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Thread: Is it a scam trying to get my Hobbyking details?
21/10/2017 20:08:44

I had one yesterday , changed my password just in case !


Thread: Carbon pushrods - 60 sized model
21/10/2017 12:40:00

I use Arrow shafts from the archery shop , or a kite shop ?? The Highwayman Hinckley !! They also do fibreglass rod

also you should always keep you eyes open when visiting lidl and Aldi because they sell kites with carbon stringers for less than you can buy just the carbon.

And as a last resort visit the bin at you local golf club , because those golf umbrellas often have carbon struts and after these high winds there could be one or 2 in the skip, One brolly will last you a lifetime !!


T he Highwaymen

Thread: **NEW POLL** - Did you start with ARTF and move to building from kits or vice versa?
12/10/2017 15:27:42

I mainly design and build my own !! again we need another option !


Thread: Caption competition!
21/09/2017 11:35:52

Bit like our Club !

its a bit of a "Boot Camp " too !

Thread: named brand motors vs budget motors
18/09/2017 13:40:20

Over the years I have rewound many motors , mainly picked up as "not running " from swap meets and club auctions for a quid or so , give them a sniff to smell the burnt windings and ones from ebay where its pot luck .

There are very few makes I have not had a go at , I have not "mended " an MVVS , they are supposed to be the Gold Standard Their efficiency and tolerancing is very good/tight , Build quality wise , Himax are put together very nicely , I have done lots of Hackers and they are neat but nothing special , Axi units usually have a brilliant bearing layout as did Eflite motors although I recon they have lost a little in the build these days , ( I did pick one up at the nats which did not work , one of the windings had'nt even been soldered to the lead out wires , just touched together )

So although I have now collected over 100 motors the only conclusion I can come to is generally as the electric side becomes more popular the quality of some motors is suffering ).some of the older motors were put together perfectly !!)

As a generalisation I observe that the cheaper motors use very budget bearings , so if you get a rumbling motor re-bearing it with the best you can obtain ,( branded )

The motors I use most are Hyperion only cos the planes I fly most are fitted with them , But there again some of my planes are fitted with Giant Cod specials which are still going strong , And I have never managed to burn a motor out , YET

Thread: Measuring thrust angle?
15/09/2017 14:00:25

I measure my thrust angles with a very simple device ,

I use a spirit level bolted onto the engine instead of a prop , But to measure any angle you need a datum , ! Which in my case tends to be the wing incidence, measure this with and incidence meter , those i phone things have them on lots of free appsl Tilt the fuz till the bubble in the spirit level is centred and read the incidence level .then a bit ob subtraction will give you a figure ,


Thread: Flying Training
01/09/2017 21:37:20

I think I have found the reason for my elderly trainee's lack of progress.........He turns off his hearing aid !! He gets less nervous when he cannot hear me shouting at him.

At present I just stop the model flying away and the landings and he is teaching himself by flying around and gradually finding out left from right , !!

Thread: A Bodgers Solution to New?Damaged Cowls
01/09/2017 18:29:43

bits bw cowl 027 (small).jpgbits bw cowl 025 (small).jpgbits bw cowl 028 (small).jpgbits bw cowl 023 (small).jpgmore photosbits bw cowl 022 (small).jpg

01/09/2017 18:27:51

bits bw cowl 021 (small).jpgbits bw cowl 017 (small).jpgbits bw cowl 013 (small).jpgbits bw cowl 015 (small).jpgI have seen many questions on "How To" appertaining to cowls and canopies.

I refurbish many planes and end up making or repairing the above , so This is a very crude demo of roughly what I do ,

I started last night and did a bit this afternoon so its a bit rushed with little finess but it should show the idea ,

I have been rebuilding a very old , "old timer " which had a severe attack of wood worm , the cowl had been lost years ago so I mocked one up out of cardboard .

The procedure,

Make a rough item of what you want to make ,

get a plant pot or container big enough to house the item and pack wet sand round it

Move it about a bit and remove the "item" leaving a female mould

mix some very sloppy plaster and carefully fill the mould

let dry overnight

take out the plaster cast and carve it to the required shape , It carves dead easy "

When its ok and fits the model , Put it in a bottle and heat shrink/

Job done ,

I only had one bottle left so its a bit "rough " have to wait for the kids to come for replenishments !

I have used this sand method for repairing large cowls by making a mould with whats left of the original and carving the missing bit out of plaster , its very cheap , and fibreglassing a repair .bits bw cowl 013 (small).jpg

Thread: Multiplex Shark
27/08/2017 17:41:49

I am teaching a guy with a Shark , he got at Weston , with 800s we use 60% in 10 mins , flying at "trainer speed".

It was rudder only , and it handled quite well , Then we went with ailerons , but it needed mixing to get it to handle well , but with the mixing it flew as well as the Easy Star ( with mixing )

BUT there is /was an awful problem if you leave the plane in the sun , the rear of the fuz bends , and bends a lot !!

way way out of true , and you have to let it cool down before flying it !! ( like the tip of the rudder leans over 5 cms !!!

with the twist ) Its obvious so should not catch you out but do keep an eye on the alignment ,

Never had this happen on the easy star, parkmaster fun cub or any other multiplex kit so was a bit disconcerting !!

Thread: Simulator help required please.
22/08/2017 18:29:49

Hi Ian

No , I have not zoomed at all ??!! I dont have a mouse but I guess there is another method , will experiment "

so thanks !yes

22/08/2017 17:05:44

I have Phoenix , my "problem "is learning the patch !Is there a way of getting the bigger picture ? Some of the sites are easier to get your orientation but some are downright difficult !


16/08/2017 09:51:51

wood worm under control !! Was not in the loft !! so OK , The odd thing was there were no holes on the inside balsa , it was only when I took the covering off that it was evident ,

I once picked up a Lepricorn glider , thats huge and old , from a farmer who found it in his field, 45 yeas ago , got it home and noticed my cat got very very interested and would not leave it alone , I investigated and found it had a complete family of mice resident , all the way from Oxford !!

They soon were introduced to our local fields !

cat is still looking for them !!!


15/08/2017 21:23:24

bw003.jpgbw002.jpgDeciding to recover a very old model , I found the ultimate lost weight operation going on , !!

Now I shall try to train the little pests to cut out the bits I dint need ,bw001.jpg

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
06/08/2017 22:16:34

fuge 005.jpgfuge 003.jpgfuge 002.jpgNot new but "Refurbished "

the little Sbach is there to indicate its size !!

Thread: Are flight stabilisers the answer to landing in gusty wind?
21/07/2017 11:29:01

I use the 3 axis "stabalizers" Orange, Lemon and Asx, , But only use them for gusty conditions as they do DULL the responses,But mine are all switchable so its not a problem , Started using them out of curiosity after a fellow club member used a gyro on the rudder of one of his planes for landing and it did improve matters .

I picked a "spare " one up at a swapmeet for pence and put it on a Flash for fun ??, you can now prop hang it easily and watch it drift down wind , it can make you look far better than you really are !!

and those little E flite umx AS3X things fly as though they are "locked on " even when its windy ,

Yes they are useful , but only in the right application , Try one , nothing ventured nothing gained , but dont use too much Gain !


Thread: Credit where credits due
19/07/2017 16:33:21

Sorry Chris , miss read Pup for Cub ! , the plane that dropped your sisters Barbie on a parachute !and many more interesting things!!

On the subject of plastic embrittlement , I too have found some horns which just crumbled, a hazard when buying , or being given , old air frames .!


19/07/2017 14:12:26


Didnt you get that Cub for your sixth birthday ??


Pete w

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
03/07/2017 18:40:30

Hi TomTom,

Yes 10 days was too long for me , and as my TXes are registered with HQ in USA I did contact them and HH in Germany replied the next day !

Coincidence ??

The model in question was the umx Corsair, it bound easily everything worked but then the elevator only worked intermittently after only a couple of minutes so was never flown , , £7.00 to return it to the shop wence it came from , £27 to send it to Germany , so this solution was the simplest in the end !!!


03/07/2017 13:33:00

Yes I have , and a good one ,

Initially no response from Germany for at least 10 days , They then requested a proof of purchase , They stated that that model was discontinued , but they could supply a new control board , UMX,FOC would that be OK? , on replying in the affirmative , 3 days later the replacement was received and fitted !

Problem solved , and service almost back to how it was when in the UK


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