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Thread: Spring is Here....
28/03/2017 00:31:00

That's what I like to see, a happy bunny. cool

Thread: Showing in stock and it is NOT!!!!!!
28/03/2017 00:19:50

Shoplifters often fail to update the site, so shops think they still have the item.

Thread: Spring is Here....
27/03/2017 20:01:35

The view from a rough pasture I sometimes fly from is a service station on the M6

Don't you envy me sad

Thread: Greatest aeromodeller poem of all
27/03/2017 01:12:19

Have a rest and eat some lobby. (also know as lob scouse)

Thread: Spring is Here....
27/03/2017 01:05:20

Ian, I went down to Ashcroft today, not a flyer in site. They must all have been visiting their mothers.

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
27/03/2017 01:01:48

Interesting Geoff

I've got a Blade 350 Quad and that had to go back. Apparently one motor was slow starting so it upset the starting sequence and nothing happened flight wise. They replaced the motor then all was well. So you can understand my fears.

Thread: Cocktail stick through mylar hinge
27/03/2017 00:50:32

Using metal pins is not on. If they come out and end up in a cows stomach, farmer will not be pleased.

Thread: Greatest aeromodeller poem of all
26/03/2017 19:29:24

Now lets see the video.

Thread: Spring is Here....
26/03/2017 19:25:12

I am looking to buy a Timber, but I want PNP, only BNF version available at the moment. Glad you like it Percy.

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
26/03/2017 19:07:49

I had just about saved up enough pennies to buy myself an 'E Flite Convergence'. A new flying machine which uses a clever circuit board to convert from hover (as in quadcopter) to forward flight as a standard plane. And looks very good on You Tube.

Now after reading this thread I am running scared. As Roy Orbison used to sing.

Thread: Cocktail stick through mylar hinge
26/03/2017 18:53:25

The RAF had a saying, A missing split pin is more dangerous than the sword. Same can be said of not pinning hinges.

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
25/03/2017 23:49:12
Posted by Martin Leslie on 25/03/2017 22:57:44:

I must admit I agree with Dennis. I was told when I first started flying model planes "if you can,t afford to bin it, you can't afford to fly it". That has been my philosophy all along. Thankfully I haven't binned many.

That applies to all hobbies and tragically marriage too. wink

Thread: Spring is Here....
25/03/2017 22:45:45

I hope you all remember Mothers Day tomorrow, no creeping off to the field. angel

Thread: April 2017 Issue Home of Scale Old Warden Report
24/03/2017 20:23:12

Also there is museum of all the farming and estate equipment, used by the Shuttleworth family from the year dot. Cars, tractors, steam engines, and so on.

They used to have very good electric flight events there when successful electric flight was considered impossible by most modellers.

I saw my first brushless motor there, about 20 years ago.

What a revelation after years of struggling with marginally powered brushed motors, it was like rocket science come down to earth.

Thread: Spring is Here....
23/03/2017 20:47:13

The sun was really bright today and warm out of the wind. Could it be global warming?

Thread: Navy carrier landing
23/03/2017 19:47:30

Another good film on you tube is a U2 spyplane landing on an aircraft carrier off Vietnam, with one wing hanging out over the sea.

Thread: Disappointing experience with RC-World in Newport.
23/03/2017 18:31:24

I used to be in retail, I used to have a regular cull of undesirable customers.

Thread: Braces and Belts
22/03/2017 19:14:23
Posted by Phil 9 on 22/03/2017 06:40:01:

why the braces?

you might want to try managing your waist line a little better and introduce some exercise to strengthen your core. I don't want to come across as patronising but it will benefit you much more than switching to braces. ( fix the cause not just the symptoms)

could be medical

Edited By Tom Sharp 2 on 22/03/2017 19:15:49

22/03/2017 00:04:35

Rock on Tommy laugh

I thought of Del Boy

21/03/2017 23:36:52

Best have a trawl round your local charity shops. cool

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