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Thread: RIP John Noakes
29/05/2017 14:11:42

Sad to see the news, but I was shocked how old he was. I still picture him as he was on the screen all those years ago.

I was also shocked at the total lack of safety gear on the first Nelson's column climb. Not even a safety helmet! Different times...

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
29/05/2017 14:04:49

Well that's one more prediction than I got, Pete!

Though I did feel a little cheated out of a possible safety-car near the end - that would have got me one prediction right!

28/05/2017 21:15:50

So what does this mean for the overall championship scores?

Championship Standings

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Bernies Big Brown Envelope serepton PRO 847
2 iqon racing iqon racing 810
3 Revers Racing Pete B 795
4 Pitts Specials john stones 781
5 VBT Racing Yorik 769
6 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 723
7 Essex Racing Tony Clark 705
8 FalconFormulaOne Tony Hamer 702
9 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 682
10 Mannschaft Carl Brotherton 680
11 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 677
12 Slopeflyers F1 jimbo32010 675
13 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 668
14 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 635
15 teewrex John Tee 428

So no change in the top 5 places, but Kev moves up to 6th from 7th with Tony C moving up to 7th from 11th. This pushes Tony H down to 8th from 6th.

I move up a place to 9th, with Carl moving to 10th from 12th. Charles moves up 2 places to 11th with Jimbo slipping to 12th. Simon is another faller today, down to 13th. No changes in 14th or 15th.

Canada is up next, with Montréal in two weeks time. Will Mercedes be back on form, or will Ferrari continue to dominate? And what about Red Bull? We shall see!

Meanwhile, the Indy 500 has just finished. I won't say any more in case anybody has found somewhere to view the highlights (I think BT Sports EPSN) had live coverage, but that's not a channel that I have access to.) and so doesn't want to know the result! It sounds like it was an eventful race from the reports I've seen - red flagged at lest twice.

28/05/2017 21:00:09

The results are now posted, so how did we do? Here are our scores for today;

Results from Monaco

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Essex Racing Tony Clark 139
2 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 136
3 iqon racing iqon racing 133
4 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 133
5 Pitts Specials john stones 128
6 Bernies Big Brown Envelope serepton PRO 128
7 Revers Racing Pete B 123
8 Mannschaft Carl Brotherton 123
9 VBT Racing Yorik 122
10 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 116
11 FalconFormulaOne Tony Hamer 105
12 Slopeflyers F1 jimbo32010 99
13 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 96
14 teewrex John Tee 88
15 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 83

Top place today goes to Tony's Essex Racing with 139 points. Charles is hot on Tony's heels 3 points back on 136, with Kev and Iqon in joint third another 3 points back.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
28/05/2017 19:12:54

A zero feedback seller whose 'name' is 3 letters followed by 8 digits hardly reduces the rodent aroma either!

Thread: Set up problems
28/05/2017 15:19:12

Hi Olly!

I can't help with the FPV issue, but welcome back!

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
26/05/2017 20:42:28

We all know what I'm going to say now, don't we? But I'll say it anyway;

Don't forget your predictions!

Monaco this weekend, and whilst Alonso is away driving in left-hand circles (well ovals, really) Button gets to play in the McLaren instead. P1 yesterday saw Mercedes at the top, but then well back in P2. P3 tomorrow morning may tell us more, but why not do your predictions now and maybe change them if P3 goes in an unexpected direction! Qualifying and the race both start at 1pm UK time, with Channel 4 having live coverage this weeken.

Thread: How do they do it for the money?
20/05/2017 09:48:54
Posted by Peter Miller on 20/05/2017 08:13:48:

"Reverse Polish logic"

A school-friend brought his Christmas present in to our Additional Maths A-level class in Jan. '76. (It was a small class - 3 of us I think, we'd done the 'regular' Maths A-level a year early) That was a Sinclair Scientific calculator and used Reverse Polish Notation. I think we (3 of us + maths teacher) spent most of the lesson playing with it...

19/05/2017 22:33:23

I remember buying a scientific calculator to take to university for my B.Sc. Physics course starting in 1976. For some weird reason I can even remember the model number - a Commodore SR4148R. (So I can remember the model number of a calculator I bought 41 years ago, but not where I left my car keys 41 minutes ago...)

I seem to recall paying about £20 for it back then - that would have bought me about 80 pints of beer in the college bar! The calculator itself is still around here somewhere, though the batteries have long since died. I did power it up via the mains adaptor a few years ago and apart from one or two of the LED segments having failed it all appeared still to work.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
14/05/2017 21:24:04
Posted by john stones 1 on 14/05/2017 21:17:59:

Yorik ..I knew him well wink

Ah c'mon someone had to face 1

Well I was going to say precisely that, until I realised I didn't know him at all! teeth 2

14/05/2017 21:23:07

Overall championship standings look like this;

Championship Standings

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Bernies Big Brown Envelope serepton PRO 719
2 iqon racing iqon racing 677
3 Revers Racing Pete B 672
4 Pitts Specials john stones 653
5 VBT Racing Yorik 647
6 FalconFormulaOne Tony Hamer 597
7 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 590
8 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 585
9 Slopeflyers F1 jimbo32010 576
10 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 566
11 Essex Racing Tony Clark 566
12 Mannschaft Carl Brotherton 557
13 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 541
14 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 539
15 teewrex John Tee 340

No changes in the positions of the top 6, Kev moves up 3 places from 10th to 7th, Simon moves up 4 from 12th to 8th, and it's a 2-place drop to 9th for the Slopeflyers. I move up to 10th from 14th, Tony C. drops 3 places to 11th and Carl also has a 3 place drop, to 12th. In 13th is Charles, dropping 2 places from 11th, Gary drops a place to 14th and John remains in 15th.

Monaco up next in 2 weeks with Button standing-in for Alonso who will be turning left a lot in Indianapolis.

14/05/2017 21:08:51

Right then, the Channel 4 coverage should have finished by now, so without further ado it's time to see who did well today, and who did not-so-well...

Results from Spain

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Revers Racing Pete B 147
2 Bernies Big Brown Envelope serepton PRO 146
3 VBT Racing Yorik 142
4 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 139
5 Pitts Specials john stones 139
6 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 136
7 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 134
8 iqon racing iqon racing 134
9 Slopeflyers F1 jimbo32010 109
10 Essex Racing Tony Clark 106
11 Mannschaft Carl Brotherton 100
12 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 100
13 FalconFormulaOne Tony Hamer 95
14 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 94
15 teewrex John Tee 41


Highest scorer today by a single point is Pete B,  from bigbubba, with third place Yorik only another 4 points behind.    I'm still trying to work out who Yorik is,  but well done to all three!

Edited By John Privett on 14/05/2017 21:12:23

13/05/2017 13:14:57
Posted by Charles Pic on 13/05/2017 12:57:03:

My heart wants it to be RAI, but you gotta play the percentages in this game I guess.

Indeed Charles! If there's one thing I have learnt about this game it's to pick your team and predictions based on what you think will happen, not on what you hope will happen. Not that I'm currently in much of a position (2nd-bottom) to give tactical advice!

And just a quick reminder - there's no Channel 4 live coverage this weekend, so no 'spoilers' please for those who do't have live Sky coverage - ta!

12/05/2017 22:11:50

Another weekend, another country. And so this weekend it's Spain, so as usual...

Don't forget your predictions!

The BBC headline says, "Lewis Hamilton fastest in Spain as Fernando Alonso breaks down." I assume they mean Alonso's McLaren breaks down, though maybe....

Qualifying and race are at 1pm UK-time, so make sure your predictions are done before then - I'm off to update mine now!

Thread: Ebay sellers...
09/05/2017 23:07:11
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 09/05/2017 19:25:36:


A Bargin!!!! Buy it now more than 10 available!!!

This looks like another case of a trade seller leaving a listing running whilst he has run out of stock but setting the price to a ridiculous level to ensure nobody buys it. Apparently it's cheaper to do that than to close the listing and then restart it when more stock becomes available.

Check the purchase history for the item and you'll see that he sold a few in Aug/Sept 2015 for £15 a go, then some more in December 2015 for £9.99 each and finally more in June/July 2016 at £14 each.

Thread: Women say the funniest things!
04/05/2017 22:36:21
Posted by PatMc on 04/05/2017 21:41:51:

Come the day I got a nicely wrapped copy of the Newcastle area A to Z. crook

I think I've still got one of those somewhere, Pat. It's got to be nearly 40 years old though!

My current satnav is 7 years out-of-date, and that's bad enough... Last time I was up in NE26-land it thought I was driving across fields when heading for Earsdon from the A19.

Thread: Happy Star Wars Day!
04/05/2017 20:44:45

May the fourth be with you. nerd

Thread: video of Vampire jet tearing up runway
02/05/2017 20:12:12
Posted by ken anderson. on 02/05/2017 14:35:59:

eek-that must be a council owned runway to fall apart like that......wonder where he went to land again?

ken Anderson ne...1... .. flying vandals dept.

I don't think Halfpenny Green airfield is council-owned.

But North Weald airfield (mentioned by Essjay in the post before yours) certainly is - Epping Forest District Council have owned it for not far short of 40 years now.

Thread: What's flying over your Beach?
01/05/2017 11:25:05

Not that particular one, but I had an aerobatic flight in an RV-8 last year. Loops, rolls, stall turn, Derry turn and a spin. I don't think we did a Cuban. All rather different when you're sitting in the aircraft rather than watching it from the ground!

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
30/04/2017 20:46:13

And so the overall standings look like this;

Championship Standings

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Bernies Big Brown Envelope serepton PRO 573
2 iqon racing iqon racing 543
3 Revers Racing Pete B 525
4 Pitts Specials john stones 514
5 VBT Racing Yorik 505
6 FalconFormulaOne Tony Hamer 502
7 Slopeflyers F1 jimbo32010 467
8 Essex Racing Tony Clark 460
9 Mannschaft Carl Brotherton 457
10 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 454
11 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 447
12 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 446
13 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 439
14 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 432
15 teewrex John Tee 299

Bigbubba holds on to the lead with iqon in second and Pete in third. My race to the foot of the table continues...

Next up is Spain in two weeks time. I'm off to do my predictions now in case I have a repeat of Bahrain... embarrassed

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