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Thread: BMFA Country Members
18/01/2017 23:32:01

I think Adrian was saying his club isn't sending out club membership cards to club members who are BMFA country members.

If that's true then what is the point of having a club membership card? Unless they're just holding them until they have proof that the member has renewed their BMFA membership, and then sending them out - that's the only vaguely sensible spin I can put on it!

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
15/01/2017 11:11:07

First flights of 2017 for me yesterday. I was away for New Year and last weekend was misty both days so yesterday was the first opportunity this year.

The forecast was cold but sunny all afternoon. I was a bit alarmed therefore when it started snowing again around lunchtime but it gradually improved and I ventured out around 2:30. The promised sunshine never materialised, and the sky was rather grey - not good for visibility...

Only two of us turned out, but we stayed a little longer than I thought we would, the cold and imminent arrival of sunset eventually beating us.

Today is forecast wall-to-wall rain and that's certainly what it's doing right now, so I don't expect to fly this afternoon. Better get my tax return done instead! sad

Thread: Info needed on D H Rapides in Cornwall please.
14/01/2017 22:32:35
Posted by flight1 on 14/01/2017 14:51:12:

I believe Classic air force run by Mike Collett had the rapide flying from newquay in recent yers was the same plane doing flights all nthose years ago ( G-AIDL ) . he's retired and now sold to clasic wings see here

hope it helps

G-AIDL was the Rapide I had a flight in from Biggin Hill over the City of London/Docklands some time in the mid-80s.

At Biggin Hill

Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
14/01/2017 12:06:52

Great shots Phil - I like them.

I too did a lot of B/W in an earlier life... In my university days I had a Zenit E SLR. I wasn't able to afford the Canon AE-1 until after graduating, but the totally manual Zenit taught me a lot. I had access through the university photo society to well-equipped darkrooms, and did some photography for the university newspaper. All great fun at the time, but would I choose to go back to film from digital? I don't think so!

Thread: Yet another 'drone strike'
11/01/2017 00:17:49

Yep - link to the follow-up article in the AV Herald.

I assume the Express, Mail, Mirror etc. will now publish follow-up stories as prominently as they did the original claims. I also assume that I'm going to win the lottery jackpot tomorrow.

Actually, I think the latter is probably more likely... dont know

Thread: action camera with good audio
10/01/2017 21:57:04

Only thing I can add is that I bought an SJ7000 recently to take skiing at New Year. For just over £30 I could stick it on my helmet and not be bothered if I lost it or it got smashed to smithereens - I'd have been a bit more concerned about treating a £200+ GoPro in the same way!

And yes, in it's waterproof case at least, the sound is poor. (And in hindsight, I'd expect that in its case - I haven't really tested it out of the case yet.) But I've just been comparing footage taken with my cheapie camera and elder daughter's genuine GoPro (that I probably paid for too!) from the same trip. Certainly the sound is better on hers, which was also in a waterproof case, but not dramatically better...

Thread: Yet another 'drone strike'
08/01/2017 15:41:11
Posted by Peter Miller on 08/01/2017 14:44:56:

Hey! They still have a Woolworths!!! That is better than my local town!!

Probably a different "Woolworths" to the ones we used to have here, Peter. The name lives on in Australia, but as a supermarket chain - maybe similar in other countries too?

I meant to provide this link in my earlier post to the masterpiece of investigative journalism junk report in the Express. I see the Daily Wail and the Mirror are now also running the story.

The Mail at least (despite headlining the story "Drone crashes into...." ) casts some doubt on what the object was, saying the crew believed they'd hit a bird and stating that the airline referred only to an 'external body'. The report also contradicts itself, referring to the aircraft as both a 737 and a 747. Par for the course I think for that particular newspaper, elbows and backsides come to mind!


Edited By John Privett on 08/01/2017 15:41:59

Thread: Ether needed
08/01/2017 10:35:39
Posted by Martin Whybrow on 08/01/2017 02:03:12:

... he bought the Aussie version of easystart (can't post the name of the product as I'll get moderated!);

Now that statement puzzled me until I googled it. Then I remembered what the Aussies actually call this particular product. They do have a certain "way" with words down there, don't they! teeth 2

Thread: Yet another 'drone strike'
07/01/2017 18:08:14

And now the Daily Express have got hold of the story and are stating (with still no real evidence) that "A DRONE" (their dramatic capitalisation) "crashed into" the 737, causing "extensive damage" to the "giant jet".

Dear, oh dear, these tabloids are getting more like the News of the World, Daily Sport, etc. etc. every day. A series of videos across the top of the page reduces their (limited) credibility as a serious news source even further - with titles such as "UFO caught on camera arriving through a wormhole?", "Titanic WAS NOT sunk by Iceberg - new evidence suggests shock..." and "Lionel Blair makes shock confession about wife of 50 years live..." Good grief! sad

Thread: Mode 1 or Mode 2
04/01/2017 16:10:55

Well I dunno... you go away for a few days and this old chestnut kicks off again! I think pretty-much everything around here is on mode 2 if it's any help, but there again, "here" is Geneva airport.

Hope everyone behaves and there's not another 4 or 5 pages of this thread to read through on my return this evening! smile

Thread: How do fairy lights work?
26/12/2016 21:31:51
Posted by Andy48 on 26/12/2016 21:24:42:

Ok thought about that but how do you get both strings to light at once? I wonder if the switching is fast enough to ensure each string remains lit?

You don't need to keep the LEDs 'lit' - just switch them fast enough to fool the human eye into thinking they're lit. A lot of LEDs used in displays are not actually on permanently even when they look as if they are.

26/12/2016 21:28:44

I started to reply to this, then got distracted, and somehow lost my reply!

Anyway Shaunie has said pretty-much what I was thinking - and probably summarised it a bit more concisely than I was doing in my lost-reply!

Thread: Canadian Chipmunk markings
24/12/2016 11:37:06

Yesterday was my first ever visit to Old Warden - it's been on my 'list' for ages but I never got around to it. It's not even as if it's a huge distance away at a touch under 90 miles.

I think I'd failed to appreciate until I saw it quite how extensive the collection is. /And not surprisingly there weren't many visitors yesterday - a weekday, just before Christmas and I had a good look around, then took advantage of the 25% discount for lunch.

Next time I'll have to go to one of their flying days.

24/12/2016 09:40:10

Interesting, Percy! The 'shield' on the Red Ensign on the port-side of the fin is in the same orientation as in my photo from the starboard side - and not the actual Red Ensign as posted at the start of the thread by Jim!

A subtle variation? Or a minor mistake?

24/12/2016 00:29:43

Yep - Matt is of course spot-on. It's the Canadian Red Ensign (old) as doubly confirmed by daughter's BF. Just the one on the Old Warden Chippie is reversed (I should have taken a shot from round the other side for comparison!) and somewhat worn/paint-flaked.

Thread: Happy Christmas from all of us at RCM&E
23/12/2016 21:39:10

And to you too Beth - and indeed to everybody else. thumbs up

Thread: Canadian Chipmunk markings
23/12/2016 21:35:46

Just returning to this one... I happened to find myself at Old Warden today (I had 4 hours to 'kill' in/around Peterborough between dropping-off a passport application and picking-up the passport) and spotted the Canadian Chipmunk that this thread was about.

So here is a close-up of the tail. (Click on the image to see it full-size)


I'll ask my daughter's Canadian boyfriend if he recognises the flag when they return later this evening.



Edited By John Privett on 23/12/2016 21:37:33

Thread: gifts to Austrailia
17/12/2016 16:19:56

I think you're too late now, but we usually order stuff for my sister and brother-in-law (in Perth, WA) from Marks and Sparks. In the past we ordered from the general M&S website, but recently they launched a site specifically for Oz. I think you have to use that one now to get anything sent to Oz - I'm not sure if it's shipped internationally or from a distribution centre in Oz.

Thread: Brit on tour in Australia
12/12/2016 09:59:29

Not quite a model flying club, but a little to the north east of Subiaco (10kms or so) is Whiteman Park, a control-line model flying site that hosted this year's world championships.

Thread: Drones and the law - item on R4, 8th March 2016
10/12/2016 12:30:48
Posted by Rich2 on 10/12/2016 11:53:51:

I disagree, I do not fly a drone. Traditional model aircraft and helicopters are not drones.

To you and I - and most "traditional" model flyers - that is true.

However in the eyes of the law we all fly drones. EASA themselves have already admitted that they have been unable to formulate a legal distinction between "traditional" model aircraft and multicopters.

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