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Thread: Replica Mills 1.3 - Who made it?
21/02/2017 10:14:50

Here are John's photo's.
John it's fairly easy to add pictures to a thread like this once they're in an album (if you wish). Just above the white "post a reply" box are a number of "buttons". Top row, second from the right is one that looks like a camera. Hover over this and it says "Insert image from album". If you click on it, a box opens up where you can select your photo.

Thread: Taranis system power
20/02/2017 20:21:57

I think I'd set it to something like 1.1v per cell for NiMhs so that would be 4.4V.

You want it to go off when there's still some useable charge left in the battery.
Don't forget that the voltage will also reduce as you use more servo power, so towards the end of battery discharge you might find the alarm sounding when you stir the sticks a lot, and being silent again when you're not.

20/02/2017 19:58:36

They will both give receive level and Rx battery volts, Trebor. The X6R also has a second input that will read another voltage.

On top of that, both will handle many other telemetry sensors too.

Thread: I knew I shouldn't be modelling when...
20/02/2017 13:33:21

There are times, when the way we feel, our mood or our general condition means we should really not be doing anything important. Certainly nothing as important as anything model related.

Sometimes we only notice this when a simple process that we normally carry out well, just isn't going to plan. Often the only recourse is to stop and revisit at some other time when usually, all is back to normal.

Just for fun, and prompted by an incident yesterday, I thought I'd start a thread. (I'm also hoping I'll find out that it's not just me!)

So, yesterday, I decided I would tissue cover a flat balsa tailplane, ready for painting. All very straightforward and the first side went particularly well so I Ieft it to dry.

On return to the workshop I cut another piece of tissue and proceeded to cover... the same side again! DOH!

Either my first side was so good that I could hardly see the tissue, or my eyes are starting to go, or maybe it's the lighting? Anyway, at least I noticed while the dope was still wet. I pulled it off, dealt with the ensuing mess and left it for another day.

Does anyone else ever have any similar "moments"?

Thread: next level
18/02/2017 15:38:31
David it's a great idea to have some sort of goal to work towards.

From your post I'm guessing that you haven't trained to pass your BMFA A cert?

That achievement would certainly be something to work towards as that is exactly what it's designed for.

Take one manoeuvre at a time and practice it lots, until you can string them all into a single flight.

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 18/02/2017 15:39:14

Thread: Creating sound files Horus
18/02/2017 14:51:18
Robert try making the file names 6 characters or less.
Thread: Dubai announces passenger drone plans
14/02/2017 18:43:47

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Dubai announces passenger drone plans -

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 14/02/2017 18:47:28

Thread: Horus TX
13/02/2017 18:46:21
Posted by robert mcleod on 11/02/2017 11:23:11:

Andy, just found and loaded 2.2 companion on pc. Selected Horus in settings, just leaves the bootloader issue? Cheers.

Robert - Connect the Horus to the PC with Horus switched off, as Bob suggests. If this works - great. If not, check in windows device manager to see if you have a USB device called STM32 BOOTLOADER (While Horus is still connected).

If that isn't there, come back to us and we'll talk you through using Zadig to install the required driver.

Thread: Horus compatibility question
06/02/2017 14:25:21

You're right Bob there is no indication, currently, that it's writing models to the Horus. That is a nuisance.

Writing models and settingsd to Horus is done by plugging USB in with Horus already switched on.

A quick check to tell if its going to work is to see if you can see the SD card from windows.

One other thing I would suggest when converting models from Taranis is this:-

Remember Tx settings are also transferred and you don't want your Taranis stick calibrations sendfing to Horus. So, read Horus models and settings from Tx. Open up the Taranis file alongside and it will be converted (if you're Tx profile is Horus). Then copy and paste each model into the Horus window. Then write them back to the Tx. This way your Horus settings will stay intact.

Thread: Spektrum module for Taranis
03/02/2017 17:24:39

Led is now folded down and just shows as a gentle glow around the cover

03/02/2017 15:37:38


Thread: BMFA Nationals notice
03/02/2017 12:25:58

Excellent news Andy.

We are pleased to announce that arrangements to hold both the 2017 Free Flight Nationals and the 2017 Power Nationals at RAF Barkston Heath have been confirmed. The Free Flight Nationals will take place over the late May Bank Holiday weekend (27-29 May) and the Power Nationals will take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend (26-28 August).

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 03/02/2017 12:28:52

Thread: Paint mixing services
31/01/2017 16:49:23

Try Breakwells in Walsall.

I'm not sure quite what they offer these days buy I've taken a rudder there in the past and come away with matched cellulose paint.

Let us know what they say about aerosols, I'd be quite interested.

Thread: See quads are useful
31/01/2017 16:00:22
Posted by Phil Green on 31/01/2017 13:50:16:

On BT I'd worked with a few riggers over the years and yes they are a breed apart - meticulous, procedural, dedicated and crazy in equal amounts. One retired steeplejack pal tells me that in his day they never used safety gear, it was thought to be a hindrance and they used to run around the tops of 600' cooling towers.

I'm not phased by heights at all but I do have an urge to jump which apparently is quite common, its been given the name "High place phenomenon" (wonder how long they took to come up with that?) and this page explains it well other than for me theres no fear, more of a 'bird leaving the nest' feeling. Weird eh?

Anone else felt that?

Phil (with feet firmly on the ground)

I used to be perfectly happy to climb, with a healthy respect for the height. I was really only ever "scared" (prob not the right word, mind you) up to about 50 ft. Above that I had no real perception of the height or what might happen in a fall. However at some point in my career the bottle just went, and I now get shaky legs just watching folk do it. Apparently that's not uncommon.

As for running around at height without the safety stuff, I get the impression that that is fairly common still, unless someone (or a drone) is watching. They won't ever admit it, but I think they know their own limits and do whatever's most efficient for them, "upstairs".

Thread: Horus compatibility question
31/01/2017 13:22:22

Yep the short connections between front and rear are a real pain if you need to open up for anything at all.

Tip there - remove the nut from the external aerial SMA connector and pull that from the case rear as you open up very gently.

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 31/01/2017 13:23:36

Thread: See quads are useful
31/01/2017 13:12:24

I still work in the industry and have never worked out whether the guys are heroes or just completely nuts.

The highest I've been is about 300ft and I was exhausted!

The guys have to have the climbing part down as second nature. Notice how he's always clipped on, even while climbing. One strap goes on before the other is released, and then they have a job of work to do, without ever dropping anything, even a washer or nut.

They also have regular training in mast rescue. Imagine carrying an injured party or someone who's had a heart attack back down the climb!

They do say no one ever falls off. If someone gets the jitters, the hardest thing (apparently) is prising their fingers off the structure to help them down.

Thread: Horus compatibility question
30/01/2017 19:11:48
Bob! I don't know, that's what forums are for
30/01/2017 12:08:23

There's a note on another forum from one of the OpenTx saying:-

"Missing JPEG model image display in Windows companion is fixed, you can redownload N362 and reinstall."

They also seem to have discovered a random issue with the companion simulator sometimes not responding to stick inputs - They're working on that one.

29/01/2017 20:10:12
Bob did you get an external aerial included in the package?
I thought they stopped putting those in not long after they started.
29/01/2017 14:02:52
Gary I've not seen X12D anywhere, if you've seen it, my guess is that it's a typo.
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