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Thread: stuck to one Manufactures 2.4Ghz protocol no more
24/05/2017 18:35:44
Posted by Mike Blandford on 24/05/2017 17:45:35:

The following transmitters work with this:

Flysky/Turnigy 9X running er9x.
Flysky/Turnigy 9X upgraded with 9Xtreme board running ersky9x.
Flysky/Turnigy 9X upgraded with AR9X (or SKY) board running either ersky9x or openTx.
Turnigy 9XR-PRO.
FrSky Taranis/TaranisPlus/QX7/X9E/Horus running either ersky9x or openTx.

Bangood offer a case for it. I have mounted one in a FrSky DJT case (obtained from T9HobbySport). If you look at the third picture on the web page, you will see it comes with an antenna.

The latency is no worse than the transmitters it replaces. It uses the same "over the air" protocol, so matches the performance, and, in serial mode, the servo data is updated every 7mS.

As long as you do a proper range check before flying anything, there is no reason to doubt it would be OK with larger models.


I couldn't of said it better smiley

24/05/2017 11:49:38

Looks like this one comes pre loaded with a few protocols just need case antenna if I read it right. we shall soon find out when I get one for christmass.

24/05/2017 10:25:07

Days of having to be stuck to one Manufactures 2.4Ghz protocol are comming to an end with this module kit

It won't be long before you can buy a Tx with this capability allready built in, the manufactuers better be aware, long live freedom!yes

Thread: which prop to go for ?
09/05/2017 18:12:51

The problem you might have is you are using a 4 cell battery pack and the plane requires a 6s battery, you could always use two 3s packs in parallel to get the 6 s as its far more cost effective

Thread: Landing Techniques
27/04/2017 17:54:49

Basics -- remember use throttle to control decent rate not elevator , and remember that the air speed of the the plane is the important bit not how fast you are traveling over the ground.

also to far forward c.of.g makes landing harder and 'flaring out' with elevator having a delaide response.

there we go Pete started

Thread: trainer kit
23/04/2017 16:45:50

Don't forget slec and thier sky 40 trainer

Thread: Chris Foss Fly-in
22/04/2017 20:18:16

Wot happened cymaz?sarcastic 2

Thread: Travelling boxes and wing bags
13/03/2017 09:44:15

Cheapest way is like above, but i have made them from wing bags from the double silver foil bubble insulation foil you see around.

To join you can ion the foil together , i add a bit of tape to make sure also instead of struggling to slot the wings in a tube I make the opening along the length (so much easier) and use short bits of self adhesive Velcro to close up.

see picture ,excuse the washing in view, clean i might add.


Thread: 2.4Ghz - Getting the best link
08/03/2017 19:26:06

Yes that is correct I have always done that, think of donuts around the antenna as the signal radiation so where the tip of the antenna points to gets the least signal virtually none .

thats why when i see some makes of Tx's with fixed antennas that point out the top so when holding the antenna it points at the model you are flying, really does make me wonder have they really thought it throughindecision

Thread: EME 120 flat twin engines
05/03/2017 18:17:38

yes looking very nice there Mr cymaz , look forward to seeing it in the sky.

Thread: Taranis update
05/03/2017 16:33:17

Glad you are working it all throughsmiley

Yes you can also make your own templates too especially for complicated models just remember to rename them that and not overwrite.

03/03/2017 18:28:14

Ahh yes you can make the taranis as complicated or as simple as you like thats the beauty of it, if you done as said and reflashed the sticks should be fine .. when moving the sticks the back light will come on same as any switches etc and can can be changed in the setup page screen. as for sticks not working i believe you need to assign outputs , set up a basic model via the wizard when you have selected a new model and try again as i believe you are trying to operate a 'blank canvas'

If not I hope a more knowledgeable person will chip in I find it hard to say what to do as I find it easy when the TX is in front of me and if you were in Cornwall we could meet up and I would look at it for you

03/03/2017 15:51:23

You need the sd card in for it to work properly, you can't affect the sd card sound and picture files when doing a firm ware up date but it does need the card in at the time..

If i were you i would take a break from it and then come back with a clear head (hopefullyhot). Do the flash ( 2.1.9 firmware) again leaving the sd card in and not anything else and it should be fine.

If you are new to doing it the opentx way I would go through this site before doing anything else just to get a better understanding on how it all works. it will be worth the effort in the end.

One tip I could give is that only upgrade the firmware if you need the new features or there is a needed fix (rare on the none latest virsions) or you just want to be adventurous.

Cheers rich

Edited By flight1 on 03/03/2017 15:51:51

03/03/2017 13:58:09

Hi again when you flash the firmware it will overwrite the old so no worries there , but you will have to do it via open tx on your pc with the taranis connected via the usb port.

The sd card you got now is fine apart from the voice files on it down load the english amber pack (or the en american version if you want) and un zip it and then replace just that folder on your sd card leaving the others in place.

03/03/2017 11:39:40

I think you should of not loaded the firmware from the frsky site as it is for their operating system, you have moved to using open tx which is different and not compatable. Plug you tx back into open tx and flash the firmware 2.1.9 then setup the tx in the set up page and also calibrate the sticks... then install models a fresh .

02/03/2017 23:44:53

Take the sd card out the tx put it in a card reader install the sd card file onto it (un zip it first) add the new voice files to the correct folder put back it tx . connect TX to operntx and rewrite the 2.1.9 firmware to the tx making shore in the settings of open tx you got the right boxes checked. reboot Tx and then recconect to open tx and load you latest back up , should be ok then . also check all fuctions operate the right way before flightsurprise

02/03/2017 22:32:15

Did you follow the instructions for updating see here , if you made a back up of the sd card you can reload it to the sd card and then drag an drop the new audio file 'en' over the old 'en' file i did this by taking the sd card out the tx and putting in my usb card reader on my pc and it was fine. when done i reloaded my models back up on open tx back to the taranis.


Edited By flight1 on 02/03/2017 22:33:57

Thread: Time to change car
01/03/2017 17:01:36

Berlingo multispacesmiley have had 2 over the last 16 years 1st one petrol second 1.6hdmi both went well and never any problems and you can carry a large load and a good ride and you can pick the petrol ones up at a good price now.

We have just now replaced the last one with a C3 picasso (excellent) as the latest belingo is even bigger and the missus didn't want that much bigger car and couldn't be persuaded . The c3 picasso has a decent petrol version redally available

Thread: Saito 17 petrol losing power
27/02/2017 19:10:24
Posted by Phil Taylor on 27/02/2017 16:26:32:
Posted by Engine Doctor on 27/02/2017 13:29:23:

Have you vented the Tank ? If air cant get in then fuel cant get out and engine starves.

Hi Engine Doctor,

Yes the tank is vented - there is no pressure feed from the exhaust so it just vents to air (below cowl).

If air vent does not point into the air flow you may be getting a venturi effect so you have a negative pressure effect to the tank.

also you could have warm air being drawn into the carb from the enclosed cowl situation

and the two together will certainly reduce the ability of the engine to run at w.o.t

27/02/2017 12:47:13

Welll if it is not overheating and you got baffels directing the air around the cylinders then check the fuel lines for any kinks /restrictions preventing full supply of fuel as is needed over 75% throttle.

also what prop you are using as to big a prop could cause the same

also thats a high oil content for a petrol engine in my opinion but thats what Saito say to use?

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