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Thread: New Spektrum protocol?
21/02/2018 23:14:17

Having said that Matty, and I'd broadly agree with you, nothing would surprise me where HH are concerned at the moment!


Thread: Own Design 2m F3A Model
20/02/2018 23:05:00

Interesting that - one wing being nearly 10% heavier than the other??? Wood density? A bit generous with the glue? Just shows you.

Lovely work all round though.


Thread: Solar Film & Solar Tex
20/02/2018 22:59:48

There is already an extensive thread on this here.

We'll close this thread as we don't want two separate threads on the same subject!


Thread: What are the rules?
19/02/2018 20:38:59

For most of us yes smile


Thread: April fooled
19/02/2018 20:30:58

One tenor - read my post on the original thread I think this might explain things to you! You just thought there was more into it than was there mate. Nothing was removed,...


Thread: What are the rules?
19/02/2018 20:23:58

David - I'm full aware of the physics. And I can understand it.

The example you give are not flying, actually they are falling along a parabolic path. So you're quite right - if I throw a rock out of the window its doesn't need lift!

I stick to my statement a heavier that air aircraft cannot stay in the air without lift gained fron somewhere.


19/02/2018 19:40:20

Sorry David but I'm not incorrect. The lift is whatever force is opposing the weight - however it generated, wing, rotor, makes no difference. Lift does not have to be aerodynamically generated true, but its still lift.

To state that any heavier than air aircraft can stay in the air without lift is just nonsense liable to confuse people. Sorry but that's the bottom line.


Thread: Model Black Box
19/02/2018 18:02:48
Posted by Andy48 on 19/02/2018 17:49:53:
Posted by Chris Walby on 19/02/2018 16:10:51:

BEB, I see your point about logging everything in the TX, but is it logging the TX command to operate the elevator servo or is it logging the RX output to the servo?

This is not foolproof. Even if the Rx output to the servo is logged, it does not actually tell you what the response of the servo was.

Agreed, but if you log the current to the servos you can have a pretty good idea what happened, if they were loaded, unloaded or overloaded. My point was that yes you can instrumentate a model to death and "know" everything. But its going to be very expensive and very complex. Or you can measure a smaller number of key parameters quite cheaply and apply a little intellegence and knowledge and be 99% sure what happened. That'll do for me - I'm not the AAIB. wink 2


Thread: What are the rules?
19/02/2018 17:53:02
Posted by David Mellor on 19/02/2018 16:49:03:

And....whilst it can be a good idea to create lift equal to the weight, it is by no means necessary and some designs will stay in the air with no lift and no forward speed. But they, of course, rely on pure thrust (3-D planes and flat LAR wings working in post-stalled condition, often at ludicrously high alpha).

In that case the thrust is not thrust - its lift. Heavier than air aircraft cannot stay in the air with no lift. Period.

The lift may not be from a classical wing - but if it is the force opposing the weight then it is the lift - whereever its coming from!

In the case of a helicopter/MR - it still has lift - via a rotary wing that's all.


Thread: Model Black Box
19/02/2018 16:34:32

Sorry Chris - I didn't mean to come across all negative - I'm just genuinely at a loss as to why you would want that level of data? I would have thought that a log of the following taken say 10 times per second would answer 99% of all questions:

Motor current - if electric powered,

Engine rpm if IC,

Servo current

Accumated mAh used from main and servo batteries

GPS position


Yes, sure its possible to have more - but do we need them? The above would enable us to deduce; power system failure, battery exhaustion or malfunction, servos jammed or not under load, path of the model (including a reasonable estimate of height), control signal strength and status. All that is available via current telelmetry. And if Tx logged you have that data - whatever happens - even if the model flies away and is never seen again or plunges into the depths of the sea!


19/02/2018 14:13:20

Why would we want a black box in the model? With the system I use for example I can data log onot an SD card just about anything I want to on the Tx via the telemetry real time during the flight. So, sensors in the model yes - but data logging can be ground based. Saves weight and a little complexity.


Thread: What are the rules?
19/02/2018 14:09:37

Its has to able to generate more lift than it weighs. That's it, no other rules!


Thread: Swift 82
18/02/2018 23:18:54

Really taking shape now, nice work. And I see you have bled on it - always a guarentee of sucess that! I have bled at one time or another on all my most sucessful builds! smile


Thread: Hobby Craft
17/02/2018 11:15:04

Yes, I have one of these near me and you're right they are an Aladin's Cave of useful little bits and pieces. Well worth a browse.


Thread: Open tx 2.2
17/02/2018 11:11:08

Robert, two questions:

1. Do you mean "throttle trim lever" - ie the the litlle rocker switch next to the throtlle stick - or do you mean the throtlle stick itself?

2. Is this model electric powered? If so, and if the answer to my first question is "throttle stick", then what this sounds like is an ESC calibration issue - easily fixed if it is the problem.

So, if you can answer the questions above - I think we can help!


Thread: Excerpt from Aero modeller 1971
17/02/2018 10:56:55
Posted by onetenor on 16/02/2018 13:03:39:

Well I didn't think the mods would do that.I never got a chance to read it. Spoilsports. I'll have to dig through and see if I did get it. I should have done but don't recall.

You didn't think the Mods would do what precisely? "Spoilsports" why?

As far as I am aware, no one has done anything to this thread - for the very good reason that it doesn't breech the CoC. BBC quotes what he wants to quote in full, there was no link, there was no further text.

So what exactly are you on about may I ask? Or have you just bought a random old magazine because you think there is more to it? Methinks you are destined to be disappointed!


Thread: Proposed new drone legislation/registration
16/02/2018 15:24:55

Remeber those draft regs are the "full hit" aimed at commercial operators and commercial drone manufacturers - the critical bit for our purposes is GM1 Article 6 on page 7 - which basically says we can get exemption from most of it!

I'm now wondering now how this might work - just idle curosity! Is it possible that BMFA might be able to come up with a sort of recommended "off the shelf" package of exemptions we all apply for? Or indeed could they apply for the excemptions centrally on our behalf as affliated clubs - provided of course that each club's operational rules are built to BMFA's prototype - e.g. an implemented version of the handbook. The problem with that though is that some (many?) clubs will have particular local issues that they need excemption for - how would blanket set of exemptions deal with that? I really can't see CAA wanting to see an individual application from every club - they definitely don't want that level of intervention and work! Obviously we'll just have to wait and see,....


15/02/2018 21:31:02

Steve's question goes to the heart of the current situation. As I have already stated I think this is the best result we could possibly have hoped for. The truth is, basically, we have won! We should be celebrating. Thanks to the efforts of the National Orginisations and those individuals who contirbuted EASA have pulled back on just about every point we contested.

OK, "many a slip" and all that and there are i's to be dotted and t's to be crossed. Most importantly, the politicians still have to get hold of this Technical Opinion and turn it into law and the capacity exists for them to foul up doing that TBH. But hopefully, they won't and we will have what it very much looks like we will have - ie being allowed to more or less do what we were doing before, but with a little more admin and and few extra regs to respect. It could have been much, much, worse; why not try to take some pleasure in that thought?


Thread: Solarfilm
15/02/2018 14:34:59

I have only ever covered with doped nylon once in my life - I was 12 years old, was a disaster!


14/02/2018 20:46:13

This thread has moved into "silly land" - at least in parts.

So, to be crystal clear, the poltical nonsense stops right now. Anyone who thinks they can have "just one more jab" - I suggest you think again as we will act on any such action.

For now we will leave te thread open to see if it can come back to a common sense discussion of what modelling and building issues etc. might exist around the demise of Solarfilm.

Thanks you for your co-operation.


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