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Thread: Suitable engine for Super 60
21/02/2018 11:27:28

It's amazing how many people confuse the Junior 60...

junior sixty (1).jpg

with the Super 60.

super 60 merco 35 up.jpg

Thread: Best Plane You Have Owned
19/02/2018 10:36:50

For me it's a toss up between two: a DSM Aerostar and a Junior 60!

Thread: The WORST plane you ever had?
17/02/2018 14:53:59
Posted by Slopetrashuk on 19/01/2008 16:43:00:

I'll second that for the Kamco Kadet but this thread is about crap models so I'm going to go again with MFA New Yammamoto.......Not a patch on the original.


I'll second the MFA New Yamamoto, the one which looked like a Cessna and had a fibre glass body. Too heavy and too fast. I soon got rid of mine!

Thread: Repair of crashed model
16/02/2018 06:48:42

If you go with the Chris Olsen Upset Mike, I'll repair my Uproar!

trying it out.jpg

Thread: Fokker EIII Scratch build
15/02/2018 17:47:14

....still looks too much like the archetypal English country gentleman!

Where do you think that the Anglo-Saxon race came from? wink!

Thread: Did you start with ARTF and move to building from kits or vice versa?
15/02/2018 12:47:31

I started as a twelve year old building free flight kits, my first was a Keil Kraft Ajax. Then I went onto plans for both free flight and control line models. My first radio models were built from kits in 1988. Since then I've bought a few ARTFs and models which other people had built, but I've kept the building up too.

Of my models currently in flying condition, four were built from kits: Junior 60, Veron Cardinal, Baron and SLEC Fun Fly. Two are ARTFs: Boomerang and Primary 40 ARTF club trainers and I bought my Roy Scott BE2e ready built.

I have an ARTF Acrowot to complete and I have a Flair Harvard which just needs a little further attention before it can be flown. This model was also bought ready-built. Finally I have a DB Sport and Scale Auster to finish off. Just need to build and cover the fin and rudder, stick the radio and engine in and test fly it.

Edited By David Davis on 15/02/2018 12:51:37

Thread: Solarfilm
15/02/2018 04:56:08

Having an unstarted DB Sport and Scale SE5 still in its box and a partly complete Roy Scott BE2e, I am interested in acquiring some Linen Solartex. I am also in the process of finishing off a DB Sport and Scale Auster; I need to build the fin and rudder but the wood, 3/8" square balsa, has gone missing.

I contacted a French supplier I have used before and found that they had just two lengths of 3/8" square balsa in stock and only one roll of Linen Solartex. I bought all three.

However, had I been interested in an ARTF, I could have chosen from 700 models which they had in stock. Says it all really.

Incidentally, of those 700 models, the largest category was "Warbirds," which says a great deal about us.

14/02/2018 13:48:10
Posted by Jon Harper - Laser Engines on 14/02/2018 10:38:19:
Posted by David Davis on 14/02/2018 10:10:55:

Have you ever come across gyrodec record players David?

Yes very elegant high-quality stuff. A friend of mine had one in the Seventies.

Thread: mustang in RAF markings
14/02/2018 12:31:43
Posted by Stuart Jobling on 06/02/2018 17:19:23:

Anyone know if Model Markings is still up and running ? Previously had excellent service but been unable to make contact more recently. Any info?

Tim Calvert, the proprietor of Model Markings has just finished making up some graphics for me. I got in touch with him through Facebook.

Thread: Solarfilm
14/02/2018 10:10:55

Having sold a house in England and having retired to rural France where house prices are about 35% of the price they were at home, I found myself, for the first time in my life, pretty well-wedged. Music is a major interest of mine and I bought a brand new valve hi-fi amplifier. I picked it up from the factory when I was back in England for a family funeral. It performs beautifully but imagine my surprise when I read through the papers which came with the amplifier when I found out that while the amplifier was designed in the UK, it was actually assembled in China. The amplifiers were then returned to the UK where they were comprehensively tested before being released to the public. Sign of the times.

Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
13/02/2018 18:14:27

This is the model.


He also designed an early radio model called "Guidato," which had a tricycle undercarriage. It's a model I've always admired. Maybe I'll build one if I live long enough.


13/02/2018 17:48:18

Posted by McG 6969 on 13/02/2018 17:38:43:

....Were yours included in the Baron Models kit?



No they weren't Chris. The wheels I'm using were originally used on a Sopwith One and A Half Strutter control line model and I've had them kicking about for years. A B.Sichi design if you remember him.

I am also thinking of building a reserve model in case I crash my Russian Baron just before the event! However, a guy has one for sale, finished in red transluscent film, fitted with three servos and an OS 32, not too far away from here. He wants €100 for it. A new kit would be €85 plus carriage.

It's snowing here so I haven't had the chance to maiden the model, in fact I haven't flown for two months!

Thread: Enya 60 III model 7033
13/02/2018 09:17:23

May be somebody on this site can help you.


Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
13/02/2018 07:49:37
Posted by McG 6969 on 12/02/2018 12:43:26:

Hi David,

...Did you build your '3 channel' wing for The Cup already?

Hakuna matata


BE - BRU / CTR Wheels Control

Edited By McG 6969 on 12/02/2018 12:44:22

I haven't even started Chris but will do something about it later today.

Thread: A Question for the Electric Cognoscenti.
12/02/2018 15:51:45

It was the ordinary Ripmax 40 Amp brushless speed controller as supplied with the WOT 4 Foam-E. There is a little phrase on the label, "BEC - 3A at 5V." Does this tell us anything?

12/02/2018 15:12:56

It seemed to dive into the ground Pat but I may have become disorientated.

As for the LVC Andy I simply assumed that this was set by the manufacturers of the speed controller. How do you test it? Run the motor in the workshop until the voltage drops to the critical point, then check that you still have ailerons, rudder and elevator?

12/02/2018 12:08:27

Thanks RC Plane flyer I don't really understand computers but I'll get a club mate to set one up on my latest electric project, a renovated Junior 60.

12/02/2018 10:22:16
Posted by Allan Bennett on 12/02/2018 09:47:53:

As others have pointed out, letting the battery to run down to lvc, or even lower, should not result in the receiver losing its power from the BEC.

Asuuming that it was Ludovic who handled the take off, and you had no input until the fateful landing attempt, there's a possibility of some setup error in the buddy system. Did you check all surfaces moved in the correct direction, from both transmitters, before take off?

Yes Allan I always check that control movements are the same and adjust the trims on the slave transmitter to match the master transmitter. I think it likely that I took off and handed over control in mid air. After all it was my model.

Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
12/02/2018 08:43:49

Which wheels will you be using Chris?

Thread: A Question for the Electric Cognoscenti.
12/02/2018 07:54:33

So it probably was pilot error on my part. blush.

Lovely lad Ludovic incidentally, builds models out of foam. Not really my cup of tea but they're cheap and they fly well. I'm not really sure whether he designs them himself or builds them from plans or whether there is a website for people people interested in making models from this material. I'll ask him the next time the weather is suitable for flying.

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