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Thread: Another Shop Going?
16/08/2017 15:11:23

That's very good news in these troubled times.


Thread: Flight Time Cut in Half!
14/08/2017 20:43:19

Hi Cliff,

2.5A for 7 minutes is only about 300mAh - that's no where near the capacity of your 1300mAh battery! You certainly shouldn't be down to 9v at that point.

The only thing I can think of, off the top of my head - is a big increase in your battery's internal resistance? How old are the batteries and approximately how many cycles do you think they have done?


Thread: Brown Paper on sheet/laminated
14/08/2017 20:30:15

I've used PolyC with cloth. That was to a solid Balsa wing - one of Nigel Hawes's "planks"! I applied sanding sealer before hand and did not observe any skrinkage or warping. In fact went text boof style. Details here.


PS KC is right check everywhere. I recently received a note saying they had left a parcel in the porch - it turned out it was with my next-door neighbour!

Thread: My Spektrum DX9 transmitter has stopped working.
14/08/2017 20:02:57

Again I'm not a Spektrum expert - but sonme basic checks that might help,...

1. Is there any sign of life - ie dores the screen come on, does any power-on light light up? If not could be battery or power supply duff.

2. As Denis asks above do the Orange lights come on - I understand that if not then as Denis says - RF not transmitting.

3. Check the channel monitors as suggested - nothing there again suggests no RF.

If it's anything more than item 1 - then it needs to go back unless you are really confident in your electronics skills!!

If it's 1. then it would be worth trying a new battery and/or just cycling the battery connection and then giving it a good "wiggle" with the Tx turned on - that may find any dodgy connection. Martin's suggestion about waiting 30-60 secs before reconnecting is also worth a try - sometimes this resets things.


Thread: what is? Isopropyl Alcohol
12/08/2017 22:56:26

Acetone will also remove excess CA - you can buy it in pretty well any pharmacy.


Thread: Marutaka Ju87B
12/08/2017 22:36:35

Repeated posts deleted.

Very nice work Steve!


Thread: I've just acquired
11/08/2017 22:07:18

Oh, nice toy! smile


Thread: Is it Windy?
11/08/2017 22:06:08

I live about 100 yards from the Irish Sea - so I'm used to a bit of wind blowing. But, to answer your question Erf, yes I do feel it has been exceptionally windy this year. Also, like another poster, I have been noticing unusual wind directions. Here the wind is pretty well always WNW to NNW. But this year we have had much more wind broadly from the east than is the norm. And finally I think the nature of the wind is different - we usually have very gusty winds here - lately we have been experiencing steadier, more constant, strong blows.

Of course all this is entirely subjective - just my impressions. I bet the Met people would argue that there is no statistical difference from any other recent year!


Thread: Hi everyone
10/08/2017 19:21:34

This thread continued here


Thread: Flair cub electric conversion
10/08/2017 19:20:15

Hi Keith,


But please don't start multiple threads on the same topic - it confuses the search engines - and the members!! wink 2

I'll leave this one open but I'll close the other - so you get all of your replies in one place.


Thread: what is the difference between a heavy landing and a crash
09/08/2017 15:23:36

The old saying:

Any landing you can walk about from is a good landing. If they can use the aeroplane again it was a brilliant landing"

Feel free to adapt wink 2


Thread: Dunkirk
09/08/2017 15:20:31

I went to see it yesterday. I liked it very much. It's certainly unconventional - but I think it works. The sense of a lack of structure, in terms of simple one thread narrative, fitted well with the fact that in reality I don't suppose that the people involved in the actual event had much sense of it being structured either! It's an unsettling film - the feeling of continuous tension right from the opening and sustained throughout is palpable. But again that is deliberate and no doubt reflects how the characters felt.

I thought the ending - with the Spit landing on the beach - was a bit "corny" - but I can forgive them that!

Over all - yes, a good film I think.


Thread: One of the best birthday presents I've had.
08/08/2017 23:02:03

Happy birthday Braddock! cake


Thread: Dunkirk
08/08/2017 07:43:13

The music plays a very big part in this film, more than in most. As there is less dialogue to convey the feelings and emotions of the characters, so the music has to do it. My son is a musicologist and modern classical composer, he has recently written a blog piece on this. I thought some of you might be interested to read a musician's view of the music in Dunkirk. (Also, Owen is of course from a younger generation - he's 23 - so its interesting to read his perceptions of Dunkirk as an historical event.)

Anyway here is link if you are interested - Dunkirk Music


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 08/08/2017 08:03:23

07/08/2017 16:19:10

while I have a lot of sysmpathy with many of the views expressed here - and indeed share a fair proportion of them. But I can't help but feel that we are not a very represenative audience!

Being who we are and having the interests we do:

1. We certainly know an awful lot more about the avaition aspects than the vast majority of the general public who would watch this film - most of which wouldn't know a He111 if got up a bit them!.

2. The vast majority of us probably know a lot more about the general historical context as well. Almost certainly we would tend to be more knowledgeble on the specific aspects of military history.

The long and short of it is,....the film wasn't made to please and inform the likes of us. Be honest, most of us would much prefer a really good documentary to a film anyday! But it's not a documentary, its a film - a work of fiction, made to entertain, not inform. We like things that inform - we tend to award value to things in relation to how informative and historicially accurate they are. That why we like forums - they are full of information! That being the case this type of film is never going to please most of us.

Unless,....we can for a couple of hours take off our slightly nerdy aviation hats and just have good wallow in a bit of fantasty. Maybe we shouldn't judge it against the history books - instead just accept it for what it is, something designed purely to entertain Jo Public?

Just a thought,....


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 07/08/2017 16:22:02

Thread: Hordes of beautiful women looking for model flying advice
07/08/2017 15:55:12

Just to be clear here; no one is suggesting that you put personal data in your profile. What it is useful to include are:

1. Some idea of your level of experience - been doing this for years, or just started? Maybe did it years ago, life got in the way and now maybe you are a returnee? Let us know.

2. What sort of stuff do you fly? Anything and everything? Mainly medium size sports, or perhaps large scale, etc.

3. Without being specific, whereabouts do you live - just an idea of the region, no more detail than that. So maybe 'the Midlands' or 'the Manchester area' etc.

4. It can be useful for other forumites to have some idea of what sort of thing you do to earn a crust and what other hobbies and interests you have. If I was trying to answer a question on say OpenTx programming it would make a difference how I did it if the person asking a) worked in computer programming and their other hobby was building robots; or b) they were a librarian who liked flower arranging! OK extreme example - but you get the idea!

And that's it really - if you want to include more that's fine - but the sort of stuff above is typical of what it's useful to know and gives nothing sensitive away. Tell us just as much, or as little, as you want really, but it shouldn't be a problem in terms of disclosing sensitive personal data.


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 07/08/2017 15:56:52

07/08/2017 10:05:08

Michael, I think you need to tick the box that makes your profile public - otherwise no one can see it!


06/08/2017 21:52:33

LOL! Oh I wish!

No, we could only do that the same way as you would Martin,....and that would take a very, very long time!


06/08/2017 16:38:28

I do check profiles - especially so for posters I am not familiar with. Don't often find one though!


06/08/2017 12:36:30

I absolutely agree Martin. Having a bit of context info in someone's profile helps to shape the level and nature of the advice given so it better suits them.

Noms-de-plume eh? Well mine started as a joke when I first joined. It was meant to signify someone who isn't at all famous, but perhaps knows someone who is! A sort of slightly sad 'fame by reflection' thing! Think of the TV sketch,.... "David Niven couldn't be with us tonight so he has sent his fridge - this is indeed the fridge in which he keeps most of his butter and cheese...."

Very early on I started signing posts with the initials of the user name - heavens know why, it just seemed a good idea at the time. So from that the name "BEB" stuck and then I couldn't really change it even if I wanted to! I think that by now most forum members know my name - if only from the articles in the mag - so I suppose its become more of nickname than a non de plume now.

BEB (Aka Dave)

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