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Thread: Aeromodellers or model flyers?
30/04/2017 14:06:48

Does it matter at all? sarcastic 2


Thread: Theft From Cars...
23/04/2017 11:23:56

Very annoying. We have been having a related problem - kids on scrambler bikes riding over the strip. Any attempt to reason with them doews not, as you might imagine, elicit a positive reaction!


Thread: drone footage
23/04/2017 11:20:34
Posted by John Privett on 23/04/2017 10:49:26:

Oh dear! Almost all are being flown in places that are either 'inappropriate' (over buildings/congested areas) or inadvisable (over water with a low battery, in dense trees looking where you've been, not where you're going!)

And I guess pretty well all of them outside of the UK I'm pleased to say! Having flown, and sent teams to fly, abroad I can tell you that outside of Europe, the USA and Austrialia/New Zealand most of the world is totally unregulated where drone flying is concerned and has not even thouight of an education/information programme. And so this is the sort of thing you get. Sadly there are some very stupid people in the world and left entirely to their own devices, without regulation or guidance, they will revert to type and do very stupid things!


Thread: Combat robot
21/04/2017 22:42:08

I think Martyn K is interested in robots and builds them (as well as model aircraft!) if he look in he may be able to help. If not we can probably work out a solution if we know a bit more about the kit he's using.


21/04/2017 21:13:22

HI Kolton,

We'd need a bit more technical detail to answer authoratively. Can you tell us the following:

1. Are the motors brushless?

2. Are you just using a single speed controller?


Thread: Irresponsible ' drone' retailers
18/04/2017 23:37:47


there are ocassions when you simply have to accept that the "other guy" has a different opinion from yours. I think this is one such occassion.

This argument has run its course now. Everyone has had ample opportunity to express their views. Neither side is going to "win" as the other holds their views equally strongly. So let's move on please from this rather sterile debate.



Thread: Horizon Hobbies
15/04/2017 16:19:50
Posted by Ernie on 15/04/2017 15:31:48:

......Maybe I should send them a link


Only if some people posting on here have the telephone number of a very good lawyer!


Thread: Dynamic Soaring World Record 519mph
14/04/2017 15:34:38


Gordon Bennett!!


Thread: Mental aberration
09/04/2017 22:49:33

We all have those moments Geoff - I really wouldn't worry about it too much! Its all part of life's rich tapestry!


Thread: A + B Tests
05/04/2017 11:32:32

Re B's for displays: Its only a recommendation John - legally you don't need any qualiication. test pass or anything to fly in public. Insurance companies covering events may put their own conditions in place, as may organisers, but that's a purely local matter.

On the toipic of two examiners for the B - I'm sorry, but I think you all have it wrong chaps - it all about "grivitas". The BMFA obviously feel a B-test should have a sense of event. There's not much sense of event with just one, half frozen to death, examiner huddled into his anarak is there? No. But two, standing majestically side by side, equiped with clip boards and serious expression; exchanging high level deliberations in hushed tones, now that has a sense of occassion!


Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
03/04/2017 14:12:10

Oh dear,....that one almost hurt!


Thread: Somebody crashed a model plane in to the side of my house
03/04/2017 01:28:46
Yes John, that maybe a BMFA "rule", but it's not the law, it only has the status of "guidance". You cannot be prosecuted, nor seek legal redress for failing to follow the advice of a private body!
03/04/2017 00:06:13

Rich2 makes an interesting point I overlooked. While it is not generally illegal for him to over fly property that is not his, it is illegal for him to take off from it, or land on it, without the owner's permission. I assume he is taking off and landing on his own land? If not, then this is another issue for him.


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 03/04/2017 00:06:45

Thread: Is it Murphy's law
02/04/2017 23:26:33

Oh its worse than that in my experience ASH!

How many of us have used a tool, or handled an item (screw etc.), then literally 2 minutes later can't find it!

Surely it must be on the bench - near the front - on top - for heavens sake its only moments since you had it!!! But can you find it? Can you hell!

The only solution is to completely tidy the bench. You will then find it - right in front of you, in the first place you looked for it - only, mysteriously, it wasn't there then?


Thread: Somebody crashed a model plane in to the side of my house
02/04/2017 22:54:49

Hello Amanda - and welcome.

Firstly I am sorry you have had this experience and I'd like to reassure you that the vast majority of modellers pursue their hobby with care and due consideration of the law and their fellow citizens.

To try to answer your questions:

1. The legal situation is quite complex. Under the Air Navigation Order 2016 there is legal requirement on all pilots - including those of model aircraft - not to endanger people or property by flying without due care. Prosecutions under this law can only be undertaken by the UK-CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and/or the police. To be honest though, in the circumstances your describe, I suspect it would be difficult to prove endangerment via either willful or negligent actions to a sufficient level to succeed in a prosecution. The pilot would seek to defend himself by saying it was simply "an accident" he could not have reasonably foreseen and that he took all reasonable precautions.

2. You ask if it is illegal for him to fly over your house? This depends. In a "congested area" such as a town, or even a village, it certainly would be. However you describe the area as "rural". That being the case it is not automatically illegal for him to fly over your property I'm afraid. It may surprise you but we have no rights over the airspace above our property. However, having said that, repeatedly flying over property, especially of done at low level - could be viewed as unreasonable if not necessarily illegal. One qualification on this is that if his aircraft has a camera on board then he must not fly within 50m of any person or property not under his control. You do not state if the aircraft was equipped with a camera.

3. You ask about liability for damage. This is 100% his. If he is a reasonable flyer then, like the vast majority of us on here, he will be insured. You should therefore pursue him him for full redress of all your expenses in the matter and his insurers should deal with the matter. Most of us carry over £25m in insurance cover! If he is stupid enough not to be insured then he will have to pay for the repair himself.

I would suggest that your first course of action should be to contact your neighbour. State that you will expect him (or his insurer) to pay for the damage. Further that while you recognise his right to fly his model you would appreciate it and be grateful if he would try not fly over your property. I definitely think this informal friendly approach would be the best starting point. If you can solve this amicably its definitely better foir both of you.

If he seriously baulks at this I would report the matter to the local police - they have responsibilities in this respect due to an agreement between them and CAA - the police are unlikely to prosecute (for the reasons I gave above) but a quiet word from them to your neighbour, if he is being difficult, might just cause him to think and be a bit more co-operative.

I hope this helps you.


Thread: Horizon Hobbies
02/04/2017 21:18:27

Can I just remind everyone - BREXIT is not the topic of this thread and it has been ruled that it is topic outside of the scope of this forum.

Thanks for your help and co-operation with this.


Thread: Warbird C of G
02/04/2017 00:05:16

On most prototypes it will make very little difference. Frankly if it does make a negative impact (compromising stability) then you probably have the CoG too marginal anyway!

If you really must have a "rule" then the sensible one would be "balance the aircraft to put the CoG in the design position in the worst case scenario - ie which ever configuration puts the CoG furthest back" That way the other configuation will move the CoG in the "safe" direction - ie forwards. For the vast majority of types that would mean balancing with the U/C retracted because in most cases lowering the U/C brings the CoG forward.


Thread: FASST and FrSky signal strength
01/04/2017 21:37:24

With FrSky Taranis we have RSSI telemetry which can be data logged. I have done some tests with this at our field. We have a corner of the field that traditionally is known as the "corner of death". A disproportionate number of models have "gone in" in this area. Fortunately it a far flung corner and so it tends to be avoided.

I decided to turn on the RSSI telemetry with data logging and fly a raster sweep pattern around the field to see if I could indeed confirm that the said corner was a low signal zone. The results were very interesting.

1. There was no evidence at all that the signal was on average any lower in the corner in question than any other point ssimilar distance away.

2. Signal strength could vary apparently randomly by 3-6dB with time in the same spot! Bear in mind a 3dB signal strength change equates to approximately a 50% variation!

3. On at least one flight the Rx went into failsafe - and emerged again. I had no idea it had done that - I noticed nothing out of the ordinary flying the model! Now OK - had I been in mid-turn I might have noticed something - but flying straight lines on this raster scan - nothing. The time stamp indicated that the "outage" lasted approximately 2-3 seconds - quite a long time in reality when flying a model!

As Cymaz has suggested it prompts the question how often does this happen and we just don't know the recovery is so good?


Thread: Wings - the tv series
30/03/2017 17:25:31

Yes, I have this box set as well - it is excellent.


Thread: Mavic or Phantom 4 standard
27/03/2017 18:19:20

As you are planning to use the UAV for commercial activity I assume you will obtain a CAA Permit so as be within the law and so insured?


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