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Thread: Barnstormers RC Winsford closing down
25/02/2017 20:13:25

Henry J Nicolls, 308, is up for rent

Thread: Learning to play guitar
24/02/2017 02:11:40

and I bet not one of them will do a prop hang

23/02/2017 21:33:05


How do you find time to build model aircraft?

Thread: wish list...if only
23/02/2017 21:29:22
Posted by ken anderson. on 23/02/2017 17:15:20:

sitting here listening to the news about storm Doris...thinking about what I would like(related to the aero modelling hobby) ....wish I had a Cox 010..... what about you?

ken wish list dept.

Would a Cox Black Widow do?

Thread: Learning to play guitar
23/02/2017 20:58:02

I've got a Watkins Copycat, an original tape loop model.

Thread: Bad News And Good.
22/02/2017 19:58:05

The cost of paper and ink for the free plan is microscopic compared with the overall cost of producing the magazine. The plans give the magazine bulk, ie it looks as if you are getting a lot for your money.

So having to set to and order a free plan would result in boredom overload. If you want a thing you want it yesterday not next week.

It could be I am getting old and cynical. angel

Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
22/02/2017 19:43:56
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 22/02/2017 15:48:25:

I don't think nylon bolts work quite so well with biplanes because, with the 2 wings joined, it's a very rigid structure anyway so there are are lots of strong points that the nylon 'fail safe' bolt doesn't really protect. Of course, I've been known to be wrong as my wife will tell you.

Anyway, as guide, here's a picture of my servo layout. The Savox elevator servo may be a bit over specified but it was one I had in stock for a project that never came to fruition.


db servo view.jpg


So you see, there's no need to fit the elevator servo in any special way. You can thank Gordon Whitehead for the rudder lever idea. It was seeing his own, slightly bigger (and much better) model of G-ACDC at the Ashbourne fly-in in 2015 that inpired me to get mine finished after several years in limbo. The lever is made from a bit of old fibre glass printed circuit board.

Hope it helps a bit.


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 22/02/2017 15:50:57

I have a Green Models Tiger Moth 55 inches span OS 30 FS. ARTF

The plane has been flying for over 10 years and uses the exact servo set up and pull wires pictured and has worked completely without problem.

Edited By Tom Sharp 2 on 22/02/2017 20:13:04

Thread: Multiplex Twin Star. Owners Thoughts and experiences.
22/02/2017 19:19:06

Yes one of the great models, well worth a punt.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
22/02/2017 18:57:47

Yes what Rx was it, please inform us.

Thread: Learning to play guitar
22/02/2017 02:30:31

Bert Weedon was the man for me.

'Play in a Day' guitar course. sad

Thread: Help, two speed teapot.
22/02/2017 02:01:28

Loose tea for me and Earl Grey at that.

Non of my visitors want Earl Grey so I have to carry a stock of PG tips tea bags. So not being being any good with tea bags I give them the pot and kettle ant tell them to get on with it.

Thread: DB Cirrus Moth build
21/02/2017 01:04:45

I just love the Moth family

Thread: Help, two speed teapot.
20/02/2017 01:25:12

You'll be telling me next Rich Tea is a biscuit

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
19/02/2017 22:16:43

Two good days flying here as well (Cheshire) no one had major crashes.

Thread: Time to change car
19/02/2017 22:12:55

I thought Flymow did the hover. laugh

Thread: Mystery model in March issue
19/02/2017 22:09:06

I saw in one of Alex's writings that he is building what h e calls a Funny Fokker or a Funky Fokker or something like that, so it could be he is dithering over two or three wings.

Thread: Time to change car
19/02/2017 21:49:54

My brother in law bought a new Dacia Duster last May and he is very happy with it.

Thread: Help, two speed teapot.
19/02/2017 21:11:48

do you mean QED

Thread: Bad News And Good.
19/02/2017 01:30:01

it was always said that the free plan is the heart of the magazine,

I never build anything, (ARTF exclusively) but I always read the articles with the plan and perhaps dream of setting to and actually building a model again

but I am nearly eighty and just don't have the time anymore

Thread: Time to change car
17/02/2017 19:34:36

I had a Toyota Lite Ace for eight years from new. All it had was two new front tyres, front brake pads and new wiper blades. Sold it to my brother and he kept it for a further ten years and spent very little on it.

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