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Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
19/05/2018 16:00:34

Hi Chris,

Excellent work you should be proud with that build quality and attention to detail.

Have a great holiday in Crete



Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
17/05/2018 23:49:28

Hi All,

Just asking a question as I'm a little stumped here.

Earlier this week windows 10 updated it's self via automatic update as per usual. However, since the update my keyboard has swoped some of it's characters namely the @ is now accessed via shift +" and visa versa also the pound sign has totally disappeared and now shift 3 is #, which is nowhere to be found.

I have tried searching for keyboard settings but nothing seems to be right. Languages are set to UK / US by default and cannot be changed to UK / UK.

The latest update refers to April 2018.

Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated



Thread: Strange motor behaviour
15/05/2018 22:05:05

Hi John,

What type of tank do you have, round or square?

I had a similar experience with my Galaxy Models Chippie which has an OS 70FS, the other week and found that my round tank was able to rotate to the point so that the fuel pipes had twisted round each other causing a dead stick for me. It was not until I got home and removed the cowls I could see the twists.

I applied silicone sealant to secure the tank waiting to fly again.

Hope this is of some assistance



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
12/05/2018 08:13:18

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear of your misfortune with your car. I know exactly how you feel with the lack of motivation something like this really takes it out of you.

Leave the building until you want to build again Vicky will be all the more better for it.



08/05/2018 18:23:29

Hi Chris,

Splendid workmanship on your wings.

Solartex is my favourite covering material you can coax it around some very tight curves, I used it on my Taube, Tiger Moth, Bristol Beaufighter (even managed the nose in one piece) and Pupetteer. Not too hot a temperature is the key with the iron and heat gun.



Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
07/05/2018 07:14:25

Went flying yesterday blue skies warm and a light wind, perfect weather. Then the gremlins went to work. First I set up my Flair Patriot, which I has flown previously just changed TX, took half an hour just to set up the controls and throttle, then the engine played up. My son was looking bored so I set up his Cub, this usually flies great and perfect weather for it, took three attempts to take off, the ground was rather soggy, when it did it did a hard right and cartwheeled in, so we were not happy with that.

I did manage a good flight with my Chipmunk with a good landing.

Tried the Patriot again and it handled like a pig so landed early, need to re-check to control throws and expo.

Had another flight with the Chipmunk and went dead stick and I tried to stretch the landing and managed to fully stall her, she dropped a wing and I managed to pull her out almost when she arrived, very little damage.

I was going to fly my Cessna Skylane but a wing bolt was missing so I let it be. On getting home, found the wing bolt on the floor of my van despite looking for it. Perhaps it was devine intervention looking at the day. At least it is in one piece.

So some repairs to do and try again next time and hope I leave the gremlins at home.

Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
29/04/2018 16:46:44

Hi All,

Nacelles fitted with a little adjustment



Front shot showing the centre motor nacelle is raised by 1/4" (6mm) as per full size to give prop clearance to the fuselage.

Next, finish off wiring and then top sheeting

That's all for now



28/04/2018 09:49:05

Hi All,

Just a photo of the completed sheeting to the underside.

Progress has slowed considerably mainly due to my work taking me further away from home and having to travel at least 1 1/2 hours each which has gone well over 2 hours due to roadworks by the time I get in unwind have tea etc the evening has gone before I know it.


At least the wing is less prone to mishaps now sheeted and the warp removed.

Over the weekend I intend to make a start on the nacelles hopefully once I've finished doing other jobs that need doing.

That's all for now



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
28/04/2018 09:32:57

Hi Chris,

Lovely build and very neat work and a nice tidy bench.

You put me to shame mines so cluttered.

Keep up the good work



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
24/04/2018 20:57:53

Hi All,

Thing have not been going my way recently with the Dornier, to the point that on Saturday I was ready to scrap the wing and start again sad

I had managed to create a warp in the centre section trailing edge / flap area and had regretted cutting out the flaps before the build. The warp was too much to ignore and would have had an influence on handling especially in the prop wash of two motors. So I thought I'm not too far into the build really, I'll start again.

I'm glad I decided to leave the scrapping until Sunday, sometimes things look a little better after a nights sleep. Refreshed and looking at the problem in a fresh light I set about removing the offending warp or least reducing it as best I could. with knife to hand I set about freeing the glued parts and clamping a good straight (1" x 2" hardwood) edge to the underside and wetted the sheeting and re-glued the joints and left if for 24 hours to dry.

Yesterday, the clamps came off and the wing was checked and a big improvement was found and only a slight presence still remained which I should pull out with the top sheeting.

This evening, I have sheeted the underside of the two outer panels so the wing looks less fragile than it did.

Now I've got that out of the way I can start the nacelles, let the fun commencewink

That's all for now



Thread: Is traditional building a disappearing art?
19/04/2018 19:41:31

For me Nigel R has hit the nail on the head by saying that, "flying something made by someone else seems to be missing out on something".

Since starting RC aircraft, I have always liked building models either from kits or plans and over the three years or so I've been having a go at designing them as I like to have something a "little different" on the flight line. It is my intention to maiden several aircraft this year, weather and ground conditions permitting, already maidened two this year my Galaxy models Chipmunk and Global Cessna Skylane

dsc05700 (800x533).jpg

My first own design 72" Short Stirling, scaled up from an airfix kit for the outline.


Own design No2, 72" FW200 Condor, again used a plastic for outline, I'm going to maiden her this year


Own design No3, 66" Dornier Do 24 well on the way and No4 is in the drawing phase

I seem to get more time to build than fly certainly over the wetter months, however, my son has started to learn to fly recently so "permission to go flying" is granted more easily from Mrs P lately.

I have more kits, plans and ideas than I have time for and the list seems to be getting longer with another kit ordered yesterday, just had to have it when I'm going to build it is another matter.



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
18/04/2018 19:03:04

Hi Erfolg,

Thank you for your reply regarding my servo choice, I only asked it as I usually prefer to use Hitec servos, but the Corona ones were a lot cheaper than the Hitec ones and I have not yet, at present I'm having to watch my expenditure, got a lot on this year with one thing or another, houses do swallow money at an alarming rate along with changing cars.....etc etc



15/04/2018 19:04:52

Thank you Chris for yous comments.

With a conventional aircraft the measurements I have mentioned above, usually are wing tip to tail and to wing tip and if all is well the difference is zero, if they are different then the wing needs to be adjusted on the wing seat and I tend to sand the leading edge slightly to maintain a good joint. Whilst the wing is in position it is worth checking the wing to stabiliser to see if they are parallel to each other when viewed from the front.

As to the corrections, today it was either move the wing connection in the wing or move the one in the fuselage, way too late in the build for that so I had to modify the wing rib slightly. I did for a passing moment consider a new rib but again that would be extremely difficult to do, my solution with the drill was the only easy way around it and the "old" slot will be filled with epoxy when the wing connections are finally fixed.



15/04/2018 18:09:27

Hi All,

It's been a bit of a busy time for me lately, and today I have finally managed to get back to the building board and hoped that once checked the wing / fuselage connections for alignment I could start sheeting the underside of the wing. However, a slight problem presented it self to me when I sat the wings in place, see below, this was over come with the aid of a 2mm drill and a bit of waggling. All of the connection pieces have been cut and I have started sheeting the centre section.


Always nice to see this part I can finally get to see it coming together. I was even more pleased when I did a wing tip to rear centre line to wing tip measurements and had a difference of only 4mm difference smiley, With this model there is relatively no adjustment just relying on the metal connections.


With the wing clamped at the rear and packing pieces in place to give the incidence. I thought I had a major problem on my hands when I saw that the front connection was wrong sad. I checked my drawing and measured from the back of the cockpit to the leading edge and it was right. So I marked up the wing and went back up to my workshop.


All marked up and drilled out in no time not so bad after all.


Wing servo's fitted


Centre section sheeted except for the trailing edge which I will do tomorrow evening. The wing connections are loose fitted at the moment.

That's as far as I have gone next I will sheet the outer panels.

That's all for now



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
10/04/2018 19:57:34

Hi Chris,

Looking good,

It will all come together very quickly now.

As for the spars, what is called for on the plans?

As Lavanter says it is not a highly stressed wing.

My Taube used 6mm x 6mm balsa spars

dsc05649 (800x533).jpg

Keep up the good work



Thread: Spring 2018 is here...been flying?
08/04/2018 23:20:06

Had a good days flying, took three aircraft with me, flair Cub for my son to have another lesson, he did well managed controlled circuits with very little input from me and did his first loops not bad for a first attempt. considering he has not flown since October and only had two flights then. So one proud dad smiley he wants to fly the Cessna next.

My Global kits Cessna Skylane refused to get airbourne due to the soggy ground conditions so after two aborted take off runs I decided that it needed bigger wheels and a bit of a head wind so will try again another day.

Better luck with my repaired Galaxy models Chipmunk following repairs from an unscheduled arrival two weeks ago, now fitted with two new servos and swapped over TX's from my JR PCM9 with 2.4 module to my DX9 flew well today

chipmunk flying 2.jpg

Take off run 1, nosed over take off 2 good

chipmunk flying.jpg

Coming in on finals

chipmunk flying 1.jpg

Over the threashold, note the "on-board" glow, this is easily transferred from model to model, not recommended for flight, accidentally left on following an engine re-start during take off.

Many thanks to our chairman Richard Jones for the photos



Thread: Your Transmitter History
07/04/2018 13:40:28

Hi Devcon1,

My transmitters have been:

Futaba Challenger

Futaba skysport (I think that what it was)

JR 3810

JR PCM9 later fitted with a spektrum 2.4 module

Spectrum DX9 Black Edition



Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
06/04/2018 18:01:03

Hi Chris,

I agree with trebor you will need to pack up level with the fuselage sides, just a couple of spruce doublers off cuts would do, this would allow the bolt to tighten up tight.



Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
05/04/2018 20:56:36

Hi All,

The pace has slowed a little especially today as the sun was shining and I needed to get some jobs done outside the house, (brownie points from Mrs P to be cashed in on flying days, hopefully).

Ailerons have been cut out and made and I have started fitting the dihedral braces as well as hinging the rudders.


The ailerons are quite wide at the root so i decided to have a change of plan regarding the servo choice and beefed it up a bit, I was going to use the same as I have in the tail.


I had to slow down a bit as I had to get some more ply for the braces and ordered the servos for the wing, I settled on Corona DS339HV with metal gears, not used these before but they seem to have a high torque and only 32g. I was considering Hitec 225's but they were heavier and less torque.

Anyone have any comments on these servos?

Tomorrow, I will continue with the braces and make some holes for the cable runs, rushing ahead and not thinking ahead it is not going to be easy with the centre section around the nacelles and those close fitting ribs.

That's all for now regards


03/04/2018 20:34:08

Glad to be of assistance



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