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Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
15/02/2017 11:01:59

Fir crying out loud - wooden you know that some sap in an office thought that he should fill the empty space that he could cedar and was pining to spruce it up.

14/02/2017 23:20:18

Take a bough and then leaf it off

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
26/01/2017 08:56:00
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 26/01/2017 08:33:44:

If i remember rightly colin didnt the Germans find the H2S beam and follow it up to the formations?

I believe that was the short-lived 'Monica' tail warning radar (which was discontinued very fast when a captured Ju88 was found with a 'Flensburg' passive radar receiver).

H2S (officially 'Home Sweet Home' but unofficially it was claimed that it stank) was tracked by the 'Naxos' receiver but that only really directed the fighter to the stream and not individual targets. In practice, H2S was only used for target identification and wasn't on all the time (unlike Monica)

On a totally unrelated note, H2S was used last in the Vulcan on the bombing raid on the Falklands

Edited By Daithi O Buitigh on 26/01/2017 09:05:23

15/01/2017 20:38:25

Type 80 at RAF Trimingham (I fixed stuff down in the hole)

15/01/2017 18:24:12

What puts the whole ARTF/hand-built scenario into perspective is really quite simple.

When I started model aircraft we had the SMAE as the governing body - now we have the BMFA. We're no longer 'Model Aeronautical Engineers' but 'Model Flyers'

Edited By Daithi O Buitigh on 15/01/2017 18:29:11

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
27/12/2016 23:42:42


Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
16/12/2016 23:20:56

Jon, I'm actually talking about the Bf110 which isn't going to appear due to lack of pre-orders. Selling the plans separately may kick-start that and lead to orders for laser cut parts. Short term, it will allow people to build, whether or not they use the pre-cut bits.

16/12/2016 22:15:56

My point is not in the actual cost but in spreading the cost over time. Fair enough, it would work out more expensive overall but various parts could be ordered over time. Again, selling plans and moulded parts separately may ewncourage people to buy those (and scratch build the wooden bits). Some of us still have the necessary tools (modelling knives, saws, etc) to do that.

The advantage of that way is that it would actually increase sales - especially the plans.

16/12/2016 22:03:08

One problem with full kits is the overall cost. If that could be split (as is done by others) into plans, short kit, moulded things, etc, then while the overall cost may be slightly higher, it could be spread out over time. I'm sure that enough copies of the bare plan and, possibly any mouldings, would be successful.

Apropos of the ARTF/Build setup - is it just coincidental that the Society of Model Aircraft Engineers was re-baptised as the British Model Flying Association? It does seem to shift the priority

Thread: Ebay sellers...
04/12/2016 21:31:46

I don't think he'll get may bids starting at £1,263.24. What puzzles me though is why it's in German when the line for postage says (in translation) 'Dispatch FROM ENGLAND' (and why in Euros)?

Thread: Poser for boffins
14/10/2016 00:30:49
Posted by onetenor on 14/10/2016 00:22:49:

Oh yes and how do Frisbees and plastic paint tubs lids fly?

Or flying saucers :D

13/10/2016 22:24:23

Now that takes me back to my schooldays (before Maggie snatched the free milk) when we used to get 1/3 pint morning and afternoon. We discovered very early on that, if you carefully removed the tinfoil bottle-top and flicked it between two fingers, it would fly.

The spinning motion does produce lift - now a powered version would spin but add in the motors and batteries and, at present technology levels, it would simply be too heavy. Google 'Coriolis Effect'

Thread: 2016 Autumn Special The Zero
11/10/2016 12:34:40

Kooka - I'm not disputing the fact that mistakes were made in identification (that was common) but that the 'ead 'itter claimed that the Zero was used by the Army (when it wasn't). It's like claiming that the Grumman F4A Wildcat was used by both the US Navy and Army Air Corps or that the Fairey Battle was used by both the RAF and the Fleet Air Arm.

But there's a thought - maybe we can have an Oscar sometime down the line (just as a change)

Edited By Daithi O Buitigh on 11/10/2016 12:48:31

10/10/2016 21:58:06

Ohh dear - I really have to take the editor to task over the comments right at the beginning og the mag where he stated "...the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Air Services had the Zero..."

The 'Reisen' (Rei Sentokai - Zero Fighter) was ONLY used by the Navy in their naval air fleets (the fact that some were landbased doesn't alter the fact that all pilots and ground crews were naval personnnel).

The Army flew the Nakajima Ki43 'Hayabusa' (Peregrine Falcon, code-named 'Oscar'. The Hayabusa did have similarities to the Zero and allied piliots did get confused over which was which at times but it wasn't the same aircraft.

Profile Publications do cover both (A6M2 - issue 129 and Ki43 - issue 46).

Thread: RC Model Aircraft Design Book
12/09/2016 02:35:53

There are a lot of books (of assorted varieties) in rclibrary and hippocket aeronautics, all available in pdf for download.

Fair enough, they may be dated but basic principles remain the same

Thread: Soldering station.
30/08/2016 19:48:56

I remember after I was demobbed from the RAF doing a conversion course for radio and TV servicing. An ex-REME guy and myself used to heat up the irons, apply a dab of cored solder and then flick it with a finger tip. One other trainee (who had never used an iron before) saw us, tried it himself but instead of a quick flick, stuck his finger on the bit (the scream was deafening)

And I still tend to quick clean bits the same way (but never on the carpet)

Thread: Free simulators?
30/08/2016 19:38:24

I have Flightgear (albeit on my Linux box) but I feel I should point out that it's a 'full size' sim (a la Flight Sim X) rather than a 'model' sim (like Phoenix)

Thread: What star sign are you? Is there a trend with flyers?
24/08/2016 21:44:22

Charactertistics of the zodiac signs

Aries - flies ram jets
Taurus - bulls his way through the refrehment area
Gemini - builds only twin engine stuff
Cancer - always crabbing
Leo - Specialises in old French Loire et Orient stuff
Virgo - R/C newbie
Libra - builds scale models
Scorpio - builds low cost jets
Sagittarius - prefers launching via bungee
Capricorn - gets on everyone else's goat
Aquarius - Builds flying boats
Pisces - Flying fish specialist

23/08/2016 23:39:04

Being Pisces I suppose that would explain my preference for scale cheeky

Thread: Air Cadets ( ATC)
23/08/2016 01:55:53

Yep - cadets were trained in military radio procedures including the use of SINPO for reporting (S=Strength, I=Interference, N=Noise, P=Propagation, O=Overall) and not the chicken box 'signal report' of 'in the blood'. Amateur radio operators tend to use more 'Q' codes and their own international abbreviations (mostly from maritime radio procedures using Morse Code) and simplify the signal reports to 'RST' (Reception, Strength, Tone for Morse).

I remember installing a CB in a church one time (for broadcasting services to people unable to attend) and someone asked for a 'report and I told him "You're 5 and 9' (Reception 5, Signal 9, Tone not given as it was voice) - the top levels. He seemed to have it backwards and thought it should be '95' and when I explained all I got was "But how much in the blood am I?". I came to the conclusion years back that CBers hadn't a clue about radio procedure, mainly after hearing one on 11 metres calling "QRZDX. I'm QRT for a QSL"which translates as "what station is calling me long distance. I've shut the station down for a postcard". Correct procedure would be "CQDX, GI7OMY calling CQDX and standing by"

Edited By Daithi O Buitigh on 23/08/2016 01:56:40

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