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Thread: Dynam PBY
28/06/2017 18:03:30

Awesome looking Cat that Mike.

+1 for the pipe cleaners and Blu-tack - I have been using them for years and also use cling film to mask off the areas not to be painted.

Here's my TA-4K Skyhawk:**LINK**

Thread: Slingsby T67
25/06/2017 22:00:28

That Traplet one is probably pretty close, maybe you could shoehorn it in with a bit of trimming.


Edited By KiwiKid on 25/06/2017 22:06:14

Thread: G-FOUR
25/06/2017 17:16:18
Posted by cymaz on 25/06/2017 16:54:13:

I noticed some one was asking how to paint the inside of canopies....but I can't find it on the site. Can some one point me in the right direction please?

Yonder? **LINK**

25/06/2017 01:28:31
Posted by cymaz on 24/06/2017 20:15:52:

How about "Anteater Airlines"??dont know

Love that! It's best to poke fun at yourself - before someone else does.laugh

How about Aardvark Airways. The model looks like a classic bush plane, which are usually done up in bright colours - to assist with finding the crash site.

Very interesting and fun project.


Thread: Hot Hot Hot
22/06/2017 00:52:57

Enjoy it while ya got it - the days are getting shorter laugh


Thread: EDF TA-4K Skyhawk
20/06/2017 07:23:51

Thanks stuey - it was a fun build. Like building a scale plastic model that you get to fly (and crash) laugh

18/06/2017 07:14:43

Back in the day the RNZAF had a very rowdy air combat wing comprised of a bunch of A-4K Skyhawks. They were a pretty old airframe, but had been upgraded with state of the art electronics designed for the F-16. They were great air show performers, but never fired a shot in anger and our government of the day in 2002 decided to can them. Very painful for aviation enthusiasts, but in hindsight saved the country billions of $$$ over the ensuing years and helped us cope a bit better when the hairy legged WWFC turned up a few years later.

Anyways, in remembrance of the air combat wing, I built an EDF Skyhawk about 8 years ago and have my own little airshow from time to time. The model is done up as NZ2654, one of the TA-4K trainers. She's on her second motor and third fan unit. The modern 10 or 12 blade fans work really well and another resulting development is that they are much quieter than the earlier fan units meaning they are more user friendly for park flying and sound more like jets than an overamped vacuum cleaner.


a4 paint.jpg



Here's a recent vid of some park flying down at my local park. You can hear the difference in the fan units as the ground shots are with the older fan unit.


Thread: Bwlchfest 2017 - A Fly for Fun slope soaring event in S Wales
15/06/2017 21:32:36

Really enjoyed your commentary and pics Steve - some great shots there. Sweet that Andy's Fox survived the maiden launch oopsie - that was one of those "you had one job to do" moments.

Edited By KiwiKid on 15/06/2017 21:33:07

Thread: Spitfire takeoff accident at french airshow
12/06/2017 12:39:04

I think that is actually the prop kicking up the dirt. If you watch this vid on full screen you see better what happened (and the prop blades flying off)

12/06/2017 07:35:10

Indeed and it worked well. As you can see in the screen grab cover shot of the first vid, that area was subject to some significant bending forces for a moment.

spit crash2.jpg

11/06/2017 22:53:01
Posted by Martin Whybrow on 11/06/2017 21:04:28:

Looks like he wasn't holding up elevator until the prop hit the ground, very strange.

That does appear to be the case - pilot is OK, but injured and being treated in hospital. One young spectator injured also.


spit crash.jpg

Edited By KiwiKid on 11/06/2017 23:00:34

11/06/2017 22:34:38

A view from further back - so so lucky the main fuel tank in front of the cockpit did not rupture.

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2017
08/06/2017 11:13:32

Just make sure that Shona understands the sleeping arrangements smiley

slopefest tent2.jpg

08/06/2017 05:27:09

Really enjoyed the pics and write up Phil - you do a fantastic job of both. Loved those BUFFS - I have one maybe half built.

I am sure everyone appreciates the time, effort and leadership you provide to the PSS brotherhood.

Thread: P.1174 Free Plan Aug.'16.
06/06/2017 01:33:10

Gosh that is a rare one - I had to look it up. I take it this is it.

p1174 canard.jpg

Awesome looking model. I love deltas and built a Stormfighter a few years back - she's a great flier.


Would be great to see pics from you both as the builds progress.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
05/06/2017 00:22:44

I have always been fascinated by Luft '46 concept planes. Most of them were a bit dodgey given the tech at the time, but a number have been successfully built as RC models. There are only a couple of expensive kits around, so it is pretty much make your own. Here's a half way house type of model I knocked up starting with the X8 FPV ship. It's the sort of thing I think Blohm und Voss would have come up with if they had had enough time.




Edited By KiwiKid on 05/06/2017 00:50:51

Thread: Largest plane in the world
05/06/2017 00:06:09

The concept is also vulnerable to technological advances. The plan is to launch up to three rockets in a single flight. This model should allow it to avoid bad weather & reach different orbits in a single flight, but it's limited to low Earth orbit & very small payloads. The problem is they're still throwing away the rocket when a fully reusable rocket is coming increasingly closer to reality. By their forecasted 1st launch many years hence, a Falcon heavy could technically achieve full reuse for small LEO payloads. The need for a gigantic airplane launching expendable rockets for these payloads would then be much less viable.

04/06/2017 08:08:38

I guess someone (probably in Germany) will take it on as an RC modelling project one day.

Blohm und Voss had a similar concept float plane called the Bv 222 Zwilling, but it (probably fortunately) never got of the drawing board.


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2017
02/06/2017 11:01:55
Posted by Andy Meade on 01/06/2017 11:50:23:

I'm afraid not Matt, I'm only an amateur using amateur equipment frown

Awesome pics Andy - take no notice of Mr Grumpy.

Those shots of your Vulcan are outstanding - superbly scale. I was very pleased to learn that it wasn't your Vulcan that had the midair with the Lanc.

Thread: Release system
30/05/2017 11:28:35

Hi Michael, here's a link to a commercial product marketed by Esprit: **LINK**

They provide some rather detailed instructions which shows how it works utilising a tow release and could probably help you scratch build something similar.

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