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Thread: What battery
23/02/2018 19:42:48

Well they probably didn't reply because there is not enough info on that motor to give any opinion! When you get the motor tell us the motor numbers and details of the ESC. Then people can offer more advice.

Thread: First build
23/02/2018 18:00:55

You need to give exact details of the motor - KV and motor number etc if you want more help. Or a link to the item you have bought. Frankly it would have been better to have posted the link before you bought and asked peoples opinion on suitability. Experienced modellers usually know the best or cheapest sources!

23/02/2018 16:46:31

In order to get worthwhile advice from forum members you need to provide full details of the model and what items you have already bought.

So tell us the name of model, the type of model, the wingspan and likely weight

then tell us which motor/ESC/&prop you have ordered or intend to order.

Then we may be able to advise on the Lipo too, maybe 1000mah like this would suit. Don't forget that you will probably need 2 or more Lipos to get a few flights. So save postage by ordering them all together with whatever connectors you will need for the ESC (ncluding matching bullet connectors to the motor ) Remember you will also need a proper Lipo charger too. Make sure you order from the UK or EC warehouse if you order from HobbyKing - don't get caught for import duty if you order from the warehouse in China!

Thread: Keep Those Old Cordless Tools Going
23/02/2018 11:46:00

It is good idea to buy all cordless tools with the same type of battery - e.g. buy a drill with same fitting battery as hedgetrimmer etc so that the battery is interchangeable and gets used all the year round. Also works the other way - when one charger fails then there is another that will work. As often as not it's the charger that fails.

Thread: Building board help
23/02/2018 11:33:27

I suggest that several boards suited to the job in hand might be handier than one large board. A board for fuselage and or wings, and several smaller for tailplane, rudder etc plus another for the fuselage jig will enable you to work on several items whilst waiting for glue to dry etc.

Spar Fixing

However just using several bits of plasterboard is all you need and just store them vertical will save any problems. I find that using a few screws with homemade clips is the best way of holding spars onto a board. Pins tend to pull out when working. Clips are shown in my photo - made from wood same thickness as spar with , glued with a ply cap then drilled and finally sawn into individual clips. ( I have used this photo so many times that forum members must be bored - but it's an idea that works and it's not in any books!)

Thread: plans
21/02/2018 09:25:51

Acrobat can print overlap marks ( maybe an option to tick) and the trick is to cut just one sheet exactly on the marks and place it over the other one creating an overlap which is then sellotaped both sides. Align the sheets against a straight edge onto a fuselage datum line or spar with a drawing pin before taping - one sheet at a time.

The advantage of tile printing is that you can just print a section like fuselage rather than creating one huge plan. Select the section to be printed using the tool ( icon looks like a camera -double click it )  which expands an area &  marks it in blue. ( On Acrobat DC version )

Edited By kc on 21/02/2018 09:33:26

Thread: Excerpt from Aero modeller 1971
20/02/2018 11:03:17

Surely Peter Miller must have been one of the longest continuous column writers in aeromodelling especially if you include Safety First in RCME as well. A quote from Safety First September 84 " Paranoia is less painfull"

Thread: What are the rules?
19/02/2018 19:19:01

The short answer and a way to avoid all the calculations is to find an existing design to restyle to your own requirements. Keeping the same proportions and building to a similar weight to the original could produce a model that flys nearly as well. However you are unlikely to improve on the best designs!

It would appear that the best designs have got the balance of all the different parts just right. It will take a lot of experimenting to improve on them. No doubt lots of experiments has got the control movements just right too. However you might manage to improve on the actual construction using modern materials and modern power systems.

Still awaiting a Personal Message with your e-mail addressSupertigrefan if you want the pdf files.......


Edited By kc on 19/02/2018 19:22:34

19/02/2018 18:11:48

There are no rules! however there have been several articles which show the 'ideal' proportions for own design sports models.

Articles by Chuck Cunningham and Ken Willard published in the late lamented RC Modeler magazine ( USA ) seem what you need. A sketch shows proportions relative to the span i.e tailplane is one third wingspan and tailplane chord is 1/3 tailplane span etc etc. The articles used to be online but no longer. However send me a PM with your e-mail address and i will let you have the relevant pdf file.

Thread: Not quite a beginner, but....
16/02/2018 14:00:53

If it has an aerial that extends it's not 2.4ghz.

16/02/2018 12:14:16

Don't buy a trainer if you dont need it - buy a Wot4 and get back into flying using a buddy lead to an experienced pilot for the first flight.

Make sure the radio gear is up to standard - frankly buying new which is so cheap now is worthwhile. Hardly anybody uses 35 mhz now it's all 2.4ghz at most clubs. Replace Rx nicads and switch harness ( remember black wire corrosion? )

Thread: Solarfilm
14/02/2018 13:17:44

I assume Don is just making a joke? Well somebody seems to have put British firms out of business by selling at unrealistic prices! We are currently lamenting the probable loss of Solarfilm products that are not available from other suppliers...... where can we get Prymol or Clearcoat or Litespan etc? It's not a conspiracy theory it's reality - a dictatorship is taking over!

14/02/2018 10:53:33

Putting established British brand names on foreign made items should have been made illegal years ago. If someone labels horsemeat as beef it is illegal but using misleading brand names is not even when it is undermining British industry and jobs!

The assumption that factories abroad " still make a profit" may be wrong - they may be subsidised by governments who want to undermine Western industries. Much cheaper to wreck Western democracy by this method than by a trying to do it by military means. By thinking long term the foreigners are overwhelming the short term thinking of stock exchanges.

Thread: RM Trainer
12/02/2018 11:10:05

As Nigel says covering curves also means leaving enough spare film to hold onto so you can pull the film taught. 2 inches waste top & bottom perhaps on this size .wingtip. It's film not actually wasted when you get it right first time!

Thread: Returning to hobby
11/02/2018 16:59:52

Also be very suspicous of any radio item that old especially switch harnesses.

That servo tester i suggested comes in a cardboard case ( yes cardboard stuff!) so worth putting in a plastic box with a switch harness ( a good non critical use for the old one ) and a nicad together with an extension lead to save keep unplugging at the very vulnerable contacts on the servo tester.

10/02/2018 12:47:05

Buy one of these servo testers for just over 2 pounds including post and just set a battery up to test the servos for an hour or so each to ensure they are OK. Test any new ones the same way just in case.


Edited By kc on 10/02/2018 12:48:25

Thread: WOT4 Becomes Racing Car
10/02/2018 08:16:00

Everthing has been covered so far ...except the elevator horn being loose in the balsa or the elev joiner being loose in the balsa meaning only half the area moves.  Or a clevis slipping on the thread.


Edited By kc on 10/02/2018 08:17:25

Thread: Solarfilm
07/02/2018 13:34:13

In reply to Bob Cotsford - - the point is our government needs to protect British industry and put sufficient duty on imports from countries with appalling rates of industrial pollution and labour conditions so that British firms who have to pay proper wages and not pollute can sell on a level playing field. If our government does not then the the worst governments in the world will take over the world by trade. Untold billions were spent on trying to protect the world from communism ( dictatorship ) and now we are handing them our industries on a plate! Madness! McCarthyism was madnes but now we have the madness in the extreme opposite direction. Insane

07/02/2018 10:57:30

A very sad day. when such an innovative firm stops production. Worst hit of all will be the small model builders who will be lacking Litespan, Fibrefilm etc.unless there are alternatives.

But this was inevitable and it's surely due to the fact that the British product is subject to VAT so is always going to be about 20 percent dearer. When you buy from the internet supplier even when you get it delivered from the UK warehouse you never get charged VAT, you never get a VAT invoice, and there is never a VAT number mentioned. That is because you are buying from China when you buy on the website so no VAT is charged on the retail price. ( presumably the UK warehouses pay VAT on import but this may be only on the SELLERS invoice price. ) This surely is also the reason that so many UK model shops have closed! It's not a level playing field!

Thread: Mini Super
06/02/2018 13:24:17

Both the Sub Mini and the Micro Super plans on Outerzone show low mounted tailplane.

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