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Thread: Your Transmitter History
07/04/2018 11:05:29

well I don't change tx to often won't be caught up in the must have the latest bling my pockets won't alow me, just when i need a new feature

Multiplex Europa sprint

Multiplex Europa MC1020 (one of the first with model memory and i thought i was in the space age)

Graupner MC 10/20

Multiplex Royal Pro 12

Multiplex Royal Pro 12 converted to 2.4Ghz switchable and 16 channels (does this count a another tx?)

FrSky Taranis ( because of fantastic program funcion and the rx, telemetry stuff and accessories very affordable)

The only down side of the Taranis is I keep breaking the antenna!! so the next one will probably be the Horus too as FrSky has been very reliable and it's antennas are not exposed

Thread: Galaxy Models Mystic
04/04/2018 18:58:37

Thanks trebor. I was getting concerned that you might have got stuck in the loft , i was going to call the loft rescue sevice but did't know where you lived surprise

03/04/2018 22:21:21
Posted by trebor on 03/04/2018 22:06:34:

I've got some instructions in the loft, I'll have a look tomorrow.

taa that would be appreciated

03/04/2018 19:18:38

Hi just acquired as above from a friend , and the info I need is the recommended c of g for this plane and any other useful tips.

Currently it hasn't flown for some time and has a os 108 which i might swap out to a petrolangel and it is on 35 meg which i will convert to 2.4Ghz and i need a New canopy too ?

Edited By flight1 on 03/04/2018 19:19:05

Thread: Clunk!
02/04/2018 13:16:07

The carb might have a weak pump action, what size pipe are you using as for a 50cc 2t large bore(3mm) tubing and tank fittings shout be used if not allready. got a picture of you installation? for all to check out.

Thread: First DLG - Looking for suggestions
31/03/2018 11:11:36

Well if you don't mind building Schloiderding V2 "Spinthing" 1.2m is budget and versitile or the Elf Mini DLG which is supplied almost completely finished very good

You don't need a latest compitition glider to get your feet wet and gain that first hand knowlage to be able to move on.

ps i noticed hyperflight got a DLG sale on at the moment

Edited By flight1 on 31/03/2018 11:13:05

Edited By flight1 on 31/03/2018 11:13:22

Thread: Clunk!
27/03/2018 12:28:26
Posted by Gary Manuel on 27/03/2018 10:48:59:
Posted by Denis Watkins on 27/03/2018 10:38:19:

Look here Gary, the header breather is the main tank clunk

So the header is always full until it empties the main


Yes but if the main tank clunk draws air in, it will be deposited in the header, which will start to fill with air.

Whats wrong with this is the header tank is using a clunk as well, this should be a fixed pipe with the end exactly in the middle of the tank this way no air will be drawn to the carb until the tank draws in air till half full (unlikely that much in a flight) . this header tank does not need to be very big and can be mounted close to carb and a big ad vantage is the main tank can be positioned by the cog minimizing c of g changes as the tank empties so keeping the same trim all flight. (hope i explained this properly)

Edited By flight1 on 27/03/2018 12:30:27

25/03/2018 23:26:29

use a small header tank with the pipe to the carb drawing from the centre of the tank( fixed pipe not moving) and the feed for this tank from the main tank clunk out let , this way the draw point will allways be in fuel untill the header tank becomes half empty a proven system i use on a couple of models.

or get a fuel balancer like this kwick fire one

Edited By flight1 on 25/03/2018 23:27:19

Thread: Carbon rod / tube?
25/03/2018 18:35:56

you could try robot birds for you composite stuff if hobyking is of no good

Thread: scale glider suppliers
21/03/2018 17:54:12

here is a few more 





**LINK** (page hase been hacked at the moment but will be sorted soo 21/3/18)



(semi scale ) **LINK**

Edited By flight1 on 21/03/2018 17:56:05

Edited By flight1 on 21/03/2018 17:56:39

Edited By flight1 on 21/03/2018 18:21:10

Edited By flight1 on 21/03/2018 18:28:39

Thread: Wiring up a twin glow engine
10/03/2018 09:13:41

Just get an on board glow driver unit like this cheap and work you just need two but they did do a twin one but I can't see it at the moment. I have used these to make a glow driver box to start all my engines using a old lipo i had, last ages and the box has 2 so I can start my twin cylinder glow engines too.

you can't buy the components to make your own driver for the price

Thread: Electric Cars.
02/03/2018 08:25:09

There is one problem no one seems to see, a lot of house's don't have parking , you have to park on the street where you find a space and even a lot of the new housing developments don't allocate space out front for every one to be able to plug in overnight. there is a lot of infrastructure to be thought out and built to sort that out if you can reasonably

so why are the planners not making it necessary for facilities to be put in now!! madness and short sited

Thread: nearly there DH82a long build
27/02/2018 14:15:14
Posted by Robert Welford on 27/02/2018 09:09:47:

Flight 1, what engine are you using?

I too have a TC 30% Tiger Moth kit to build - it's just a time thing!

Yes the time thing is always pressent but i lernt you can't make time you just have to assign some a bit at a time.

As for the engine i have gone a bit ott with a toruePro 70cc which i got cheeply a couple of years ago so we will see . a 50cc petrol 4 stroke would be fine or go with there ZG38 engine with geared reduction drive

27/02/2018 07:59:58

hay Kooka your right don't know why i wrote it wrong , might have been the long day and a large run and coke addled the thought process

26/02/2018 23:23:16
Posted by PeterF on 26/02/2018 22:19:24:

Looks great and a prompt to get on with finishing mine. Good to see the dining table being used correctly.

Thats what I said to the other half , but i did have to hide for a bit and it was a long list, even tough i tride to explain it was far too hyperthermic to set rigging up out side

Thread: first flight
26/02/2018 21:52:15

Well done Hienkle it does look the part and looks like it will be a geat one for those calm dawn patrols outings

Thread: Pedantic
26/02/2018 21:44:39

So obviously whats' all the fuss across this blog about , languages evolve dinosaurs didn't(or was that a meteorite)devildevilcheekyangel

Thread: nearly there DH82a long build
26/02/2018 21:38:29

The shipping lable on the box was 1989 from Germany from Toni Clark, i have had it off the previous owner a fewsurprise years ago and its nearly there 30% DH82a Tiger Moth its very much stand off scale for lots of flying(hopefully) finished in real aluminum dope/diatex an livery is of a Royal Australian Navy tiger moth North west territory post war.


Thread: Old glow fuel - how to dispose of?
24/02/2018 10:08:20

methanol which is the main ingredient of glow fuel is very hygroscopic, so even stored in a sealed plastic bottle it will still be affected by this. this absorbed water contend getting to a certain level causes most of the bad running problems we see with 'old fuel'

how long can it be stored is hard to define as many factors are at play . my rule of thumb is if sealed never opened year and a half. and part used six months and don't get problems thi is with fully synth oil fuel caster content fuel can give other problems like a white stringy fungus (hard to see)growing in it which glogs things up, but not seen this for 20+ years i have been a fully synth man

Edited By flight1 on 24/02/2018 10:10:09

Edited By flight1 on 24/02/2018 10:13:33

Thread: Building board help
21/02/2018 20:45:58

Laminate kitchen work top is best laid on old kitchen units or bench to support it, it comes in nice long lengths to!

lay some plaster board on top which can be replaced each build or as needed or you can go the magnetic jig way which requires a metal sheet to be laid on you flat serface and magnets squares as clamps see here for one example obvisously you gan make your own a pice of steel sheet is cheap and easlily obtained and neodymium magnets can be obtained to make

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