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Thread: Mirus Build Blog
18/02/2017 16:59:14

just a quickie on props, I am no expert but the 10 " pitch on the prop basically means that the prop will be stalled when there is no forward speed , angle of attack and all that is to great, bit like a wing at too great er angle of incidence and it would be acting more like a paddle than a prop , its not until the forward air flow is "fast " enough does the prop bite, and then its OFF !!!

Thats why your 10x6 is OK for the slower sports plane where the 9x7 is better for the faster aerobatic plane .

I am sure the aerodynamisists amongst us can explain it better , , but its why most pure jet engines have flow straightener struts in front of the compressor to stop the pre-rotation of the airflow .


17/02/2017 21:50:19

I have just been reminded by an ex club member that he has the fastest Mirrus yet to be seen , It is powered by a piped Leo 37 ? and is propped 8x10 !!! He now flies with one of the Leicester clubs ( where I guess sound ? is not a problem !!)

It has no thrust whilst stationary hence it needs a tame javelin thrower to get it air born But it goes like the "wind "

you will love it ! so build 2 whilst you are at it !!


Thread: Identification Please of this Oldie
15/02/2017 17:20:06

sprite004.jpgsprite002.jpgsprite 005.jpghere is another one for you , This one I used to fly with my uncle at the common behind Windermere , I guess in the very early 50s, its 42" span , and age has not been very kind to it ( well it could have been me !!)

so what "was" it ??? a Sprite what ??sprite 003.jpg

14/02/2017 13:18:05

The underneath is round with 5 stringers.


14/02/2017 09:28:20

The side windows are different , but if it is an "enlargement" the smaller/original windows would not look so good ,

so maybe a bit of builders licence ??!

Its still a pretty plane ,

in the process of building a new tailplane to enable "Radio Assist "


13/02/2017 17:41:25

Thanks chaps

a Soubrette is what it appears to be albeit the span is suspect , It has the same tail plane shape and construction and the same number of ribs in the wings and the tail etc etc , so I think you are bang on !!

How about a Soubrette Major !!

once again thanks


13/02/2017 15:39:28

Thanks Peter ,

It is possible that the builder guy modified the plan ? but I dont know why ?I believe it flew at Cocklebarrow.

and John , yes its a jet , a diesel one !!


13/02/2017 13:37:26

thumbnail_toms quy 010 (small).jpgthumbnail_toms quy 009 (small).jpgthumbnail_toms quy 008 (small).jpgthumbnail_toms quy 007 (small).jpgIt is 43" span and looks like a Vic Smeed design, I thought it was a Mam-selle or aCortesan but it does not quite match either and the original builder cannot remember ! So a little help if possible please thumbnail_toms quy 006 (small).jpg

Thread: Mirus Build Blog
12/02/2017 22:42:45

The speed measured with the 53 on a tuned pipe was 132mph !

I cannot verify the figure cos I was not there when it was done but I have seen it fly many times , from behind our steel mesh fence and I dont doubt the speed , !

its not aerobatic its just smoothly fast ,well a bit frightening really !!


12/02/2017 14:37:15

mirrus004.jpgmirrus002.jpgmirrus 012.jpgA few photos to help people to build one from this blog ! Even a Mirrus with wheels , all by the same guy !!mirrus 008.jpg

12/02/2017 14:05:26

A very short vid of a Mirrus ,

We have a guy in out club who swears by the Mirrus , always has a least 2 , and they are fast , well the piped 53 is , You cannot vid that one as its difficult to catch on the screen ,

they are brilliant .


Thread: The JR Terrier , /Unsung Heros
11/02/2017 15:25:40

toms stuff feb 2017 005 (small) (1).jpgtoms stuff feb 2017 003 (small).jpgtoms stuff feb 2017 002 (small).jpgWent to visit a pal of mine yesterday who builds the most fantastic air frames and then covers them up , Luckily I caught his latest effort before it is all hidden and I thought some of you may appreciate his workmanship .and his design 

as they say Enjoy !!toms stuff feb 2017 001 (small).jpg

Edited By Pete Willbourn on 11/02/2017 15:26:36

Thread: Foam tyres, homemade
09/02/2017 18:38:00

I make mine from one of those long chunks of pretty dense foam they use to keep people afloat ,Havnt seen any black one though , !!!

I use a pillar drill and I use a hand held power drill with a sanding disc on it quick ,cheap and effective !

I use the centers from "old "wheels ! after putting in a centre hole with the right size bit of tube !


Thread: Can You Name ALL These WW 2 Aircraft?
09/02/2017 13:58:57

My score was mainly luck , !!Not knowing them all but looking at the style and guessing and only failing 8 times ,

so I dont believe it counts !


Thread: Programming AR636A
27/01/2017 13:06:25

So I got myself a Audio cable then down loaded the app , well tried to , only to find that you need at least ios 8.3 and my Iphone 4 has only 7.1 and cannot be upgraded ,

So back to stick waggling programming !!!!

sods law and lack of common sense!

24/01/2017 15:56:30

Cheers Bruce ,

I programmed mine using the TX and sticks in all positions , you need six hands ,its very fiddly but works , if you can be bothered , I have the programs on my lap top and phone , but am waiting for a lead to pop up from somewhere , I thought Father Christmas may bring me one but he came with a more than useful memory extension card for the TX


Pete W

24/01/2017 11:59:58


you mention an " Audio Interface lead " ? is that the pukka Spectrum lead or a less expensive alternative ??



Thread: Capiche 1500 ??
23/01/2017 20:13:40

Cap 14006Cap 14005as promised , photos by Ralph !cap 14004

22/01/2017 20:41:50

So it flew today ! flying photos will follow when our tame camera man sorts them out .

Like they say " it flew straight off the board " well it did'nt , The first flight was a roller coaster wrestling with the elevator trim , the others were perfect , But the elevator went from one click up or down to get the plane up or down , the 8mm up/down movement on the elevator proved too much ??? But landing was easy. CG problem ,I did put it on the rearmost limit , Bad move , but thats where it happened to be with the "build " I had done ,So gave it another flight with reduced rates !! A bit smoother but still too CG ish .So moved the esc so the lipo could sllde underneath so moving it 2cm forward .

The third flight with the rates back to the first was pretty good , so had the full 5 mins , rolls and loops and very tight turns , no vices , but still a little tailly .

so a bit of weight up front for next week end should make it spot on !!!


Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
17/01/2017 12:16:08

one or two people mentioned "Why" ??

With our club it goes back years and years , When some of us were Smae , Map and "covered by our house insurance".

The covered by "my house insurance" bothered us as a club because it was so wooly and we were never sure the members were Really insured ,So we made the simple rule to join the Bmfa for its insurance , any other benefits were a "bonus " we lost the odd member but 99% enrolled .

As we fly on private ground , the landlord needed proof of insurance and this was the easy way out , and still is after many years


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