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Thread: Electricity Pylon Interference?
27/05/2018 10:31:43
Posted by Cuban8 on 22/05/2018 08:52:45:

I think you're referring to Pickets Lock at the Lea Vally Centre, Pete. That was years ago, possibly 30+ and IIRC, it was just a one-off. Remember seeing a Flair Hannibal being demonstrated and thinking how big the model was - how times change.

That's the one I was thinking of too. Quite a windy day if I remember correctly, I've only got a vague recollection of there being pylons at the site. I was also thinking it can't possibly have been as long as 30 years ago, but it would have been before either of my daughters were born - and my eldest will be 28 this year... Heck, how time flies!

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
26/05/2018 18:21:24

I should have changed my predictions too, but even after P3 I still didn't believe that RB would actually be fastest in quali...

Oh well! As you say Verstappen should have an interesting time tomorrow, though I suspect it might not end very well when impatience gets the better of him and he tangles with one of the mid-field cars. At least that should account for one safety-car period. I've predicted two!

25/05/2018 21:43:43

Right then... Friday evening and a Grand Prix ahead of us! So once again;

Don't forget your predictions!

Monaco this weekend, and I reckon it's going to be as unpredictable there as ever. In P1 and P2 Red Bull seem to be the team to beat, but are Mercedes and Ferrari sand-bagging? I guess we'll find out at 2pm tomorrow when qualifying gets underway. Channel 4 as well as Sky have live coverage this weekend.

Thread: Club Facilities
23/05/2018 21:22:24
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 23/05/2018 13:02:21:




What a polite lot we all are!!!

Indeed we are! Imagine though if we were Americans - we'd all be talking here about a "bathroom"! smile d

Thread: Posting Flickr images
19/05/2018 23:12:47

Just tried the second method above, comparing it to what I previously did - and had mentioned on page 10 in the sandbox.

Works fine and has the advantage (I think...) that when you hover over the picture some flickr links become active and clicking on the image takes you straight to the flickr album containing the image.

I'll try to remember the new way!

Thread: Sandbox
19/05/2018 22:58:29

Compared to the method I had previously used;

19/05/2018 22:57:06

Trying Pete's method of posting from flickr;

Thread: Royal Wedding No Fly Zone
19/05/2018 22:43:23

12 mile radius, you say?

Fortunately we're about 19 miles from Windsor, so we were all legal this afternoon. teeth 2

And way off in the distance, from where we fly we can also see a certain North-London stadium, where I understand a major sporting event was 'kicking-off' late this afternoon. Something else we could ignore whilst flying today!

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
13/05/2018 21:06:41

Pete's picture that he attempted to post didn't display in his post, so I'll try to post it below.

I reckon since he was there in person there must be some penalty we can apply to knock him off top spot for having "inside information"... OK, since he sent us a picture I'll let him off this time! smile d

Have a good journey back Pete!

Edited By John Privett on 13/05/2018 21:07:56

13/05/2018 21:00:05

So here is how the table looks tonight;

Pos Gain/Loss Team Manager Pts
1 +2 Revers Racing Pete B 749
2 -1 PSS Power Flyer 749
3 -1 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 737
4 0 Mannschaft Carl Brotherton 690
5 +1 iqon racing iqon racing 679
6 -1 GASTON Formula Chris McG 665
7 +2 VBT Racing Yorik 633
8 -1 Pitts Specials john stones 617
9 -1 Essex Racing Tony Clark 615
10 +1 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 614
11 -1 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 596
12 0 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 577
13 0 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 556
14 0 teewrex John Tee 488

At the top Pete B takes over first place, rising two places at the expense of Flyer and myself, each slipping a place.

There's a bit more jostling for position mid-table, with Yorik being the other team to gain 2 places today. At the foot of the table there's no change in the last 3 places.

Monaco is next in 2 weeks and as usual anything could happen there!

13/05/2018 20:54:13

Right then - I'm back from flying, the channel 4 coverage should have finished long ago and as some have already seen, the results are up on fantasygp!

So without further ado, here's how we scored today!

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Revers Racing Pete B 173
2 VBT Racing Yorik 171
3 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 157
4 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 155
5 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 148
6 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 140
7 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 136
8 iqon racing iqon racing 131
9 PSS Power Flyer 130
10 Essex Racing Tony Clark 129
11 teewrex John Tee 124
12 Mannschaft Carl Brotherton 121
13 Pitts Specials john stones 110
14 GASTON Formula Chris McG 101

Top scorer today was Pete with 173 points. Well done Pete. Only 2 points behind was Yorik, with me third on 157 points. We all scored 3-figure scores today, even Chris after his little "incident" on Friday...

Next up... How does this affect the overall table?

11/05/2018 20:40:46

Excellent. Even before my reminder! But for those who haven't already done so...

Don't forget your predictions!

Barcelona this weekend and after P2 it's looking fairly close between Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. Qualifying starts at 2pm (UK) tomorrow so get your predictions done before then! Race is 10 minutes later on Sunday. It's a Sky weekend with Channel 4 coverage not until late afternoon/early evening - so no 'spoilers' please until the Channel 4 folks have had a chance to watch the race.

Thread: Propdrive 5060 380kv
02/05/2018 20:59:54

Once in the air then the current would normally reduce a little as the motor isn't having to work as hard.

Thread: Specsavers.
02/05/2018 20:56:35

Don't forget that if a significant part (continuous periods of an hour or more) of your work involves using display screens (computers, laptops etc.) then the government class you as a "DSE User" and your employer must (amongst other things) provide sight tests and, where required, spectacles for screen use. More here.

Thread: Propdrive 5060 380kv
02/05/2018 20:44:17

As far as frying anything goes, what matters is the current it's drawing.

1400W on 6S works out at about 63A depending on the state of the battery. Hobbyking give a max current of 90A for the motor, so 63A is comfortably below the limit. If it takes an 18x10 to get that, then that is what it takes!

Hobbyking recommend batteries between 6S and 8S for the motor, and I guess that the "recommended" 17x8 or 17x10 is for 8S. If you were to try your 18x10 on 8S instead of 6S then it would draw a lot more than 63A - quite likely over 90A, and then you'd see the "magic smoke"...

[Edit] And once again. others (JM!) prove they can type faster than me! smile

Edited By John Privett on 02/05/2018 20:45:57

Thread: Log In Problems
02/05/2018 19:21:34
Posted by John Privett on 01/05/2018 19:06:06:

What I've never been able to work out is why I didn't need to logon this evening (for instance) but have had to most evenings for the past month or two or longer...

And again, this evening I've had to login again. I've not accessed the forum on my phone, laptop, work PC, or any other device since I was on here last noght. Random!

Bob - many (most?) of us will have PCs on a local network with a router connecting to the 'net. On our local networks the PC's ip address will often be assigned using DHCP and can be different from day-to-day. Or it can be a fixed ip address. In either case, it doesn't matter - it will just be a local ip address like 192.168.1.nnn.

What this website (and all others) actually sees is the ip address the router is connected using - in my case at the moment it's That too will usually be assigned via DHCP, and will usually not change for several days or even weeks unless the router is restarted. Some ISPs offer static ip addresses too.

[EDIT] And after rebooting the router and getting a new - completely different - ip address I still remain logged-in here. 

Edited By John Privett on 02/05/2018 20:27:51

01/05/2018 19:06:06

I can sometimes go several weeks without having to logon here. At other times I need to logon every day.

This is assuming I only use the one device to access the forum - if I logon from my phone, laptop, work PC etc. then I always need to logon again on my main PC - that behaviour is at least predictable and understandable.

What I've never been able to work out is why I didn't need to logon this evening (for instance) but have had to most evenings for the past month or two or longer...

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
29/04/2018 23:15:34

Carl - you were 5th out of the 14 of us in the league. That doesn't sound like a "terrible day" to me!

Looking at my team, I too had 4 cars that failed to finish. One scored decent points, the other scored no points. My drivers did somewhat better, each scoring 20+ points. My predictions were so-so. I got pole, number of safety cars and the bonus question, and I had Lewis on the podium, but not in first.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
29/04/2018 19:45:02
Posted by Wilco Wingco on 29/04/2018 15:52:43:

Its just gone for £670.

face 7

At that price it's been bought by a collector. It will now sit on a shelf and never be built.

(Anyone else remember the James May Toy Story programme where he went to an auction and bought a model train that lots of collectors were bidding for and took it out of the cardboard box, chucked the box away then took the train home to actually use - just to wind-up all the collectors!)

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
29/04/2018 19:36:22
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 29/04/2018 19:05:21:

TBH, I spent much of the race waiting for the inevitable from the RBs...dont know

Same here. After the earlier wheel-banging and other aggressive "defending" of his position by Max, it was only a matter of time before it blew-up!

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