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Thread: BBMF Merlins Grounded............
17/08/2017 20:34:28

Please refer to this earlier thread

Thread: BMFA Nationals 2017
17/08/2017 17:01:19
The last I heard was that the hangar is no longer available but a marquee/beer tent will be there.
Thread: How has my brushless motor killed my RX?
16/08/2017 22:49:52
Rob I'm glad you've found a culprit.

The dead receiver has very probably had a PCB track burned through like a fuse. I'm not sure how easy those are to pop apart? But it might be worth a look. The + & - connections on all the servo sockets will be common right across. It should be a simple repair.
Only you can decide if you'd trust it afterwards though.
Thread: July RCM&E
15/08/2017 04:20:52

David, take a look at this thread about the July2017 issue

Thread: Flight Time Cut in Half!
14/08/2017 21:32:40
Being pedantic, just because I'm in that sort of mood. A BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) simply reduces the lipo voltage to a voltage suitable for Rx and servos. It never "cuts in".

The ESC also includes a LVC function, (Low Voltage Cutout) which is probably what's bringing your flights to an early end.

Now to be more helpful.
9v is possibly about the right LVC level for a 3S battery so it does sound like the batteries are at fault.
What voltage does the wattmeter read with a fully charged battery, just before and just after applying full throttle?
Thread: rx battery levels and check
13/08/2017 10:36:26
Are these 2600mAh batteries AA types by any chance? If so, then that may be the issue.
The higher capacity AA nihms are generally only any good for use in low current applications.

To get the capacity in such a small can, they have to use really thin materials which has quite an affect on things like internal resistance.
Thread: Horus Open tx
12/08/2017 17:08:23
With Horus switched on, connect it to a USB port on the PC and the SD card should turn up as a removable drive.

I tend to drag and drop to this. Making sure I click on Safely remove" before I disconnect.

Or you can take the card out of Horus and use a card reader with the PC.
06/08/2017 11:16:11

Hi Robert.

The included sound pack has many many sounds on it, but the last time I used it the quality wasn't great. I don't know if they've improved it since.

I use TTS automate for all my sounds. I downloaded a .psv file that contained all the standard OpenTx phrases ready for TTS Automate to generate. I can try and find where that was from again, if you need it.

Audacity is the tool to use to convert recorded sounds to the correct format - yes. You can add new sounds to the card at any time.

Assuming you have a production Horus (i.e. not a Beta test one) Then you need the SD card to load OpenTx to, but you can't just put the files on the card and plug it in.

You must follow the instructions in the how to flash document here.

What happens is that the FrSky OS stays put in the Horus internal memory, along with any models created. OpenTx is installed, by companion, onto the SD card. Most importantly, though, the "switch on" phase of the transmitter is changed so that it always uses OpenTx.

If you find you need to go back to FrOS, then the procedure is also in that document. I've switched back and forth numerous times, but not for quite a while now. For me, I find OpenTx so much better.

Thread: Taranis Plus - when to upgrade firmware
05/08/2017 15:27:16
I think the way info has been thrown at the OP is exactly why newcomers are put off.

IIRC, upgrading OpenTx to 2.2, using Companion on the PC will install bootloader 2.2 so that's the majority of the job done in one go.
Steps are:-
1) Download and install companion 2.2 on the PC.
2) Set up companion with the appropriate Tx type and select other options in companion. (It's important to do this before the next step).
3) Download the Tx firmware in Companion.
4) Get Tx and PC talking to each other. Often this just works but sometimes it's the hardest step.
5) Use companion to write the firmware to the Tx.

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 05/08/2017 15:27:59

05/08/2017 13:36:13
John, if it were me, particularly with second hand equipment, I'd set the RF firmware on both the Tx and all RX's to the latest EU firmware (assuming you're in the EU).
This is because it's impossible to check what's installed now and it may just have the unsatisfactory "first try" EU firmware.

I'd also upgrade OpenTx on the transmitter to 2.2. That way you learn the latest ways of doing things right from the off.
Thread: Horus Open tx
05/08/2017 09:28:06
Hi Robert.

In OpenTx the transmitter has all the same screen pages as companion has as tabs.

So you'd be able to select PPM for your module, on Horus, just fine.
Thread: S6R receivers
02/08/2017 08:10:41
Hi Alex I'm not sure how each receiver model is automatically assigned. In fact I think that might be different depending on the version of OpenTx.
If two different models have the same receiver number though, I would expect them to operate each others Rx as well as their own.
Have you checked all the Rx numbers across all your models?
01/08/2017 21:04:10
Alex, try changing the receiver number in the model set up. Try binding with a few different numbers.
Thread: September RCM&E
01/08/2017 19:03:11
Is that a dead fly I see on P22?
Thread: Radio decisions, stick with 35mhz or go to 2.4Ghz??
01/08/2017 10:33:32
Paul I'd second the idea of looking at FrSky. Especially because of the reasonable cost of receivers.

It sounds like using your existing gear to start with followed by a slow transition is the way to go. Have fun and keep us posted.
Thread: Taranis Failsafe
25/07/2017 07:38:20
There are clearly more choices if you use the Tx to set failsafe. (Receiver being one of them).

I don't think there's a right way to set failsafe, except throttle low, that covers every model attitude where a failsafe might occur. (e.g. Top of a loop, hard banking turn etc.)

So choices are good.

By the way, the S6R and S8R can be set to go to self level. but I'm not even sure if that's a good idea if the model is capable of a fly away?
24/07/2017 23:58:26
I found one explanation. Here in OpenTx uni.

Sorry, can't post a link properly on my phone..
Thread: FrSky X10 - Taranis replacement?
24/07/2017 23:10:42

ChrisB, all of that table is about earlier generations of FrSky kit. All very good stuff but for 10 channels you'd use X series receivers -X4R, X6R & X8R.

These have servo sockets for 4, 6 and 8 channels but they all carry all 16 transmitter channels on their S.Bus port.

There are a number of ways to get 10 or more channels.

You could use say two X8R receivers and bind them so that one gives you Ch1-8 and the other 9-16.

You could use say an X8R to give you 8 channels and add a 4 channel S-Bus decoder configured to give you Ch9-12.

You could use an X series receiver and drive a 16 channel S.Bus decoder.

You could step up into a redundancy setup and use a couple of X series receivers driving one of FrSky's Redundacy Bus units. There are two types of RB unit. They take two 16 channel S.Bus signals and chose the best one. They also have two high current power inputs as well. One is more expensive, and has more features.

Thread: Taranis Failsafe
24/07/2017 22:24:39

That's a good question Trebor.

I do believe that the Tx sends the failsafe settings to the Rx about every 9 seconds.

Because of this I always set the failsafe using the Tx (or in Companion). I just find this nice and flexible and predictable and it removes the uncertainty of - "Will the Tx override my setting, if I use the Rx button method?".

I would think that setting "receiver mode" in the Tx settings would mean "use the settings that were set by using the Rx button method". But I'm not absolutely certain on that.

Thread: FrSky X10 - Taranis replacement?
24/07/2017 13:19:52
I'd much rather see a physically protected aerial too, maybe inside a handle of some sort.

But I do wonder if having it external is a response to the moaning about the Horus aerial from a tiny minority of users, while there has been nothing but praise for the RF performance of Taranis?

Apart from the aerial, I think this is a good mix of features from X9D, X12 and X7. I'm not sure about the colour schemes, but that's not high on my list of priorities anyway.
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