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Thread: Not a fluorescent jacket in sight!
26/05/2017 20:07:39

Thanks Robin , this is fantastic thumbs up

Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
26/05/2017 19:55:10
Posted by Erfolg on 26/05/2017 18:41:44:


I really like the picture, so atmospheric, says a lot about flying for the pleasure of the experience and enjoyment of your environment.

I guess it is not the slag heaps of Wigan?

@ Dear Erfolg , It was also in my country and now there are enough villages and small towns that came into being after the industrial revolution (they look as depressing as any abandoned mines) but I try to paint just beautiful shapes...

Thanks for your time and comment

All the best

Thread: pete - tbobborap1's videos
25/05/2017 20:20:22

It is not appropriate for an amateur, like me, to comment on this outstanding professional event(TJD WW2)...face 1

Therefore... a great favor to them !

Thread: Essential RC's videos
25/05/2017 12:26:48

Bravo Maestro , I gave a ''speech'' to my young FPV colleagues and showed them your works,filmings etc, because I wish someone to shoot me as I fly and landing  ..... but it does not go so easily sad .... I hope I can get somebody closer to your skills ... though I doubt it....

Cheers buddy

Edited By Josip Vrandecic -Mes on 25/05/2017 12:28:14

Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
25/05/2017 11:11:04

Windy gliding
Sunset , May 21 2017 Adriatic Coast :

The Day of Gliders

Thread: Bj's Modellflyg videos
24/05/2017 19:14:54

Ooooo..... Bjarne , this is eternal design and flying really totally scale ,also good engine sound wink 2 And your perfect flying is always on the fringe of the incident teeth 2
To you and your son, greeting and support from Croatia.

Thread: The Flying Lesson - Tiger Moth
24/05/2017 11:45:33

We really need some romance...... in these hard days....heart

I enjoyed especially in beautiful Jessica Blake, music and of course in the unique Tiger Moth .

Dear Steve thanks so much .

Thread: R.I.P. Sir Roger Moore
23/05/2017 20:05:44


Fascinated by his appearance and the perfect interpretation of English humor.

Thread: MotoGP champion died
23/05/2017 10:27:07

In my country, apart from the defective and poorly constructed cycling strips, there is an inexplicable aversion to people who use bicycles. When 50 years ago I was active in cycling road racing, the situation was more tolerant, because a smaller part of the population drove cars (behind the iron curtain it was a privilege) But we are also witnessing the new horrors created by ... ''men''.sad
To all of you, I express deep sympathy for the tragedy you are just living.

22/05/2017 21:04:35



Edited By Josip Vrandecic -Mes on 22/05/2017 21:05:01

Thread: The Pitts Cafe
22/05/2017 20:57:58

Dear Ken ,sorry for delay , Congratulations from the heart heart....He is wonderful male

Thread: Pilot Bails Out At Low Level
22/05/2017 12:21:16

It is a pleasant feeling that my smallness is in the company of decent and educated people .... even at the forum thumbs up.
Peter & The Wright Stuff, Thanks for the right and complete information...Sir !

Thread: Glossary - your forum needs you!
22/05/2017 10:03:55

Hello BEB and thank you, I am glad to have engaged dear colleagues to renew our glossary ... every day there are new technical terms and I am older ... and older blush

Note: Miss Beth thanks in advance.

21/05/2017 22:13:29

Hi All , as a foreigner, the RCM&E glossary is very important, so I have noticed that the explanation for the US abbreviation PNP is missing ... I think it is pronounced Plug and Play (plag'n play). These are actually RTF models but the last word will give Mr. Moderator who is on duty tonight    wink 2...thanks Sir !

Edited By Josip Vrandecic -Mes on 21/05/2017 22:14:52

Thread: Pilot Bails Out At Low Level
21/05/2017 13:16:26

Hello Peter , with a cam- parachute..... the fun will last longer wink

Thanks for sharing

Thread: pete - tbobborap1's videos
13/05/2017 11:57:24

At first moment it is difficult to recognize a full-size p

Thread: Essential RC's videos
12/05/2017 18:59:16

Dear Dom , this beautiful plane doesn't like it and doesn't want to stay on the Mother Earth...wink

Thread: pete - tbobborap1's videos
12/05/2017 11:33:57

Thanks Pete , long time ago, the aero designer S.V. Ilyushin said: ''Every beautiful plane is flying nicely'' smile d

Thanks Pete.

Thread: Essential RC's videos
11/05/2017 09:22:20

When you approached the camera toward pilot, I expected an interview ... so many scales smile o !

Edited By Josip Vrandecic -Mes on 11/05/2017 09:25:13

Thread: Wings over Illawarra 2017
09/05/2017 11:59:11

Thanks Kooka, this was really good....Uhhhh F-86 Sabre ...I will never forget it thumbs up

Rgds !

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