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Thread: Which CAD software
22/06/2017 08:31:24

Andrew there are also a number of other threads asking the same or similar questions. These might help.

Thread: Open tx Horus
22/06/2017 08:20:44

Stu, to enter the wonderful world of screen customisation - long press the TELE button.

I don't think you'll need much help but PgUp/PgDn between different screens and to find the colour themes, and top bar setup. Note that when changing colours manually it still takes an age for the numbers to catch up with the scroll wheel input.

For the other pages you can choose a layout, setup widgets and add or remove clutter from each page.

So - choose a layout then setup widgets. Highlight the screen area you wish to change then select a widget. For telemetry choose either "Value" (default for value is Rudder - change that next step) or "Gauge" (defualt here is Ail).

Once one of the above is chosen, click on it again to choose from the telemetry options that you must have already set up.

Have fun!

Thread: Swift 82
20/06/2017 22:08:28
Great to see you CSB. I'm keen to see where this goes.
Thread: S6R receivers
16/06/2017 18:08:07
Are the thinner type of aerial available? There's a smaller plug on them too, so a standard X8R type aerial won't fit.
Thread: Frsky/Taranis
07/06/2017 16:46:56

Yes absolutely Martian, just pick the two channels that you want to use for the two throttles.

On the input page set up a single input from the throttle stick.
On the mixers page set up a mix from the throttle input to each throttle channel.

That has them both working as throttles.

Next, you need to decide exactly what you want to do for your one engine demo.

Maybe you want a switch that leaves THR Ch1 alone but overrides THR Ch2 with a pre set value, say a tickover or a complete stop?
To do this you'd add a second line to one of the mix page lines using override.

You could even have a 3 way switch that leaves both motors running in the centre and disables one when switched up or the other when switched down.

If it was me, I'd probably also assign a knob to set the tickover level.

Thread: I uploaded a new icon picture, but nothing has changed?!
07/06/2017 10:45:56
Unmagnificent, check your thread about this question. Beth has asked you to send her both pictures so she can fix things.
Thread: Frsky/Taranis
07/06/2017 10:00:01
Ian I'm not actually sure, but with the reasoning in my post above, I think you will need to upgrade first.
Thread: Open tx Horus
06/06/2017 22:40:23

Glad to help Stu. There are plenty of others who will chip in too.

One other important thing to mention at this stage as really not obvious:-

On that same Radio Profile page in setup, there are a number of checkboxes.
These chose the options that you want your Tx to have.

The important thing to know, is that these are only applied at the moment you download the firmware for the Tx. At this point the server assembles a version of the firmware according to your checkbox choices. So if you ever want to add a feature, you'll have to check the box, download a new copy of the firmware and flash it to the Tx.

Personally I tick four:-

no-heli (removes helicopter features),
lua (adds LUA script capability),
bindopt (allows choosing Rx bind options such as which group of channels the Rx will respond to),
masstorage (needed to read and write models between PC and Tx.

Thread: I uploaded a new icon picture, but nothing has changed?!
06/06/2017 22:05:23

Hi Jonathon. Yes we mods have to approve any new avatars so there may be a delay before one of us looks in and checks to see if any need doing.

There are none to approve at the moment so I assume another mod has approved yours.

Is it looking right now? I see a tail view of a pink stick and tissue model?

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 06/06/2017 22:07:18

Thread: Open tx Horus
06/06/2017 22:01:09

Click the gearwheel looking icon, this opens up an "Edit Settings" Box.

On the first tab (Radio Profile) there's a field called "SD Structure path"

Pop the full path to your copy of the SD contents in there.

Thread: Frsky/Taranis
06/06/2017 13:53:11

Ian the S6R Lua script is run by placing it on the SD card, then navigating to it in OpenTx SD card explorer. (Radio settings then page through until you find a list of folders). Then highlight it and (I think) press enter to run it.

However, I do think that it is the first really useful use of the telemetry LUA that's only available in 2.2. It reads and talks back to the Rx over the radio link, so it must be using the telemetry link.

06/06/2017 13:02:53
Posted by IanR on 06/06/2017 12:34:10:

I think I am missing something. T9's description states that the manual is for "...reference to the Taranis X9D plus and OpenTX firmware 2.1.9..." and goes on to state "...There is a chapter on learning to create custom functions for the Taranis using LUA script, including examples you can work with..."

I thought that LUA scripts would only work with 2.2 firmware. Can anybody explain, please?

Whilst I am on, can anybody clarify for me - I am currently on OpenTX 2.1.9 but would like to familiarise myself with 2.2. Can I download and run OpenTX 2.2 for familiarisation but continue to use 2.1.9 or will downloading 2.2 automatically overwrite 2.1.9?

Thanks, Ian

Ian if you take care when installing 2.2.0 on your PC then they will co-exist fine. Just make sure it is installed in it's own folder. i.e. make sure it installs in one called something like C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenTX\Companion 2.2. (as long as it's not the folder that has your 2.1.9 in it).

Thread: Open tx Horus
06/06/2017 12:40:00
Robert I believe it's almost impossible to "brick" the Horus.

Just remember that the progress bar finishes well before writing has finished. Wait until the greyed out button becomes available. I think it's a "Done" or "Close" or "OK" button. You'll see what I mean.

Also, while the models you set up in FrSkyOS won't be lost, they won't be available in OpenTx. So you'll be starting from scratch with an empty Tx. Calibrate first and then start your first model.
05/06/2017 22:45:05

Stu, while you're waiting for the uSD cards why don't you download OpenTx companion 2.2.0 from here and have a first look at OpenTx.

Make sure you set it to Horus in settings, so that you see the Horus features.

Also, download the SD card contents, unzip them into a known location on the PC and then make sure in OpenTx settings that OpenTx knows where they are. That way the Tx simulator will be able to play sounds and show images etc.

05/06/2017 21:54:28

When you flash to OpenTx the Tx is set to startup from the uSD card from then on, so you'll never see the FrSky operating system until you go through the flashing process to go back.

The FrSky files do remain on the flash memory, along with any models you set up. The flash memory is never used by OpenTx.

HOWEVER, it is a very good idea to save a copy of the FrSky flash memory contents using normal computer file copy techniques. Then save the FrSky OS file by using OpenTx companion. This will make flashing back to FrSky easier, in that you won't have to try to find and downlaod all these files to do so.

The best flashing instructions I've seen are available on the FrSky website. These include instructions for flashing both systems.

By the way, I've yet to hear of anyone going back to the FrSky system once they've flashed to OpenTx.

Thread: Frsky/Taranis
05/06/2017 21:18:22

I've no idea whether it's any use or not, but I see that T9 now have a Taranis X9D User manual on sale.

This is based on OpenTx 2.1.9.

There's also a Taranis Q X7 Manual

Thread: S6R receivers
05/06/2017 17:22:05

Good news then Mike.

That's an arguable downside of the incredible flexibility, you can actually do these things which cause problems or confusion down the line.

I find that I have just a few different model setups which I always copy for a new model and then tweak to suit.

For me, now, the fun is in dreaming up new functions in OpenTx, some of which would just be impossible in many other systems.

05/06/2017 13:25:35

Mike the rates all work fine on the inputs page, I think you'll find there was some other issue.

Maybe on the mixer page you'd selected rudder and aileron inputs and ele stick? (Thereby ignoring the inputs page for ele?)

Thread: OpenTx - what is the fuss really about?
31/05/2017 22:24:33
Or rebind with that model number to your replacement receiver, in this model memory or another. It's completely flexible.

I tend to bind a new Rx to an unused Rx number and stick a number on the Rx. If ever the Rx changes planes, I can check the number on the Rx and change the Rx number in the new model memory to match. As I say, complete flexibility.
31/05/2017 14:47:27
Yes this major release is for all the tx types mentioned above.
It has been available as various "release candidates" for many months and while is has been fully safe to fly with all the way along, it has improved with each release. To the point that the developers are happy to call it a complete version.

It will even convert models between TX types. This is probably the buggy part of the software still, so converted models need to be checked carefully.
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