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Thread: Capiche 1500 ??
22/01/2017 20:41:50

So it flew today ! flying photos will follow when our tame camera man sorts them out .

Like they say " it flew straight off the board " well it did'nt , The first flight was a roller coaster wrestling with the elevator trim , the others were perfect , But the elevator went from one click up or down to get the plane up or down , the 8mm up/down movement on the elevator proved too much ??? But landing was easy. CG problem ,I did put it on the rearmost limit , Bad move , but thats where it happened to be with the "build " I had done ,So gave it another flight with reduced rates !! A bit smoother but still too CG ish .So moved the esc so the lipo could sllde underneath so moving it 2cm forward .

The third flight with the rates back to the first was pretty good , so had the full 5 mins , rolls and loops and very tight turns , no vices , but still a little tailly .

so a bit of weight up front for next week end should make it spot on !!!


Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
17/01/2017 12:16:08

one or two people mentioned "Why" ??

With our club it goes back years and years , When some of us were Smae , Map and "covered by our house insurance".

The covered by "my house insurance" bothered us as a club because it was so wooly and we were never sure the members were Really insured ,So we made the simple rule to join the Bmfa for its insurance , any other benefits were a "bonus " we lost the odd member but 99% enrolled .

As we fly on private ground , the landlord needed proof of insurance and this was the easy way out , and still is after many years


Thread: Capiche 1500 ??
14/01/2017 18:57:58

Hi Chippie .

yes far too long . But I do notice you are on the "dark side " nown and again !! The designer chappie of the Capiche is I believe the same guy who did the Easy Street , ?? I still have the one , and fly it often , that I aquired at that fly in we both attended , !!!! Remember !?

If this Cap is as good I shall be well pleased.I shall report back,on its flying but tomorrows weather is not looking so good

all the best


14/01/2017 17:26:11

An update on the Christmas Cap that with a bit of help from you guys in finding the plan and mags I have managed to more or less complete it .

Actions included , fitting a carbon UC, the original was wire and was fixed to a bulkhead and so restricted the ESC and Lipo area .

Removing the rudder and horizontal stab to put the elevator horn internally , before there was a servo on the outside of the fuz at the rear , ( the plan said it could end up being tail heavy , so I tried to get as much weight from that area as I could )

Removing the ailerons so I could chamfer the rear edge of the wing to get the required aileron deflection , probably the most awkward job !

Fitted an Axi 2820/10 with an E flite 40 amp ESC with a running a 9x6 APC prop. all servos are Hitec 81scap14001.jpg

And then made a cowling mould out of plaster and shrunk a pop bottle over it to finish the job off, Its red cos that was the nearest spray colour I had !Its 38 oz! AUW

Have a look at the photo and see what you think

Thread: Once upon a time...
13/01/2017 14:57:47

Can I add " I remember it well " I was also in the RAF wing of the CCF ( 1950-59)and we had one of those gliders,

Launched off a twin bungee with 10 cadets either side ,We could only play with it in very dry weather when the grass was not slipery as it tended to launch the guys on the bungee rather that the glider .

The elevator control could be locked so as it would not take off and you had to do 10 "slides " with out the wing tip touching the ground and then you advanced to "hops " which again were limited by the pull on the bungee.

A great machine to learn basics on , I never saw ours at over 30 feet


Thread: Rolling Circles
11/01/2017 19:57:01

when you master the knife edge figure 8, try a normal figure 8 but with 1/2 rolls so one of the haves is inverted .

The two 1/2 rolls will actually be 1/3 rolls both right and left , !

sounds dead easy ?


11/01/2017 12:06:10

When I saw a rolling circle done for the first time circa 1971 , it was done by the young guy in the club that could do everything, the guy you either hate or admire . He still flys with us and we get on great !

He did it with a Smiths mini plane and gave me the target to aim at .! So I tried and tried and got a little better so 40 odd years later I can do it BUT only rolling outwards and only with a plane I have carefully balanced and set up as to be be pretty neutral in all respects , Like you do for the "B" test to make it look good ,

So my comment is some planes do it easier than others ! No matter how good you are !



Thread: irvine 36 nitro to petrol conversion
01/01/2017 16:37:34


01/01/2017 16:31:15

since you lot got me interested in petrol conversion , I have had the yearning , At a swap meet just before Christmas I picked up a Rexel spark box, , I made up some Hall sensor pick ups , 99p for 5 from ebay , and then found an old battered ST91 , so drilled a few holes, popped in a magnet , bolted on the sensor , found a spark plug from the good old days ,( 1967)and gave it a go ,and it runs , Needed to advance the timing to get it really howling , but job done ,

I will go and get a photo!

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
01/01/2017 16:16:35

The Alley Kat by Harry Gilkes, that brings back memories , At our club in Cov that only consisted of Harry , Birdie and myself, Harry was the designer and builder and we just flew his creation normally to destruction , At that time I had a Scat Kat quickie 500 , not a Harry design , but very similar to the Alley Kat bit bigger .

Harry came one day with , Lemon Drop , Orange drop and Lime Drop , which he had built for us for pure RC combat , Which ended with Harry and Birdie meeting head on ! My orange drop survived for many years !

Harry had one draw back , he flew mode 1 , and so did Birdie ,

Good to hear his name after soo long


Thread: Capiche 1500 ??
28/12/2016 14:09:28

After a bit of hunting , the year 2000 appeared to have initially vanished , I found the Sept mag and the plan is still inside .

so thanks for your help , Now to see why there is no DOWN on the ailerons !! ( they are hinged only to go up !!)

and there is no recovery from a snap roll as the rudder locks the elevator in position !!

But whoever built it mad a superb job of its decor !frown


27/12/2016 22:42:55

Thanks John ,

I shall do an attic search tomorrow !

Happy new year !


27/12/2016 20:05:10

Over Christmas I was given an almost finished Capiche air frame , I was told it was from an RCM&E plan ,

I tried googling it and arrived at the Capiche 50 which was reviewed as a plan May 2003,where it says it was developed from the one which Malcolm Corbin did for RCM&E , it is 54" span whereas the one I have is 44" span allegedly for a 25..

The real question here is

Does anybody know if there is a document cross referencing between plans and the month/year of the RCM&E which they appear in ??

I have most of the RCM&Es and going through them is proving a bit time consuming as it is very easy to get distracted "



Thread: What's the recipe for growing club membership?
19/12/2016 13:54:06

The row of seated "elders" , most clubs have them, gave me the best compliment I have ever received .As I walked back to the pits after flying one stood up and said

"now the patch is cleared of those Bl*****dy Hooligans, is anybody up for some real flying ?"The other guy flying with me was a national 3D champ ,( I.m only 1Dcertified )

A club must be tolerant of all interests !! and "clique" free.


18/12/2016 17:08:53

Our club is very tiny but 30% of its membership came from watching us fly from the road and walking in and asking questions and having a go on a buddy lead , most "visitors" we dont see again , but a few come again and again and eventually join , which is good because you know them and they know you ,

That was before all the trees grew up and now no one can see us from the road !!

Sonow there only one chap who comes nown and again and says its the best free air show he knows !

I did go recently to another club nearby and found that they keep the entry gate locked at all time , and with no parking nearby which would allow me to walk and meet the members , I just went home !!

So access may be a problem ??at some clubs


Thread: A Cardboard RC plane.
10/12/2016 17:30:40

I had a Stanley Craftsman , in fact 2 of them , Powered by Merco 61s all cardboard !

Chris B should remember my red and yellow one , They actually flew very well , I gave it away , and it was not fuel soaked !!

The Craftsman was the low winger ..


Thread: Spitfire Test run
29/11/2016 22:18:31

Super !! Thanks

Red exhausts are always impressive ,

A "party trick" on the test beds when the customer was present , Olympus and 211 was to switch the cell lights out and show the whole back end of the engines glowing almost white hot from the turbine down the exhaust duct ,50ks worth of HP at 800C !!

Then H&S stepped in and the lights were made permanently on !!


Thread: LED-lights DIY
22/11/2016 12:22:15

ledmako 03.jpgledmako02.jpglast weekend in the gloom !!

the LEDs actually show up betterthan the photos !! they work well !!

cheersleds mako 01.jpg

Thread: Lighter Models Are Safer And Fly Better?
07/11/2016 20:16:33

In answer to Chris B's comments ,

Yes I am still flying those Makos , The only thing that you can pull out of a blender at 4ft ! I have managed to break off 3 TX sticks so far on the recovery ,but being light , no damage to the airframe .

Quick ?? small models look to be going very quickly , My AXI re-engined GE BEE R3 foamy thing looks mighty quick , but a pussy cat and really easy to fly , where as my mini Stryker is the reason I take a flask of coffee !Like something stronger but I have to drive !

Relaxation is a Visionaire, As you know our small site you know its for smallish "light" models .

Light is best-----wing loading I mean !!!


07/11/2016 18:18:54

I dont think you can talk about heavy or light without bringing in what I feel is a more important factor and that is wing loading .

You can have a model weighing 20 odd pounds but if it got 20 sqft of wing area it will fly beautifully slow but have enough "inertia " to iron out "turbulence "

I am a believer that "lightness " is best but here I am really referring to wing loading .

My favourite , flew it yesterday in the wet and wind is a 13 oz foamy with 1.5 square feet of wing area , very very agile so you can fly it any time anywhere !


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