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Thread: my new full range 16 channel Rx is a bit big!
20/10/2017 18:42:23

A lot of the size of modern Rx's is dictated by the need to provide rows of servo pin-outs - there are by far the largest item. This why most of FrSky's Rx's are the same 16, or even 32 channel Rx at the core, but only sport, say, 8 servo connections - the others being accessable via S-bus. This one is the logical end point of that I guess - just one output carrying all channels via S-bus!

Neat and tiny


Thread: Good movie to watch on BBC TWO 13.00 and later on on BBC i-player.
15/10/2017 20:42:51

Yeap, I have this on DVD - very good film!


Thread: Greetings
15/10/2017 20:33:43

Hi Monty, modelling friends from across the seas are always welcome!


Thread: **NEW POLL** - Did you start with ARTF and move to building from kits or vice versa?
12/10/2017 15:32:15

What about those that started with Kits/Plans and moved to ARTF, at least as part of the mix? Mmmm?


Thread: My Hermes
12/10/2017 13:17:23
Posted by john stones 1 on 12/10/2017 11:59:35:
Posted by John Tee on 12/10/2017 11:43:35:

From the other side, many years ago(over 10) my wife was a courier for mail order firms and got 50p per parcel. She had a country round which was well spread out and took a lot of time somedays to get round. If no-one was in she would leave a card and then get a call from the firm telling her she had to deliver that day even up to 10pm. After 2 years she told them what to do.


I've done multi drop, (pre sat nav days) it can be stressful chasing a clock when traffic messes you up, some doors have no number or just names, which you don't have on your sheet, street sign are missing or covered by a tree/hedge/vehicle, some days are a nightmare no matter how hard you try.

This is the sort of response we got on the other thread as well - basically "consider the poor courier, it's a very tough job." I don't doubt it, I'm sure the companies are ruthless. But that isn't really my problem is it?

I am offered a service - "pay this much get delivery at this time, pay a bit extra get earlier delivery". So I pay the extra. Then, when it doesn't arrive on time, as paid for, which it frequently doesn't, am I suppose to to just say "Ah well, they are very busy, I have a lot of sympathy with them, never mind"? I don't think so! And what is worse, to weddle out of any liability they lie (yes, let's call a spade a spade), they lie and try to claim it was my fault they couldn't deliver, when in reality they made no attempt whatsoever to deliver my parcel that day.

Remember, this timescale they have failed to meet is not of my design - it is service they offered me, I paid for and didn't get. Not just once, but many times.

Can you imagine any other aspect of life where we would just accept this? Suppose you went to a restaurant and it said steak was on the menu, but for a bit extra you could have fillet steak. So you order the fillet steak, and pay the extra. Now, suppose the waiter comes along and says: "Sorry about this, but the chef is really busy, and he's not paid very much. You have to feel sorry for him. So, its going to be just meat and potato pie and chips I'm afraid - but of course we'll still charge you for fillet steak because while you were at the toilet just now we did bring a fillet steak along - but you missed it."

Would you accept that? Its OK, I think I know the answer to that one! So why do we routinely take it from couriers - pay for one service - get another one defended by a cock and bull story that we know is false?


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 12/10/2017 13:19:39

11/10/2017 21:07:53

Well, if they had had the wrong address for me then the remarkable thing is they had the right address the next day without me telling them - strange eh?


11/10/2017 20:44:23

I had exactly the same experience with DPD. Waited in, tracked Mark - 'my driver' - all over the place. Got excited when he was 10 mins away!!!! Four of us in the house - all on stand by, thing I know I have an email telling me that I'm not in and so they couldn't deliver!

A word springs to mind - it rhymes with "buyer", "tire" and "fire" etc.!

I was doubly annoyed - I had actually paid extra for next day delivery! Perhaps this sort of incident explains why, on another thread, I appear to have little sysmpathy for couriers.


Thread: Twin Otter - Electric Twin from Anton Eisele Plan
08/10/2017 22:57:22

Nice neat work, good start!


Thread: What has happened to Traplet?
08/10/2017 22:00:09

Yes - we don't need yet another thread on this - so let's close this one and folks can contiribute to one of the existing - already very long! - threads.


Thread: Twin Otter - Electric Twin from Anton Eisele Plan
07/10/2017 20:12:52

Very interesting - I sahll be following.

I have the Hangar 9 Twin Otter ARTF and I can cinfirm that it is indeed a very good fyyer. It is electric powered and runs off two 4s 5000 mAh Lipos very well.The high aspect ratio wing, with large high deployment flaps, make slow speed flying a dream and making final aproaches into a slight breeze is great fun - and totally safe down to ridiculously low airspeeds.

One small issue with the model - and I have heard others say this about the Otter - it can come out a bit tail heavy. Mine has about 6 oz of lead shot epoxied into the nose cone to give a good solid CoG position - maybe just one to think about whilst you are building?

I have adapted the working side door on mine so it can be opened with a servo and drop 4 "paracutists" - great fun and always pleases spectators - through a I did have a dog run off with one of my "little men" on one occassion!


Thread: Horizon Hobbies
07/10/2017 18:10:55

I have deliberately kept out of this debate - not wishing to intrude on "family grief"' as it were. wink 2

I do own a Spektrum Tx but only for BnF indoor stuff and since I managed to purchase a Spekky module for my Taranis I don't even use that any more. But I woukd kike to make the following observation - I am completely and utterly at a loss to understand what on earth HH are doing!

In Specktrum, no matter what else you may have thought of them, they had a 1st class brand name. As Erf says, the price was right, the kit was high spec (for the price) and although it did seem to have a rather high number of issues two factors needed to be taken into account:

a) many of its users were very new to the hobby and as is the way with those new to the hobby that installation and set up errors are frequent and you can't really blame the Tx for them!

b) customer service was absolutely examplary! Turn round was fast, whole Tx's (or at least major components like main boards etc.) were changed without question and at no cost. Incredible.

All of this meant that over the last 3 years virtually every beginner I have instructed has a Spektrum TX and buddy box. Many of the "old hands" in the club were also Spektrum users - it was without doubt the most common single make. Our own surveys confirmed this with Spektrum rapidly passing all other brands and displacing Futaba off the number one slot.

But HH seem to be prepared to lose all that - unbelievable. To have market domination in your hand and then to just apparently throw it away!

I really hope that Al's manage to salvage Spektrum's reputation - OK, personally I'm a FrSky man, but they need competition to keep them on their toes - it certainly doesn't look like that competition is going to come from the likes of Futaba or JR, both of whom are frankly miles behind the curve now in my estimation. Nor is it likely to come from makes such as Jeti and Multiplex - both of whom are on the front line but seem happy to just appeal to a very narrow and select market. No, we need Spektrum to be back where they should be - pushing the outside of the envelop along with FrSky and, not only in technological terms but in reliability and customer support as well. Let's hope that happens because that's in the interests of the hobby, overall.


Thread: Taranis or JR
07/10/2017 11:39:24

Nice fast swap and everyone happy! That's what we like to see smile


Thread: model shop service
06/10/2017 22:49:13

Let's try not to get too side tracked here eh chaps. The principal line of the topic is the good service offered by the shop - not how it is referred too on here - I think weve exercised that particualr side-show well now don't you?


Thread: Ain't life wierd .....
03/10/2017 20:01:24

John is an aeromodeller, that means he can do anything, he has "super powers"!

Never undersestimate an aeromodeller of many years standing - or even sitting,


Thread: Pyramid Models One : Royal Mail Nil
02/10/2017 20:27:22

I have a regular monthly delivery of some stuff by UPS. Each time they send me an email saying somene will have to sign for the package. Over nearly two years of this I have never met anyone from UPS! I always simply find the parcel in the porch! I have been there on many occassions, I have never detected them in the act of making the delivery!

Seems I'm not the only person with this view of them,....I love this, it says it all!



02/10/2017 18:02:33

My problems have been not so much with the postman although I don't recognise this ideal, 1950's "St Mary-Mead character" you chaps describe. I don't think we get the same postman two days running and, going by the fact that we regularly get other people's mail, I can only assume that many of the them are challenged in the reading department. Having said that the redistribution of the mail that we residents do each morning has definitely brought us all closer together as a community - perhaps that's his plan?

No, my issues are mainly with that part of Royal Fail that trades under the name of Parcel Farce - I shiver at the mere mention of the name!


02/10/2017 14:02:20

Yes definitely "beyond the call of duty" stuff from Pyramid - well done them!

Royal Fail? Don't get me started,.....


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 02/10/2017 14:03:32

Thread: Heads Up
30/09/2017 20:38:21

Er,....I have deactivated the link in the post above - just in case someone clicks it!


30/09/2017 07:21:34



29/09/2017 21:40:41

No need to apologise Harry - good post with useful info.


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