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Thread: My Spektrum DX9 transmitter has stopped working.
21/10/2017 09:38:43

I had a problem with my DX6i a few years ago when I still lived in England. The throttle trim had failed, (Mode 2.) Apparently this wasa a common fault and I sent it off for repair. I got it back free of charge within a few days and I'm still using the same transmitter today.

However, if I get the DX9 back and if I have further problems with it, I will definitely look elsewhere. Multiplex are starting to look good.

Thread: Laser 150 V TWIN REBUILD
21/10/2017 06:19:46

Very nice Tartan Mac, which model will you choose for it?

Thread: My Spektrum DX9 transmitter has stopped working.
21/10/2017 05:49:53
Posted by Don Fry on 20/10/2017 22:03:44:

Errrrr, I believe you are saying Horizon have dumped Europe. I believe David is a resident of France.

Errrr, France is a part of Europe Don, and yes I do live in France but Spektrum closed their French office too. Check out this thread, "Horizon Hobbies," started by Ernie. **LINK**

Tom you're not the only one who has gone for another manufacturer rather than buy a Spektrum radio after my experience. Our club president was talking to a member of another club a few weeks ago. The other man was thinking of buying a Spektrum radio but when he told him of my experience with Horizon Hobbies, he decided to buy something else. I always had good service from Futaba in the past. Hmmm, I only hope that Horizon Hobbies haven't lost my DX9. They appear to have lost Ernie's transmitter.

Incidentally, I went onto Horizon Hobbies' website yesterday just to see what their stock levels were, not that I shall be giving them any more business if I ever get my transmitter back. Of 72 sports models displayed, only 43 were in stock. With warbirds it was 12 out of 29, and only 18 out of 32 beginners' models were available.

Thread: Types of coverings
20/10/2017 05:56:45

I would just sand off any remnant of the old colour and I would use Solartex on a Junior 60.

Thread: The 2018 Mass Build Ideas thread
19/10/2017 17:17:41
Posted by Martyn K on 19/10/2017 15:33:17:
  • Telemaster (I think this is only available as a kit)

Telemaster plans are available in various sizes.

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
19/10/2017 12:13:17

That depends upon hows old you are Geoff. smiley.

Thread: Sharkface and dc Dart?
19/10/2017 12:11:14

Are you going to add an elevator and/or alter the engine downthrust Eddy?

Thread: My Spektrum DX9 transmitter has stopped working.
19/10/2017 09:21:46

It stopped working on or about 10th August.

I posted it to Horizon Hobbies' European Office in Barbuttel Germany where it arrived on 21st August, signed-for delivery.

I tried phoning and emailing Barsbuttel on several occasions even to the extent of reviving my A Level German but had no reply until they emailed me on 28th September telling me, in English, that they had sent my transmitter to the USA and that I could expect to receive it back by the beginning of October. I suspect they meant November.

So to answer your question Ikura, nearly two months have gone by since my transmitter arrived in Barsbuttel.

It's a good job I hung on to my DX6i, at least I can get some flying in.

They have lost at least one sale in France, where I now live, as a result of my experience.

19/10/2017 09:06:35

Still waiting for my transmitter to return from its world tour.

28/09/2017 18:17:12
Posted by Percy Verance on 28/09/2017 18:03:35:

Oh dear David, you could write a book..........or perhaps build another model while you're waiting. smiley

Edited By Percy Verance on 28/09/2017 18:04:58

I've been too busy either working on the new house or moving into it to have the time for building, but you're right, if 36% of us are using Spektrum radios and the service centre is being relocated to one place, they should have thought that they'd need more staff to cope with the increased demand for servicing and they should have trained staff before they shut down the other offices. Not afterwards. If I could afford to replace all of my Spektrum equipment I would do.

I hear that they are finally training some more staff so there should not be a repetition of this.

28/09/2017 17:55:41

At 11.00 this morning I received my first email from Barsbuttel, five weeks after my transmitter was delivered there. They told me that my transmitter had been sent to the USA and that it would be sent back to Germany at the beginning of October.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry but I've stopped being an advocate of Spektrum radios.

Thread: What is this model ?
28/09/2017 04:26:13

I hope you fit the struts to the T240 John before flying it!

Mine flew on a Thunder Tiger 91FS but take-offs were somewhat lengthy. A 120 fourstroke would have been better.

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
27/09/2017 13:54:03

I am busy moiving house but if I get a minute I will try phoning them even if it means treying out my rusty German on them.

26/09/2017 12:14:29

If I were to start all over again I would look to another manufacturer. However, I have a considerable investment in Spektrum gear in many models which, apart from the financial element, would be a nightmare to replace and set up.

I am in a similar position.

26/09/2017 10:24:03

Spektrum equipment works well but the current arrangements for repair and servicing are atrocious. Let me offer you two contrasting experiences.

When one of the trims failed on my DX6i a few years ago, I posted it off to Horizon Hobbies in England. It was repaired and returned to me without charge within a few days. I was generally pleased with Spektrum equipment so finding myself having a little money I bought a DX9, which comes with rechargeable batteries as standard,  reserving the other transmitter as a slave for use when teaching beginners. I was delighted with it until it failed to function completely in August.

Spektrum closed down their operation in England about six months ago so I felt that I had no other option but to send it to Horizon Hobbies HQ In Barsbuttel, Germany. I opted for a tracked service and know that it was delivered there on 21st August. Over one month later and I still haven't heard anything despite several emails and phone calls which are either unanswered or end up with a recorded message asking me to phone back. I can speak a little German having studied the subject as a youth. I have tried through their English and German options without success. Not impressed.

I can understand why Horizon Hobbies wanted to centralise their operation, I've heard that the company was losing money, but surely they could have anticipated a great increase in the demand for servicing if their British operation was closed down and surely they could have trained more staff in advance of closing down the English office.

In a recent RCM&E survey Spektrum was the most popular choice of radio, 36% of respondents having bought the equipment. If things carry on like this they'll lose lots of custom.

I wish I had heard of Mike Ridley before I posted my transmitter to Germany.

It's a good job I kept the DX6i. At least I can still go flying.

Edited By David Davis on 26/09/2017 10:25:45

Thread: The art of Customer service is (not yet) dead
25/09/2017 07:46:33

I'm doing a bit of my own procrastinating! I should be putting things into cardboard boxes as I'm about to move into the house I bought in March, however, Stevo's experience reminds me of what happened to me perhaps thirty years ago when I had just started out in radio controlled aeromodelling. In those days I was living near Barnstaple and if you wanted a model aeroplane you had to build it yourself. I needed a trainer and knew that the Keil Kraft Super 60 was a good trainer.

There were two model shops in Barnstaple, one long established and another newly set up. The original proprietor of the long established model shop had recently died and his son had taken over the business, sacked the staff and installed his mates in their place. I went in to the establishment.

ME: "I'd like to buy a Super 60 kit please."

YOUNG FELLOW: "Huh! You're the only person who's ever asked for one of those old things."

I walked out of the shop and over to the other one.

ME: "I'd like to buy a Super 60 kit please."

SHOP OWNER: " I don't have a Super 60 but I can sell you a Junior 60 kit £5 off."

So I bought a Flair Junior 60, built it and learned how to fly on it.

Unfortunately the new shop didn't last long because burglars were forever breaking in to it. I've not been back to Barnstaple for over twenty years but I don't suppose the other one has survived the years either.

25/09/2017 07:25:15
Posted by Phil 9 on 25/09/2017 07:04:56:

I get continually f​frustrated when going into large chain stores such as currys pc world and halfords where the staff seem to have very little knowledge about the products they are selling.

Quite so Phil. I once went into a branch of B&Q and asked a young man who worked there for some quick setting cement. He took me to the sand, cement and plaster department where he spent fully five minutes looking among the bags for quick setting cement until I put him out of his misery by telling him that quick setting cement was a plumbing product sold in small packets rather than large sacks!

Don't blame the lad though, blame the employer.

25/09/2017 07:18:12
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 24/09/2017 20:50:57:

NVQ, does that still stand for, 'Not Very Quick'?

Not Very Qualified.

Thread: Ben Buckle kits
23/09/2017 19:42:03

I do not use plasterboard. I use a piece of pinboard, the sort of thing used in schools for notices, glued to a piece of chipboard.

Were I to use plasterboard, I would place it on top of a piece of flat thick plywood or chipboard, however, if you do not mind marking your table, placing it directly on top of the table should be alright.

Of the Ben Buckle Junior 60 or Super Sixty, the Super Sixty is a superior radio controlled model aeroplane being easier for a beginner to manage in a wind. On the other hand I love the slow flying characteristics of Junior 60. Having said that the Ben Buckle Junior 60 is a reproduction of the original 1946 design and its wing is not as strong as that of the Flair Junior 60 which replicates the 1954 (?) version of the model with the wider fuselage to accomodate the large, heavy radios of the period.

23/09/2017 15:56:46

Yes I sold it to a friend when I moved to France. It was a bit underpowered with a Thunder Tiger 91 butg it flew nicely once airborne. I now have an Enya 120 which should suit it fine.

Did you know that the T240 allegedly had the same wing and horizontal tail as the Senior Telemaster?

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