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Thread: Identification Please of this Oldie
25/04/2017 19:38:55

This weekend the Soubrette , well whatever Vic Smeed designed , had 4 flights under Radio assistance , with no problems at all ,

There are vids on utube , but they are"very normal "

The next one to trial will be the Southerner Mite !


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
25/04/2017 08:27:55

Hi Chris

Tony O is already envious !!


Thread: Is traditional building a disappearing art?
21/04/2017 13:32:57

The airframe featured is a home design , Like a vast majority of his aircraft , They all go under the designer 's name of Jack Russell, , I think thats his dog ! , but he will tell you JR was a well known designer from Doncaster , The tale goes on and on untill you actually believe there was a JR, This one is a Rathound , see the dog connection ??

As I have said before its takes this builder years to complete an aircraft ,but if you are interested , I shall continue to post the photos ,

Can you tell his actual job was a jeweller ? I say was cos now he is well retired ,

So long live the scratch builders !!!

and I will dig out a photo of his wot 4 which he modified by keeping the engine position low but adding twin banks of rocker gear and an open cockpit just rear of the wings giving a 20s to 30s sportster look , the only recognisable Wot4 bit left was the classic Wot4 rudder shape !


21/04/2017 11:48:13

rathound 011.jpgJust an update on a project I have posted before .Its not mine , Chris B has commented before on this builders skill, but just enjoy !!rathound 010.jpg

13/04/2017 14:39:12

Chris B knows who I am talking about , We have a scratch builder in our club , yes he is of the older generation , but I rate him as one of the best ,museum quality detail !

He takes his time , about 3 years to finish a model , But the problem is that when covered you cannot see the workmanship. He like some others mentioned here get someone else to test fly his creations , a very nerve wracking time then he flies them once or twice and then actually gives them away !

So he belongs to the builders side but he does fly , but mainly the older Cocklebarrow type aircraft which need a true "oldie" to be able to trim them .!

I have put some of his models on the forum from time to time , so far without comment , so I presume 90% of the membership are flyers rather that builders !

personally I like getting a broken up ARTF and rebuilding /repairing it , its quicker than finishing my Stampe , Tiger Moth , Snipe , and the couple of conliners for my son !!


Thread: Cardboard clone of a Funjet / Radjet
01/04/2017 17:29:49

The formation Funjet is a work of art , The control system must have needed a bit of tuning , Red 1 has the best job all he carries is the power pack and 1 and 2 must have equalised power trains or are the ailerons coupled with the 2 outboard motors ??for the turns , anyroad up ,

a work of art , cheers for that .

Pete W

Thread: Mystery kits from Leicestershire 1980s
31/03/2017 22:54:28

A long time ago , but the ones I got from up there were French , one was a Flamingo a big high winger , and a pattern ship called a Corolis , but I cannot remember the manufacturer , ( yet !!) I shall have have a look at the photos , I gave the Flamingo box , empty, to Ali for his collection only about 2 years ago

At the time there were loads of these french kits available in the local area !??


Thread: Cardboard clone of a Funjet / Radjet
29/03/2017 19:27:55

That was good , and thats what it is all about , That guy really sounds happy about his clone and with a real simple "airfoil" section , One night s work , and you could be flying something exciting ,

Bring them on !


29/03/2017 15:18:30

Oh dear !!

sorry Mark but it looks as though I may have put the "kiss of death" on this thread ?

Must stop posting on this forum and stick to the other one !



27/03/2017 13:39:02!!/msg754858/#msg754858

Mark has kindly let me add the above. Its my take on the Funjet . With an aim to home build one to achieve The Magic Ton , which I eventually did.

I liked the funjet , a simple shape ,but being Multiplex , it was expensive , (but worth it !) So I cloned it out of depronny stuff and pizza plates and it flew , It needed a bit of fettling to get it over the ton but made it in the end , The last mod I did was to remove the Tip Tanks ,I thought they reduced the tip vortex but their removal gave me an extra 6mph.

Since it went though the ton barrier It has hung up in my loft and has not flown since , so Goal achieved as it says .

Mark is well into cardboard at present , with some "exciting " aircraft in the pipeline .

Hope it gives you ideas !

Pete W

26/03/2017 20:54:18

Hi Mark ,

I think we need more guys like you in the hobby who "stray " from the ordinary and are innovative.And what a warm feeling you get when you see your creation actually flying !

Like it !

dropped you a PM on a Funjet clone that might interest you ?



Thread: Farnborough pass
12/03/2017 10:37:13

Thanks Peter ,

I was thinking I was alone in finding a book like that invaluable ! Along with "Aerobatics " by Neil Williams



11/03/2017 13:37:37

beg borrow or steal a book called Flight Fantastic by Annette Carson

the illustrated history of aerobatics

on page 181 it shows the Zurabatic Cartwheel and on the previous page The Derry turn in a Vampire, might be a Venom described as


180 degree reverse knife edge turns linked by a half roll through the inverted !

Pat Maxwell invented before Derry made it "brilliant "

just get the book and open it you wont put it down till you've read it !!!


Edited By Pete Willbourn on 11/03/2017 13:38:20

10/03/2017 11:38:40

When you master the Farnboro pass, you build a scale Swordfish and have the bloke in the back seat at attention and saluting the crowd !face 6

Thread: An Unexpected Finding
28/02/2017 08:06:33

is'nt there a law about carrying "live stock " aloft ??

something in the "A" test about it ??


27/02/2017 20:40:50

I put a photo of one of my "Real old" planes , as a "please identify" but nobody could identify it , shame "( 1950s) have a look!

But I decided to referb it anyway , I started stripping the tissue off, quite easy , All went well until the last bit ! The port wing has wood worm .

The moral is dont leave things tooo long before deciding to referb !! Well not 60 odd years !



Thread: Mirus Build Blog
18/02/2017 16:59:14

just a quickie on props, I am no expert but the 10 " pitch on the prop basically means that the prop will be stalled when there is no forward speed , angle of attack and all that is to great, bit like a wing at too great er angle of incidence and it would be acting more like a paddle than a prop , its not until the forward air flow is "fast " enough does the prop bite, and then its OFF !!!

Thats why your 10x6 is OK for the slower sports plane where the 9x7 is better for the faster aerobatic plane .

I am sure the aerodynamisists amongst us can explain it better , , but its why most pure jet engines have flow straightener struts in front of the compressor to stop the pre-rotation of the airflow .


17/02/2017 21:50:19

I have just been reminded by an ex club member that he has the fastest Mirrus yet to be seen , It is powered by a piped Leo 37 ? and is propped 8x10 !!! He now flies with one of the Leicester clubs ( where I guess sound ? is not a problem !!)

It has no thrust whilst stationary hence it needs a tame javelin thrower to get it air born But it goes like the "wind "

you will love it ! so build 2 whilst you are at it !!


Thread: Identification Please of this Oldie
15/02/2017 17:20:06

sprite004.jpgsprite002.jpgsprite 005.jpghere is another one for you , This one I used to fly with my uncle at the common behind Windermere , I guess in the very early 50s, its 42" span , and age has not been very kind to it ( well it could have been me !!)

so what "was" it ??? a Sprite what ??sprite 003.jpg

14/02/2017 13:18:05

The underneath is round with 5 stringers.


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