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Thread: Covering scissors
24/09/2017 17:24:14

got those lidl scisors too and thay have been great also got the electric knife sharpner that came available later and that keeps them sharp, glass cloth and diatex requires sharp scissors smiley


many edits to correct those pesky spelling mistakessurprise

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Thread: RB10
24/09/2017 17:16:48

What receivers are you using , should have one with telem disabled to work and with the one that has telem enabled connected to your sensors and then to the s.port of the rb10 ?

Edited By flight1 on 24/09/2017 17:18:32

Thread: EME120 tuning question
20/09/2017 19:15:55

Got a 1/3 scale balsa usa super cub in a big box , could pull out the plans to see how u/c is made if you want? let me know

Thread: Multiple servo quick connector
15/09/2017 17:24:09

yes forgot about thunderbolt rc making them up for you saves a lot of hassle, they use same type of plugs series

14/09/2017 23:23:56

Ok looked it up a few years ago if you want 'Ashlock' type connectors they are Molex SL series with a pin spacing of 2.54m (same as standard servo connectors) and the pins are the same pritty generic these day but always get the gold plate ones. pins are rated at 3 amps.

To make it easier to find mfr. part number 6 pin male housing 50 57-9406 and female 70 107-5006

and here at rs online to get you on your way also available else whereangel 2


Edited By flight1 on 14/09/2017 23:25:00

Thread: New switch required
14/09/2017 23:04:56

Well had a look at the toggle switch both the neutral and positive are switched ( belled it out) and what i can read on the side says 5a at 125v so it would be more for our approx 6v usage . and i have checked the agm site and they state * With heavy duty switch 2A/250V AC max 20A DC for 10 min
* Very good quality Gold plating connectors

so reading into all that it will be good for 8amps continuously and if you are using 8 amps continuously then OOOh!! you got some big servos.

I change my switches out every few years as a safty messure before they get worn and fail or develop a poor contact leading to volt drop on load, been there !!

14/09/2017 21:33:00
Posted by cymaz on 14/09/2017 17:21:01:

Rich, make sure the back of the switch connectors cannot get damp or wet. That's why I filled mine with hot glue. Also it adds some strain relief

Pete on the back of these switches there is a specially made plastic cover covering the terminals offering protection and I won't be using it out in the rain and my shed is not damp wink

Edited By flight1 on 14/09/2017 21:33:34

14/09/2017 09:33:37

Well i got the dual switch as mentioned before on this thread and it looks good switches are good with firm switching action will be going in a 30% tiger moth very good price so i got two. its machined aluminum so is light

agm switch dual and dot.jpg

Thread: 2013 Taranis
12/09/2017 12:40:41

See open university for a guide very usefull

Thread: Hinge tape
07/09/2017 08:38:24

I have been using scotch clear tape for a while realy does stick when rubbed on and hard to tear and is clear 


also there is Scotch® Crystal Tape 600 which is a near replacment for diamond tape i believe which is not so wide as above but is more tearable but sticks well

Edited By flight1 on 07/09/2017 08:42:57

Thread: Wooden propeller choice
05/09/2017 09:56:12
Posted by Winco Steve on 03/09/2017 11:21:41:

Good morning all,

Thanks to Josip and Rich too. I really need to go with a wooden propeller as it is for my scale 1/5 Nieuport . Doesn't quite look right with a plastic substitute. I managed to obtain, 'gratis ' a wooden propeller made by Fiala (CZ). Gets good reports from what I have seen so far. Incidentally, it's made from Beech wood.

Regards to all,

Winco Steve

If you want good looking scale props that work have you looked at the Xoar range of props Here

Thread: New switch required
03/09/2017 10:36:12

eer silly me that is the ignition battery switch as you say frank always read the opening Q properlyblush

For Rx switch these are the business

and these from tech aero

03/09/2017 10:13:44

Get this all in one isolator switch for proven reliability , can get here via ebay i think for a bit more money

Thread: rcgf 26
02/09/2017 19:17:55

If it is new then before you try to get a low tick over run it in some then tweek

Thread: Laser tick over ?
29/08/2017 21:26:27

Hi tigerman Enya don't do a no 2 plug is it a no3?

try and os F plug and run it in a bit more

how high is the tank to the carb center?

Thread: Nitro Engine Starter
26/08/2017 23:50:14

hi Micheal

just reviewed my starter had it since 2012 no issues 4s lipo 4000mAh used at the time as it was spare, all still going strong , don't charge it that often but keep a check on the voltage picture taken at time 2012


26/08/2017 20:54:12

+1 for the Just engines J'EN Geared Starter had on for a few years with the battery clip and a lipo battery starts most things

Thread: plan to suite a laser 70
20/08/2017 17:37:52

Refine it down for us do you want a scale project or sport or retro ?

Thread: Awful landings - advice requested
17/08/2017 20:39:23

Do you have flaps set up on your Ph 2000 if not set up spoilerons ( up ailerons) this will give you control of the lift from the wings so you can descend from a higher point on your landing approach , test a t altitude to see effects on glider and to get to under stand whats going on when deployed.

what you need to do is practice your down wind approach over top of slope and turn into wind for landing. you need to do many a pretend landing at altitude so you can get a feel of it.

A common mistake is to have too low a air speed on the downwind leg resulting in a inability to turn ( as you are near stall) due to the fact your ground speed is fast, this is a bit you need to get used to.

another one is to let the nose of the glider rise on the into wind landing approach , this leads to loss of yaw control and it gets difficult to recover and stay on track , so a rule is to have don't let the nose rise always have to glider with a slight nose down attitude and not nose up from horizontal.

The most important thing is to practice , and if you can try a session with a experienced pilot to talk you through it

I think you are not far off in your assesment but good air speed on dowward leg alows you to turn quickly and where you want, so try not be frightened of it

Thread: RX switch mounting
17/08/2017 19:34:04

Mounting a switch inside or out side will be subject to the same vibrations and I have always mounted the switch on the out side, opposite side to the oily exhaust never any issues other than to replace every few years and not waiting for it to fail before replacing it and the plane .

Don't use or be tempted to use cheep/ copy switches only the badged labled main stream ones as mentioned above.

and now days tech has moved on for very reliable vibration proof and anti accidently switching off switching devices using solid state tech like these or equivalent

Edited By flight1 on 17/08/2017 19:34:49

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