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Thread: Messing about with Mercos'
18/03/2018 08:11:39

I can't imagine that a naked spark at the front of the engine did a world of good to the 27/35 meg radio either.

17/03/2018 22:14:12

Interesting Mercos? This is a petrol conversion from 'back in the day' - although when that would have been I have no idea. I have been around modelling since about 1972 and I have a very vague recollection of Dunham Engineering adverts in the mags. It has a very crude set of external points attached to the front and I believe it to be unrun (No surprise there!)

Thread: S6R & S8R Receivers
11/03/2018 11:27:29

Just to update off this topic for those who may come later, I had several flights with the S8R yesterday. It was pretty calm so not really a test for the gyro stabilised mode but it appeared to work well and the pilot would not know that it was running. Loops and rolls were just the same as with the stabiliser off. It will be interesting to try again on a windy day when the stabiliser has more work to do.

Auto Level was more of a mixed bag. To fly with AL is very different as the model snaps level the moment the stick are released. At full throttle Glow 45 powered model, I could call it an auto crash mode as the model would frequently attempt to enter a violent roll or dive. I was about to give up on this when I tried again at a much lower throttle setting and all worked well. So vibration may be sufficient to 'topple' the RX. Rain stopped play at this point.

In the next session I will have a prop which is a near perfect balance as possible and intend to set the gain settings in Auto Level much lower.

Thread: Windermere Model Waterplane flyers events 2018
10/03/2018 08:19:33

There are full build threads on both these by Bart Lammerse. He acknowledges that they are designed in the spirit of Ivan Pettigrew

Thread: Correct tool for securing TX switches?
09/03/2018 09:24:26

Thanks to all who responded. I had looked at Maplins but gave up after wading through many pages. I'll get one from T9


stu k

08/03/2018 22:37:52

Hi All,

A couple of the switches on my TX are slightly loose. I have lightly nipped them up with some long nosed pliers and a bit of cloth for protection but its asking to scratch something that I would deeply regret.

Can anyone point me to the right bit of kit for this job please.


Stu k

Thread: S6R & S8R Receivers
08/03/2018 13:51:39

Hello Mike,

You were spot on regarding the channel 5/6 option does not activate until the self calibration check has been completed.

I have successfully downloaded and run Sportset but have not tried it with an RX yet. Many thanks for the good advice.


stu k

07/03/2018 08:55:03

Thanks Mike, I'll try both

06/03/2018 20:47:39

Hello Mike, I've downloaded the Sportset , after extracting the programme and attempting to run the programme I get a box with the following ' The code execution cannot proceed because the QtCore4.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem' Does that man anything to you?

Just when I thought that the S8R could throw anything more at me, when I've put it back into the test model tonight the channel 5 aileron servo wouldn't move. I have checked on the TX monitor that channel 5 is active, the servo is fine and re run the LUA and checked and unchecked the Channel 5 and 6 boxes. No immediate results.

A bit short on time but cross checking with the other RX shows that its the same. I'm pretty sure that it was all working before QM was activated but I need to double check everything when I have more time to make sure that its not dumb thumbs somewhere.


stu k

06/03/2018 11:39:08

That was my conclusion but I can't think of any good reason for it being there. Most users will inhibit Ch12 after running the Self Calibration process to ensure that it can't be accidentally initiated when airborne. Even if you didn't do that, what's the point of it when Self Level is there to be used anyway? It gives me he feeling that the Software Writer Geek did not listen to practical Users.

Does your Sportset programme work for all Transmitters? Horus X12 for example? I came across it in my research but rightly or wrongly didn't investigate further thinking that staying with the 'official' FrSky stuff would be a better option. Probably wrong but at the time I didn't want to open another can or worms.

I have come across several references to the missing 'bottom boxes' but as yet, not seen anyone offer a solution. As you say though, it will be something trivial, it just needs finding!

Thanks for the contribution its much appreciated.


stu k

06/03/2018 08:02:52

Just to recap on the issues that I've had to wade through. the computer programme used to set up the RX doesn't work on my laptop / win10, I don't see the check boxes at the bottom of the screen. This has been raised in a thread on this forum but I don't think anyone found a solution beyond keep trying different computers until you find one that works.

The STK device and Bluetooth app is very clunky and hard to use. The app hasn't kept pace with the software upgrades and can't cope with the Quick Mode.

The LUA script works well and is (IMHO) far and away the best method of setting up these receivers. On loading up the latest firmware, the RX defaults to Quick Mode. QM is the simplified version with gyro stabilisation and Self Level mode, Knife Edge and Hover are inhibited.

On mine, the check box was checked to suggest QM was enabled but the software was not working in that mode. By unchecking, power cycling, rechecking the box and so one, QM can be activated and confirmation will be given by the blue LED flashing for three secs on powering up the RX.

One can then proceed to installing the RX and following the Self Calibration, which is described above.

It may not sound much but it took quite a few hours and much researching to clear the fog. Once you know how its supposed to work, its much easier to identify what's wrong but until recently, the FrSky manual was very poor and the set up pretty complicated.

Mike, Do you know what the differences are between the Panic mode on channel 12 and Self Level? There is scant mention even in the new manual. I struggle to see the relevance of this feature.


Stu K

Thread: Vac forming
05/03/2018 20:03:24

I found that corner creasing was minimised by raising the former off the Vac bed an inch or so

Thread: S6R & S8R Receivers
05/03/2018 20:00:13

If you have happened across this thread because you are struggling to get your S6/8R receiver to work properly, I have spent a couple of days reviewing all of the info, manuals etc and seem to have finally got them sorted.

Until FrSky change the systems again, I feel that I know the in's and out's of these and how to set them up. If you are having problems with yours, shout up, I might be able to help.


stu k

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 110 club.
02/03/2018 13:11:53

Its a really good flyer with no bad habits. For a twin, I feel that its the near perfect layout, benign wing planform and a rudder behind each engine. For its size, mine is quite a lightweight. I use 2 x Zenoah 26cc bit there is an American build thread where 2 x 62cc are used. I don't know the weight of that one.


02/03/2018 07:17:01

118" span - 35lbs Don Smith plan built 110

Thread: Building Jim Newberrys Puddleduck
01/03/2018 08:48:43

TLAR - That looks about right wink

Thread: Super Star
26/02/2018 21:15:37

The finish looks amazing, what did you use?? I have always lusted after a Pete Russell Striker after seeing on a very early issue of RCM&E (when I was doing battle with a Super 60)

Thread: Connie are you to much for me?
26/02/2018 21:11:33

A great build, it will fly as good as it looks, brilliant!

Thread: Unrecognisable ARTFs - new paint jobs!
19/02/2018 18:35:37

looks very nice, What paint did you use?

Thread: 4.8 v or 6 v receiver battery
10/02/2018 20:26:37

My 4 and 5 cell low discharge AA packs, mainly Vapextec work OK and show a healthy voltage on most checkers. When checked with the Futaba battery checker which checks under a 1 amp load a battery showing 5.1 volt - no load drops to 3.3 under load.

When I eventually decided that it wasn't duff checker I stopped using AA size cells altogether.

Sub C cells are fine or I use LiFe depending on the space available and the need for ballast.

On the other hand, I am sure that there are hundreds of not thousands of models being flown with AA Eneloops.

You pay your money and makes your choice in this game.

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