seem to be getting one old plan and one new design each month and long may it continue. Personally I like to see old traditional plans given an airing, even if the content isn't to my particular liking. At least the newer modellers (few that they are) are getting to see more plans and are being encouraged to build from them. I actually wouldn't mind betting that there are more of the old designs built from the magazine than the new ones.

Thread: June 2017 RCM&E
12/05/2017 21:41:59
Posted by David Ashby - RCME on 10/05/2017 08:02:30:

I think I'm safe Ken, Nikki is happy just to look after the design 🙂

Ah yes, but when do we get to see the girls flying ? You now have Beth and Nikki in the office and Mrs A taking (rather good) photos. When are they going to feel the joy of committing aviation. That first solo flight. handling the model in less than perfect conditions. The picking up of the pieces afterwards ? devil

We need more women !!! (in the hobby)

Kevinb (confirmed bachelor).

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