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Thread: Electric Cars.
18/02/2018 10:35:20

they use Leaf's as taxies up here in 4 of us in one-I was impressed with the performance....I tow a caravan so I'll have to wait a while for something practical ....

ken taxi dept.

Thread: What airframe
18/02/2018 10:31:46

91/4st....... you gonna have to build a large vintage model for it(think storage and transport)...a lot of power which a vintage job doesn't need once it's up a height.....

ken up a height dept.

Thread: Best Plane You Have Owned
18/02/2018 10:26:41

one of many fine models I've had(aircraft as well) smiley "Flair Magnatilla" ....flew one for 18 moth c/w a Saito 4st....nice plane..

ken .models dept.

Thread: Seagull P40 - weak bulkhead / poor design
17/02/2018 10:22:52

not that long ago I remember a large ARTF Sopwith camel was lost due to structural failure, and upon examination the strut mounting blocks had weevils in them that had eaten all the wood leaving only the epoxy......and captive nut.the model was flying around on borrowed time.....crepe materials used in the manufacture..

ken dept.

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
16/02/2018 10:34:47

well done from me Scott...looks amazing..

ken Anderson .... amazing dept.

Thread: Solarfilm
15/02/2018 15:22:54

off topic....i don't think that the idea of gluing bits of wood together to make a model/flying aircraft has the attraction to modern kids as it did to a lot of us......

ken modern kids dept.

Thread: What is the best option? Okay! Second best option?
12/02/2018 17:23:54

this thread has a bit of aluminium work on it...check out with the author...maybe he can advise you.

ken ali dept.

Thread: What Happens Next
09/02/2018 15:45:53

the wright stuff.....i'm not getting to you or anyone- more so the lads who fly alone.the case I mentioned where we had the difficulty telling the emergency services our location was an eye opener...... ie :- blood everywhere, the lad concerned is in his later years so part of the concern was secondary ailments etc with the loss of blood...a first aid kit was of no the blood flow was really strong.we had to wrap his arm with old (clean) rags and tape them on,and as I mentioned they said he had lost a fair amount of the red stuff...I looked like a mass murder,covered in it...imagine red hot day a lovely congealed blood all over you....anyway luckily there was a few people present at the site so myself and a couple of others chipped in to help him....... may be a good idea if clubs had a "training day" just to see how they would cope on site with an "incident"


Andy and C Anderson........ sorry for going way off topic......


ken save the blood dept.

Edited By ken anderson. on 09/02/2018 15:47:09

09/02/2018 13:13:05

Flying alone, dodgy to do,chop something major...and you'll dress it yourself!!!!! I don't think so-and years ago there was an article that if it was a bad cut or whatever--the poor victim would probably pass out with shock-and possibly bleed to death time they were out.....flying alone isn't really the done thing even more so if you are somewhere out of the way............... I appreciate that some people have no option-but take care... have a google-you'll find some horrible photo's of mangled carol singer's...........


ken mangled carol singers(fingers) dept.

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 09/02/2018 14:42:20

Thread: Weston Capiche 50cc Build
08/02/2018 16:46:45

teeth 2 nice photo of the box there Gary..

ken dept.

Thread: Laser 150 V TWIN REBUILD
08/02/2018 08:03:56

give clear silicone(fish tank quality) a go, you'll find it does the job problems getting it off should you need to. I've used it for exhaust gaskets on 2 stokes...last I bought was £5.00 for a small tube

ken gasket dept.

Thread: Solarfilm
07/02/2018 09:04:55

don't you think that for most of us old/ish established modellers.....that the building/flying world as we knew it is going,never to return? like everything else in the world radio modelling is how we get our equipment and build our models.for us that have been in the hobby for a while its another black arm band day,but newcomers come in and don't know any different.i'm sure there will be some sort of covering to suit our needs - where you get it from is the LMS is another talking point....

ken the times they are a changing....dept.

PS....for old/ish read ...... modellers who started off late/last century smiley

Thread: Please help newbie
04/02/2018 20:50:16
He was given honest and helpful more/less...well done to all concerned..

Ken dept
04/02/2018 20:36:09
Must admit Percy,I thought earlierTom was having a laugh,hope I'm wrong.

Ken are you dept
04/02/2018 10:28:43

hello tom, welcome from me,much the same as above...also have a look in the local library (if you still have one)there should be plenty of books there for you to get info from...and as mentioned don't buy anything until you've had some unbiased advice etc..... best to see what other people are using - get your hands on some gear... fire away with as many Q's as you want.....

ken tom flying dept.

Thread: Vintage Wheels
03/02/2018 14:21:02

spotted these today in wilco's-aprox 5.1/2 - 6" Dia...thought they may be useful for a large vintage model ...

ken's dept.wilcos wheels.jpg

Thread: Fixing an aluminium spinner
03/02/2018 10:26:01

or a circle of leather?...get one of her indoors old handbags/glove's.......job's a goodin...

ken dept.

Thread: What Happens Next
01/02/2018 19:28:34

what happens next?..................

here is my tale of woe..a couple of years ago we had an elderly member who had an accident(his IC model ran forward and chopped into his forearm) I attempted to stem the low of blood while another member phoned for an ambulance...this is where the fun started trying to explain where you are(in a field down by the seafront of your town)sounds ok to you -but to someone in a far off control room-you might as well be speaking Chinese. After several go's at describing where we were the ambulance set off and eventually found us after 30-45 min's....they said it was impossible trying to home in on our next club meeting we decided to have the co-ordinates for our site made into a plate fixed to our seats at the site-so as any future calls to the 999 lad's would be no problem for them attending asap,we also told all(100)+ members.

the lad who had the accident needed a fair bit of work to his arm and was told he had lost a lot of the red stuff...... I would urge all clubs to ensure that the members know exactly the address where they are flying-just in case...

ken dept..

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
01/02/2018 09:59:09

blitz, built from the mag free plan...thanks RCME and shaun.....


ken production dept.

Thread: Mini Blitz
01/02/2018 09:46:39
Posted by 2.4g Shaun on 24/01/2018 13:58:50:

Hi lads, I'm really pleased you have all built this RCM&E free plan. If you could email me some high res pics (preferably 1Mb min and in focus) along with a bit of detail about the model and yourself, I would like to use them in a future column in RCM&E.

Mail your info to




hello shaun,i've sent you some "in focus" shots....I think.i was having probs with pc/isp's yet to fly,i'll let you she go's....

ken blitz dept.

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