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Thread: Sbus Receivers
24/03/2017 19:42:51
Posted by Max Z on 24/03/2017 17:12:22:

Hi Chris,

I'm interested, but for a different project I am developing. My project is based on the MiniPro as shown in the foreground, but I am not keen in soldering all the servo pins/connections. Hence the question, is the larger board a commercially available Arduino(clone) board?


Edited By Max Z on 24/03/2017 17:36:46

Hi Max yes I found it on Ebay. Can't remember quite where from but This looks the same

24/03/2017 13:53:19
Posted by Mike Blandford on 24/03/2017 13:20:29:

If you are in to using Arduinos, you may be interested in this: **LINK**.

It takes the SBUS signal and provides 16 individual servo outputs. It includes options to swap the outputs of channels 1-8 and 9-16, and another to change to 8 channel only mode but with a servo update rate of 9mS for digital servos.


They work too - Mike's S.Bus decoders.

Here's a couple I made. A 16ch version and an 8ch one.


Thread: Mystery kits from Leicestershire 1980s
23/03/2017 21:30:06

Hi Roo and welcome to the forum, I can't help at all but hopefully someone will b e along who can.

Thread: low amplitude ppm out on Futaba Transmitter
18/03/2017 12:22:09
I wish I'd mentioned that earlier, haha.

Good news, well done David.
17/03/2017 15:22:10

Could you possibly need a pull up or pull down resistor David?

Are you sure you have the right pinout? Here's one I randomly found on t'internet

Thread: Electric retracts
16/03/2017 11:09:36

One thing I didn't try Graeme, and I will if I dare, is to stall them for a length of time.

I would hope that there is at least a timer built in, that stops them moving after say 10 seconds irrespective of whether they reached the end stop pr not.

Thread: OpenTx - Questions and Problems
15/03/2017 22:02:48

OK great. Then I was confused by (or was still answering) your post at 18:16. No matter. Glad you've moved on.

15/03/2017 21:30:11

I'm going to try to help Whitgar.

Whitgar, when you go into OpenTx bootloader (Turn on with trims pushed in) and THEN plug in the USB. Does the PC show two extra drives?

15/03/2017 21:01:29

What if you want to update the OpenTx bootloader? You can't do that while it's running. So you either have to do this using the STM32 Bootloader (Tx off mode) or update it from the SD card.

Quote Re: OpenTx Bootloader:-
The limitation of this mode is that only the OpenTX main radio firmware part is written/flashed. The OpenTX Bootloader part stays unchanged, because the OpenTX Bootloader is currently the active program and can not erase/overwrite itself. This is also to prevent users from inadvertently overwriting their working OpenTX Bootloader with some other non-working version.

15/03/2017 20:48:14
Posted by Wihtgar on 15/03/2017 19:31:15:

Yes, I was wondering if I had to use it with the Tx turned off. Looks like I do to access models & settings with it off.

No just the opposite, turned on in bootloader mode to transfer models and settings. That is indeed the better mode to update the firmware too. (Unless you need to update the OpenTx bootloader - but don't worry about that)

15/03/2017 20:37:40
Posted by Andy48 on 15/03/2017 19:40:40:

I repeat. You NEVER need to use Zadig once you are on OpenTX 2.0 or above. Why do you ever need to talk to the Tx when not in bootloader mode?

When you have a Horus.

15/03/2017 19:21:21
As I understand it Zadig is only necessary for connecting to the processors own bootloader. This is when you connect the USB with the Tx turned off.

When you use the opentx bootloader, entered by holding trims in while switching on, you start in that mode and then plug in the usb. At this point the PC should recognise two external disk drives.
15/03/2017 17:21:36

No problem with the servo arm but it does appear that I've cut a very small amount from the reinforcing plate to accommodate it. It looks like I might have used a dremel sanding drum for the job.

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 15/03/2017 17:21:58

Thread: Electric retracts
15/03/2017 14:51:48

A set of the 25-46 sized Aircraft Mechanic (Perkins) retracts arrived today.

They seem pretty sturdy and quite powerful up and down.
There seems to be no electronic stall protection as far as I can detect - they seem to try to keep going if deliberately stall them.
End motion is controlled by microswitches mounted as can be seen in the photo.
I assume that the structure takes the load, and that there's still some movement left within the switch at this point?

perkins retract.jpg

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 15/03/2017 14:53:09

Thread: OpenTx - Questions and Problems
15/03/2017 14:15:35

Here's a couple of shots of my P2K - with some sponge packing removed.

p2k inside 1.jpg

p2k inside 2.jpg

15/03/2017 12:21:05
Posted by Bryan Anderson 1 on 15/03/2017 09:16:51:

@Chris Bott

Your plots are really nice but have left me wondering. Are they really from flights with a HK Phoenix 2K?

If so, could you please tell us how to fit in GPS, current sensor and altimeter.

I have one that is being fitted out and stowing just the four servo leads from the wing is already a problem.

Hi Bryan yes indeed a P2K. I'll try to take some photos of the installation later this afternoon. IIRC the Rx is on the bottom of the fus around the wing L/E. Vario is on fus floor behind the servos. Current sensor is on the side of the fus near the rear of the hatch with the GPS behind that but still in fornt of the wing. (Maybe, I'll have to check)

15/03/2017 12:18:09
Posted by Devcon1 on 15/03/2017 06:45:07:

Love the flight overlay Chris.

For a bit of fun I was trying to work out the wind direction and speed, if any, based on the trace pattern.

Would I be miles out if I guessed it was from left to right standing at what looks like the pit area and fairly light, say about 6 to 8 mph.


Hi John. I think this particular flight is really deceptive, the trace doesn't look much like I remember it, that's for sure. The wind was from about 2:00 to the strip and was strong enough to hold the P2000 stationary and require either the motor or flaps and ailerons all up a little to move the model forwards. In fact it was probably the best flight I've ever had to demonstrate the effects of such camber changes.

I think the lift was probably wave lift and I'll probably only see that in these particular conditions.

So almost all of the flight was spent with the P2K facing in the 2:00 direction, and just drifting about. Maybe the climbs included turns. It's a real shame that the landing is missing from the trace, because that took the model out to the left of the strip. That is just not shown at all.

Thread: Dave Tappin
14/03/2017 23:00:19

Very sad news. Best wishes at this difficult time. I didn't know Dave, but I certainly knew of him.

Thread: OpenTx - Questions and Problems
14/03/2017 20:55:01

Hi Kevin

Andy48 has alluded to what your issue is. The format of the saved data has changed between OpenTx versions.

You should be able to display new logs by using Companion 2.2 but not older ones.

As you see in Andy48s example. The GPS data is now in a single column.

(And having read A48's post again, I see he's already said all this - DOH!)

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 14/03/2017 21:01:43

14/03/2017 16:58:20

How about these then, will this help push even more?

All of the same flight from different viewing angles.
Unfortunately the lowest metre or so of this flight doesn't show. My fault simply because I "reset telemetry" while next to the car and then walked down to the strip. So takeoff and landing were recorded as being below ground level.
Flight is about 1000ft high. (327m)

Plan view.




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