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Thread: What paint to tint a windscreen?
23/06/2017 12:06:37

for what its worth , ( with the diminishing pound ) I used to "soak " my canopies in DYLON for a few days , more for darker and using this method the colour does not scratch or fall off ,

Now I do spray cos its a lot quicker.


Thread: Leicester sites?
21/06/2017 21:12:15

I believe there are 2 clubs in the north Market Harbro area ! Larks ??


Thread: Weston Park Modellers' Swapmeet
21/06/2017 11:00:43

biggest and best Weston swapmeet ever!!! Superb mixture ,


Thread: Consumer vs Retailer vs Horizon
12/06/2017 10:56:08

I had a problem with my Tiny Sbach , So I emailed HH in Germany, NO response , I emailed a different chap in Germany , No response! I have tried again and again , still no response ,

HH in the UK was brilliant !!

Now they appear to be at Weston , by gosh they are due for an ear full from me . !!

I fixed the little Sbach myself using info from the net.


Thread: M2 threads on piano wire
07/06/2017 11:20:08

I have always used welding rod , the straight stuff you use when gas welding , also use the "brass" rod used for brazing ,

Heat up the ends, hammer them flat , drill small hole in flattened bit , cut 3 cms off Z bend it and thats one end of the closed loop , the other one you want adjustable ,

07/06/2017 11:20:06

I have always used welding rod , the straight stuff you use when gas welding , also use the "brass" rod used for brazing ,

Heat up the ends, hammer them flat , drill small hole in flattened bit , cut 3 cms off Z bend it and thats one end of the closed loop , the other one you want adjustable ,

Thread: Detectorists
06/06/2017 12:15:20

my son got me the DVD for Christmas before last and said it was good , so in a bored moment I put it on and actually watched the whole lot in one sitting , Yep its got everything to keep me entertained .

If it reminds some people of "our " hobby , I am trying to see who I resemble ???wink

Thread: What a Joke!!
05/06/2017 14:20:28

The times they are a changing !

years ago these shows were for The Hobby , the like of us on this forum ,but now there are far too few of us about to make the old type shows , Cranfield, leicester,Sywell etc commercially viable .So I recon they are now aimed more and more at the general public ,cos there are a lot more of them than us aero modllers ! Hence the "club" based show is much more "our sort of thing "

I have always been the Weston and normally Cosford , Weston is changing a bit but still is my favourite ,I shall be there and no doubt bump into Chris B. !I would like to go to Greenacres but I was told it was a bit "cliquey " and my style of flying may not fit in !


Thread: SBach umx RX re-progammed Itself ???
29/05/2017 09:48:48

Thanks for your replys chaps .

Firstly I changed TXes to see if the fault lay there, but the movement is identical with both sets .

The next thing was to reverse one of the aileron servos on the TX, easy I thought , and if the gyros go the "wrong way " I shall swap the servos over , Sorted I thought ,

But reversing either servo just changes the direction of BOTH servos,so at the moment I am stuffed !

Horizon UK were always brilliant, never dealt with Germany , I guess I will soon find out .??

I have a feeling that somehow the 2.4 signal inside my car ???? key fob , blue tooth , got to the Sbach before my TX as I fitted the lipo to the plane inside the boot !

It happened once before , but the elevator went to full deflection so was obvious , and just unplugging the lipo and replugging sorted it !

onwards and upwards I hope !

There must be a method of programming the RX somehow ??

Thread: Are we sitting targets??
28/05/2017 22:25:56

No !!! repairs after crashes are very simple , you just bend the spars straight and renew the broken wood bits

Imust admit to putting the wings , well the "D" section sandwiched between two planks in my WorkMate to stop the skins blowing themselves off , just make your filling holes nice and big toallow for the excess .

The first wing I did it on was a Dave Tindal Innovator , that should indicate how long I have used the technique .


If you crunch the front end of a fuz, you use "cut and Shut" techniques to put a new one on , Being double glazing bars they glue really well with cyno ,I think they are prepped to glue them to the glass !

Thread: SBach umx RX re-progammed Itself ???
28/05/2017 22:15:21

Thanks ,

I guess I send it to Germany ???


28/05/2017 18:29:10

Been flying the little Sbach today when on changing the lipo after the second flight , the ailerons stared working in unison , ie they both go up and down together ??

So whats gone wrong ? how do I fix it ??

I have tried binding it to both my Txes , DX8 and DX7 but the result is the same

any ideas please .


Thread: Are we sitting targets??
28/05/2017 11:59:12

Double glazing bars !

they are ally 0.015" thickness walled rectangular "tubes" 6x6mm 6x8, 6x10 etc etc

this photo shows two sets of ally spars on my Stampe , the messy stuff on the shear web is where I have used expanding foam , very light , injected into the "D" section , that really stiffens things up a bit !!stampe 21815 002 (small).jpg

27/05/2017 22:06:50

I have said it many times before ______

But for wing spars I always use double glazing bar , stronger and lighter and cheaper than balsa and comes in 4 metre lenghts in lots of different sizes. and it does not warp ,

Just finished a Twister con liner wing using it!

It works !

27/05/2017 14:17:23

Nice little quality saw !Proxxon

I got mine from Screw fix , it was a tile cutter , for £25, special offer, about 6 months ago just needed a wood cutting blade rather than the diamond one supplied ,

and closed loop wire I have always used fishing trace nylon coated , cheap as chips , and also B&Q lite weight filler , and SOUDAL gorilla type glue for £7 for 750grm.

I think shopping around and thinking slightly out of the box ,is actually part of the hobby .

after 65 years I do think LMS have had their fair share from me !! But I do miss the friendly barter/banter .


Thread: KK Southerner
18/05/2017 09:24:15

Extra Slims Southerner "Mite" just do that with the Mills .75 up front !!

Thread: Tell us about your most embarrassing stories from the field...
16/05/2017 12:05:10

I decided to "tidy" up an aerobatic model I had with a "gyro RX" switchable , The receiver looked far neater in its new position Great !!

Its not easy to fly a model with all the gyros reversed , but boy its exciting !!


Thread: Target Hobby
01/05/2017 16:45:30

I have not used them recently , but used to use them for their Speccy RXes clones or real I dont know but they are still working with my DX7, and I was put onto them by a guy who uses them in his pylon racer !!


Thread: Identification Please of this Oldie
25/04/2017 19:38:55

This weekend the Soubrette , well whatever Vic Smeed designed , had 4 flights under Radio assistance , with no problems at all ,

There are vids on utube , but they are"very normal "

The next one to trial will be the Southerner Mite !


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
25/04/2017 08:27:55

Hi Chris

Tony O is already envious !!


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