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16/08/2017 09:51:51

wood worm under control !! Was not in the loft !! so OK , The odd thing was there were no holes on the inside balsa , it was only when I took the covering off that it was evident ,

I once picked up a Lepricorn glider , thats huge and old , from a farmer who found it in his field, 45 yeas ago , got it home and noticed my cat got very very interested and would not leave it alone , I investigated and found it had a complete family of mice resident , all the way from Oxford !!

They soon were introduced to our local fields !

cat is still looking for them !!!


15/08/2017 21:23:24

bw003.jpgbw002.jpgDeciding to recover a very old model , I found the ultimate lost weight operation going on , !!

Now I shall try to train the little pests to cut out the bits I dint need ,bw001.jpg

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
06/08/2017 22:16:34

fuge 005.jpgfuge 003.jpgfuge 002.jpgNot new but "Refurbished "

the little Sbach is there to indicate its size !!

Thread: Are flight stabilisers the answer to landing in gusty wind?
21/07/2017 11:29:01

I use the 3 axis "stabalizers" Orange, Lemon and Asx, , But only use them for gusty conditions as they do DULL the responses,But mine are all switchable so its not a problem , Started using them out of curiosity after a fellow club member used a gyro on the rudder of one of his planes for landing and it did improve matters .

I picked a "spare " one up at a swapmeet for pence and put it on a Flash for fun ??, you can now prop hang it easily and watch it drift down wind , it can make you look far better than you really are !!

and those little E flite umx AS3X things fly as though they are "locked on " even when its windy ,

Yes they are useful , but only in the right application , Try one , nothing ventured nothing gained , but dont use too much Gain !


Thread: Credit where credits due
19/07/2017 16:33:21

Sorry Chris , miss read Pup for Cub ! , the plane that dropped your sisters Barbie on a parachute !and many more interesting things!!

On the subject of plastic embrittlement , I too have found some horns which just crumbled, a hazard when buying , or being given , old air frames .!


19/07/2017 14:12:26


Didnt you get that Cub for your sixth birthday ??


Pete w

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
03/07/2017 18:40:30

Hi TomTom,

Yes 10 days was too long for me , and as my TXes are registered with HQ in USA I did contact them and HH in Germany replied the next day !

Coincidence ??

The model in question was the umx Corsair, it bound easily everything worked but then the elevator only worked intermittently after only a couple of minutes so was never flown , , £7.00 to return it to the shop wence it came from , £27 to send it to Germany , so this solution was the simplest in the end !!!


03/07/2017 13:33:00

Yes I have , and a good one ,

Initially no response from Germany for at least 10 days , They then requested a proof of purchase , They stated that that model was discontinued , but they could supply a new control board , UMX,FOC would that be OK? , on replying in the affirmative , 3 days later the replacement was received and fitted !

Problem solved , and service almost back to how it was when in the UK


Thread: Multiplex Shark
02/07/2017 21:26:46

Thanks for the link ,

At present I dont think its anything radio related The tip of the Fin had moved over 3 to 4 cms , Something you could not have missed , and it seemed to happen whilst it was flying !!

02/07/2017 18:50:42

A club member bought a Mulitplex Shark at Weston , He is a complete beginner , si it would appear to be a reasonable aircraft to use to teach him how to fly ,

We have had about 8 flights , on rudder, no ails and all seemed pretty good except it tends to "zoom "a fair bit into wind , trimmed with the throttle its manageable ,

Today he came out with ailerons , good move I thought , untill after about 10 mins the ails appeared not to work so a resorted to rudder and started to land as I though the lipos must be failing ,The rudder then became pretty ineffective and an arrival was made , without damage but not one of my best ,

On examining it there was full left rudder and full left aileron trim in to see ! but the rudder was curved over about 30 degrees to the left ??

So my question is does this elepore?? stuff that Mutiplex make their planes from melt in the sun ??, because the fuz is twisted too ??It was a bit warn today !

Or is it only good for cold countries , I have a Parkmaster and Easy star that has not suffered like this , so has anybody else seen this Phenomena ??


sorry no photos, no camera

Thread: Sacriledge
01/07/2017 22:39:22

Geoff Franklin had a few remains hanging in his shop in Leicester , , He was part of the "pilots " and as THE KRAFT dealer I guess that it was used in the models , It was Kraft in the burnt out bits he had , He told me they did not know when the planes were going to explode , that bit was done by the guy who thought it would look good at that precise moment , Like one second you were flying a plane , the next you wer'nt !!

I worked next door so lunch times were spent listening to his tales ,

He once told me that at his stage of life he did not crash planes any more ,I did not believe him then but with 50 years more experience I do now !!


Thread: What paint to tint a windscreen?
23/06/2017 12:06:37

for what its worth , ( with the diminishing pound ) I used to "soak " my canopies in DYLON for a few days , more for darker and using this method the colour does not scratch or fall off ,

Now I do spray cos its a lot quicker.


Thread: Leicester sites?
21/06/2017 21:12:15

I believe there are 2 clubs in the north Market Harbro area ! Larks ??


Thread: Weston Park Modellers' Swapmeet
21/06/2017 11:00:43

biggest and best Weston swapmeet ever!!! Superb mixture ,


Thread: Consumer vs Retailer vs Horizon
12/06/2017 10:56:08

I had a problem with my Tiny Sbach , So I emailed HH in Germany, NO response , I emailed a different chap in Germany , No response! I have tried again and again , still no response ,

HH in the UK was brilliant !!

Now they appear to be at Weston , by gosh they are due for an ear full from me . !!

I fixed the little Sbach myself using info from the net.


Thread: M2 threads on piano wire
07/06/2017 11:20:08

I have always used welding rod , the straight stuff you use when gas welding , also use the "brass" rod used for brazing ,

Heat up the ends, hammer them flat , drill small hole in flattened bit , cut 3 cms off Z bend it and thats one end of the closed loop , the other one you want adjustable ,

07/06/2017 11:20:06

I have always used welding rod , the straight stuff you use when gas welding , also use the "brass" rod used for brazing ,

Heat up the ends, hammer them flat , drill small hole in flattened bit , cut 3 cms off Z bend it and thats one end of the closed loop , the other one you want adjustable ,

Thread: Detectorists
06/06/2017 12:15:20

my son got me the DVD for Christmas before last and said it was good , so in a bored moment I put it on and actually watched the whole lot in one sitting , Yep its got everything to keep me entertained .

If it reminds some people of "our " hobby , I am trying to see who I resemble ???wink

Thread: What a Joke!!
05/06/2017 14:20:28

The times they are a changing !

years ago these shows were for The Hobby , the like of us on this forum ,but now there are far too few of us about to make the old type shows , Cranfield, leicester,Sywell etc commercially viable .So I recon they are now aimed more and more at the general public ,cos there are a lot more of them than us aero modllers ! Hence the "club" based show is much more "our sort of thing "

I have always been the Weston and normally Cosford , Weston is changing a bit but still is my favourite ,I shall be there and no doubt bump into Chris B. !I would like to go to Greenacres but I was told it was a bit "cliquey " and my style of flying may not fit in !


Thread: SBach umx RX re-progammed Itself ???
29/05/2017 09:48:48

Thanks for your replys chaps .

Firstly I changed TXes to see if the fault lay there, but the movement is identical with both sets .

The next thing was to reverse one of the aileron servos on the TX, easy I thought , and if the gyros go the "wrong way " I shall swap the servos over , Sorted I thought ,

But reversing either servo just changes the direction of BOTH servos,so at the moment I am stuffed !

Horizon UK were always brilliant, never dealt with Germany , I guess I will soon find out .??

I have a feeling that somehow the 2.4 signal inside my car ???? key fob , blue tooth , got to the Sbach before my TX as I fitted the lipo to the plane inside the boot !

It happened once before , but the elevator went to full deflection so was obvious , and just unplugging the lipo and replugging sorted it !

onwards and upwards I hope !

There must be a method of programming the RX somehow ??

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