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Thread: Scammer warning
21/05/2018 11:17:36
Posted by Cuban8 on 21/05/2018 10:45:44:

Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of sellers on BMFA are honest and truthful in their dealings and I have to say that in the very few items I've bought through BMFA over the years and one or two items that I've sold, the transactions have been fine.

Usual warnings...............if it's too good to be true, then it'll almost certainly be too good to be true.............really bad English - be careful.................if the buyer or seller doesn't get on with the transaction but dithers and messes about, again beware.

I can't get my head around sellers advertising an item and then saying "sorry, no photo available" - what's all that about?

My recent BMFA bargain purchase? New and unused still wrapped up in box OS120FS (non pumped) £225 posted. yes

I have a load of IC models to clear along with a number of engines, it would take a lot of time and effort to photograph each in turn. If someone is interested in an item then they can either google an image or pop round and view it. As for NIB items, I can't see what is gained by adding a photo?

The easy tell for dodgy buyers is when they ask for details 'of the item you have for sale'. If they are offering to buy something and they don't even know what that something is you don't need a good nose to pick up the pong of something fishy going on.

Thread: Electric Cars.
21/05/2018 09:11:00

More fun for anyone on two wheels then. Anyone who has had the pleasure of riding on a road with tram or rail lines along it on a wet night will know just what fun it can be.

Viable, but I wonder what the costs to the state and to the motorist would be both in the short term and the long term? We all know how hard councils are finding it just to keep on top of the potholes without throwing power rails into the mix. I wonder if Scalectrix have a thumb on this pie laugh

Thread: Another dodgy buyer?
20/05/2018 22:38:25

I was tempted to ask him to send double the asking price in cash and I would arrange for my agent to repay the balance by cheque when delivering the item for sale.

20/05/2018 21:26:00

I'll just quote from the email response regarding a new in box engine:

Am Eric,Do you still have your item for sale on net?.
I have interest in purchasing .
Please kindly get back with your present condition, last price and pics.
Why do you want to sell the Item?
When have you own it?
Type of payment banker's draft ?
Await your immediate feed back.

Thread: Royal Wedding No Fly Zone
20/05/2018 09:57:33
Posted by Solly on 20/05/2018 09:16:01:

I wonder if there are any other modellers like me who are a bit concerned about the rather bitter and unpleasant views which are appearing on what should be a good humoured Model Aircraft forum. Perhaps it's time to go back to the original idea of discussing our hobby, as happens on other modelling forums.

No, it's just modellers expressing themselves. We're as entitled to moan about the farcical royal wedding coverage as we are to moan about the weather. Feel free to start a pro wedding thread, that's the joy of free speech. You alsoo have the freedom to ignore threads or posts that you don't like.

And I don't know which other forum you have looked at but few don't allow a bit of non-modelling chitchat.

ps Planet Rock have barely mentioned any weddings beyond the traffic warnings - perfect!

Thread: Wots Wot pilots electric power?
19/05/2018 21:44:48

The deed is almost done. The supplied standoffs were twice as long as I needed, luckily I had a set of 35mm ones left over from my petrol model period and those were just right. Of course I had to drill the alloy adaptor plate to suit my motor but otherwise it went together easily enough.

I did add a 1/8" ply doubler under the battery tray to give the captive nut a bit more to bite on. I swapped the captive nut for a 5mm one and used a 5mm nylon thumbscrew to lock the battery plate. All I need do now is make a couple of extra battery plates. If I make some clones of the tray setup I can standardise on it for 6S models. At the moment that's just the Curare but it seems as good a system as any. I haven't tried balancing it with a battery in place but I suspect that I will get away with little or no lead needed.

As for the cowl, clubmate Eddy has promised me his uncut spare one, nice one Eddy!

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
19/05/2018 16:21:46

That does look the part Tim. Very nicethumbs up

Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
18/05/2018 09:10:20

My biggest gripe with the latest update is that they've done away with 'Homegroups' which was really useful for keeping my laptop and tower copies of Companion in sync, having a single reference location for photos and music and the like. Now Microshaft's suggestion is to keep everything 'on the cloud', or email files between machines. I think that what they are really saying is that they've given up on private network security and are simply pretending it does exist. I could understand users migrating to the opposition.

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 18/05/2018 09:10:35

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
17/05/2018 10:34:39

I'm surprised at that Tim, the HK retracts that I've used have had stall protection built in to the amplifiers. In fact I've found that a more reliable way of setting the movement than relying on the microswitches. Maybe it was a faulty unit?

Thread: Dead LiFe battery...
16/05/2018 23:22:12

I had a LiFe go like that but I had left the charger on a LiPo setting. If the charger just started to charge without asking you to confirm the cell count then it's likely the balance port has a dodgy connector and it's working as a non-balanced charge. I've had that when the balance board wasn't plugged in correctly.

Thread: Wots Wot pilots electric power?
16/05/2018 17:21:29

Thanks, I'm just getting ready to take my ancient Dad out for a 93rd birthday meal, I'll reply later.

16/05/2018 15:41:35

Taj, the 50 is a step down, would you say the 60 setup has more than enough power? Seeing as these models fly on a 46 ic, I'm hoping it will suit my more relaxed flying style of late.

David, good idea, I'm sure I have plenty of liteply in stock. The packs that were Splendor specific should do the trick for this - I hope!

16/05/2018 15:09:30

525kv too low? It ain't that much lower than your motor! The Splendor is a fully aerobatic foamy and I shouldn't have thought the 1000W power train would really be that wimpy. In real terms that's 1.3hp, a healthy 60 2s or 90 4s on a real world prop. Theoretical 10k rpm and the 14*7 pulled the Splendor around 'with gusto' as they say.

I have a 430kv motor in my Curare turning a 12*10 on 6s, that's not exactly a slouch either.

Right, your answering the first post from 2015. How about my proposed setup?wink Mods to the supplied electric kit?

16/05/2018 11:54:39

I'm converting my Wots wot ARTF to electric power, are there any changes in thinking on power and battery installation in the light of experience? I've ordered the electric fittings kit to simplify things.

I have just liberated the power train from an E-Flite Splendor so I have a BL50 525kv motor, roughly 4656 sized and rated at 56A (odd number I know) with a 60A (75A burst, 5v5A switched bec) E-Flite speed control which I was running on 6S with a 14*7 APC-E. Battery wise I have a variety from 3700 to 5000mAh. How does that all stack up?

ps - if anyone is putting a kit together and would like a nice pre-cut cowl to suite a sidewinder four stroke I'm up for swapping mine + cash for an uncut cowl.

Thread: Powered by Laser, a gallery thread
16/05/2018 10:46:27

If anyone is stuck for an 80, PM me

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
14/05/2018 10:37:02

Are you using the flatting agent with the clearcoat Tim? I have a can but i've yet to try it. Hmmm - sound systems. That could be an interesting area. I think there are various radial engine sound tracks available. If all else fails I can play the sound on my tx!

Thread: Greenacres MAC Fly Ins 2018
14/05/2018 10:03:00

I didn't go last year but before that I can't say that I found the 3D models much of a problem. If anything I found the various large scale and solo slots to be more of an interruption to flying what and when you want. If anything watching the likes of Andy Ellison making a giant Decathlon do daft things it shouldn't have been capable of was just pure joy - absolutely hilarious.

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
14/05/2018 09:57:46

I've not had any problems using Clearcoat over vynil decals, I have had problems with Spectra fuel proofer being anything but!

It may be a bit late in the day, but I'm thinking of going electric. Looking at the model I'd just need to cut a section of the top deck off from behind the cowl to just in front of the cockpit and face everything with 1/32" ply. A few magnets and dowels to hold it on, a liteply battery box sloping down through F2, fill in the cylinder head hole I cut in the cowl and I'm in business. I have a 5055 430kv motor and 80A esc along with various 6S packs. Flog the OS91 Surpass IIP and buy even more batteries. No mess, no starting gear or fuel, no running motor to carry across the pits - unfortunately no noise either crying

That or add it to the list of IC models for sale.

Thread: RM Aerobat
14/05/2018 09:41:39

Nigel, it's a pity you didn't ask (or if you did, that I didn't see it) as I have both of the RM plans, almost certainly with the accompanying articles. At least you have the rest of the mags to read now and that's probably worth the fiver.

Thread: Silencer recommendations
13/05/2018 22:23:17

YT's website is still apparently live and showing stock. I think their main supplier ModelTech went bump, maybe it's run-down stock?

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