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Thread: RCM&E March 2018 issue
23/02/2018 22:40:48

Der Jager, ModelHob did a 40 size kit back in the mists of prehistory. I just happened to secure an unbuilt kit last yearface 1

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 23/02/2018 22:41:08

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
22/02/2018 10:56:12

I usualy put a 1" band of 20gm cloth around the inside rear of a glass cowl just to give the mounting screw points a bit more strength, plus a patch around any holes for cylinders, needles etc. to prevent cracks starting. With the need to slide over F1 this might be a problem on this one. I've noticed a few bubbles in the glass on this cowl, nothing on the outside but a full coat of epoxy inside might be a good idea to seal it.

Thread: Prop size
21/02/2018 22:17:15

Judging by Chris Foss' own conversion notes here it sounds as though it will go well on 300-350W, and from the figures in Sunny's post above I would start with something around 12*5 or 12*6 on 4S or 13*6 on 3S, though at the risk of repeating myself - a wattmeter helps!  Do you have batteries as this is the starting point seeing as the motor is already a fixed element.

What you really need is someone running this motor on 3S to confirm.

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 21/02/2018 22:20:32

Thread: Solarfilm
21/02/2018 16:55:36

Nigel, Toughlon is a film similar to Oracover or Solarfilm Polyester. I don't think Worlds Models do a 'tex, at least I couldn't see anything on Steve Webb's site.

Wilco, I wonder how Oratex compares, apart from being more expensive?

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 21/02/2018 16:56:56

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
21/02/2018 16:51:24

Is the cowl polyester or epoxy? From the smells generated when cutting it I thought polyester. I'm going to let a couple of lengths of 7mm carbon tube in as gun troughs. I have ideas about using black tube for the tank filler and vent set into the tubes as dummy gun muzzles? My OS has an ASP exhaust which when fitted with a silicon deflector/extension will exit right up against F2

Thread: Prop size
21/02/2018 16:41:51

I've just got a Wot4 fitted with a 4250 710kv motor. On a 13*8 APC-E prop it's pulling about 600W at just over 40A on a 4S 3300mAh pack. You should find your 740kv motor pulls about 45A on the same prop at a guess. Do you have a wattmeter to check it with? If not you really should get one as it's essential for setting up electrics.

As for learning to fly with a WotsWot, that might not be such a good idea. It's quite a big model and not as resilient as a dedicated trainer. Being fully aerobatic it's more responsive too. Maybe get a proper trainewr and use the gear out of the WotsWot until the Grandson gets a bit of experience?

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
21/02/2018 13:20:47

After a couple of diversions in the shapes of an electrified Wot4 Mk2 ARTF and the Easystreet it's back to the La7. The next task was a bit of a nasty one, cutting the cowl. After finding the cowl's centre I used a compass cutter to scribe through the resin on the inside and outside of the cowl then hacked the glass out inside the circle using a Dremel saw and finishing it with glasspaper wrapped around a roll of masking tape.

Big hole to fill in

Then it was a case of sliding the cowl over the engine and marking what needed cutting to clear the rocker cover. A small hole for the needle and a bigger cutout for the exhaust then it's time to get the vacum out and wash hands thoroughly. I still itch!

Some smaller holes

The next job will be to make a baffle plate to close off most of the cowl to direct incoming air just over the cylinder. 3/32" sheet should do for that.

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 21/02/2018 13:22:56

Thread: Solarfilm
21/02/2018 10:32:59

No Michael, it's not the end of iron-on coverings, just one brand and even then there are the older covering methods such as nylon and dope. Builders will still build, and just like ARTF manufacturers they will still continue to use the same coverings that they do now and little will change other than the brand names used.

If the on-line direct ordering systems does appear then even Solarfilm products may still be around.

Thread: Seagull P40 - weak bulkhead / poor design
20/02/2018 10:10:09

The .60-.90 size TopFlite P40 I have half built uses a plastic backplate spinner, I don't like the idea on a 4" one with a 10-15cc glow motor never mind a motor 4 times the sizesurprise

Wish I could knock up an ali backplate for mine.

Thread: Electric Cars.
18/02/2018 10:54:49
Posted by Andrew767 on 17/02/2018 21:16:06:


Bob, an Outlander might be just the vehicle for you. Have a look at the Mitsubishi website.


Andrew........A happy PHEV owner!!

Andrew, that's certainly an interesting option when (if ever) I wear my Mondeo out. Especially if a 3 y.o. second hand car came with a dealer warranty on the battery.

18/02/2018 10:33:56
Posted by Denis Watkins on 18/02/2018 09:46:51:

They reckon the 7.5 hours charge at home Percy, as about £1.50 with the 7kw charger.

You know its difficult to pin down mileage due to road conditions and driving style, but they are most certainly economical, up to 235 mile range.

I made that £6.72 on my 12.79p tariff Denis. The Nissan site gives three examples of real world expected ranges, these are closer to 110-150 miles taking into account short and long distance mixed trips, night and winter driving etc. It's still about half the cost of the same usage in my Mondeo (30-55 mpg).

What I couldn't find were measurements for the boot space with rear seats down, and isn't that what's really important to us modellers?

Thread: A Very vintage vintage
17/02/2018 20:00:25

What a brilliant resurrection!

Thread: Electric Cars.
17/02/2018 19:56:53

True Brian. Long winter journeys are the exception these days, at least for me they are. I wonder if the heater works instantly? That would be a real bonus at this time of yearlaugh

Thread: The WORST plane you ever had?
17/02/2018 19:49:11

Don, it was a 46 size one, it was almost as though the wings were upside down. You only had to look at it to get a flick out of it. More than a hint of elevator without power would set it off, it was not a model you wanted to go deadstick with.

In it's defense, I did get it second or third-hand.

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 17/02/2018 19:54:21

Thread: Seagull P40 - weak bulkhead / poor design
17/02/2018 19:45:45

I think they're also built down to a weight too, sometimes too low a weight with not enough wood left to hold them together unless flown off a smooth tarmac runway.

Thread: Electric Cars.
17/02/2018 19:43:08

I wonder how heating and lighting affect eg the Leaf on a cold winter's night? Since giving up work I have been thinking a hybrid or pure electric would cover my needs when I next change my car. As long as it's an estate or large MPV that is! 4 wheel drives (motor on each corner) appeals too, to reduce the winter period when the field can't be accessed by 2 wheel drive cars.

Thread: The WORST plane you ever had?
17/02/2018 19:28:48

BlackHorse Extra 300, twitchy as hell. When it landed out behind a hedge I kicked the living whatsit out of it and claimed that it had hit a tree stump. Boy, that felt good!

Thread: Best Plane You Have Owned
17/02/2018 19:24:32

ModelTech Dragon Lady - tough, wide performance envelope and a looker toothumbs up

Thread: Open tx 2.2
17/02/2018 12:52:41

I've just tried it in Companion and if you have 'throttle trim idle only' and 'reverse throttle' both set on the model setup tab and reverse the channel on the outputs tab then the trim only works with the throttle open. It does actually make sense!

17/02/2018 09:49:43

Have you got 'throttle trim idle only' checked on the model page and the throttle channel reversed on Outputs? That would do it.

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