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Thread: Check on power calculation
21/06/2017 23:33:55

I'm afraid it doesn't quite work like that John! I wish it did, it would be much easier!

We can't say "well 35C is so many amps, so at X volts that's a certain amount of power".

How much power the system will deliver is a function of how the wholes system works together -but perhaps the single most important element surprisingly is not the motor, the battery or the ESC - its the prop.

The motor's kV value - and the battery supply voltage - will determine the speed the prop will try to rotate at full power. The pitch/diameter of the prop in turn will determine how much power is needed to do that.

We can, generally speaking, select components to give us a target current/voltage combination that will have the capacity to deliver enough power - I recently wrote an article in the mag covering how to do this - but it's much harder to answer the question "how much power will I get from a specific set up" - in the end, in my experience, only a power meter can really answer that! In practice many people (me included!) use the power meter, alongside a selection of props, to finalise and optimise the actual power output.


Thread: FORE!
20/06/2017 20:56:52

Well no, we can't have German Aircraft landing on the green, I mean by Jove what would the committee say? It just isn't the British way chaps.

BEB wink 2

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Thread: 'Drones' at he America's Cup
20/06/2017 04:25:17

I was interested to note that during the recent coverage of the Giro d'Italia cycle race dependency was still pretty much 100% on helicopters for aerial shots as far as I could tell. I think the reason for this is that bike racing tends to take place over "A to B" with the two places often being over 100 miles apart. This is well beyond the range of any commercial drone in regular use today. Is the Americas Cup different - in that the racing takes place over a well defined circuit in a relatively small area? If so that would be much more conducive to the use of drones.


Thread: Alternative to Spektrum
20/06/2017 04:19:11
Posted by Donald Fry on 19/06/2017 23:44:25:

I've always found Spektrum to be a reasonable radio system. When you get stuck, BEB normally knows the answers.

LOL! But not for Spekky Donald!


PS For what it' worth though, I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of Specktrum gear - it's always given me the impression of being reliable kit. But TBH I think you can say that of pretty well all the major brands now and most of the less well known as well. Integreted electronic packages and modern automated manufacture and test/inspection leads to high reliability generally speaking.

Thread: FORE!
19/06/2017 22:45:20



Thread: Alternative to Spektrum
19/06/2017 22:44:30

I am not an anorak - I'm just someone prepared to read the manual - yeap novel I kmow!


19/06/2017 20:11:01
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 19/06/2017 08:18:09:
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 18/06/2017 23:54:42:

Well, you may have no trouble Dave but I do not as yet use Companion since I need to learn how to make changes at the field without lugging a laptop with me. Great system but most of the terms used are totally alien to some of us old gits. Recently had to re-load the audio because it failed on the count down timer for no reason at all.

Most of my models require rather complex programs.

And those complex models are far easier to program then in most other systems - even without companion, once you forget how other systems program it becomes easy, very easy.....

I think Dave hits the nail firmly on the head here. In my experience most people who find OpenTx difficult do so because they seem to have trouble "letting go" of their pre-conceptions.

OpenTx is not like a menu driven system - it is fundamentally and conceptually different. If you approach it just as another Tx you will struggle - because it simply won't respond to you in the way you are expecting. But, if you are prepared to just take a step back, accept this is something different that you will have to learn from the ground up, then you will make very rapid progress. Nearly everyone I know who had taken that approach has not only been successful in mastering OpenTx, what is much more they will tell you that once you "get it" it's actually very much easier than any menu driven system in many cases - and the more complex the set up you are trying to achieve, the bigger the advantage (in terms of ease of doing it) OpenTx has. And no, none of them have degrees in computer programming!

If you think about it for a moment we can understand why OpenTx is easier with complex set-ups than a more conventional menu driven system. With the latter you have to work entirely within what the system designer gives you in terms of menu options. A lot of ingenuity is often required to get the system to do something that the designer may not have envisaged it ever doing. This is often difficult and requires counter intuitive thinking sometimes. In contrast OpenTx makes no such assumptions about what you want to do - what it effectively gives you are building blocks you'd need for any system - you can assemble these (together with decision making logic structures) to create the system you want - not the system the Tx designer thought you wanted! So there is a lot less "working around" artificial limitations and the fact that "it just wasn't designed to do that".


Thread: FORE!
19/06/2017 19:52:31

Nice bit of flying! Though I bet he found his hands were sweating a bit after he stopped!


Thread: Set up problems
12/06/2017 23:14:08

Hi Olly,

great to hear from you again! Glad you got it sorted. Keep us up to date mate!


Thread: HK mobile site changes
06/06/2017 23:23:13

Ah - by the magic of moderation we can rebuild it!.....


Thread: I uploaded a new icon picture, but nothing has changed?!
06/06/2017 22:33:12

Yeap - its just the page cache Jonathon, its being lazy and simply displaying what it thinks hasn't changed! Clear the cache as Stephen suggests and you should see your new avatar.


Thread: Frsky/Taranis
05/06/2017 19:58:01

I don't think you will regret that decision Martian - I certainly never have. I've been very happy with Taranis for over two years. Top technical spec - way ahead of many others; totally reliable and with an extremely competitive price point. What's not to like?

Ok there is a bit of a learning curve - but in my view thanks to better support (trade and third paty such as Andy above) this has got a lot easier. The key I believe to really getting to grips with Taranis fast is to simply accept, right from the outset, that it is built around a different programming concept. Be prepared to learn from the ground up and you'll learn very fast and easily. But if you come it with a more locked in "traditional" mind set - asking questions like "OK where is the expo menu" etc - you will be confused - cos it it ain't there! OpenTx just doesn't do things that way!

Have fun.Its great kit and once you are on board with the concept - if you're anything like me anyway - you won't be able to imagine going back to the "old way" of doing things! (or not doing them as the case may be!)


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Thread: Opinions wanted about selling
03/06/2017 21:50:18

I agree with Piers when he says that a "going concern" is likely to atrract more interest and ultimately a better price.


Thread: Clubs in Public Spaces and the New EASA Proposals
03/06/2017 21:48:09

An interesting point XL50. I know that, in the context of the ANO simply putting up a notice, or printing a notice on entry tickets to an event for example, or even announcing the use of drones "on stage" so the audience know, does not meet the requirements for a person to be "under your control" and hence eligible to flown within 50m of, the CAA are clear on that point and have explicitly stated so. That's the nearest concrete and definite parallel I can think of to the concept of an "involved person"?


Thread: Unwelcome Visitors
03/06/2017 21:42:48

I'm afraid I havea bit of a "phobia" where flying insects are concerned Malcolm. I wish them no harm at all - but I really can't manage to have them around me!

I checked with the "man" via phone and he assured me that what he intended to do was to relocate my bees elsewhere he was fully on-board with the idea that bees are under pressure at the moment. So he said that unless that proved impossible he would relocate not exterminate.

I was not at home when he came, but Mrs BEB assures me that he was seen going to his van with a netting container with bees in it - so it would he appear that he managed the reloction - well as far as the van anyway!

Long and short for me is my workshop would appear to now be a "bee-free zone"! Excellent as hopefulyl all ended well for all parties - including the bee-man who is £85 richer!


Thread: Clubs in Public Spaces and the New EASA Proposals
03/06/2017 06:26:05

What you have to remember Chris is that we are not all in the same boat! What these distances might turn out to be is vitally important to a club such as the one I belong to. As I have said we do not all fly in rural areas - some of us (many of us?) are in built up areas, in or near the edges of towns and cities. I don't expect a precise answer, but a guideline figure, and an outline of the factors effecting it, is I believe necessary for intelligent and meaningful feedback/consultation. You see, if the distance is of the order of 0.5 to 1km we probably don't have a problem. But if its more like 5km, then I suggest a great many clubs will have a major problem. Is it so unreasonable that, prior to providing consultation feedback, we should seek to know which end of that scale EASA are thinking in terms of? I don't believe it is.

You say club/society/association its all the same - no I don't believe so. If my club has to make an individual submission to, say CAA, and the rules are based around a default of A3 for example, we stand no chance at all of remaining in operation. But if the basis is instead simply BMFA making an assessment, then things are very different. We have been a successful, safe, club operating under BMFA affiliation for a long time - our approval under those rules might be little more than a "rubber stamp" given our track record. So, perhaps you can now see why I am so keen to know.

It could well be that all this will come out fine. Actually, I believe that is most probably the case believe it or not!.And it could be that "club or association" does indeed mean the likes of BMFA - in which case no one will be happier than me. But every one who says those thengs are so at present is only speculating - they don't actually know. But please try to understand that these things are so crucial to a club such as mine, our very existence depends on them, that we cannot leave them to such chance and speculation. If the worse case scenario is in EASA's mind then we must issue a very strong defence now, voicing our objections and evidencing our argument with our track record and current procedures. if we wait until ratification that will be too late - the die will be cast. If however, these things are not in EASA's plans and the distances/rules are fine we will not object to them! Surely it cannot be wrong to at least try to know which is the case?

I certainly don't call this splitting hairs - and if your ability to continue to pursue the hobby depended on it neither would you!


Thread: It makes me so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/06/2017 22:49:09

Very frustrating!!


Thread: Clubs in Public Spaces and the New EASA Proposals
02/06/2017 20:33:26
Posted by Steve J on 02/06/2017 19:34:34:
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 02/06/2017 15:25:54:

could argue that BMFA do not "conduct sport or leisure activities" at my flying field - my club however do!

The BMFA fits the definition in the NPA and, assuming that your club is affiliated to the BMFA, everybody who flies at your club is a member of the BMFA.


Actually Steve, come to think of it, I'm not so sure! The BMFA - as I stated (at least as currently constituted) do bot in any way meaningfully conduct/regulate/control, whatever, flying at my club - affiliated or not. The BMFA Handbook only has the status of guidance - not rules. So they influence - that's all. OK a good influence, yes; but still only influence. The rules we fly under are club rules - as I suggest is the case in nearly every club around the country. To fully satisfy the conditions of the NPA I think the role of BMFA (and hence its constitution) would have to significantly change - which is what I mean when I say "BMFA may not want to". They would go from being a "representative and lobbying body" to being (at least in part) something more approaching a co-ordinating/regulatory/overseeing body. That's a very different role from their present one. Interestingly, it is closer I think to the role the LMA seem to adopt - but that's a side issue for many on here.

But OK - even if you can "shoehorn" them into the "definition" (ha! some definition!) it still doesn't answer my question - just because they could fit the bill doesn't mean that is what EASA intend - ithat would only be speculation. So where's the problem in at least trying to find out what they do actually intend the term to mean - which maybe what you suggest - and it may not.


02/06/2017 20:06:16


1. I understand how the BMFA works, thank you.

2. My club is actually legally constituted as a society - just to complicate matters not a club, although it is affliated.

3. I have already stated that I agree BFMA would fit the description, but,...a) there is no guarentee they want to, b) so does my club/society.

4. I am aware of the extract above - as I am of all the others you so diligently post. But, as is often the caae with the extracts you select it avoids rather than answers the question. That extract still does not define what a safe distance is, it just says they recognise its dependent on the performance of the UAV in question. That begs the question, not answers it. Dependent in what manner, to what degree, what is the quantifiable link between performance criteriua and distance - after all my "reasonable view" on that may differ considerably from someone else's with a different experince base. M point here is that a guideline distance - as issued by CAA for the ANO in onnection with VLOS - is needed, but absent.


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02/06/2017 15:50:08

My club is in a urban area Chris! As are a fair number around the country. I think what you say is true of soaring sites - but less true of powered flight sites.

As you have said quite correctly yourself on the other thread, distance from congested areas (as invoked in A3 for example) is not defined in any way. You could argue that hardly anywhere in England is really that far from congested areas. It maybe true in Scotland and parts of Wales, but here in the North West of England it feels quite congested almost everywhere! I know the working definitions of "congested" as they apply to the ANO and have used them in planning commefcial flights - but again it would only be an assumption on my part to believe they would apply unchanged to the proposals in the NPA.


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 02/06/2017 15:51:14

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